Saturday, July 04, 2015

The manipulation and winning of young minds.

With all the babble and verbal barrages back and forth on the homosexual 'marriage' situaton, I totally lost sight of what has to be one of the most significant features of the LGBT movement and it's supporters:

The manipulation and winning of young minds.

We would not have arrived at this point if successive graduating classes of public school and college youth (And youth in many 'churches), had not been indoctrinated to be 'tolerant' and 'inclusive,' accepting and affirming regarding homosexual behavior.

I was well aware of this, but I did not really put it into context with a very stark warning from Jesus Christ Himself:

Hell, eternal torment, is waiting for anyone who causes one of His little ones to stumble.

I see young people stumbling all over, trying to justify the misuse of God's gift of our bodies, convinced that somehow 'sexual identity' makes people who they are, and is therefore to be honored and advanced as a noble 'right.'

These young people have been purposely deceived and are stumbling badly.

The flames of Hell are waiting for the rainbow-abusing pied pipers who manipulated them.

'He said to His disciples, "It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come! "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.' -Luke 17:2…/dig-ca…/07-DIG-CAL-2010-Torment.jpg

Black leader defends Confederate Flag, responds to violent attackers

Confederate Flag defender, political activist, former President of the Asheville chapter of the NAACP and 52-year-old black man, H.K. Edgerton was recently accosted by two black men while standing by his confederate flag in front of Asheville High School. Though he was appalled by the alleged violent actions of 19-year-old high school drop-out Andre Dewayne and 32-year-old Kevin Miller, he concedes, "I know and understand their pain because they've been lied to for so long. A lot of people know nothing about that time in history."

Describing the event, Edgerton recalls, "A man approached me quickly and when he got a foot away from me, he lunged at me, tried to grab my flag, spit on me, spit on my flag, bent my flag pole. Then another man, who was older, came. I thought he was going to stop him, but he joined in, striking and spitting on me and bending my flag even more." Edgerton said the incident left lingering injuries to his shoulder.

Though Edgerton empathizes with the anguish of the two men he asserts, "You have to know how to conduct yourselves. And give a man a chance to speak. Many people have heckled me and cursed at me. When giving speeches I've had blacks heckle me and they had to be removed in Columbia and Charleston, but never has anyone accosted me or my flag. It is my 1st amendment right to take a stand, and you must not violate my right to do so."

Edgerton blames the media and the educational system for creating the perception that exists today regarding southern history. "This is a continuation about the lies of the Christian southern white folks during the Civil War. African Americans in this country don't know a thing about that war and that time. They see that flag and someone says slavery and it all falls apart and they think of Southern Christian white folks as being evil."

"We can't let the stars and stripes get away that easy. Never were the stars and bars flag flown over a slave ship. And you want to know why? Because it's a Christian Battle Flag that was emulated after St. Andrew, Jesus Christ's first disciple. In 69 A.D. in Petro, Greece -- now a part of Russia -- St. Andrew was jailed because of his teaching and preaching of Jesus Christ, his Lord and Master, and he was told he was going to be crucified on the cross. He begged that persecutor not to nail him to that Latin cross in the shape of "T" because he was not worthy of being punished the way Jesus Christ had been nailed. So he begged to be tied in an X-shape to the cross and the persecutor did what he asked him to. That X is a Greek symbol to CH, the first two letters in Christ's name. When St. Andrew was on the cross he continued his teaching of Christ and all the folks started believing him and for three days he remained on that cross teaching and after three days they begged the persecutor to take him down and when he did, St. Andrew came down off that cross and died, and he became a martyr and a saint.

"When (Civil War Confederate ) General Beaureguard decided they needed another flag, he chose the cross of St. Andrew for these reasons. Most Southerners, in fact, did not want to do away with the stars and stripes because they didn't feel they had done anything wrong. They thought it was the north who was eradicating the Constitution.

"And as for President Lincoln, our American hero, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. In march of 1861 Abraham Lincoln called all those black leaders in his office and he told them -- Even if I set you free you'll be inferior. You need to get out of the country because I will colonize you. Lincoln proposed the 13th Amendment, being the only President ever to do so. That amendment said Congress would never have the power to interrupt an institution of state. He told the southerners they could keep the slaves if they paid the North a 42% tariff. The South agreed to a 10% tariff but not 42%. So, who I am supposed to blame the institution of slavery on?

"At that time, one of the richest men in the world, John D. Rothchild told his family to put all their money into the Confederacy and described Lincoln as a crook. He said the slaves in the south were better off than the slaves in the north who had to work for next to nothing in the cotton mills.

"The attack on the Confederacy doesn't get the attention it deserves. These blacks today have no idea what took place back then. (Blacks) earned a place of dignity in that war. If it wasn't for Africans that war would have lasted four days, not four years. We made all of the implements of war, we fought, we participated -- not one slave insurrection happened during that period of time. They did not have whips and guns forcing them to be there. God and his infinite wisdom brought these people here. He brought about a love between master and slave that has never happened before. If you search this empirically then you will know the only one who cared about the African was the man in the south. But we don't want to face that.

"Bill Clinton's apology to (the black race) doesn't mean a thing to me. If Bill Clinton was any kind of a man he would march right down to the Education Secretary and demand that we start telling the truth to all about our history. If there are any apologies to be given, it is me. I need to apologize for walking away from the Christians in the South because I was lied to. Even the NAACP is not a black run operation. The national board is run by white liberals and Jews and I question their motives.

"Those who know their history know that we walked away from the war with dignity. But we took the loyalty we gave to the white man and started believing the lies of the North and now people are believing this madness. But even if you pull this flag from every flag pole and stand in the south you can't pull it from the hearts of the Christians in the south. If you speak to any blacks in the south my age or older you will find out that most of them had kinship to Confederate Veterans. The more who search their backbone will find out they were a part of this. They want to think they were beaten into this. Wrong. That's not how it happened.

"Times have changed. In the old south a young man would have never approached an old gray-haired man like myself. We've gotten away from that. Had we been left alone by the northern carpet-baggers, we would be better off.

"Now I have to watch the Cuban flag flying in land we used to have and know that they can live in Florida without ever speaking English. And I have to hear John Rocker get off the subway in New York and not even know where he is. Well, come get me John Rocker because I don't know where we are either and I want to know.

"My fight for my people continues. In all my speeches, I say -- Don't hurt my people, forgive them. We just don't know. -- I grew up with the same lies, claiming that Lincoln liberated and saved me. What a crock. All we have to do is think about this thing and search out the truth. I would encourage all my African-American friends to go to Southern Confederate Veterans' meetings and they will be greeted open-armed. The only day we will truly be free is when H.K. Edgerton walks out his door and every African-American is holding a Confederate Flag and I will say one thing - Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise God, Hallelujah.

"Not one time did Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. put down the Confederate Flag. He wanted blacks and whites to sit and eat together. I asked Dr. Young, one of King's closest friends, what his feelings were about that flag. He said, Leave it alone. Let's do something about the things we can do something about, like our children selling drugs on the street. King could never have brought us all together the way he did if he had put down the (Confederate) Flag.

"At first, I was confused by the NAACP putting down the flag, but they just don't know. I just don't want my people lied to. I hate to see them led down the path of hate. They're in the wrong ball game. There was a Machiavellian view in the North - they are different from the south. The bottom line is, if I would have had a choice back then I would have stayed in the South. If the Southern man set a man free he gave them land and a home. The North did not give them anything. You don't set a man free in the woods without anything.

"But people don't realize this. One time when I was holding the stars and bars on the street, a black man with dreadlocks told me what I was doing was wrong, and then he called to his white girlfriend and their child across the street. Now, tell me that man is not confused.

"It was the wealthy African leaders who sold the poorer Africans to the slave traders. Blacks want to speak of their African heritage, when it was their heritage who sold them out to slavery. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for blacks today to follow the Muslim religion, and Muslims practice slavery today. But no one wants to talk about that."

Thursday, July 02, 2015

When Movies Come True

By now, most of us have seen or at least heard of the movie "Idiocracy," which centers around two ordinary people being frozen and waking up 500 years in the future, only to realize that instead of evolving as a society, maidiocracy, luke wilson, idiocracy movie posternkind has become substantially dumber as a whole. Of course, we'd like to think that would never happen in a million years, let alone 500. By and large, it does seem extremely unlikely, yet some of the film's notions of where we're to end up are already on the fast track to becoming reality. What follows are ten shining examples of human devolution.

I believe Barack Obama is doing a wise thing

It kills me to say I agree with him, but I do.

I have been somewhat critical of his open southern borders policy. Somewhat critical of his allowing all sorts of folks of all ilk in.  I haven't understood it.

Then it hit me.. like a ton of bricks.  He's on the money on his policy.  Here's why:

  • Mexico is a tottering corrupt near failed state.
  • Mexico cannot and will not take care of its citizenry.
  • Mexico is a place to get out of, not go to.  Other countries MORE poverty stricken than Mexico like central America come to Mexico.
  • Mexico is in large part run by gangsters, drug lords, cartels and worse.
  • Mexico is a source of cheap produce, cheap manufacturing et al
  • Mexico is a pretty place but it has no ability to sustain itself even with the oil it can mine.

IF tomorrow the Donald Trump Iron Curtain were erected across our Mexican border the result would be catastrophic
  • Mexico would collapse completely and be run by gangsters
  • Discontent would allow Islamic radicals to recruit there for worse
  • Russia and other communist nations would take up a foothold
  • Missiles would be set in Mexico, not aimed at Columbia, but at the USA
  • People would starve.  Open warfare would commence
  • We would have a hostile neighbor to our south and would have to invade to save it, and it would be bloody.
  • It would be like Iran and Iraq were.  Like Israel and Palestine.  Neighbors at war.
  • There would be 15 million people who are here legally and otherwise who would consider themselves part of the other side's belligerence.  Interment camps would be part of the consideration.

All in all a horrible situation.

So what is Obama doing that is right?

He is allowing pretty much as many people to come as we can absorb.  They are poor but the money they earn goes back to Mexico and central America.  It's a way to support those states indirectly without direct government money.

He is allowing commerce to come and go without much control.

He is treating all of Mexico as a slowly assimilating 51st state with a timetable of perhaps a half century until it stabilizes.   It's a long game. We will all speak each others languages pretty well.  Think of Canada and French division.  We will be civil.  Mexico will become a defacto territory of the USA.  Mexico cannot make it without this. It will in the end ensure civil tranquility and is the safest thing we can do to keep this weak neighbor to the south from becoming overrun.  The gang element, the cartels, the drug dealers will have to be dealt with.. as we do those from Chicago, Detroit and New York. Catch them when we can, but don't ever believe a closed border will save us.

I am sure many of my very conservative friends heads are exploding as I say this.. but when I think of the alternative, that Mexico can't make it otherwise, that they are 2000 miles of our southern border.. this is the only way.. unless you can come up with another.

By the way, I don't think I'm the first to recognize this.. I'm guessing this is well recognized, but not said.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This is more disturbing than you can imagine

Prior to his election in 2008 President Obama told everyone his intent was to “fundamentally change” the United States of America.  Not enough people were paying attention to what that actually meant, because everyone was filled with their own self-interpretation of “Hope and Change”, or “Change They Can Believe In”.
However, recent events have brought a few more people to seek a greater understanding of what’s going on in 2015.  This outline is simply going to point out a couple of visible footprints, amid the dozens possible, and show how all the modern activism stems from, and traces back to, the Obama White House.

You have to read this whole article.. and be outraged.