Thursday, July 02, 2015

I believe Barack Obama is doing a wise thing

It kills me to say I agree with him, but I do.

I have been somewhat critical of his open southern borders policy. Somewhat critical of his allowing all sorts of folks of all ilk in.  I haven't understood it.

Then it hit me.. like a ton of bricks.  He's on the money on his policy.  Here's why:

  • Mexico is a tottering corrupt near failed state.
  • Mexico cannot and will not take care of its citizenry.
  • Mexico is a place to get out of, not go to.  Other countries MORE poverty stricken than Mexico like central America come to Mexico.
  • Mexico is in large part run by gangsters, drug lords, cartels and worse.
  • Mexico is a source of cheap produce, cheap manufacturing et al
  • Mexico is a pretty place but it has no ability to sustain itself even with the oil it can mine.

IF tomorrow the Donald Trump Iron Curtain were erected across our Mexican border the result would be catastrophic
  • Mexico would collapse completely and be run by gangsters
  • Discontent would allow Islamic radicals to recruit there for worse
  • Russia and other communist nations would take up a foothold
  • Missiles would be set in Mexico, not aimed at Columbia, but at the USA
  • People would starve.  Open warfare would commence
  • We would have a hostile neighbor to our south and would have to invade to save it, and it would be bloody.
  • It would be like Iran and Iraq were.  Like Israel and Palestine.  Neighbors at war.
  • There would be 15 million people who are here legally and otherwise who would consider themselves part of the other side's belligerence.  Interment camps would be part of the consideration.

All in all a horrible situation.

So what is Obama doing that is right?

He is allowing pretty much as many people to come as we can absorb.  They are poor but the money they earn goes back to Mexico and central America.  It's a way to support those states indirectly without direct government money.

He is allowing commerce to come and go without much control.

He is treating all of Mexico as a slowly assimilating 51st state with a timetable of perhaps a half century until it stabilizes.   It's a long game. We will all speak each others languages pretty well.  Think of Canada and French division.  We will be civil.  Mexico will become a defacto territory of the USA.  Mexico cannot make it without this. It will in the end ensure civil tranquility and is the safest thing we can do to keep this weak neighbor to the south from becoming overrun.  The gang element, the cartels, the drug dealers will have to be dealt with.. as we do those from Chicago, Detroit and New York. Catch them when we can, but don't ever believe a closed border will save us.

I am sure many of my very conservative friends heads are exploding as I say this.. but when I think of the alternative, that Mexico can't make it otherwise, that they are 2000 miles of our southern border.. this is the only way.. unless you can come up with another.

By the way, I don't think I'm the first to recognize this.. I'm guessing this is well recognized, but not said.

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