Saturday, January 05, 2013

Most who voted for this administration are now going to see the net effect in their wallet. What's in your wallet?....less now then before. Welcome to Obamaworld. WHEEEE
I agree. Our education system has so feminized boys there are no more men. OK few.
I know no one in this administration more stupid than Hilda Solis. Where does the president come up with all these dummies to staff his cabinet? There isn't one who can reason their way out of a brown paper bag. Could there be a more ins...See More
Why are we allowing a micro minority upend our culture, education system, religious freedom, institutions, norms and the military? 3.4%. Yet there is some "justice" in taking away guns from the 47% of Americans that own them. When did the monkeys start running the zoo? Basis for the 47%
After some of the stupid comments by people in Obama's cabinet, I thought about this clip from the movie Idiocracy. This is a white house cabinet meeting in the year 2500 in the USA. We are almost there. Crude Language warning. The movie is crude but sadly it is the track we are on to hell in the USA. :-(
SHOCKED... SHOCKED... but you voted for this mess. Lots of Luck out there.
I don't know that I agree..but we have 1.6 million in prison...For what?
Another rocket scientist from the Obama administration is going to make sure all of your fruits and vegetables cost you a lot more soon. who voted for this
I take no joy in pointing out these chickens as they come home to roost... Sow the wind in the whirlwind cometh
Her condition is cascading... downward. It's time to pray for her. She is younger than I am... and she is not doing as well as they are trying to tell us.
He called it a "deficit of trust". "Deficit of trust" pervades the entire country today.

Union members have a "deficit of trust" of non-union workers.
Non-Gun owners have a "deficit of trust" toward gun owners, even the legal owners.
The public has a "deficit of trust" with most mainstream media.
And too many have a "deficit of trust" of our president, who presides rather than leads, who scorns, rather than negotiates.

Most Humorous card we got this year...

Dare we Call it Treason?

 What follows is a description of the treason going on against the USA by our government, Republican and Democrat.   When this becomes public information it will cause an uproar...but it might be too late.  From a reliable source.  I have removed all allusions to who he is.  Prepare.  This is going to get very rough:

1/ The Chinese are doing experimental "farming" and "scientific" studies in 5 locations in the US in various States. The plan is to use these as the base for the expansion of "land settlements" in payment of the US debt to China. The Bank of China has sent a team over to the US to do land analysis and valuations based on resources that have been identified on Federally held lands. The group was tasked to travel around the country to various preselected sites including the Gulf. They are to come up with resource based values between $2 to $5 Trillion US. Obama had a mid-level official meet with a Chinese officer in 2011 to find out if the Chinese were open to a land/resource swap for debt forgiveness. Word came back from China that the expected new leadership would be open to discussions. Remember when Xi disappeared for two weeks? Now you know why.

2/ The Ports deal which fell through was part of the trade that would have seen Li Ka Shing's, Hutchison Whampoa shipping group (which was in the back end of the Ports deal) get eventual control of the major ports in the US. This is all about oil to China. The issuing of new drilling licenses in the US have been stopped, until the Chinese can be in position to take over new oil production.

3/ The UN and the World Bank have been given some signals that they will be called upon to broker the deal with America defaulting on debt that it cannot satisfy. This is not to be a firesale but to have the look of a great rescue plan for the new Greece - the US. It is Obama who has been selling America out, the plan being the brain child of Valerie Jarrett/ Li Ka Shing/Xi Jinping. Interesting that the Chongqing Chief of Police Wang, who exposed the murder of Neil Heywood the British Business guy and the involvement of Bo and his wife in his death and the cash for organs trade in which the Central Committee of the Communist Party made billions, had included in his boxes that he took to the American embassy early plans to satisfy debt through land/resource swap (pictures of the parties meeting were in the files).

4/ It is the Chinese who are pushing for the disarming of the populace. They do not want to bear the brunt of the backlash from the American public when their work and aspirations are exposed. This will happen in weeks not months.

5/ Boehner has knowledge of much of what has been going on. Numbers of Republicans have been sold the notion that America is bankrupt but that calm reasoned people will work with the Chinese to see that a good settlement is reached. What amazed me was that some have full knowledge of what is going on. Ron Paul was not as crazy as most thought.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Brace Yourself.

Brace Yourself.

Aware of Angels

I'm sure you have heard about this. I have been explaining to those dying, to those who still think heaven is up there somewhere, to those who don't understand the absolute presence of Jesus and the Angels in our life, to those who doubt anything at all about the afterlife, the veil is very very thin. We don't grasp how thin it Angels and Jesus himself are able to step thru the veil from eternity into time and back again seamlessly. When we die, it's a one way trip....for now. Someday we will see all of time become eternity... I'll explain all that someday. When we are on the other side of the veil we have no knowledge of nor remembrance of things temporal (in time), except that which edifies. It is the perfect prophetic experience. Those who die don't see you, they aren't watching over you, they aren't angel, they can't hear you, they are unaware..until you show up. Yet the angel armies are always there, the lord JESUS is always there. He said so. With you always. There will be an end of the age...the scroll will roll back and all of creation will be timeless. The revelation of Jesus will stagger us all. Once in a great while like at the Mt of Transfiguration...we see humans step thru the's unique. The angels show themselves from time to time. I have seen them. Elisha's servant was allowed to see them. They didn't appear... the eyes were opened. The shepherds in the field saw them. The veil is very thin and now Mark Kirk knows it.
Mark Kirk says three angels came to his bedside and asked him if he wanted to go to heaven, after he suffered a massive stroke that left him unable to walk.
Speaking for the first time nearly a year after the debilitating ischemic stroke, the Republican junior senator for Illinois described how the angels stood over him and asked: 'You want to come with us?' to which he responded: 'No. I'll hold off.'