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I don't know why I posted this... but it makes me happy...liberals are losers

FOXNEWS BECK 2,243,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,936,000
CNN BLITZER 1,036,000
CNN MORGAN 941,000
CNN COOPER 826,000

How to Face the Coming Days with Confidence, Hope and No Fear

I posted this here a few days ago. It has been reposted several times around the world. It must have hit a nerve. I repost with permission for you to plagiarize without attribution. This is something the Body of Christ needs to hear now...we are to be guides in these days to come.

In the past few weeks I have been warning that things are not as they seem. That hard days are ahead. That the situation will be rough.

I have tried hard to be encouraging, but it seems like what should be understood as encouragement is being interpreted as pessimism by some. People need understand that when you see a half full glass, it could be the someone with a snapshot of a half full glass that was plumb full an hour ago while water is dribbling out of the bottom. It's half full now but the trend could be going against fullness.

WHAT Should the Believer do in light of the coming days? How do we prepare? How do we survive? How do we prosper? Just confess prospering and embracing rootless optimism without understanding will lead to certain heartbreak. Hope deferred maketh the heart sick. Facing the future in confidence will lead to victory.


  • Live for today alone. Tomorrow has enough trouble of it's own. Yesterday is gone, there's nothing you can do about it. Live Today. Be aware, but live today.
  • Face potential for catastrophe with your Faith in God. Ask yourself the hard question, "if it all comes down, will I still be able to pledge allegiance to the Lamb of God". What is the worst possible outcome of the catastrophe short of death if it all goes to pot all around us? Prepare your heart that even if the worst comes, you will not waver in your allegiance to the King of Kings. You are then prepared to accept the worst possible outcomes on the horizon.
  • THEN, and this is critical, try to improve on that worst possible situation. Develop scenarios, strategies, preventions, escapes, preparations and invention to modify any impact that might come from the catastrophe if it comes...or when. You have already accepted it, now set about finding ways to improve on it.
  • Don't spend too much time fretting over the potential for what might happen in the disaster. If you do the first three things, you will be able to say, whatever comes, I will live today and prepare for whatever could happen as best I can. THEN, having done all you can do to stand, stand against that day. Remember your worry cannot add to the length of your days and or your health or height of your stature. NONE. IF you remind yourself that worry can give you ulcers or even destroy your health, you will fight against it as personal preservation. Most of this is outside of your control, if you think you can control it beyond your personal ability, you may be engaging in witchcraft. STOP. Your health and emotional well being is at stake. It's just not worth losing your health over worry. Most of the things we have worried about in the past never came to pass. The same is in our future. But Prepare.
  • Before you give into panic, get all the facts, and with all your getting, get understanding. Don't believe every story on the Internet, the news, Fox, CNBC, MSNBC. Don't even believe me. Become informed with TRUTH. Truth will set you free, a lie will put you in chains.
  • Comport your life to the facts as you comprehend them. Take action, don't be immobilized. There's no future in that. Take positive action toward doing what you can. Hiding and waiting for the rapture in your basement as the day grows darker is folly.
  • Be clear when you face difficulty, where the difficulty comes from and what it looks like. What is the Problem I am facing right now? What are the root causes of that problem and what are a hundred ways I could deal with this as solutions. From those potential resolutions, pick a few of the best and move ahead implementing them. Even if you are wrong you will have been proactive. Avoiding pondering your navel, action counts here. Stay busy doing what you have decided to do. Don't keep second guessing yourself. Don't sweat the small stuff. Most of what you are worrying about today will never happen. Keep busy improving on your situation as best as you know how in view of the coming days.
  • Some things that will happen in the future are inevitable. You will DIE. Your parents WILL die. You will face tribulation, Jesus promised that. Be of good cheer, He has overcome the world. But don't try to fight the reaper. Cooperate with those things that are inevitable. When hard times come, don't blame yourself, others, government or anyone. There was once a bumper sticker on the back of pickup trucks. It said. "THINGS" happen. (It didn't actually say things). It's true. Now get over it. Cooperate with things you can't change. They can change you. Sometimes for the better.
  • Use a trading tool in your life... the stop loss. In trading, we often put a stop on how much loss we are willing to take before we put a stop to it. Same with worry, decide when things happen or things turn against you, "How Much Anxiety, Worry and Pain am I going to allow this to cause me". How much is it really worth? THEN once you have properly mourned and struggled over that, STOP. David Stopped mourning when his child died. Some never get over it. They never put a stop loss on their pain.
  • The past is past. We all have ghosts from our past. I have many. Regrets. I have them. YET, if we will take a corporate vow RIGHT NOW to stop worrying about our past, to let the dead bury the dead and let it go....we will be much happier.

I won't tell you to just think positive. I just did that from a biblical point of view. If you are a student of the word, you will see that every one of these points comes directly FROM the word of God. I could have used a Bible Bullet in every one of these. I'll let you do that for yourself. They are all direct from scripture and most spoken by Jesus himself. I think that's pretty good advise.

I wish I could warn everyone of the days to come, and on the other hand equip everyone to prepare for those days in just exactly this way. On the other hand, as a 5 fold minister my job is to equip others for the work of the Ministry. IF you are to be a father, a prophet, an apostle, a pastor teacher and evangelist to lead people in the days to come. They will need this admonition.

If I could warn everyone, I will have done my Job. Maybe I just did.

Feel free to use this with those to whom you are responsible... it works every time it's tried.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A day of Infamy...or maybe the day Obama lost Egypt

It's February 11 in history:

The day the Shah of Iran was forced out by the USA and the Ayatollahs seized power in 1979, The Day Nelson Mandela released from prison in South Africa in 1990, The day the Yalta Agreement was signed (Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill) at the end of WWII in 1945 that divided Europe into east and west, The day Margaret Thatcher was made Prime Minister of England in 1975 and now Egypt on this day has been changed.

What does this mean?

Why Feb 11, 11. OR is it 1+1 -11 -11

10 + 1 is too many commandments
12 - 1 is too few disciples

11 is the number of disorder

Oh, and on this day, Sarah Palin was Born 47 years ago.

Today in History: Friday, February 11
Today is Friday, Feb. 11, the 42nd day of 2011. There are 323 days left in the year. Today’s Highlights in History On Feb. 11, 1861, President-elect Abraham Lincoln bade farewell to his adopted hometown of Springfield, Ill., as he headed to Washington for his inauguration.


by Bob Larimer on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 11:11am

Preamble and Greeting:

"Uh, just want to give a shout out to my friends at Code Pink, to Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, the folks at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Nation of Islam and my friend Louis Farrakhan, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Kahlidi, Wael Ghonim - uh Google that folks! Huh! Huh! - and to all the American muslim youth who marched in solidarity with our friends in Cairo, shouting at and threatening any Jew or supporter of Israel. We knew if we worked hard together, we could bring about Change!

Body of Speech:

My fellow Americans, we have arrived at an important moment, a watershed event, a turning point in democracy for Egypt and for the World Community.

Uh let me be clear: This is all about me. I don't want anyone to forget that I have a Nobel Prize, I am the President, a citizen of the world, and I am the reason all that happens anywhere, happens.

You have heard it said that what happened in Egypt today is the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations and planning between me, Bil Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Code Pink, the Muslim Brotherhood and other pro-democracy groups, working hard in Egypt and in secret meetings at the White House. Pay no attention to those glimpses behind the curtain. I am Obama, the great and powerful.

In the same way that an energized, Hopeful and excited youth, working for Change, helped lift me into this Office, it was a committed, optimistic, glazed-eyed, ignorant, manipulated crowd of youth who maintained the pressure on America's long-term ally and caused him to fall, leaving the way open for 'democratic' leaders who want to kill Jews, wipe Israel off the map and detonate nuclear bombs in the United States of America.

Change is now the order of the day in Egypt. You may rest assured that I and my administration are prepared to help usher in a new age of fairness, wisdom, enlightenment and stomping the crap out of anyone who disagrees with Jihad.

This is a good place to stop and let you applaud and cheer adoringly for me...

Uh! Thank You. Like all democracy-loving people, I stand with all my fellow world citizens today in solidarity and full cooperation with those in Egypt who wish to set up a new kind of government that honors the ideals of creating a global Caliphate and causing as much harm to America and her allies as we can.

I will soon make another trip to Cairo, taking a victory lap for my accomplishments, blaming America, quoting from the Holy Koran and blaming conservatives and Christians for all that has ever gone wrong in the world.

Let me be clear, I am also casting my eyes to other nations who have leaders that support America. Be assured, I am watching you and considering how best to topple your government as well. Just remember, I won. I am in charge.

When the assasinations, murders and purges begin in Egypt, ah, just remember, democracy requires some tough choices, and be glad that our fellow citizens in the World Community are willing to do what it takes to create the conditions for the imposition of a new world order. When Israel is attacked from the South - something Hosni Mubarek prevented for 30 years - it will mean that finally, the noble palestinian squatters, er, ah, uh, people.....are finally achieving their dream of freedom, with help from their Islamist brothers and from my administration.

We are about to embark on a thrilling, world-changing, democracy-creating adventure.

Uh, may Allah and Gaiea Earth Mother bless you!

As always I will entertain questions from the 'News Media' after my remarks today, but only those alphabet networks and big print media who are willing to get on their knees, smooch my scrawny bootay and ask only easy, T-ball questions that make me look magnanimous, wise, good-humored and in control of all that happens. FOX News, conservative talk show hosts and conservative newspapers, magazines and blogs....The Exit is right over there. Get out now our I'll have one of my union thug buddies bite off your fingers, choke you, hit you with a Black Panther billy club, or smash your cameras! Uh that's right! Get outta here, along with all our other "Enemies!"

Where is the END of the Learning Curve

Why did we elect a President who needed a "Learning Curve". When does it end? When does he start becoming competent?

Oprah called on President Obama's critics on Friday to “show some level of respect.”

"I feel that everybody has a learning curve, and I feel that the reason why I was willing to step out for him was because I believed in his integrity and I believed in his heart," the influential TV host said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in Chicago.

Of the negative mood of the country, Oprah added, “I think everybody complaining ought to try it for once.”

She said the presidency is a position that “holds a sense of authority and governance over us all,” and that “even if you’re not in support of his policies, there needs to be a certain level of respect.”

POLITICO 44: Just a little bit

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Common Sense Question on the Ethanol scam

From SAB
Why don’t the producers of ethanol use their own product in the production of their product. It certainly would be elegant if that were the case.

So I’m proposing a mandate on the ethanol producers. They should use ethanol in their tractors that plant the corn and cultivate their crops. They should use ethanol in the combines that harvest the corn and ethanol in the trucks that haul the corn to the ethanol factory.

The ethanol factory should be mandated to buy a generator and generate their own electricity with ethanol and use ethanol instead of coal to process the product. Then if there’s anything left over they can use ethanol in the tanker trucks to haul the ethanol to the filling stations for the consumers to buy.

If there’s anything left.

Liberalism IS a Religion

No one takes on a public policy stance without some firmly held belief, some foundational principle or worldview which they embrace, and from which they reason.

What has been happening in our society for decades is a titanic battle between two powerful, competing worldviews. Unfortunately, one of those worldviews has had the advantage of pretending to be a 'reasonable' belief that is 'free from religion,' and which has gained access to your tax dollars. We have been financing a takeover by a Christianity-replacing faith.

The new PC faith, the belief system of true-believing liberals, is actually a thoroughly developed, reasonable-sounding worldview. It is self-identified as a "Bold new faith" which must be "Established" in "All mankind's institutions and associations," in Humanist Manifesto I.

And in Manifesto II we find the ultimate goal:

"World Community

TWELFTH: We deplore the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds. We have reached a turning point in human history where the best option is to transcend the limits of national sovereignty and to move toward the building of a world community in which all sectors of the human family can participate. Thus we look to the development of a system of world law and a world order based upon transnational federal government. This would appreciate cultural pluralism and diversity."

Many citizens see the symptoms and the effects, but most people do not realize that there is a battle of major cultural significance, an all-out tug-of-war of ethics and ideology, happening in America.

This is how the new secular/progressive 'faithful' are organized and how they behave:

The ACLU are the legal enforcers of the new faith (obedience!), brandishing their secular sword at any slightest whiff of Christianity that dares to pop up anywhere in public life. The ACLU has been very visible and vocal in public policy struggles, though most citizens are mystified by the motives and strange positions taken by this so-called defender of 'rights.'

The ACLU goes to court to enforce 'separation of church and state' found, NOT in America's Constitution, but found in the Humanist Manifestos and the old, failed Soviet Constitution, Article 52: "The church shall be separate from the state, and the schools from the church."

'Gay rights' activists are the shock troops (onward, true-believing soldiers!), the politically astute, PC Inquisitors, the aggressive vanguard of the Humanists. Dare to question their 'Diversity!' mantra and you will face rage and possible lawsuits.

Environmental extremists are the preening, 'righteousness' arm of the Humanists, 'saving the planet' (salvation!) whether you want their messianic ministry and their Big Brother garbage-monitoring e-chips forced on you or not.

The 'Choice' crowd makes certain that the blood of innocent unborn children (rituals!) is offered up to their cause. Their noble efforts are not to be questioned, and regarding their ghoulish practices...just do not think about the 50 Million babies butchered so far.

Liberal politicians enforce charitable 'tithing' (sacrificial giving!) through confiscatory taxation, scolding about 'fairness' and equitable 'redistribution' of wealth and resources, then using the money to advance Humanist principles through tyrannical public policies.

Publicly financed education - K-12 and university - provide training in the correct manner of thinking and behaving (5-day-per week Sunday School!), constantly demonstrating or subtly hinting that Christianity is as primitive, dangerous, irrelevant or as 'harmful' as other world religions, lawfully sanitizing any last vestige of a Christian heritage from our society, and teaching students to earnestly, pathetically and erroneously chant that "America was founded on freedom from religion!"

"I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers that correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being... The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and new -- the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism, resplendent with the promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian ideal of 'love thy neighbor' will finally be achieved." -- "A Religion For A New Age," The Humanist magazine, January-February 1983 [Volume 43, Number 1]

The dominant media culture - and entertainment media - are the high priests of the faith (evangelism!), always attacking the 'Religious Right,' but never once doing an expose' on the 'Religious Left.' Have you ever seen a 'news' program about the Religious Left?

Gatherings of Humanist-indoctrinated faithful (worship services!), usually involve someone quoting disjointed poetry about someone's village and someone elses' children. They can include inspiring music by special guests, and ghastly spectacles such as screaming, chanting crowds, wearing theme T-shirts at the memorial services of innocent people gunned down in Arizona. Not much decorum or solemn assembly there? Well, it is after all, a different kind of faith.

In the meantime, the naive are trampled, totally overhwelmed by the insistent, uniform, relentless nature of this full-scale, taxpayer-financed attack on traditional American values and Bible-believing Christianity.

The ACLU and Humanism are philosophically and historically tied together.

Roger Baldwin, ACLU founder, stated categorically: "Communism is the goal!" He refused for the rest of his life to modify the statement or take it back. "In later years Baldwin occasionally wrote for The Humanist. On one occasion he reviewed a book for The Humanist by Corliss Lamont whose credentials as a Humanist include being named "Humanist of the Year" for 1977, being signatory to Humanist Manifesto II, and serving as honorary president of the AHA. Baldwin gave this evaluation of Lamont's book: "It reads like an expanded annual report of the Civil Liberties Bureau."(6) In addition to Lamont's Humanist affiliations, he also sat on the ACLU board for many years, thus further demonstrating the compatibility of Humanism and the ACLU. (Eventually, Lamont did reject the ACLU because of its stand against communism.) Baldwin served as Director of the ACLU until 1949, but thereafter continued to influence the Union as a member of the National Advisory Council." --

All of the groups above consistently chant the 'Diversity, Choice, World Community, Cultural Pluralism, Consenting Adults, Redistribution, Separation' mantras of the Humanist Manifestos. If you study the issue, you will find that none of these PC worship words were used in 'the news,' in city councils, county commissions, state legislatures, Congress, the courts, public schools and college campuses, entertainment, music or public policy battles until AFTER the Humanist Manifestos were promulgated, first in 1933, then revised and expanded in 1973.

The outcomes of the influence of Humanist goals and beliefs on American society have been devastating:

Having been shown these things, no one can plead ignorance or attempt to employ false equivalences regarding the Religious Right and the Religious Left. Can you guess why you've never read, heard or seen a 'news' story exposing the Religious Left? Why would religious fanatics expose their own destructive goals?

America's future hinges on which worldview our society ultimately embraces. If we allow the wrong choice to be thrust on us, we will not survive as a nation.

The Humanist movement is evil, manipulative, tyrannical and wholly dishonest. It will destroy us if we allow it.

When you hear 'Diversity' being chanted, know that Humanism is being preached.

For those who doubt the existence of this new religion, here is how they style themselves in a soon-to-be-launched national advertising campaign:

Note that the new evangelists do not simply push their new faith, they first attack Bible-believing Christianity with out-of-context quotes. But at least they are finally coming out in the open, instead of indoctrinating from behind the scenes as they have done for decades.

Still skeptical that Humanism is a religion? See Torcaso v. Watkins, U.S. Supreme Court, where a Justice remarks that Atheism and Humanism are indeed religious beliefs.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bloodletting and Global Warming relationship to CO2

For centuries, bloodletting was an accepted medical procedure administered by physicians to treat patients for most illnesses. In today's world, we find it almost inconceivable that such a practice was condoned by entire populations.

Similarly, the claim that increased carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is causing "global warming" has been accepted as "fact" in many countries worldwide. This belief has no more scientific foundation than the bloodletting of past generations.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide may be gradually rising, but there is no compelling evidence that such a modest rise in CO2, which still comprises significantly less than 1 percent of the Earth's atmosphere, will have any substantial negative effect on the Earth's environment.

Scientists Ignored

Activists have successfully pressured governments to declare CO2 a pollutant and to take drastic measures to reduce the amount entering the atmosphere. By contrast, little publicity is given to the large number of qualified scientists who strongly contest the claims of the advocacy groups. These scientists contend that if CO2 plays any part in global warming, it is so insignificant that it can barely be measured, let alone be the major cause.

One rationale given for claims that Earth's recent, moderate warming is being caused by increases in atmospheric CO2 is the high surface temperature of Venus, which stands at approximately 472° C. Venus is an Earth-size planet that has a predominantly CO2 atmosphere.

If the Earth’s Atmosphere Were a Football Stadium
Atmospheric GasPercent in AtmospherePeople in the Stadium
Nitrogen (N2) 78% 7,800
Oxygen (O2) 21% 2,100
Argon (A) 1% 100
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0.038% 4

However, a comparison between Venus and the Earth's recent moderate increase in atmospheric CO2 is misleading, because there is 25,000 times as much CO2 in Venus's atmosphere as there is in the atmosphere of Earth.

CO2 Rare in Atmosphere

Earth's atmosphere is made up of several major gases. For simplicity, let us picture a football stadium with about 10,000 people in the stands. Assume each person represents a small volume of one type of gas. The approximate numbers of people representing the various types of gas are set out in the accompanying table.

Not included in the table is "water vapor," the amount of which varies in the atmosphere but probably averages about 2 percent at any point in time. Water vapor is the principal greenhouse gas and has more impact on global temperature than all other greenhouse gases combined.

Carbon dioxide is represented as only about 4 parts in 10,000, the smallest volume of any major atmospheric gas.

Moreover, those who name CO2 as a pollutant are not concerned with the 4 parts, but only with 1 part--the portion added during the past 150 years by the burning of fossil fuels. This 1/10,000 increase is the target of the Kyoto Protocol.

Oxygen More Important

After nitrogen, the second most common gas in the atmosphere is oxygen (O2), which is derived from CO2 through photosynthesis. In simple terms, photosynthesis is the process by which the leaves of trees and other plants take in CO2 from the atmosphere, retaining the carbon (C) for food while releasing the O2 back into the atmosphere. Some organisms in water also release free oxygen through this same process.

There was no free oxygen in the Earth's early atmosphere. Relatively late in the geologic history of the Earth, photosynthesizing organisms began to release oxygen. This has continued to the present, gradually changing the composition of the air to 21 percent free oxygen at the expense of CO2.

CO2 Now Historically Low

A thin veneer of sedimentary rocks blankets the Earth's surface and, along with ice cores from glaciers, can provide a reasonable geologic history of the Earth's past atmosphere. Scientific study of these rocks suggests the Earth's atmosphere in ancient times had considerably more CO2 than today.

Many experiments have demonstrated that the rate of plant growth is largely governed by the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. As atmospheric CO2 increases, the growth rate of plants increases dramatically. Similarly, the plant growth rate decreases as atmospheric CO2 decreases.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is the basic food for plants, and since plants provide the food for animal life (including humans), CO2 is the base of the food chain for all advanced life forms on Earth.

The present level of CO2 in the atmosphere is extremely low by historical standards. If atmospheric CO2 is significantly reduced, it is more likely that slower plant growth could affect world food supplies while having little effect on global warming. The life of all plants and animals on Earth is dependent on CO2 for food and oxygen.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is the staff of life for our planet.

I answer my Friend LOIS about finding a port in a storm

IF you thought perhaps I was a bit rough in the last update with charts and graphs of our current economic situation, we are on a ragged edge. EVEN the government is starting to come to grips with it all. IT'S OVER. I still can't comprehend why the Market doesn't see this. Unless it's any port in a storm, even an insecure port.

Official Congressional budget estimates understate the peril of rising debt, Fed chair Ben Bernanke told the Budget Committee on Capitol Hill today.
Ok so what do we do about it Gene, Lois

My Answer:

Lois, I will try to answer you, but it's not easy. There is no QUICK FIX.
No, buy land, they ain't makin any more.
No, Store up a year of food...won't work.
No, buy gold, hoard silver, or any such things.
No, go long stocks, or short commodities.
No, store up lots and lots of money, money will quickly become worthless.

Assets will be valuable for trade, but only the right assets and that is a bet. Best to first get the assets you will need to make it thru. If you want to really comprehend what a modern culture in collapse will look like, you only have to read about the Argentine collapses of the last 30 years to understand. There are lessons from that. If you google financial collapse and social collapse in Argentina you will see. We think we could never go there again. It's an illusion. I was there and saw it.

There is no quick fix. This is a disease that we will all endure. Don't be fatalistic about it. Don't be pessimistic about it. Don't be optimistic with faith in faith that will somehow deliver you from it. AND mostly, don't look to a Rapture to get you out of this. It's not coming soon, HE IS, but soon is in the eye of the beholder. He may be coming sooner for me than you.

At the end of what I wrote a few days ago was a touch on what to do at the end. You can read it here:

Since this will happen. You could move to some other country to escape, but you know where you live now and that might be best. Make friends, lots of friends. Get connected in a community. Find people you care about and who care for you. Learn to do something you can sell or trade when it gets hard. You will need it. Learn to grow food. All food. Meat and vegetables. Use them to trade.

Own a gun. Maybe a few guns. Learn to shoot well. Not just for defense but to find food when you will need to. Have plenty of ammo.

Imagine what life would be like without any electricity, petroleum or telephone for a year or more. Comport your life to go there now. You don't have to, but learn to. How would you stay warm in winter and cool in summer? How would you cook? How would you store food? Learn to can. To dry meat. To dry fruit. Invest in some survival books from the bookstore. There are several good ones. I have them.

Own some good tools including metal files, shovels and a couple axes. You will need them to repair things that break when the world breaks down. You might be able to trade skill for provisions.

Learn to be safe. Cover your windows with steel grid if you must. Bar your door at night if you need to. Watch out for each other all around you, but be safe. It will be more difficult.

It will be 1800 again for a few years. You can make it thru this. We all will if we prepare. Many will rove and rage against this and crime will be rampant. You may be attacked. That's why having neighbors and friends will be important. And having a gun.

Be certain to figure out how you would find good drinkable clean water year round. Being clean is not as important as being able to drink and cook. Come up with a plan. There may not be stores in that time. So plan accordingly.

Connect WELL to a LOCAL faith community. You will need it.

I don't want you to think that I believe it will get this bad for sure, but if the wheels really come off and we really go into catastrophe, it could. Look at countries around the world. It's bad. It's happening there. It could happen here.

I just want you to be prepared if it comes. Remember, during the roaring twenties, many got refrigeration, indoor toilets, running water, telephones, radio, automobiles, airplanes. Jobs were plentiful. Happy Days....then when hard times hit, people had to learned to live like it was 1800 all over again. My grandparents in the 30s did not have electricity, no running water, no phone (had to go to the neighbors) grew or traded for their food and only drove the car (they did have a car) once a week. Watch the movie, Cinderella Man. It will be much like that.

Blessings. It will be hard, but in the end, only one things matters, Jesus IS LORD. If you trust him you will come THRU this. COME THRU is the key to understanding, not come out.

I hope it never happens, but if it should....TRUST HIM.

That is a Promise.

Here's the last word on Climate Change and Global Warming

We have been warned!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Soaring Oil Price Threatens U.S. Economy

In recent weeks, the price of oil has climbed above $90 per barrel. As chaos spreads through the Arab world, we could soon see much worse. With these facts in mind, it is essential that U.S. policymakers act to protect the U.S. economy from this ever-worsening trend.

The likely impact of a new oil price rise is shown in the graph below, which compares oil prices (adjusted for inflation to 2010 dollars) to the U.S. unemployment rate from 1970 to the present. It can be seen that every oil price hike for the past four decades, including those in 1973, 1979, 1991, 2001, and 2008, was followed shortly afterwards by a dramatic rise in American unemployment.

The distress to American workers caused by such events is manifest, but the economic harm goes far beyond the impact on the unemployed themselves. A sustained oil price of $90 per barrel will add $480 billion to the U.S. balance of trade deficit. Furthermore, there is a direct and well-established relationship between unemployment rates and rates of mortgage defaults.

Read the whole thing
Pajamas Media » Soaring Oil Price Threatens U.S. Economy

In Honor of Black History Month

Here is a tabulation of genuine old world African Proverbs:

  • A barber does not shave himself.
  • A chick that will grow into a cock can be spotted the very day it hatches.
  • A child's fingers are not scalded by a piece of hot yam which his mother puts into his palm.
  • A comb becomes bad when it hurts you.
  • A cutting word is worse than a bowstring, a cut may heal, but the cut of the tongue does not.
  • A fool looks for dung where the cow never browsed.
  • A fool may chance to put something into a wise man's head.
  • A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride.
  • A stranger has big eyes but sees nothing.
  • A stream cannot rise about its source.
  • A weapon which you don't have in your hand won't kill a snake.
  • Ashes fly back into the face of him who throws them.
  • Before shooting, one must aim.
  • Confiding a secret to an unworthy person is like carrying grain in a bag with a hole.
  • Do not call to a dog with a whip in your hand.
  • Don't set sail on someone else's star.
  • For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
  • He who is being carried does not realize how far the town is.
  • He who is born a fool is never cured.
  • He who learns, teaches.
  • He who talks incessantly, talks nonsense.
  • If a child washes his hands he could eat with kings.
  • If you climb up a tree, you must climb down the same tree.
  • If you don't stand for something, you will fall for something.
  • If you don't work you shan't eat.
  • If you refuse to be made straight when you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry.
  • If you run after two hares you will catch neither.
  • If you're going home, you don't get wet.
  • If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
  • If your mouth turns into a knife, it will cut off your lips.
  • It is not what you are called, but what you answer to.
  • It is not with saying, "Honey," "Honey," that sweetness will come into the mouth.
  • It is not work that kills, but worry.
  • It's a bad child who does not take advice.
  • One must talk little and listen much.
  • Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.
  • Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you.
  • Seeing is better than hearing.
  • Seeing is different than being told.
  • Send a boy where he wants to go and you see his best pace.
  • Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.
  • The day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery.
  • The egg shows the hen where to hatch.
  • The end of an ox is beef, and the end of a lie is grief.
  • The fool speaks, the wise man listens.
  • The fool sucks wisdom, as he porter sups, And cobblers grow fine speakers in their cups.
  • The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks.
  • To try and to fail is not laziness.
  • Two birds disputed about a kernel, when a third swooped down and carried it off.

Funny, particularly if you live here

by Barry Kolb on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 7:21am

Next, if your road map is more than a few weeks old, throw it out and buy a new one. If in Naperville , and your map is one day old, then it is already obsolete.

Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Chicago has its own version of traffic rules: "Hold on and pray."

There is no such thing as a dangerous high-speed chase in Chicago . We all drive like that.

All directions start with, "I-94." I-94 has no beginning and no end. It just IS.

The morning rush hour is from 5 to 11. The evening rush hour is from 2 to 8.

Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning.

If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear ended, cussed out and possibly shot.

When you are the first one on the starting line, count to five when the light turns green before going to avoid crashing with all the drivers running the red light in cross-traffic.

Construction on Northwest Tollway is a way of life and a permanent form of entertainment.

We had so much fun with that we have added the Elgin-O'Hare and the I-355 to the mix. (Incidentally the 'Elgin-O'Hare' does NOT go to either Elgin or O'Hare.)

All unexplainable sights are explained by the phrase, "Oh, we're in Cicero !"

If someone actually has their turn signal on, it is probably a factory defect.

Car horns are actually "Road Rage" indicators.

All old ladies with blue hair in Buicks, Caddys, or Lincolns have the right of way. Period.

First Ave, LaGrange Rd, NW Highway - and more, all mysteriously change names as you cross intersections

If you stop to ask directions on the West side you'd better be armed.

A trip across town (from The Lake to the West Side ) will take a minimum of two hours.

Although many expressways (they are not freeways), have posted speed limits of 55, the minimum acceptable speed on expressways is 85. Anything less... get the hell out of the left lane.

The wrought iron on windows in Englewood , Lawndale and Austin are not ornamental.

The Eisenhower (Ike) (formerly Congress expressway) is our daily version of NASCAR.

If it's 100+ degrees, it's "Taste of Chicago."

If it's 10 degrees and sleeting/snowing, it's opening day at Wrigley


If it's rained 6 inches in the last hour, the Western Open is in the second round.

If you go to Wrigley Field pay the $50.00 to park in "Cubs Lot."

Parking elsewhere could cost up to $2500 for damages, towing fees, parking tickets, etc.

If some guy with a flag tries to get you to park in his yard, run......

Chicago , there's no place like it!


You might be from Chicago if....

* You don't pronounce the "s" at the end of Illinois .

* You are annoyed by people who do

* You measure distance in minutes.

* You have no problem spelling or pronouncing " Des Plaines ."

* Your school classes were canceled because of the cold.

* Your school classes were canceled because of the heat.

* Stores don't have sacks, they have BAGS.

* You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition. (Example: "Where's my coat at?" or "If you go to the Jewel I wanna go with.")

* You can locate Illinois on the United States map.

* You carry jumper cables in your car - and you know how to use them.

* "You drink "pop."

* You realize that I-290, I-90, I-94, and I-294 are all different roads.

* You refer to any interstate highway as "the Tollway."

* You know the names of the interstates: Stevenson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Dan Ryan, Reagan, Bishop Ford. (Numbers? They have Numbers?)

* You refer to anything South of I-80 as " Southern Illinois " and anything west of Rt. 47 Iowa.

* You refer to Lake Michigan as "The Lake."

* You refer to Chicago as "The City."

* No matter where you are, when you hear the term "Downtown" you immediately assume they're talking about Downtown Chicago.

* You buy "The Trib."

* You know what goes on a " Chicago " Hot Dog, and you're permitted to berate anyone who puts ketchup on a hot dog.

* You know what Chicago Style Pizza REALLY is.

* You know why they call Chicago "The Windy City."

* You understand what "lake-effect" means.

* You know the difference between Amtrak and Metra, and know which station they end up at (oops ...ending preposition again).

* You have ridden the "L."

* You can distinguish between the following area codes: 847, 630, 773, 708, 312, & 815.

* You know the phone number for Empire Carpets.

When Understanding the Times and Seasons is Critical

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 there is a passage describing people who had a grasp of the long view:
"Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command".

These men (and women I'm guessing) were somehow able to see past the myopia of the time and look out into the future with understanding to warn and advise Israel of what steps to take. That Sons of Issachar understanding is still among us. It is less prophetic, and more of embracing reality to face what is to come.

I am one of those Sons. You don't have to listen to what I say. I will offer you understanding from diagrams, charts and detail that will help you see what the decades to come will be like, what that will mean to you and your children and your children's children. This is based not on speculation but history. You have every right to ignore this, and many will, you have every right to think you can outsmart the trends, and for a while you can. You have no right to think that when times change you will be able to avoid the struggle to come.

An old adage says, "Forewarned is Forearmed". It's still true. Be prepared to be armed.

All economics goes thru cycles. Long cycles. Cycles based on innovation. Cycles based on booms and busts. Cycles based on human psychology. If we can understand these cycles, we can grasp what is happening in the world. Below is a chart showing these cycles for the last couple centuries. UPS and DOWNS. This is an old chart....look at how well it has defined our age.

Here is a Chart from the end of World War II till now. Long cycle. The last time it hit bottom in this time was in 1980 or so. We are about to go there again.

Here's another view of the same long term business cycle. If you see what is happening winter has set in. We are seeing very weak demand. Driven by a number of factors. Driven by economic disparity. People can't buy if they don't have any money. Too many people don't have any money to spend. We count on China and India. BUT, the same problem exists there.

You can see by the above long wave analysis and the one below that we are on the end of a long winter period. The end will be in the next ten years. Maybe less. Timing is imprecise. I can tell you what will happen, but not how fast. Government intervention can delay the impact of the cycle, but it cannot defer it. It can make it worse, as ours has, but it cannot make it much better. I don't blame President Obama any more than I blamed President Carter. They both did not want to be voted out of office because of an inexorable economic cycle. They did all they could do, but it isn't possible. President Reagan had the good fortune to come in just as the cycle had reached it's bottom. The chart below shows the absolute bottom of the Cycle in 2020. I tend to agree. IF we had allowed the banks and car companies to fail as they should have, we would be out of this by 2015-17. When you see the housing charts later, you will see what I mean.

The chart below and the one above agree as to the end of this. This Market will fool even those who seem to think they know what is going on. That's why there is liquidity in the market. People are constantly hoping and trying to find a place to put their money. The stock or bond market seems like a good bet. Short term, it can be...but it's a craps shoot.

And there is that pesky demographic wave. One where buying power retires. And those who didn't ride it are beached. Here's how the current generation sees the conundrum.

The oldest boomers ride the crest stepping off on relatively solid ground - buying the home Before houses are driven up in price; having the job that still offers retirement benefits; existing in an environment wherein an American could trust banks and save money. The middle boomers are a mixed bag, foaming in the surf, a struggling in an increasingly human being unfriendly environment. The later boomers come in after the houses are driven up, until most of us crash upon the shores of an America that has become almost violent for so many Americans.

We all knew another America. A beautiful thing that we were proud to me a part of - now? - not so much. It seemed to happen so fast?

Now few step off onto the shore while most crash in upon the steep, hard shoreline in the foam and most all of those behind face an ill landing at best.

True, as always and really in any system, the particularly lucky, clever and skilled surf the wave not only with alacrity but a real kind of joy.

Peace on them but hard to admire the skills when you're dog paddling ..
There was an interesting article written before the big crash of 2008. Demographic winter.
It's based on a proven theory by Harry S Dent, Jr. How demographic waves drive the markets. If I had responded well to his earliest book (The Great Boom Ahead) that I read in the mid 90's instead of Ron Blue's blue book, I would be a very wealthy man.

I will allow you to look up and read his books. I wish I had and heeded. He talks of how much money will be made when the turn comes. The premise is that people spend money by age. Young, some, Middle a lot, Old not so much. Here's a chart to help you. But there is much reading to be done to really grasp this.

BUT you'll always have your home, RIGHT? How about real estate. NOPE. A house if you own or rent is just a place to live. It's not an investment. It ceased to be in 2008 and won't be again for decades. In fact, if you own a home, it's value will deteriorate further than it already has. It must. The chart below is an inflation valuation analysis that shows what houses, homes, have been valued at for the last century plus. Sure, we have granite counter tops and running water, but as a part of economic component, it has always been about 100-120. We are STILL at a 140 value. Housing values must fall still. Once they hit equilibrium, there is very little upward pressure. 11% of all houses in America today stand empty. Demand is static. Home building will not return.

IF you examine the chart below which is the last decade, you will see housing values have dropped. THEN, leveled off. That's what government can do. It shouldn't. It should allow the market to find it's level. The intervention to help home buyers has only served to delay the inevitable, not derail it. Like cash for clunkers, it's a losing proposition when government gets involved. I don't blame them, they are looking for any port in a storm. It's just that the ports they keep finding are rife with rocks below the waterline.

About this time I always get this question. WHAT ABOUT GOLD? If you listen to talk radio, in addition to checking your credit, having your colon cleansed and beating your creditors, the number one thing to do is buy gold. Really? Sorry, gold is a sucker play. There are far better places to put your money if you want a hedge against inflation. Silver is OK. Copper is better. You need a marketable commodity with liquidity that has staying power. Gold is not that. I'm not going to get into a fight with the gold bugs, but Gold is volatile to the down side with little upside possibility (except if we have a war) and then only for a brief time. It's a sucker play. All the suckers are IN the gold market (yes I own some) but when the drop comes they will make it seem like a complete collapse. Here's a current chart of GOLD.

Not very reassuring when you consider the inflation adjusted valuations over the last 40 years or so.

IS THAT a bet you want to make? That somehow it's going off the charts? Go put all your money on RED on the Roulette Wheel at the casino, you'll have a better shot.

Look at this chart below. GOLD and STOCKS stink in comparison to other commodities. When the other commodities get too high as they are close to right now, the eventual collapse and deflationary pressures will set in as world economies contract in response. People without money can't buy our high priced corn or wheat. Look at Egypt. Look at Tunisia. We are in upheaval driven by economics.

What to do? I get that question all the time. There are opportunities. There will be. And in 2015-2025, when this whole mess finally settles out and stabilizes as it always does, there will be tremendous opportunities to make and create wealth in ways not yet imagined. The time to get in will be when it looks the worst.

Be prepared, be educated, be realistic, be optimistic without stars in your eyes, be alive, don't be discouraged; BE all of these and be well anchored.

Trust in God. There is no other place to put any hope. Don't trust politicians, business, your job, government. They are unable to help. Depend on the goodness of each other when times are hard. Create relationships. Create a network. Become part of the community and learn to help one another. Start a small business that when all around you falls apart you will be able to make a living. Develop a skill you can sell.

This is going to be a long slog, but the end will be much better than what you just left.

When this is all over, you will never look back to "when" and long for those days. The new day dawning will be so much greater than the former.
"The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the LORD of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the LORD of hosts." Haggai 2:9

To spiritual leaders: Your greatest opportunities and greatest dangers will be in these times. It will be like Argentina during their economic crisis a couple decades ago. Great revivals, thousands in the door and no money to keep the heat on. Salvations and supernatural miracles everywhere you look but no way to hold a meeting; church buildings were foreclosed upon. Many established ministries will fail. Many new ones will prosper. This is a reformation. A badly needed reformation. An apostolic reformation; one I embrace. Those who listen to the prophets, hear the sons of Issachar and see the signs around them will prosper. Those who rely on baseless prosperity teaching without sound understanding will fail.

This is a new day that the Lord has Made....Rejoice and be glad in it.

Magnetic polar shifts causing massive global superstorms

We are in for some very cold radical says these science types:

NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples…

Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather.

Forget about global warming—man-made or natural; what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field.
"The track of the spin axis began to slow down and by about January 8, 2006, it ceased nearly all relative motion on the x and y coordinates which are used to define the daily changing location of the spin axis."

And the Earth stopped wobbling—exactly as predicted as another strong sign of an imminent Ice Age.

So, the start of a new Ice Age is marked by a magnetic pole reversal, increased volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, colder winters, superstorms and the halting of the Chandler wobble.

Unfortunately, all of those conditions are being met.

IF this seems like the end of the world as you knew it, it may be.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Baloney... I don't buy this for a second

Barack Obama extended the olive branch to the US Chamber of Commerce today, pledging to work to expand trade opportunities and cut away burdensome regulations. But he also took a page out of JFK’s book, telling executives to “ask yourselves what you can do for America,” according to NPR. “Now is the time to invest in America. Today American companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets. … I want to encourage you to get in the game” and start hiring American workers. “For all the disagreements we may have sometimes on issues, I know you love this country,” he said, acknowledging his often fractious relationship with the Chamber. Indeed, Obama took heat for the speech from progressives even before he delivered it, USA Today reports. “The president is well aware that the Chamber is in actuality just a high priced lobbyist for a small number of corporations,” said one advocacy group.

Works and Days » Clueless on Cairo

My three-week victory, your seven-year mess

It is difficult trying to figure out what the left’s position is on democracy and the Middle East. Here’s a brief effort.

Once upon a time, a number of prominent liberals — among them Thomas Friedman, Fareed Zakaria, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid — thought it was a good idea to remove Saddam Hussein and supplant his Baathist rule with democracy. I say that with confidence since one can watch the speeches of the senators in question on YouTube debating the 23-writ authorizations to use force in October 2002, in addition to reading the New York Times and Newsweek editorials between 2002-3 of prominent liberal columnists. The New Republic stable of authors was particularly in favor of the Bush-Cheney “just war” to invade Iraq. Jonathan Chait (who would go on to author an infamous essay about why “I hate George Bush”) and Peter Beinhart were especially hard on the fellow left for not joining the Bush effort.

By early 2004, almost all that liberal support had entirely dissipated, predicated on two developments. First, a presidential election was just months away and Bush’s war was no longer “mission accomplished” but turning into a campaign liability. Second, a resistance had formed under hard-core Islamists that was beginning to take a heavy toll on American forces. No WMD had been found, and it was now easy to suggest that one could withdraw support for building democracy in Iraq because two of the 23 writs for going to war were no longer operative, the effort was probably lost, and George W. Bush might well deservedly not be reelected.

No matter. Bush pressed on. His polls sunk yet he was barely reelected. His ongoing “democracy” agenda got little support from those who once had enthusiastically praised the Iraqi adventure and had proclaimed their belief in universal human rights. Few came to Sec. of State Rice’s support when in 2005 she chastised Hosni Mubarak’s regime to grant fundamental rights. Fewer saw any connection between Saddam’s fate and America’s pro-democratic stance and the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, the fright of Mr. Gaddafi who gave up his WMD arsenal, or the sudden willingness of Pakistan to harness Dr. Khan.

Instead, “spreading democracy” was seen by the left as a wounded George Bush’s quirky tic. His talk about “universal” freedom was ridiculed more as a manifestation of a sort of evangelical Christianity than genuine political idealism. Bush’s zeal for democracy, then, was orphaned: the right was now realist again (“they are either incapable of democracy or not worth the effort to implant it”) and the left multicultural (“who are we of all people to say what sort of government others should employ?”).

Read the whole thing

Works and Days » Clueless on Cairo

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Big Green groups tell Obama to tell Canada to Drop Dead | Mark Tapscott | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

A coalition of 89 Big Green environmental groups is urging President Obama to reject Canada's efforts to secure U.S. approval for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would bring millions of barrels of oil extracted from Canadian shale formations.

In their letter, the anti-oil groups based their case on these arguments:

"When filled to capacity, Keystone XL would import up to 900,000 barrels per day of the world’s dirtiest form of oil and open a new economic drain to send more of our money to Canada.

"The pipeline would drive further destruction of Canada’s boreal forest, bring the threat of dangerous oil spills through America’s heartland, exacerbate air quality problems in communities surrounding the refineries that the pipeline would service, and significantly increase the carbon intensity of U.S. transportation fuel, which would undercut the emissions reductions achieved by increasing U.S. automobile efficiency.

These people are terminally stupid....terminally

Big Green groups tell Obama to tell Canada to Drop Dead | Mark Tapscott | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner


Now reader Chris Birkett emails:

I work for an electrical utility. When I first started there, in the late 70’s, we were taught about the separability and redundancy built into the system, which was designed by cold war engineers. Each region had its own generation, subtransmission, and distribution components, and could be operated as a separate entity. The regions were connected at a high level for efficiency and redundancy. Not true today. No one wants generation plants anywhere near, so they are far away and out of mind. I remember standing on top of a mountain, looking down and seeing the fragile thread of the transmission lines across the desert. The strongest impression I had was one of vulnerability. We still have a comparatively robust system with a fair amount of redundancy at lower levels. But like the rest of our infrastructure, much of the system is old and overloaded. Solar panels and high speed rail won’t solve the problem. We need a national program to rebuild our infrastructure, combining people who are willing to sweat and get dirty with the most effective of the new technologies we have developed. In the meantime, I just remembered that I am overdue for maintenance on my portable generators…

Yeah, we’ve pinched pennies by reducing robustness. That’s a poor practice that produces rotten results.


Crain's Special Report: The graying of Chicago | In Other News | Crain's Chicago Business

The number of people 65 or older in the Chicago area will soar 65% to 1.7 million by 2030, estimates William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

That's less than the 78% increase expected nationally, thanks to immigration in Chicago. Still, about 1 in 6 people in the area will be 65 or older in 2030, compared with 1 in 9 today.

Few industries will escape the effects as a graying population puts the brakes on economic growth.

• Many retiring boomers will sell homes, increasing pressure on housing prices already depressed by the foreclosure crisis.

• They will need more medical care and rely on government insurance programs to pay for it, cutting into hospital profits and adding to the state's Medicaid bill.

• Their incomes will drop by about half, and their discretionary spending will shrink by about one-third. They'll spend more on prescription drugs but less on cars, appliances and restaurant meals.

• They'll pay less in taxes, worsening the revenue crunch governments at all levels face, while they consume more government services.

• Their retirements will cascade through the workplace, leaving employers short of skilled workers.

For the first time since boomers appeared on the scene 60-odd years ago, long-term economic growth will decelerate dramatically in Illinois.

Crain's Special Report: The graying of Chicago | In Other News | Crain's Chicago Business