Tuesday, July 17, 2018


It is tragic that people do not comprehend the art of negotiation. We have people who scream yell and march in the street and think they are making a difference, they aren't. Nothing gets done unless people work it out, negotiate.

To school those who are puzzled by what Trump does as he moves thru international negotiations, to say he is artful is understatement, but to people ignorant of such strategies think Trump should have yelled at Putin, beat him with a baseball bat, threatened invasion or called him a nasty name. Puddi Putt or some such.  He didn’t and that’s a good thing.  Every President since Clinton has striven to get along well with Putin.  Some did, some fumbled the ball. 

That would be just plain stupid to abuse or insult him on a platform before an international audience. If you destroy the relationship, you cannot negotiate. Even if it is painful, you have to know how far to go and no further. You have to be in a position that continued conversation is possible.  Once the discussion is cut off, no negotiation can take place.

There negotiation methods that people who have never been in business will not comprehend.   Our current crop of “journalists, politicians and liberals” is lost.  They believe confrontation works.  It doesn’t.

1. Push hard for your position.  State what you want. Start high and be prepared to give some up. Make friends, be as collegial as you can, but stay steady. He did with Chairman Kim. And with Merkel and with May. Go in strong. High profile.  Say things like, we must have this or that to continue.  Make it hard but with a smile.  Say how much you hope everyone can get along.

2. Do your hardest negotiation in private. Never allow them to see how far back you might come from your position. Push hard for your position but stay friends.  Push for all you can get, but sometimes half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.

3. Build on a positive relationship. People do business with, buy from, and negotiate with people they like. Like them first. The Bible says, "If you would have a friend be a friend". Proverbs 18:24 (Gene Bible Translation, look it up)

4. You will catch far more flies with Honey then you will with vinegar. If you are bitter and mean spirited you will not be successful in negotiation. See former administration for example. He only knew how to demand or give in.  That’s not negotiation. 

5. Brag about the other person, talk about what a good person they are. Build them up. Give him a fine reputation to live up to. He or she will make every effort to live up to that reputation rather than see you disillusioned. This is the most powerful way to influence the conduct of a person without arousing resentment or giving offense. Even a person in Jail for a heinous crime thinks in his or her heart that they are basically a good person.

6. Hold promise for the future and then ask for action. This is a critical phase. You don't get people to move if you try to bully them, only when you hold out a promise.   The video of Hotels in North Korea on the beaches for Chairman Kim were hokey, but helped.

7. Use the takeaway if you aren't getting anywhere. Start to walk away. Say something like, I guess we aren't going to be able to make a deal. Trump did this beautifully with Kim. It will restart the negotiation.  It did.

8. Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of view. Talk in terms of their interests and not yours. Paint a word picture of how wonderful it will be when he makes a deal with you.  If you can frame what they want inside what you want you will win.

9. Honest sincere appreciation complementing personality will win the day every time. Be lavish in your praise and hearty in your approbation. If you do it right, people will respond. Don't be a fake. Even the ugliest cat has pretty eyes.  Find something to praise.

10. Use the other person's name frequently. If it is a title, use that. Remember that a person's name is to him or her the sweetest most important sound in any language.  Note how Trump does this all the time, even with reporters.  He has a mastery level name remembering.  Thoughtfulness is his trademark.

11. The best way to win an argument or negotiation is to avoid causing the other side to take a position they don't want to take.  Don’t put them in a situation where they have to lose.  Sometimes avoiding the issue is best. Trump did that with Putin. Of course to liberals they claim its weakness.  It’s not, you can come back to negotiated at a later date. You don’t lose an argument you didn’t engage in. 

12. Let the other side win some small victories. Let them save face. Work on the big deals. If you humiliate him or her you will create a situation where no one wins.  Small victories count too.

Politicians in these days have no idea of how to do these things. It's beyond them. The current crop in Washington has none of these skills.  The mainstream liberal media is beyond comprehending these basic truths.  We are in big trouble.   Everyone points to tip O’Neil and Pres Reagan.  They both knew these rules and used them. 

When I worked in Japan I was involved in negotiations.  I asked one of my counterparts what happens if we DIDN’T come to agreement.  He smiled and said, we negotiate until we come to an agreement.  You never enter in to a negotiation where you walk away with nothing.  Even Reagan years ago knew how to do the takeaway.  He said to Gobachov, “You don’t want a deal do you”.  Gorby could not let that stand and came to the table in 8 months and the deal was done.

I wish there were training for those who are in government.  When you get an amateur like Obama.. they get nothing.   Every deal he made was terrible

Thank God for President Trump.

Saturday, June 09, 2018


1. You can earn $140,000 per year driving truck in the oil fields right now.  IF I were 23—

2. Comey, Lynch and Hillary Clinton will or should end up in Jail---- if there is any justice

3. Lebron James isn’t HALF the class act or BB player MJ was.  He’s a child.

4. Iran NEEDS a revolution to take back it’s country.  It will be bloody but revolutions always are.  DITTO Venezuela.

5. Charles Krauthammer who has only weeks to live shows the world how to die with dignity.

6. Stephan Curry is a good BB player.  The GSW deserved to win.  They are a better team.

7. Suicide is NOT an act of bravery, it is an act of desperation and confusion

8. Michigan killing the Job Destroying money wasting prevailing wage law unions love is great news… now if the rest of the country would get on board.  Unions are destroying us.

9. The far left ultra progressive Social Justice Warrior wing of what is left of the Democrat party is pulling the lever on the swirler flushing the whole thing down the toilet.  This is good news.  Of course speaking of news, the ultra left wing nutcases on MSNBC and CNN will get even worse.  They are Screaming Gibberish and will now increase volume. 

10. Despite all protestations from the left wingers… President Trump is doing a terrific job, mostly because he believes form follows function.  What is most important is getting things done, form and pattern are unimportant.  He believes that desired results are more important than desirable methods.  Liberals believe that desirable methods are preferred over desired results.  See Barack Obama.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stopping Crime

I read this comment in relation to this story:  http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2018/05/22/kill-for-phone-and-gaming-device/

"We need MANDATORY executions for everyone CONVICTED (regardless of age, mental condition or nationality) of murder, rape, selling illegal drugs or being a MS-13 gang member. The executions should be PROMPT and PUBLIC for all to witness the consequences of the crime! Dead examples are great deterrents for others considering the act and there are no incarceration costs or recidivism!"

Seems a bit excessive 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Restoring the Fallen Pulpits in our Land.

The pulpits of our land have fallen into disrepair.   We have so much inferior preaching it's time to provide some instruction.  Some of it is for people who are loud and fast thinking they are anointed.  They aren’t. They need to be taught some platform skills.  Some is for those who think they are entertaining, but they aren’t.  Some is for the boring preachers and some is for the preacher who basically reads you his prepared text. Of course they will reject this instructions because they re foolish.  According to the word of God, a fool disregards instruction. The word of God has the answer: "Poverty and disgrace come to him who ignores instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is honored." Proverbs 13:18 Stop being foolish and learn answer your calling better.

Too many stuck churches with disgruntled leaders wonder why they are stuck. The envy factor by them of the more successful is palpable. They see others with churches that started the same time they did now with thriving growing churches expanding exponentially. It's not the building, it's not the programs, good teaching and preaching is the glue that holds it together. Certainly a manifestation of the Spirit of God and the awe of the supernatural presence will draw them, but in the end there must be a word of the Lord from the platform.  Preaching and the Prophetic both bring the word, but not all prophetic is preaching and not all preaching is prophetic.  It is the lack of skill from both that results in stagnation. Of course there must be good community, enough relevant programs and relationships that can hold people for a while, but it won't grow.  

You know where this comes from, I taught public speaking for a decade. Trained hundreds of people in better communication skills. I hear and see too much bad preaching today.  Poor platform skill is not serving the people of God with what they need.

The Pastor on Sunday said, "I've been preaching to you for over an hour". I looked at my watch and I was surprised he was right. You know its good preaching when it goes an hour and you don't even notice it. Excellence in the Pulpit is developed and is attainable as a skill, but not by accident.
A surgeon goes back for continuing education to learn to do it better, only in ministry do people get in a rut and never develop the platform skills that matter. It's not a show, but you gotta capture and hold your listener's attention if you are going to make it as a preacher.  Let's do a better job of communicating the word of God.

People remain unsaved not because they have never heard it preached, but that it is preached so badly they can't comprehend it.  Some will stand before the King and give an answer, but Lord, no one ever told me.  So they stay asleep in the light headed for perdition.

Here are Four Keys to bringing the word of the Lord to people better.

There are two camps in preaching.  Those who wing it and say they depending on the anointing and the spirit of God to lead them as they mount the pulpit.   They usually preach fast and loud. Occasionally a blind sow does find an acorn and good preaching results.  But the bulk of the time it’s weak, aimless and shallow.  If you prepare, you will have notes.  But that is a two edged sword.  If you have lots of notes you will overuse them.  In many churches when the preaching begins you might as well have the preacher say, “Now I will read you my sermon”.  Over rehearsing is the same thing.  I know a young preacher who memorizes his sermon verbatim.  He’s not using his notes but he’s also a parrot of his own making.  Flat as a pancake.  Amateur hour.

So what to do?

Preachers need to learn to use notes properly. Understand deeply what you are about to deliver and you won't have to try to memorize your talk. Don't let the notes get you down. Have a structure and follow it.. but don't be enslaved by referring to your notes. Proper notes should look like this:

1. Main Points Header (A track to run on)
2. To get a quote right (Read the quote)
3. To get a scripture reference right. Or a passage from an alternate translation.

Don't try to preach directly from your notes. You should only refer to them a few times in your whole talk. This is particularly true with a tablet computer.

Earn the right to preach what you say. Avoid trying to preach from a book. That should be resource, it can't be your sermon. Even if you preached from Billy Graham's books, you will be a second class Billy Graham. Be a first class you. More important, trust the Holy Ghost to fill your mouth from what you prepare. Sometimes HE has something he wants you to say.  Go ahead and say it, but prepare without memorizing or reading the whole thing.

Or how to be funny even if you aren’t

Humor is dangerous. Humor badly delivered is deadly. But if you are in front of others and you say something you think is witty and people laugh, you just might be receiving the “COURTESY LAUGH”.   You know it happens, there is a titter that flows when say something you thought was funny.  You are the preacher; the folks love you and want to respond to you. So they give you a giggle and secretly wish you hadn’t gone there.  It’s the courtesy laugh.

I know some preachers who are genuinely hilarious. John Eckhardt is one. I nearly roll on the floor sometimes. He’s quick. Jesse Duplantis was so funny I sometimes lost the drift. Joel Osteen always tells a joke at the beginning of his talk, and he does it well. Let’s learn from them.

The trick is, if you have comic instincts and can deliver at that level of stand up, then go for it. You will be the one in ten thousand. That level of platform skill is rare.  If you don’t have it naturally, then do what the very best speakers do including Joel Osteen does, READ IT, practice reading it for timing. Don’t rush.  Don’t ad lib.  Stay with the script.

I encourage weaning from notes as an essential. Yet a good joke is carved carefully with timing, twist, surprise and punch line. If you read it you will get it right. If you try to ad lib from memory .. YOU HEAR THE SOUND OF "SPLAT" FALLING FLAT. One liners are OK.. but dangerous. Lots of room for misunderstanding. It's where most speakers get in trouble. I once had the man that trained me to train others say, "Your asides are killing you"

So use humor, relax, but don’t overuse it. Funny isn’t always funny. However it is essential. It is needed, comic relief. Just do it well. Read it.

The best humor off the cuff are personal experiences and stories that you found amusing.  Speak from your heart and go for that kind of humor or expect to be greeted by a hearty COURTESY LAUGH. You have them, you have their attention, don’t abuse it. Don't make them be banal in their appreciation.  Read the joke and move on if you must be funny.


I have sat under a dozen great preachers and hundreds of really bad ones.  With a trained ear I hear what you say or don’t say and how you say it; that's why I want to help you.  You can do better.

Your anointing might be amazing but your lack of skill is so obvious you fail to connect.  No one has any idea of what you are saying so they yell, shout, stomp, jump up and holler.  It’s not about you.. They’re bored with you.  You think its approbation, it’s not.  It’s masking the fact that you have nothing to say but you say it fast and loud and people respond.  Some think this is strong preaching, no it’s wrong preaching.  The form is confused and the function of what you are supposed to be doing up there is lost.

So what?

Learn to pace yourself.  You do that by having a track to run on.  Don’t overrun your preaching headlights. It’s OK to get loud occasionally as is needed but loud all the time for emphasis means there is no emphasis at all.  Screamers who preach are painful to sit under; Even for one day.  I seldom return to hear a screamer preach. 

This does not mean there isn’t a time to get loud and scream if you need to.. but do it in small spoonfuls.  A little sugar makes the medicine go down, but don’t overdo it.  Find a point you are going to develop.  Underscore your point, give scriptural evidence for your point and then with enthusiasm offer experience, testimony and Biblical under-girding of the point.  Build to a climax and then close … ON THAT POINT. 

Start slow and low and accelerate to a peak at the moment you make your point.

Then repeat the process.  Dial the volume back to 3 from 11 and dial the speed back from 120 mph to about 40.  Leave some breathing room.  Quietly and firmly make your next point.  Build and do the above.

Each of these points could be a stand alone sermon and an altar call could be given on them.  They are connected only in that they support the same general thesis. 

The reason we end up with machine gun preaching, is the desire on the part of the preacher to get all his or her points in.  The classic case is the preacher who has a well crafted sermon and at 40 minutes into it looks down and has only hit 3 of the 7 points.  The temptation is to preach faster (read that worse). 

The worst thing is to tell your listeners that you have 4 more points you can’t get to and tick them off.  BAD PLAN.  They don’t know you have 4 more.  That’s good material for another day.  Find the best of the three you have preached and close on them.  Don’t title your sermon “17 ways to find more of God” or something something.  That’s your book title you should write.  Preach “How to find more of God in your life” you can have 17,  if you get to 5 that’s a miracle.  I can’t tell you how often I have been embarrassed for the preacher who tries to hurry thru the talk and I know if fleshed out would have been GREAT. I feel cheated. Don’t cheat your listeners.

If you are any good (and I hope you are) you should be able to close on any two pages in the Bible and from the text before you, give an altar call, take an offering or open a communion service.  I have asked people to test me on this. I’m not even an apostle or been to Bible School, but I can do this.  If you claim the pulpit you should be skilled enough to do it or sit down. 

An old black Preacher friend in Georgia long ago told me and I never forgot, “Gene Preach Less Better”.  He’s gone now but his words to me in that little church 40 years ago lives on in my head. 

So let me encourage you to “preach less better and slow down”.  Use a preaching rifle to hit your preaching target, ready aim shoot.  Your machine gun preaching is missing the mark. Speed and timing are critical and knowing the difference makes all the difference.   Learning to develop your point without machine gun speed and understanding the meaning of the word SELAH is critical.


I’m at an age where sometimes if a preacher drones on I go away.  It’s not an insult, I’m not bored or ungodly.  I’m tired.  Please Preacher, hold my attention.  I need you to help me stay awake.  I don’t want to drift off.  I will retreat however if you don’t find the energy button in your preaching. 
Sometimes in some churches I have been in, I got what I really needed that day from the preacher,

The classic dry droning preacher we think of in some mainline churches today only serves to drive people away.  Unfortunately some are in good evangelical churches.  Platform skills are lacking and because of that people close their eyes.  The preacher might notice and think they are praying. Nope, they're sleeping.

Of course you may have some in your congregation who fall asleep while you are preaching well because, they are tired.  Had a long day at work, Night Shift or sickness.  Don’t take it as insult. 
Here are some words of wisdom to the preacher who has too many snoozers in your congregation.

1.  Make sure your sound system isn’t putting them to sleep.  Why attend a church where I hear and understand half of what is said.  Yes my hearing isn’t great, but I attend some great churches where it's not an issue.  Same hearing, different sound systems.  It’s not volume, it’s directionality.  You can be a little boring if you are at least heard.  The worst cases are those churches who place their speakers way above people’s heads.  Even aimed down the sound is lost.  When we speak to each other one on one in real life we do best when we stand in front of someone and speak eye to eye with them.  Many set up sound systems like you are speaking to someone from an upper floor and your hearer is 30 feet below you.  No matter how loud you speak, you will never be heard well for a lack of proximity.   The opposite is true when one has a poor sound system badly positioned and to compensate for the situation turns up the volume to 11 thinking that will solve the problem.  Nope.  For that reason I carry earplugs to protect my hearing in such a situation.  If you preach without a sound system, get close and look them in the eye.  Even if you are a bit of a droner, you can make it work if folks can hear you.  Get sound right.

2. Modulate some.  Rise, fall, louder quieter. Pause from time to time.  Put a little color in what you are doing.  Gin up some level of enthusiasm, even if you have to fake it, for what you are saying.  Imagine that the next year of your hearers lives will be impacted by what you are saying if you do it well.  Be fired up, not a machine gun preacher, but above the dull roar. Preach as if you actually believed what you are saying and people are asking you to prove it.  They are.

3.  Don’t over-rely on gimmicks.  If you are trying to compensate for your lack of platform skill by using lots of video support, do less better.  I enjoy a good video example from time to time, but (and this is true) I once sat under a preacher who showed 5 in a single sermon. I had no idea what he was trying to accomplish.  I never figured out what any of that had to do with anything.  One or maybe two is more than enough.

Same with powerpoint.  Nothing wrong with it, but most of the greatest preachers I know don’t use it much except for putting up Bible Passages for those who didn’t bring a Bible.  Some of the truly great don’t use it at all.  Little cartoons and such are sometimes like bad humor.  Be sparing in your employment.  Bring the word of the Lord, we can watch TV at home.

4.  If you are a droner and you find yourself running out of things to say.. STOP.  This is actually true of any preacher.  When you have reached the end, you will only create confusion by rambling on.  You would be best to have 7 times more prepared than what you can successfully deliver in the time allotted, however sometimes you know you are done.  It’s time to close. 

You can minister healing or bring a prophetic word. You can call on a testimony you know.  You can allow someone to bring encouragement.  You can pray.. but pray with meaning not with many words.  In the end, bless the folks and let them go home.  I have found that less is more most of the time.  They will say to each other, “That was really good”.   I needed that.  You will be questioning yourself.  

Keith Green sang a song where the refrain was, “Just keep doing your best and let God take care of the Rest”.  It’s still true and for the droner, that’s what you have to do.  You can’t preach like everyone else, don’t try.  Just do your best, but don’t make the rookie mistakes that so many do. 

Let God take care of the rest.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Keys to living well for 25 Years to Come

1.  Health is wealth.  It is very costly to be unwell.  Maintain mobility as much as possible.  This means working out, exercise, walking, eating right, don’t abuse substances, stay on good terms with all people as much as possible and follow the Doctor’s orders.  Don’t lean into the punch.  Exercise your brain and your senses as well.  And an apple a day does indeed keep the doctor away.

2. Don’t try to achieve prosperity by trying to live cheap.  Achieve prosperity by earning as much as possible.  You can’t save your way to wealth, don’t try.  Earn more than you spend as much as possible.

3.  Be frugal and sensible about living.  Live within your means, but live as well as you can.  Live your life as fully as you can. Enjoy your journey, it’s not always about work, but work can be enjoyed. Go to the beach.  Go for walks.  Do something that gives you pleasure.  Watch TV selectively and LESS.

4.  Companionship is a key to good health.  Friends, Family, Faith.  If you would have a friend, be a friend.  People want to connect.  Do so.  If you have a spouse, live at peace as much as possible.  He or she is a joy when you discover who they really are.

5.  Learn to deal with worry.  Worry lines are a sign of age.  Don’t be that guy.  Remember these principles in overcoming worry:
  1. Live in "Day-tight Compartments".   Today’s Trouble is more than enough for Today.
  2. Learn How to FACE TROUBLE:
  3. Prepare to accept the WORST that could happen
  4. Keep calm and look for ways to improve on the worst that could happen
  5. Remind yourself of the exorbitant price you can pay for worry in terms of your health

Break the Worry Habit Before It Breaks You

  1. Keep busy
  2. Don't fuss about trifles
  3. Use the law of averages to outlaw your worries
  4. Cooperate with the Inevitable
  5. Decide just how much anxiety a thing may be worth and refuse to give it more
  6. Don't worry about the past

Cultivate A Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace and Happiness

  1. Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope
  2. Never try to get even with your enemies
  3. Expect ingratitude
  4. Count your blessings, not your troubles
  5. Find Yourself and Be Yourself (Remember There Is No One Else on Earth Like You)
  6. Try to profit from your losses
  7. Create happiness for others
6.  Fill your mind with positive faith filled teaching, study and fellowship.  Stay away from doom and gloom preaching.  The world is made up of an ever expanding Kingdom of God.  Be part of that. 

7.  Recognize that there will come a day when you will step from time into eternity.  We can’t imagine how that will be.. but we can try.  The Journey is the joy.  Unspeakable joy waits on the other side.

Monday, February 05, 2018

The Truth About the Stock Market and the Economy

I write this because there is significant ignorance of markets, the economy and what we see on the news.  So much of what we see, particularity on liberal media like CNN and MSNBC is profound ignorance.   People that use those sources to understand economics and the market will always be in the dark.

Here are some truths you need to know:
  • The economy is in a boom.  3+% growth in GDP. 
  • It is twice as good as the last 15 years since 9-11.
  • The Market reflected the optimism for a long time and the run up of 40% since Trump was elected 16 months ago. That run up is all about faith and belief.
  • A lot of people got into the market, some who probably shouldn't have.  Last in first out.
  • Inflation is greater than is has been since 9-11.  That's actually a good thing.
  • Interest rates are now moving up slightly.  How far, they will go yet to be determined.  Trees have tops and so do rates.  The potential for this puts a lid on the stock market for a time.
  • International markets reflect the USA.  No matter what you hear about China or Europe, the US Economy is multiple times larger and more influential than any of those markets.  It is not the tail it is the big dog, the other markets are the tail.
  • Unemployment is way down, and EMPLOYMENT is way up.
  • Jobs are being created.
  • Wages are rising.
  • Profits are rising.
  • Forecasts for growth by some federal reserve forecasters is for 5+ percentage growth in the GNP.  That's a lot of money in people's pockets.  It has to go somewhere.

So with all that good news why did the market go down nearly 10% in the past week?  Today being down 1200 points.

You will find the truth hard to grasp.  Here it is:  THINGS ARE TOO GOOD.

When all the news is good and it is, people tend to think that we are at top.  Rising interest rates always augers against the stock market.  During Carter's 18% interest rate disasters, the Dow hit a LOW of 700 (see the chart above with the blue dot),  Today it's Around 24,000. Down from the high of 26,616. 

Many investors are convinced the market can't go much higher.   They are the nervous nellies.  When the least sign of stumble showed up they started to get out.  The 450 point drop on Friday was more about not finding buyers for stock the nellies wanted to sell so they dumped them at any price and took a bath.  Today the computer models kicked in as sell signals were breached.  Automated selling from trigger points accelerated one another.

The truth is the economy is strong and getting stronger.  Everything points north.  They are calling this a market correction and in a soft way it is.  15% (not 10) is the usual correction zone.  Now is not the time to panic.  Now is the time to wait.  I'm not a buyer .... YET.  But there are going to be opportunities.  It's good to have a correction from time to time. It stabilizes the market.  It may not go nuts north, but it will be steady.  There are NOT fundamentals driving down the market.  It's all emotion, fear and greed.   Although the plunge today on a point basis is the largest in history, as a percentage of the market it isn't even close.  Don't be fooled by the fools who know nothing on TV or Radio.  The Glee expressed by some is just ignorance.

How soon should one look to adding to your position?  It will be a matter of days.  I'm thinking Thursday or Friday.

So take a deep breath and relax.  A correction, even a small one is GOOD for the market.  We want people in the market who understand economics.. not some of what I hear said.

Friday, January 19, 2018


I didn't write this, but it's clear there is something there.   There is real anger right now and it will be satisfied.  Read between the lines.  This is one fed up pilgrim.

"It is ALL about dirty politics and the swamp. This last election needed to be won by Hillary or the house of cards, the ”system” that so many have used and abused was in jeopardy. Believing the American people were asleep and willing to believe everything they heard on the MSM everyone was ”all in”.

If Hillary had won, none of this would ever come to light and everyone’s games and corruption was safe from view. BUT,she didn’t. Hillary’s pay to play is on the table. Hillary’s crimes that she thought had been covered are exposed. Comey’s efforts to cover for Hillary are on the table. Obama’s inside deals with Iran are exposed. The FBI’s upper management favoritism is exposed. The NSA spying and FBI FISA abuses are exposed. A second look at the IRS targeting is possible. And on and on and on.

The only way to try to put the genie back in the bottle is to find a way to remove Trump and it is becoming too late to do so. Watch and see them try. These complicit partners are hanging out there exposed and this ”memo” is just the tip of the iceberg. The Clinton’s are wrapped up in every piece of it, but you will find that the Rhino republicans are deep in this too or it would have been exposed decades ago.

If I were a congressman right now I would use my pulpit to get on Fox news and stand to be recognized in session and make the following plea:

”It is time to find out who are patriots and who are the partisans and the traitors to our country. This memo is only the beginning. We will pull this string and every thread that it leads to. I issue a challenge right now, to anyone within the halls of government who have participated or who know about these un-American abuses of power – you have 48 hours to come forward to be recorded on national media stating your shameful actions, even if only to report of your complicit knowledge without action, and beginning full and open cooperation with exposing all truth. We will not protect your job, but we will have some amount of respect for your courage to come forward to pay the piper.

After 48 hours, anyone caught up in these current and future investigations and proven to be party or witness to abuses of government power related to undermining the people of the United States, by protecting political crimes, enriching your pockets or the pockets of your friends through your office, undermining the free political process, undermining the duly elected President of the United States for strictly political and personal gain – Be you here on notice! The American people WILL not show one ounce of mercy on you. You will be prosecuted to the extreme allowance of the law. There will be no plea bargains. There will be no re-assignments to other offices. There will be extreme incarcerations and I will personally sponsor a bill allowing the most severe penalties possible for the worst of treasonous acts by senior officials who serve in positions of authority who may have allowed these crimes.

The clock is ticking – come forward now on your own in full cooperation with these investigations, or you will deeply regret having not done so on your own because we will find you – all of you. If you have sat quietly knowing that others are lying in official statements about the Tarmac meeting, the Uranium One deal, the FBI Email investigation, the Trump Collusion investigation, abuses of the FISA system, abuses of the NSA, the truth about Benghazi, the IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, or any other issues where the American people have been denied the truth, Americans have been harmed, and our tax dollars stolen – you are on notice.”

Saturday, January 13, 2018

An Apocryphal Story that is MOSTLY True but has been changed to protect the innocent that Explains Donald Trump and X---holes

I have all kinds of people in my acquaintance, neighborhood and in my far extended family.  Many are really good folks who I enjoy spending life with.  Most I consider friendly… ish. 

Here’s a composite snapshot of them (I’ll call him Joe):

Joe has never really held down a real job.  Just odd jobs that went no where.  He has an education of sorts but to call him studious would be a mistake.  When I went to visit Joe he had a Motorcycle disassembled on his living room floor.  He’s handy enough.  Smoke filled the air.  How Joe on his limited income was able to buy $5 packs of cigarettes is beyond me.  He has always been on the dole.  Someone bought him a car.  The inside of it is a mess when Joe his wife and kids go somewhere they have to shovel out the garbage from the car to find a place to sit. 

He’s always out of money, but I know many people have given him a great deal and he has been offered decent employment, but he never made it work. 

He’s not a heavy drinker, but has a beer open most of the time.  When you go to his house to check on how Joe and his family are doing there’s always dirty dishes in the sink, clothes scattered around the house, unemptied garbage cans and the area around his trailer house looks like the city dump. 

The light in the kitchen isn’t working, a bulb is out.  Asking about it gets the response, “I’ll get to it real soon as soon as I get the money”. 

Joe shows up at our house often.  Cries the blues how broke he is.  His wife tries to work but she doesn’t have a way to get there because Joe can’t get out of bed. 

So Joe suggests since we have a pretty large house, would it be OK for him and Sandy and the two pumpkins to move into the basement till they get on their feet.  I have seen this story before.  A relative of ours fell for this and he was there for 3 years till they kicked him out.

We have a little pride in the way we try to live.  Try to be clean, try to be orderly, try to be responsible, try to be frugal, and try to live life above the mess.  When Joe came to stay (by himself) for a week when Sandy and the Kids left it wasn’t long before beer cans littered here and there.  I began picking up cigarette butts in my front yard and I don’t smoke.  Clothes began to end up here and there and they weren’t ours.  An empty McDonalds bag showed up in the bushes near my place.  I don’t eat at McDonalds.

Soon the life Joe leads began to become our life.  When we recognized the drift toward slovenly we kicked Joe out.  Sandy didn’t come back.  I don’t blame her.

Don’t get me wrong.  Joe as a person was delightful.  He would even tell you he was a Christian.   He would tell you that he lives by faith.  I have come to the conclusion he isn’t living by faith, HE’S A BUM.   He’s a slob with slob habits.  If we had let him bring his pit to our house permanently our house would have drifted into a pit as well.

AND THAT my friend is why President Trump loves this country and it’s culture than the former occupant in the White House did.  Why he respects what we have here and doesn’t want to destroy it by bringing in global JOE cultures and populations.

If on the other hand you want to be all touchy feely about these things, I’ll send Joe your address and he can move in with you.  Good luck with all that.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

My concern about Electric Cars and Self Driving Cars of all types

I am no Luddite.

If the electric car is practical it will sell and people will drive it.

If the self driving car is useful for many purposes people will use it.

My issue is I do NOT trust government.  I trust this one (some), but I do NOT trust the potential for another Obama or worse who loves to control things in power and instituting policies that stop autonomous driving in the name of safety and the climate.

In Europe, India and China they are already moving towards elimination of internal combustion vehicles.  I'm for reducing Pollution and improving air quality.  Here's the rub.  In Europe, a place I lived, everything is 4 hours away at 100 MPH.  Easy access.  If they eliminate IC vehicles that means your likely circle of visitation by vehicle is 75 miles radius.  (150/2 in range)   At that you'll limp in with your last electron.  Or stranded dead in the water 7 miles from home in a bad neighborhood.

This is much like what dictatorships do where they restrict travel.  No getting in your car and leaving town.  They control that because your range is shot.  AND when you sign up to get re-powered, you can't siphon electricity out of your neighbors car.  You can be told, "You do not have authorization from the department of travel to go to Paris".  It's a control thing.  It's not good.

Self Driving cars are even more concerning.  You can drive anywhere your self driving care is allowed to drive.  If you change your mind along the way and want to stop for a burger, nope.  If you have to pee.  Nope.  What is worse it the routes will be soon restricted to self driving cars because you can't have reckless autonomous cars running into the self drivers.

Autonomous vehicles will be restricted to secondary and unimproved roads. Going for a drive to see the Christmas lights will be a thing of the past.

These "Innovations" reek of control and I'm not happy with that.  Certainly a self driving car makes sense and as an older American having mobility even if I'm not allowed to drive is a good thing.  This for Children as well.

I just don't trust that in the future when all this is in place there will not be some tyrannical government coming along that uses it to reward, punish and control the populace.  Vote for us or you lose your car.  Or I can see someone saying, "If you like your car, you can keep your car".  I remember those intonations from a few years back.

Plus, the idea that someone would use government agencies to abuse power and punish political enemies only needs to look at Obama's use of the IRS, the EPA (See Gibson) and the FCC to overreach.   I don't trust them, no matter who.  

As someone once famously said.  "YOU LIE". He was right.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Ten Reasons Why Higher Education as we used to know it will Be GONE in 15 Years

1.  Higher Education at traditional institutions is no longer affordable.  Those saving for their children's education are running a losing battle.  The big schools will become bastions of foreign and the wealthy student.  This single factor where education costs are outrunning inflation by 25% per year. In 1980 a person could attend the average college for $2320 per year.  In 2016 it was $9140.  This cannot continue long and leads to the second looming tipping point.

2.  College Debt.  During the Obama administration essentially took over all education lending.  Private lenders were left out.  This also meant that there was no limit to the amount colleges could charge.  This became a vicious cycle.  More money freely given ended up impoverishing many students many of whom left college before finishing because of debt.  Student Debt has slowed Household formation, Children and caused people to not build for the future.  This single thing is causing many to look to alternatives to the education system.  This drive will not cease.

3.  Many colleges are biased toward out of state students who pay higher tuition and towards foreign students.  Admissions have been again and again caught not admitting in state tuition payers in favor of more money.  Education is no longer about the learner but the institution.

4.  College Sports (Football and Basketball) have become essentially pro sports and lavish amounts of money spent on these ventures have sucked the life out of academic pursuits.  Worse it the promise of an education without delivering on the promise.  This has become a drug that is slowly killing the promise of what used to be higher education.

5.  Public College President's salaries have gone thru the roof.  The average college President in America at public institutions now equals $428,000.   This means that to keep the money machine rolling, college Presidents focus on fundraising rather than the product, Academics.  It wasn't always so.

6.  A single textbook at the college level now costs average of $82.  In the day of PDF textbooks should be free or of little cost.  This racket means many professors make their students buy their poorly executed text when better exist. In the future technology will replace the bookstore.  The University of Maryland has already eliminated paper textbooks.

7.  The capacity to do mass online courses with accountability has made professors less useful.  In Paris France 42 is already conducting classes without instructors.  And when instruction is needed, that is accomplished from media.  Already media is used to indoctrinate students thru TV, Movies and the internet, it is natural progression to move to this media driven instruction.  Master Classes are now being conducted by media by experts in industry.  If you want to learn how to write books, James Patterson charges $90 and you can attend his class remotely.

8. Education's trend is away from the high priced public institutions and toward the FREE EDUCATION model.  Bernie Sanders hit a nerve, the economics of it all are flawed, but public free college with technology may be the future.  This cannot continue on it's present course.  Many employers now pay for student workers to go to college.  Starbucks, McDonalds among them.  You can't go to Yale or Harvard, but you can get an education.  That is driving the cost reductions to free.  In Tennessee High School Graduates are able to attend community college for free.  Saving for a college education may have already had it's day.

9.  The future will be life long learning,  intermediate education to prepare for the next job.  It might look like Education, Job, Education, Job, Sabbatical, Job, Job, Education, Job  and maybe TEACHING a masterclass.

10.  Education may become free, but housing and food never will be.  That too must change.  Dorms are now like cruise ships.  They are over the top in many institutions.  Not the dorm of 50 years ago.  A return to normalcy will mean that education will become more affordable but won't look a thing like the education of today.

Higher education has reached a tipping point.  It cannot go on.  College Presidents and institutional participants at high salaries will try hard to maintain the status quo.  The odds are very much against them.  Will there be higher education in the future, but it won't look much like the mess we have today.  Learning must return to education. It can, but it means that the old must die and the new emerge.  What that will look like is certainly going to be very different from anything we imagine to think it is today.

Public education must die in favor of education for the masses in a life long pursuit. 

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Things at the turn of the year that makes me like TRUMP more

First I'm happy he is driving the whole Korea thing,  Kim is trembling such that he is contacting the south to make nice,

I'm happy he's causing the USELESS UN to come into alignment, I'm happy he is supporting the Iranian People, I'm happy he wiped out ISIS (with help from Russia),

I'm happy the economy is roaring along like a speeding train, I'm happy more people are employed, I'm happy that trade agreements are being reviewed, I'm happy everyone gets a tax cut but more important that the business community is released to prosper and hire people, I'm happy that he has gotten rid of over 1000 Obama era regulations that were killing our economy, I'm happy he has made it possible via pipelines to move oil across the nation more safely,

locking up a third more gangsters than in 2016 and 800 MS-13 mobsters, Nearly a hundred new judges (thank God for that), Got the Shoplifters off the hook in China, Helping Vets by protecting Whistleblowers and reinstating Obama's Choice program,

Got rid of the mandate in Obamacare and made funding abortion in Obamacare illegal, Record Highs in economic indexes, Record Highs in Consumer confidence and a 3++ GDP (a level NEVER ONE TIME) seen during Obama's administration.  He's a gift that many do not accept or understand.  I wasn't high on him at first, but he keeps doing things right. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

There are those IMPOSSIBLE to bring to Repentance... they are already dead even though they look alive

Zombies are real and the walking dead are among us.

OK, not as in the TV show with zombies, but this is true of so many. I have friends and acquaintances  who at 50-70 years of age have already died. They still have a body, can still walk, can do things, even talk, but they are just as dead as the last corpse you saw in a coffin.

This is a composite description of a dead man walking drawn from real people I know. I'll call him Tom, (Fictional Name). He is just turning 60, had a good career, made decent money, married but his life has gone to hell (Literally). He and his wife no longer get along. They don't fight as much as they are inert to one another. It's not someone's fault in the marriage, it's hard being married to a zombie. I don't blame her, but there was a time when she could have pulled him out of the dumpster, but she chose to criticize him instead. Now, he sits most of the day in front of the TV. Most nights he goes to bed drunk. He's not violent, (Mostly). He's simply dead. A zombie. He had a few friends, but when they reach out to him in compassion .. he's dead to them. 

His life has drifted into painful remembering, aimlessness, anger, resentment, unforgiveness and spiritual death.  Dying for him is a positive option. The pain will end he thinks. I fear he might hasten it by suicide, ending his living death with corporeal death.

Tom used to be a believer. He attended church, he loved his wife and children, He loved Jesus. He had an attitude that said, "We can do it". Then when crisis hit he fell away. I watched it happen. I tried to intervene. Nothing anyone could say or do made any difference.

So how did he die? Some great disappointment happened. Something that soured him on modern vending machine religion. He bought into the idea that if I give my money to God, he will protect me and help me. When things didn't happen as he hoped, when the vending machine failed in his eyes .. he resented GOD. He turned away from God.

Tom doesn't REALLY have an actual backbone. When life got hard he folded up.  He comes off aggressive and strong, but in truth it's all passive aggression.  He is spineless and uses anger to express himself. He is unwilling to stand up for himself or the others he allegedly loves.  He's a shell with nothing inside.

So he sits day and night watching TV or on the computer. Anything to get his mind off his situation. Might be old sitcoms. Old movies.  Westerns.  For some sports is the addiction. It's tragic. A man who had at one time great potential, destiny and the ability to make a real contribution now sits alone with a bottle in hand glassy eyed staring at a box with pictures on it.

Is there a cure? Doctors can't cure him. Drugs are no help, it's not the alcohol, it's the meaningless life he is now leading. Counseling and intervention have failed with Tom again and again. He's lost.  Secular medicine and science have no answers.

There is no hope for Tom. He's already dead. A Zombie. Jesus IS his only hope. But he's disappointed in God. He's given up. He is no longer reachable. The worst is, poverty would have been a good thing for him. He needed a prodigal experience. But it won't happen. He has enough.  Some Tom's I know live this life with the "help" of government or church "charity".  They are antichrist in their "Mercy".

Can this tragedy be turned around? I want to believe, but no amount of intervention will bring the dead back to life without Jesus. It may mean he will have to come to grips with the situation by a visitation of the God who loves him.   His heart of stone will have to be turned back to a heart of flesh.

Here's the SAD part of all this. Many of my friends on this forum know who TOM is. They recognize him by my description. If you know Tom, don't preach to him. PRAY.. there is no hope for resurrection of his dead walking corpse short of a miracle or he is about to spend eternity in a HELL he no longer believes in.

The Bible speaks about Tom:  
For it is impossible to bring back to repentance those who were once enlightened—those who have experienced the good things of heaven and shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the power of the age to come— and who then turn away from God. It is impossible to bring such people back to repentance; by rejecting the Son of God, they themselves are nailing him to the cross once again and holding him up to public shame.  Hebrews 6:4-6

I don't have an answer, but if you know a "Tom" you might forward this to him or her, you might print this off and hand it to him.  You can't wound a dead man.  Call him out of his tomb.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How Handicapped and African American People Become Trapped

 It hit me the other day.  Those things we do in our country to make the playing field level for the disabled has a negative effect.  Those things we do to attempt to level the playing field for Minorities has the same negative effect.  Maybe it's time we STOP putting people in bondage to the blue mirror hanger.

You know the parking places near the door.  The ones where those who have a Blue Sign hanging from their mirror park.  If you park there, it's a big fine.  There are a lot of things we do to accommodate those who are handicapped in our society.  I don't resent the accommodating, but there are times when it is over the top.  To be clear, my Brother John was in a wheelchair and this was necessary.  On the other hand, there are ramps that are made to accommodate become barriers to the rest of us.

It all revolves around an act of congress 27 years ago, the American's with Disabilities Act.  It was needed, but like a lot of good intentioned  actions and laws it has led to abuses.  It has become a mark of privilege to get a blue sign.  I know people who sell them to others. It's illegal.  People with a minor limp or discomfort petition to get one so they can park in the close by places.

Here's the part that becomes insidious, identifying yourself as handicapped in order to get special privileges has become a gaming sport.  There are selfish people who use this pretend disability to get in first, get the best seats in the house, to be ahead in lines even on airplanes.  Then there are the service dogs.  People who have figured out how to game the system to have their puppy assigned as a service dog to have it on the airplane or in a restaurant.

These disability pretenders are actually selfish people using the system to get what they want... privilege.

Let me be clear, it's a good thing to make accommodation for the disabled.  I may be old someday and need accommodation.  I just don't want to go there soon.

The idea of special privilege for the disabled was not part of earlier generations.  Thousands of men and women returned from wars missing limbs, eyes, carrying wounds for life and yet they did not expect society to do more than to give them a chance.  And we did.  Those people were not shoved aside.  They tried hard to make their way in society even though actually handicapped.  It made them better in many ways.  If you were to call them disabled they would have been offended.  My father in law from WWII was one such.  He carried a war wound that caused him pain for most of his life and he limped till the day he died.  Yet if I had said to him, Here let me help you, He would have hit me.  He was proud and wore his difficulty as a challenge to overcome.

While I believe we need to accommodate those less able, I am convinced that these accommodations amplify and actually reinforces the disability such that they don't see the nessesity of becoming stronger.  If we cut them enough slack.. they can live in comfort without the struggle.

It is said that the butterfly if helped too much in emerging from it's cocoon will die because it never struggled to develop the ability to fly.

When there is a culture of defeat and victim-hood called a handicap culture.

This parallels the Handicap Culture of Privilege that keeps the African American people trapped in bondage in the USA.

There needs to be justice and there has been injustice.  Yet the efforts to create justice has created a cultural handicap for a whole race of people.  It has also firmly reinforced a culture of white supremacy, white power, white pride, white superiority and white privilege.  If you think or believe it was always there, it was but not to this extent.  It's not just backlash, but as the African American culture becomes more and more identified as handicapped it manifests in those not so impaired or invalid to recognize they have it better than the other. The result is even if they are sympathetic, they are sent a message, we are not as good as you are.

The USA from the time of the civil rights act and thru the last 50 years has made law after law, accommodation after accommodation all in the name of trying to level the playing field, restore justice and develop equality.  It has actually created a culture of people who like the handicap pretender, expect accommodation even if not actually handicapped other than their skin color.  Equal opportunity, affirmative action, fair housing, laws about governmental hiring to favor the  minority applicant and thousands of other efforts at righting wrongs.  The net result is the wrongs being righted were mostly artificial and built of political expediency.  Worse there is no sunset law.  When do we stop the affirmative action program?   It has created a victim mentality, a handicap of the soul.  As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  If a person thinks themselves a victim, they are.  If you don't believe you can, you won't.  Many today with great ability and potential are trapped by believing the lie that they are handicapped, disabled, invalid.  What a tragic situation.

I have asked many times of people who are of color when the last time in the last year THEY PERSONALLY were affected by overt racism.  It's almost impossible to get a clear answer.  Of course they all have stories of this or that person who did, but seldom themselves.  They are living on sketchy stories and events that reinforce their mindsets.

The result is what we see today.  Black lives matter, they do, but what they want is an expansion of the handicap culture.  Special treatment.  Black privilege.

While giving some lip service, those who have fought and won never feel handicapped in this way.  They laugh at the idea of white privilege and white supremacy.  I can point to all kinds of men like Michael Strayhan, Don Peebles, Kanye West, Morgan Freeman, Daymon John and thousands of men and women of color in senior management in business and industry all across the fruited plain.  If you think they are feeling victimized, discriminated against or handicapped, they know better.  They got there by hard work and drive.  Not by hanging out a handicap mirror hanger on their resume.

What we as a nation have done is cause people to find a comfort zone of being less than they created to be.  That it's OK to be mediocre if you can get away with doing less and blame injustice for your lack of achievement.  We have made it easy to do less.   We have destroyed a whole generation that riots, rebels in lawlessness and expects us to accept their selfish actions without question.  Many of those who have difficult with cops and sometimes get shot are doing it out of a heart of black privilege.

Can we change this?  Yes, but it's not going to get better as long as white privilege is propped up by a victim handicap culture that says, "YES, I'm not a good as you because I'm BLACK and suffer discrimination I can't solve."  When the white man agrees.. that's considered racism.  How can it be racism when he's agreeing with what they already believe. In this way the handicapped culture feeds the white supremacist.

Black people in America are unique in all cultures in the world.  In Brazil there is some low level racism, but for the most part it is a color blind culture.   Black folks in Brazil were brought there as slaves by the Portuguese.  They have now taken their place in society.  Cuba is somewhat like that.  I have read all the articles that claim that is not the case.. but they fall apart under close examination.

Kenyans and Nigerians in large part believe themselves superior to Americans.   In France the only racial issues revolve around Islam, not color.  Before the incursion of Islam, the black Frenchman was common.   Many people groups around the world consider themselves superior to the average American. Japanese, Chinese and  Lebanese among them.  The African American in the USA has been convinced by a parasitic political philosophy that the black man can't make it, can't get it done, can't win, can't achieve nothing other than sing, dance and play ball.  That they are helpless without the government and it's masters. Worse the longer the community does what it can to keep the parasites in power, the worse it gets.

I know many who read this will take offense, that's because the indoctrination has created a world view that cannot be easily overcome.   This is a 2x4 of truth.  It hurts when they are hit.

I can't help being who I am.  If you are black, brown, red of yellow neither can you.  What I can do is reject the selfishness that creates a demand of something special for you that reinforces the handicap culture.

You are not handicapped. You are not inferior, invalid, crippled or less than.  Only those who have lied to you want you to believe it.  It is cultural Munchausen Syndrome:  Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. Munchausen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties.

Time to break free.