Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Dispirited Defeated Left

I have lots of friends who I love dearly who are as left wing as you will ever find.

For a long time I have had the opportunity (even joy) to engage in spirited discussions re politics, culture, religion, and life in general.

Suddenly silence, nothing, from any of them.

I wondered. Is it just me? But I watch the talking head shows, I listen a bit to Air America, I listen to Right Wing Talk Radio, I read the blogs like Huffington. The air has gone all out of their balloon. Oh there’s a few hanger on’ers. But they are few and far between.

I know it would be easy to say they have accepted the bankruptcy of their positions; that they are unable to respond to reason and common sense.

But that never stopped them before.

Something has happened here. Could it be the calm before the storm? Did the Alito thing embarrass them so much? The Pillage Idiot thinks so. Is the lost 2006 election cycle to them painful? I think something is up.

Lawance Tribe, a political consultant was quoted:

Tribe said Friday that Democrats were increasingly discouraged in their efforts to mount opposition campaigns. "When it comes down to it, the numbers of Democrats means that it begins to feel to some like tilting at windmills,"

And at a time when Dick Morris says the country is turning left. His thesis is interesting and a warning to those of us who might become complacent.

It is always dangerous to generalize about ideological trends among the American electorate, since it will always lean right on certain issues (like defense, terrorism and taxes) and hew to the left on others (like healthcare, education, poverty and the environment). But the data are becoming overwhelming that the nation is moving left and is likely to stay that way through at least the 2006 election — and, if President Bush doesn’t adjust, for a lot longer.

A big part of the reason is the success the Bush administration has had in solving and hence diminishing the importance of the Republican agenda. Taxes have been cut, we have not had a terror attack since Sept. 11 and trial lawyers are on the defensive. The issues that remain — energy, environment, healthcare and Social Security — usually are Democratic and liberal.

The battle is still on. But, to my quieted lefty friends; come back little Sheba, come back. I still love you.

Martin Luther King's Conservative Roots

Martin Luther King Jr’s Holiday is being celebrated on Monday. You will hear Al Gore and all species of Liberals parroting things MLK supposedly said. Mostly it will be quotes from his late in life conversion from Conservative thought patterns to those influenced by liberals like Jesse Jackson.

Almost everything you will hear quoted Monday will be from the years 1964-1968. Four years of his whole life’s work is the shallow well from which liberals will draw their water.

What you are not going to hear on Monday are any quotes from his less famous years. The years he said what he believed and not what gave him fame.

He spoke conservative truths that resonate today in the emerging black conservative community from the early 50’s. He was passionate about helping black Americans in 1954 become all they could be in his mid 20’s during the Montgomery Bus Boycott and worked tirelessly until he was in his mid 30’s without wavering from fundamental black conservative principles.

It is easy to point to the pivotal day of his conversion; The Jobs and Freedom rally in Washington DC in August 1963 (he was 34 years old) with nearly a half million cheering people hanging on his every word. He used this platform to promote Kennedy’s Civil Rights Bill. This became law in 1964.

Fame is deceiving. From that point forward he said what the crowd cheered for and not what he really believed. The last 4 years of his life were governed by influences that caused the fame and acclimation to take the place of principle

He was murdered just after his 39th birthday.

He was a great man who believed in right principles that became perverted by the spotlight and voices around him filling his mind with more and more liberal fantasies. The power corrupting and absolute power corrupting principle held.

Here’s what you WON’T hear on Monday when the Liberals co-opt the stage like they did at Rosa Park’s funeral. They are shameless.

“Whatever your life’s work is, do it well,” he advised. “If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, like Shakespeare wrote poetry, like Beethoven composed music.”

“Set out to do a good job,” not “a good Negro job.” Three years later, he was even more adamant: “We must seek to do our life’s work so well that nobody could do it better. The Negro who seeks to be merely a good Negro, whatever he is, has already flunked his matriculation examination for entrance into the university of integration.” Even the later King touted this line. “[W]e must work assiduously to aspire to excellence,” he proclaimed in 1967.

He excoriated schoolteachers “who can’t even speak the English language” and wouldn’t know a verb “if it was as big as that table.” “For a college graduate to be standing up talking about ‘you is,’” he charged, “there is no excuse for it.” He added angrily: “And some of these people are teaching our children and crippling our children.”

“Let’s live within our means. Save our money and invest it in meaningful ends.” Blacks shouldn’t spend more than they could afford on houses and cars, he counseled, and they should especially “stop wasting money on frivolities,” such as “all these alcoholic beverages.” “It would be one of the tragedies of this century,” he maintained, “if it is revealed that the Negroes spent more money for frivolities than we spent for the cause of freedom and justice and for meaningful ends.”

If blacks were to integrate themselves into America, King felt, black crime rates had to fall. “Let’s be honest with ourselves and say that . . . our standards have lagged behind at many points,” he declared in 1957. “Negroes constitute ten percent of the population of New York City, and yet they commit thirty-five percent of the crime,” he observed.

“We can begin a constructive program which will vigorously seek to improve our personal standards,” he said. “It is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of high maturity, to rise to the level of self-criticism,” King declared. “Through group unity we must convey to one another that our women must be respected, and that life is too precious to be destroyed in a Saturday night brawl, or a gang execution.”

“Through community agencies and religious institutions, we must develop a positive program through which Negro youth can become adjusted to urban living and improve their general level of behavior.”

He pointed out in 1957 that, in St. Louis, “the Negroes constitute twenty-six percent of the population, and yet seventy-six percent of the persons on the list for [A]id to [D]ependent [C]hildren are Negroes.” Several years later, he regretted that “56 percent of Negro children at some point in their lives have been recipients of public aid.”

He echoed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s argument that government handouts are a potential “narcotic” that can result in “moral disintegration,” robbing welfare clients of their “self-respect, their self-reliance and courage and determination.”

Shortly before his assassination, King even began to speak of a black “underclass”—“an underclass that is not a working class.” In King’s view, those who belonged to this group, “alienated from the routines of work,” lacked the “habits of discipline” that enable someone to succeed in the workplace. How could self-help be the road to success for people who seemed bent on destroying themselves?

"When these disinherited children of God sat down at lunch counters," King wrote in his Letter From a Birmingham Jail, "they were in reality standing up for what is best in the American dream and for the most sacred values in our Judaeo-Christian heritage, thereby bringing our nation back to those great wells of democracy which were dug deep by the founding fathers in their formulation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence."

So you read it here. You can also read all about it here and here and here

Happy Birthday Dr King

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why I am Optomistic but not Black

I am optimistic that a turn is taking place in the Black Community.  The conservative Christian black leaders (I Didn't say Republican) are beginning to take the mask off of the so called Poor Oppressed Black culture and starting to get at it's organic roots.  The black population in New Orleans  crushed by organized socialistic policies with permanent poverty as a result was washed away by Katrina.  It ain't coming back.  The backlash against so called self serving leaders like Jesse Jackson is accelerating.  I predict that Al Sharpton (who I actually believe is pretty sharp) will get on board.  Bill Cosby, Don King and others who are recognizable will say the things needed to be said.  This will give permission to the Church and Political leaders (Like Lynn Swan) to help restore the respect and culture 45 years of social experimentation by "intellectuals" who played around with other people's money, great society schemes and EOC boondoggles that generated the opposite results intended.  It's time to set the captives free.

Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty,  Free at LAST.

Lashawn Barber wrote this. I couldn't.  I'm White.

If American blacks, as a group, don’t start: 1) marrying before they have children, 2) stigmatizing illegitimacy as they once did, 3) ostracizing immorality and decadency, 4) holding themselves accountable for their children’s low educational achievement, 5) shunning criminality, and 6) resisting the “racism” hustle — moral decay, social pathologies, underachievement, and other ills will define the “black community.”

And thug culture will be the perverse crown jewel sitting at the top.

Addendum: It’s important to note that I’m advocating responsibility for individuals and responsibility within families. Without a return to strong and intact families, the tasks ahead will be extremely difficult to accomplish.

Black people do not need another propped-up, opportunistic so-called leader helping them do anything. I believe blacks as a group have the intellectual, spiritual and cultural knowledge they need to dig out of this hole. It requires policing our own and holding one another accountable for our actions, not listening to some stump speech from a puffed-up peacock. So please don’t comment on this thread about leaders for the black community, especially if you’re white. :?

Another powerful voice in the community is Alveda King, Neice of Martin Luther King jr.  Her father also died tragically.  She spoke last Sunday at the Justice Sunday II rally held in PA in suport of Judge Alito's confirmation. 
This rally was held at a Black Church which is Pastored by a Conservative (note I didn't say Republican) Black man.  Keep Hope Alive.
Of course the Snarky Left Wing Website Salon couldn't celebrate progress:
This train is leaving town and the left doesn't even know where the station is.

How to end Global Warming in 10 years, Not that anyone of us would know

Some German Scientists have just revealed a shocking fact. Plants put off Methane Gas when they grow. CH4. Nasty old greenhouse gas. So, planting trees doesn’t work. They say,

This is JUNK SCIENCE at it’s worst.

I don’t say that as someone who just fell off the turnip wagon. I spent many hours in Plant Physiology studying the Dark Cycle, sometimes called the Calvin Cycle.

It is a description of how plants create carbohydrates from Carbon, sunlight thru photosynthesis. You can read all about it here.

Here’s the short version. Plants put off gasses. Sometimes those gasses are CH4. Mostly because of certain anaerobic decomposition activities. By the way, bacteria which operate in those environment are plants too.

So, now I will reveal my cure for global warming.

Kill all life on earth completely.

Will it work? If it happens we’ll never know.

But that’s what the Looney left junk science advocates are really saying.

Of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere here is the breakdown of the sources:
90 billion tons from Vulcanite sources, 90 billion tons from oceanic life sources, 8 billion tons from terrestrial life sources (human and animal).

There’s a problem with this. We didn’t cause nor can we stop climate change. It’s going to be what it’s going to be.

Wear a coat if we’re going thru a new Ice Age as some say, or buy a new umbrella if we are going to go thru intense global warming.

I’m not sure, and if I were it doesn’t matter.

Adapt. You have no choice.

A Peek at Nationaized Medicine

Today I needed to get some stamps.  You knew, the postal rate changed.  Right? No problem you say?  HA!
I stood in line for a half hour.  I needed stamps for a small mailing I was doing.  About a hundred pieces. 
They didn't have the right stamps.  They didn't have any stamps.  So after waiting a half hour the poor guy behind the counter who I did NOT harass came up with a bad solutions.  If I put this stamp and 2 2cent stamps (they have no 4's)  It would work out.  A really bad fix.
I'm astounded that they can even keep track of this mess. 
I was talking to others in line.  The consensus is that if the USA ever nationalized health care we would have a system akin to the efficiency of the post office. 
This is a mess, they are doing what they can.  But bureaucracies are really bad at doing almost anything. 
Delivering the mail is nearly out of their realm now.
Don't let them take over health care. They can't do that either.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Messiah Mythology in Business

If you ever wonder why in business, in politics and in sports that some people can earn enormous huge gargantuan amounts of money and others do not, I have the answer for you.


They believe in the Messiah.  Not Jesus, a Messiah that will come and solve all their ills. 


Here’s what they believe:

            This person will move people to do great things because of his power

            This person will have knowledge of all things happening everywhere

            This person will have answers that are perfect

            This person knows where to find the people needed to do the job

            This person can perform miracles where none seem possible

            This person will be controversial but makes things happen

            This person can do what needs done because others can’t

            This person is worth lots of money because of his promises

            This person will get gigantic results because of who he is


If that sounds like Jesus it’s because it is.  And it’s the guy every company, ball team, and political party is looking for. 


The problem is, the last time this person showed up they hung him on a cross.


Oh, American business is still looking for him, and when he turns out to have feet of clay (as any human ultimately will) they crucify him and look for another messiah.


I know.  I was that person once for a company.  They were looking for the guy who was going to solve all their problems.  I solved some but they were looking for more so I was exiled.


When I see the likes of Ken Lay, Bernie Ebbers, and others who are scandal ridden, or Tom Delay and George W Bush, or Kobe Bryant, the wonder of their accomplishments whatever they might be are soon eclipsed by the need to get rid of this messiah and find a better one. 


I go back to pay.  The job of corporate messiah I took in 1985 for $55,000 per year was succeeded by the next corporate messiah at about double my starting salary.  The one after that was more still.


This has happened in spades in the last 20 years in American business.


It’s all a con game, I’ll try to con you into thinking I’m the next corporate messiah and you pay me thusly and I’ll get enough of a golden parachute to cover my sorry behind when you kick my butt out.  This con game is then played by the next would be Messiah.


Let’s stop the insanity.  There is no such thing as a corporate messiah.  Corporate boards hire these guys because it covers their sorry behinds.  We hired the best they say, he failed not us they say, let’s get a new one to sweep clean like a broom they say, in the end it’s all a spoof.


Same in politics and sports.

The job of being CEO of fairly large corporation is best held by someone who doesn’t have all the answers, who tries hard to find them, who works with good people toward a common goal and if a person they are working with isn’t good, helps find someone who is.


It’s not rocket science.  Don’t pay for rocket science. 


Corporate boards: hire for right money, get a good person, pay them well but not stupid and make your company a great company.  Take your position at the table.


This is getting out of hand.


That Job in 1985 I was hired for if it existed today would be a $250,000 per year job.  I would not have been then and am not now worth that much money.  Neither is anyone else for that size company.  Stop the insanity.


Monday, January 09, 2006

HMO's are out to Kill YOU

I admit I have seen far too many X-Files programs.   But, here's a conspiracy theory I hadn't thought of before.  A friend told me of it.  I did some research and found some disturbing information.
In states where Physician Assisted Suicide is legal, HMO's actively seek out doctors who will kill you so they make more money, that's just like the Sopranos.
In Europe where there is government financed health care the effort to save the taxpayer dollar is even more overt.  25% of deaths in nursing homes, hospice and hospitals were docs killing patients. 
That's what the Culture of Death has led us to.  Slippery that slope.
Here are some exerpts:
 Others fear that HMOs, motivated by their financial bottom line rather than compassion, will become dangerous advocates for PAS, forcing doctors and patients to make choices they wouldn't otherwise. In Oregon, for example, the assisted suicide law prohibits anyone to "coerce" or use "undue influence" to produce a request for assisted suicide. However, according to the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, "...there is absolutely nothing in the Oregon law to prevent HMOs, managed care companies, doctors or anyone else from suggesting, encouraging, offering, or bringing up assisted suicide with a patient who has not asked about it."
Since HMOs make money by cutting costs," he wrote, "and it could cost $40,000 (or more) to provide suicidal patients with proper care so that they don't want assisted suicide, the economic force of gravity is obvious."
 He went on to explain that in Oregon, Kaiser-Permanente, the largest not-for-profit HMO in the United States, sought out physicians who were willing to perform PAS. "Kaiser isn't merely permitting doctors to assist in patient suicides," he wrote, "it is actively soliciting its doctors to participate in the deadly practice."

Sunday, January 08, 2006

They're out to KILL you, How far we have fallen.

Some months ago I published a fictional story about Timmy, a little boy who was misbehaving and his parents couldn't handle him, so they had him KILLED.
I had lots of people say I was way off on that, that it could never happen. 
Well, look at this story with these excerpts:
Wragg's 10-year-old son, Jacob, suffered from the degenerative disease of Hunter's syndrome and had multiple disabilities. On July 24, 2004, his father smothered Jacob, afterward calling the police to tell them he had killed his son, the BBC reported Dec. 12. She further noted that the judge justified the husband's decision to kill his son, even though he was not the primary caregiver; it was Wragg's wife who took the main strain of looking after Jacob. What the decision means, is that "our disabled children's lives are worth considerably less than the able-bodied."

Then, on Sept. 9, the Irish Examiner newspaper reported that a study carried out by researchers from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam found that doctors are helping to hasten the deaths of sick children in a variety of ways, sometimes acting at the edges of the law.  The study was published in the September issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. It looked at 64 deaths of sick children during a four-month period. Of those, 42 cases involved medical decisions that could hasten death.

There's also this story, you can be Killed in India for just being defective, like being a female.  About 10,000,000 have been terminated in the last 20 years after ultrasound because they were just not penile endowed.

So before you call me nuts once more, ask yourself the question, who's going to make the decision about you living or dying in the future?  This is a life and death issue, YOURS.