Saturday, March 05, 2011

Why Public Education must DIE

THIS is why public education must die....NOW.. You can't reform a mess like this:

“Gender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,” she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”
Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” Schneider proclaimed, “and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda.”

Friday, March 04, 2011

More Union Thugocracy

Union supporters disrupt GOP state senators' restaurant meal

The volatility surrounding the collective-bargaining debate spilled into the night Wednesday when police were called to a German Village restaurant after a group verbally accosted a gathering of Senate Republicans.

After the vote on Senate Bill 5, seven Republican senators, including President Tom Niehaus, R-New Richmond, grabbed dinner at the Easy Street Cafe. As the lawmakers neared the end of their meal, a group of five to 10 union supporters angry about the passage of the bill hours before burst into the restaurant and began shouting.

The commotion eventually led to pushing and shoving with the restaurant staff and owner, before police arrived to calm the situation as a police helicopter hovered overhead. No senators were involved in the physical altercations, and no charges have been filed.




Following are excerpts from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Former Federal Reserve Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan today on CNBC's "Squawk Box." All references must be sourced to CNBC.


"One thing that economists have been bedeviled by over the years is that the correlation between oil prices on a global basis, and global economic activity is far more precise than any evidence we have that it should be, in short, as a leading indicator, global oil prices are a very useful statistic, the only problem is we don't know fully where all the channels are."


"My view is that when oil prices get up to this area and start to move up even higher, you do have to start to worry, but there is no question at this stage that the momentum of this economy, leaving out the oil price issue, leaving out the Euro problems that have emerged, and very specifically leaving out the budget problems, this economy is really beginning to pick up momentum."


"There is no question at this stage that the momentum of this economy, leaving out the oil price issue, leaving out the Euro problems that have emerged, and very specifically leaving out the budget problems, this economy is really beginning to pick up momentum."


"The fascinating issue for forecasters is how do you factor in all of the negatives because there are not sort of modest rises here, modest costs here, these are big stuff on both the debit and the credit side, and how its going to work is not all together clear-- but for the moment this economy is moving."


"When you have two faulty currencies, and the euro and dollar are both faulty, but probably almost equally faulty, so that the exchange rate between the dollar and Euro is not really moving all that much."


"What the price of gold is saying, is that there elements within the marketplace that feel very uncomfortable with respect to what is going on generally, and its not an accident that you're finding that central banks are going in to buy gold and one of the reasons is gold is historically one of the rare media of exchange that doesn't require any collateral or backing, counter signatures, gold is universally acceptable as a means of payment."


"I'm not saying we can or should go back on the gold standard, that would be extremely difficult, and it would require such cast changes that this society has made no indication that it wants to do that, but I do think to get a sense of the stability of the system, watching the price of gold is not too bad."


"When we talk about the price that will hit us, keep an eye on brent and not on WTI, that has got technical problems."


"I am assuming, and this is an assumption, that the foreclosures will begin to slow down, they are beginning to slow down, but the problem that we've had is such a large proportion of sales are distressed sales, and clearly if you have a significant proportion in that category, the overall price level is going down."


"Ultimately what is the determinate, as far as I'm concerned, is basically whether or not the price, excluding distressed sales, is falling, because the other is a statistical problem, I'm not saying its not real, it is real, but it gives you a false signal, so I'm watching the less distressed sales, now I must admit those prices have edged down recently somewhat to my surprise. But not enough to create where I think the problem is."


"When subprime went underwater, they were very rapidly going into foreclosure because they couldn't basically live with it, but the vast majority of conventional conforming mortgages, even those which were underwater, are none the less capable of being financed by the people who live in the homes the proportion of conventional conforming homes that will be defaulted, is really very small."


"At this point the Fed is in the position where it can contract its balance sheet very significantly and the issue is will they be able to do it in proper timing? They think they can."


"These are judgments that you have to make, I know Bernanke very well, we worked together, Ben and I went over a number of crisises together, I know how he functions, I have considerable trust in his judgment."


"You're dealing with very difficult problems. The one thing we all pretend we can do but we can't, is forecast, the future out there isn't very bright."


"I look at whole series of mandates in Dodd/Frank and I think some of them are internally contradictory, and we're going to find out if that is indeed the case when the regulators start to implement."


"What we're going to find is that the unexpected consequences of much of the new regulation that's going to come as a result of Dodd/Frank is going to have to reversed, and that's going to create very high degrees of uncertainty."


"The purpose of a financial system is to move the scarce savings of a society into physically productive assets, we in the United States have been very affective in doing that, poor savings but very high rates of return. You start moving some of that scarce savings to propping up companies, it does not go into effective uses, and the result is output per hour slows down and standards of living slow down. So too big to fail is critically an issue with respect to standards of living, you have to have failures, JOE (HAVE WE SOLVED IT?) no we have not."


"Saudi Arabia is, look- its got three and a half million barrels of standby crude capacity, nobody else has standby capacity, so Saudi is a whole game."

About CNBC:
CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 340 million homes worldwide, including more than 95 million households in the United States and Canada. The network's Business Day programming (weekdays from 5:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. ET) is produced at CNBC's headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and also includes reports from CNBC news bureaus worldwide. Additionally, CNBC viewers can manage their individual investment portfolios and gain additional in-depth information from on-air reports by accessing

Union Thug Get's Mean

Shouldn't there be a law against this? Wait, there is, it's called extortion.

The back of the T-shirt says, “He’s got nads.”

This Is What Thugocracy Looks Like–
Wisconsin school Two Rivers High School President Wes Glenna, who is also chairman of the technical education department at the high school, sent out a threatening email to a local business from his school’s email account. The business has been under attack by local leftists since the incident.

B&D Embroidery & Screen Printing in Two Rivers made the shirt for the student on request, said Bridget VanGinkel, owner of the business with her husband, David. The shirt says “Scott Walker My Hero!” on the front and “He’s Got Nads!” on the back.

On Feb. 24, VanGinkel said the business received what they perceived as a veiled threat of a boycott in an e-mail from Wes Glenna, president of the TREA and chairman of the technical education department at the high school.

Bridget VanGinkel forwarded to the Herald Times Reporter Glenna’s e-mail, sent from his school e-mail address after 10 p.m. It said:

“I was recently informed that you have plans to print pro-Walker shirts for some of the students in the Two Rivers School system. After checking out your website, I noticed that a great deal of your business comes from providing apparel to the Two Rivers, Manitowoc, and Mishicot school systems. I, really, don’t know what you’re thinking of.

“We, all, greatly appreciate the fact that you established your business in our community. However, have you taken the time to figure out how your recent decision could result in the loss of profits to your business?”

It was signed Wes Glenna, President, Two Rivers Education Association.

The store has been getting mostly negative phone calls and comments on Facebook since Glenna sent the e-mail, she said.

Ben's Facebook Page

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

The SLOW descent into economic oblivion

MANY people anticipated that 2011 would be such a wild year! Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams, Mike Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Sinclair, Peter Schiff, Tony Robbins, the team at Money and Markets, several of the guests at King World News and many more.

Most of them are being painted as “doom and gloomers” or “gold bugs”. They don’t care. They just keep going…warning everyone who will listen. These guys have been right for years, and their predictions on the future of the U.S. economy are not good.

People hear the message, but they don’t do anything proactive to change the course of their future. Why? Fear…fear of the unknown, fear of making the wrong choice, fear of being and appearing abnormal, fear of losing what little they have, and fear that it is too late to make a difference…just plain fear. They are frozen like a deer in the headlights.

The economy won’t come to a screeching halt overnight. This crash has been designed (yes, this has all been planned) to slowly implode one miserable step at a time. At least that gives some people time to PREPARE…those who are willing to heed the warnings. Unfortunately, few are listening.

Ten Minutes of this guy's word on this would be worth your while. Clowns running the show.

An Incompetent US government.

On a global scale, chaos is the result of commodity shortages and the cost of these commodities.

(1) The US government has increased the demand for commodities by giving most US middle class wealth to emerging nations such as China.

(2) The US government has increased the cost of commodities by irresponsible fiscal and monetary policy resulting in debt and money supply expansion.

(3) The Federal Reserve has increased the cost of commodities by giving free money to Wall Street for commodity speculation.

Washington is solving our energy problem by giving our energy reserves to foreign investors / nations. Here are a few examples:

(1) BHP Billiton makes $4.75 billion push into U.S. shale gas.

(2) Connoco Buys Chesapeake US Shale Oil, Gas Assets For $570 Million.

(3) India Plans to Sign U.S. Shale Gas Accord During Obama Visit.

The Middle East has erupted in chaos because the US government screwed up the balance of power between Shia and Sunni Muslims by invading Iraq.

All of this craziness that we are seeing in 2011 is not just a big coincidence. It is the result of an incompetent US government.

Gloomy Thursday

I don't know why, but it seems gloomier than usual. Nothing spiritual. Just cold, dank, dark and I'm feeling sort of useless today.

Not good.

Seems like the world is out of kilter somehow.

Maybe it is:

The earth's magnetic field is shifting and the axis has changed in the last year (a bit)

I felt the earth move under my feet and sky tumbling down...I didn't like it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Could this be true?

Muslims are now calling for the removal of the Statue of Liberty

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 12:00

Muslims are now calling for the removal

of the Statue of Liberty

In Islam, the public veneration of idols and statues is strictly prohibited. This has forced sincere Muslims to develop realistic plans that will aid in the removal of the Statue of Liberty.

Due to the scale of the task at hand, it is highly likely that rigorous safety checks will need to be employed before the demolition of the Statue of Liberty can commence

The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty
Muslims are now calling for the removal
of the Statue of Liberty stating it is offensive to them for what it stands for.
This, below is taking right off their webpage for you to read for yourself
We Here at Patriot Freedom are pissed off at the arrogance and mental mindset of these muslim "doctrines" and un-constitutional Sharia Law GO HERE FOR LINK TO THE SITE AND READ IT FOR YORSELVES

A parade of the ignorant and uninformed Union Supporters in Madison

They’re just blindly following their leaders. You don’t believe me? Watch this video taken on Feb. 26, 2011 at the Wisconsin capitol where union thugs and drones have been out in force for weeks (getting fake doctor’s excuses) against Gov. Scott Walkers efforts to bring fiscal responsibility to the state.

Many of these people don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on, and if they do have a foggy idea, it’s usually incorrect–guided by Leftist propaganda bereft of facts. (Keep in mind that some of these people are teachers, too–teaching the next generation of Americans)

Indiana Barack and the Lost Mubarak -- Funny Stuff

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is a Boss From HELL...for sure

Capitol Hill is famous for its demanding, insensitive bosses. Yet even by the harsh standards of Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee stands out. She may be the worst boss in Washington. “It’s like being an Iraq War veteran,” says someone who worked for her. Strangers may say, “‘oh I know what you’ve been through.’ No, you really don’t. Because until you’ve experienced it…. People don’t tell the worst of the stories, because they’re really unbelievable.”

For some, a job in Jackson Lee’s office proved not just emotionally but physically perilous. One staffer recalls a frank conversation with his doctor, who told him he needed to quit. “It’s your life or your job,” the doctor told him, warning that the stress and long hours were wreaking havoc on his body.

Only a few on staff fought back. One of Jackson Lee’s drivers became so frustrated with her abuse the person pulled the car over and demand she stop: “She’s screaming and swearing. ‘M.F.’ everything. Finally I slammed on the brakes and told her to get the hell out of my car. I’m like ‘I can’t drive with you like this. Either get out, or you can calm down.’ And she’s like ‘you need to go or get fired.’ I’m like, ‘that’s fine. But I’m either leaving without you or you can calm down,’” the staffer said.

Jackson Lee then threatened to call the police and claim she was being held hostage in the car. But she finally did calm down when the staffer called her bluff, offering to flag down a Capitol Police officer to explain the situation.

Former aide Michael McQueery said his experience with other “difficult” bosses on the Hill prepared him for how to handle Jackson Lee. “I’ve worked for two other members. They did the same thing,” he said.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This is ominous

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says state police must release the name of everyone in the state who is authorized to own a gun.

State police determine who gets a Firearm Owners Identification card, which allows people to own guns. The police have always kept the list private.

But Madigan's public access counselor released a letter Monday night saying the information should be public.

The Associated Press had requested the list of FOID cardholders but state police said that would violate the privacy of gun owners. The attorney general's office ruled that argument invalid.

State police officials have not said whether they will comply with the ruling.

There are Republican-sponsored bills in the Illinois House and Senate that would prohibit disclosure of the information.

Atty. general: Illinois should release FOID card list -

Funny take on the fugitives from Wisconsin

From an Undisclosed Motel 6 in Illinois

The people, united, will never be defeated — especially with a little Skyline chili and sturgeon for breakfast.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this from an undisclosed location (full disclosure: I’m in South Beloit, Ill.). The answer is, I’m showing my solidarity with the heroic proletarian working-class stiffs and Joe Six-Packs who make up the Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio lamister-legislator delegations, now appearing on milk cartons across the nation as your various state Gestapo goon organizations try to hunt them down. And all for the simple “crime” of answering to a higher moral authority....................

The whole thing is hilarious.

How did we do this to ourselves?

A Proper Indictment of the Union Organizer in Chief...Barack Obama

During the last presidential election, we saw the most widespread adolescent display in American history. Throngs of wild-eyed fawners and fainters joined hands and chanted, “Yes we can march off this cliff,” as though there were no tomorrow. Formerly presumed intelligent media elites were reduced to a teenage-swoon mentality the minute Barack Obama entered their midst. A man with a postage-stamp sized resume held a majority of modern Americans enthralled with nothing more than teleprompted oratory, giddy-girl-crush syndrome, yellow-brick-road finance wizardry, and Jack-and-the-Beanstalk promises. And the whole Obama bag of fibs and tricks depended on that fantastical pot of gold over the rainbow actually being there.

Has ever such a nation of ninnies held such a public display of foolishness?

On the other hand, there is rarely a situation so dire that it doesn’t possess at least some semblance of a silver lining. For one thing, disastrous errors in presidential elections - thanks to that pesky old document, the U.S. Constitution - only last four years. It is very, very difficult for even the most ill-prepared, anti-American president to destroy the United States in such short order. (Remember Jimmy Carter.)

Secondly, the election of the “lightworker” has helped even the ninnies living for decades under union-held rocks in the rust belt understand our budget realities.

Now that Obama’s Clintonian triangulation has lasted for a nanosecond, the real adolescent Barack has once again emerged in full public view. Following a back-against-the-wall compromise on tax rates and a somewhat-presidential speech in Tucson, our out-of-control teen in the White House produced another dream-scheme budget and tried to pass it off as “investments” for “winning the future.”

Why does Islam Succeed?

If you ever wondered why Islam seems to prosper, this is a fair appraisal of it.

IF YOU WANTED to deliberately design a collection of ideas with the purpose of making one that might eventually out-compete every other religion or political system on earth, you would be hard-pressed to do better than Islam.

Signs of the End

Yesterday was the beginning of the end of an occasional conversation with a friend of mine. She's on again off again. I guess discourse is hard.

The final straw was signs.

In Madison.

It's a mess. I have seen the signs at Tea Party rallies. They are orderly and decent.

I'll let you decide if the ones from Madison are. They are here. Take a look.

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's about time

Texas group launches scholarship for white men ONLY... because they 'need an equal shot'

A non-profit group has launched a college scholarship for a demographic it claims are under-represented in society - white men.

The Former Majority Association for Equality will give grants of $500 to any man from Texas who is at least ‘25 per cent Caucasian’, has good grades and can demonstrate they are in need.

Its founder Colby Bohannan claims whites feel ‘excluded’ when they apply to college and that they are ‘left out’ when it comes to funding.

Pat Moynihan foretold union crisis

Democrat Patrick Moynihan before he died predicted the mess we have with public unions today

Pat Moynihan foretold union crisis--Bob McManus -

The absolutely guaranteed end of the world dates through history to today

2011 AD—On May 21st, the rapture will occur at the end of the 8400-day great tribulation. NO ONE will become saved from eternal damnation after Friday, May 21, 2011.

Read all about it HERE

Liberals Love Trains

Why is America’s “win the future” administration so fixated on railroads, a technology that was the future two centuries ago? Because progressivism’s aim is the modification of (other people’s) behavior.

Forever seeking Archimedean levers for prying the world in directions they prefer, progressives say they embrace high-speed rail for many reasons—to improve the climate, increase competitiveness, enhance national security, reduce congestion, and rationalize land use. The length of the list of reasons, and the flimsiness of each, points to this conclusion: the real reason for progressives’ passion for trains is their goal of diminishing Americans’ individualism in order to make them more amenable to collectivism.

To progressives, the best thing about railroads is that people riding them are not in automobiles, which are subversive of the deference on which progressivism depends. Automobiles go hither and yon, wherever and whenever the driver desires, without timetables. Automobiles encourage people to think they—unsupervised, untutored, and unscripted—are masters of their fates. The automobile encourages people in delusions of adequacy, which make them resistant to government by experts who know what choices people should make.

Time was, the progressive cry was “Workers of the world unite!” or “Power to the people!” Now it is less resonant: “All aboard!”

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Outrage over Late Term Child Abuse

IF parents don't encourage children to leave the nest for any reason (other than mental illness or limitation, Physical or Mental) after the age of 20. it is a form of child abuse.

I see so many young men living at home off their parents into their 20's, 30's even 4o's. These boys are crippled for life at the hand of incompetent parents. When the parents die or become infirmed the man-child is lost and will die young. Abused.

IF you know of a parent with such a man child in their "Possession" do the boy and his parents a big favor and tell them. Insist. Become irritating. Raise a stink equal to what you would if this were sexual or physical abuse. It's pretty close to the same. This is a silent abuse epidemic. People don't want to hurt parents feelings so they say nothing. The boy thinks doing nothing and hanging out for free with mom and dad is harmless.

I am angry about this. It's personal. We have just such a mess in our own family. (no Steve, not you). The boy in question is crippled...not physically, not mentally, emotionally by an overprotective MOTHER who has never allowed this Man Child to make a decision on his own. He is ruined unless he gets out right now.

What's it to me? Why does it upset me? Because I have seen the net result of this. I have a single dad with two leeches in their 40s living at home doing nothing leaching off him, abusive playing video games all day long. I have said everything I can short of sending the police. If I find they are physically abusing him (I have my concerns) I will dial 9-11. When he dies these toads will be a drag on society or worse criminals.

The Bible says, Train up a Child in the Way he should GO>>>> GO is the operative word here. With kudos to Pastor Phil on this. He preached a great sermon today. A parents primary responsibility is to train up children who will be successful as adults. Many pagans do it better than many Christians. Then when your training up is over at about 18-20 yrs old, out the door.

Here's the truth of the matter, your child at 20 is about as ready as he or she will ever be to live on their own. They will be bad at it, make lots of mistakes, have some bad experiences, get ripped off. but they will find a way to live and survive and eventually prosper if you let them. They may make serious mistakes and you will get a phone call at 3AM from far away. Your answer Mom or Dad is to say, "wow, what are YOU GOING TO DO TO GET OUT OF THIS". Don't bail them out. Let them become successful at solving problems.

It's cruelty to keep these caged birds that should be flying free. IF you did it with a wild animal you would go to jail.

Let them go. At 20 years old a bus ticket and a suitcase should be your best gift.

Girls are a little different. 25 and sayonara.

What do you think will change after 20 (or 25) that hasn't already?

Some things are best learned on the anvil of experience. Give em a hammer and turn them loose.

You will be doing your child an eternal favor.

10 Ways Rising Oil Prices Will Endanger the U.S. Recovery

These 10 factors are mutually exclusive. Indeed, many are complementary. It's not likely we would see consumer sentiment fall without the residential real estate market taking a hit, for example. That's why prolonged high oil prices are so dangerous -- they could create a domino effect that would poison many different aspects of the U.S. economy.


IF you ever wondered about the depth of Bono's faith, I think you will find this interesting and even inspiring. Worth the read.

Life without Our Wise Overlords - Thomas E. Woods, Jr. - Mises Daily

Here is the fiscal crisis Americans are facing. It will force us to make wrenching changes. The situation, though, is an opportune moment to go back and reexamine the myths by which we were sold the ongoing expansion of government in the first place. I announce at this point that I intend to describe the crisis as an opportunity to be seized, not a calamity to be deplored.

What the book is saying, in short, is this: given the collapse that is staring us in the face, we can't afford to think about government like sixth graders anymore, even if we should want to. And what we were taught in sixth grade about our allegedly selfless and indispensable political class was a pack of lies anyway. It is not the case that without the political class (1) we'd have no art or science, (2) our limbs would be blown off by exploding consumer products, and (3) we'd all be working in a mine for a dollar a day.

The book then proceeds to one of its least controversial claims: the policies of Barack Obama have been a disaster. I probably don't need to elaborate on this here.

Life without Our Wise Overlords - Thomas E. Woods, Jr. - Mises Daily