Saturday, September 27, 2014

This guy is right and gets sacked for telling the truth.

Forbes magazine is getting ripped for publishing — and then quickly pulling down — a column arguing that drunk party girls were the "gravest" liabilities to the livelihood of fraternities.

It's what I had this morning... and some additional bacon.

You knew this was coming.

 I prophesied same. It will increase. We do not understand the depravity of the virus among us. Any attempt to deal with this evil must be without restraint. The pattern is set. They are everywhere and you are right to keep your distance to keep your head. Where are the "Moderate" Muslims? They aren't.
Police in Oklahoma could not immediately link the beheading of a woman by a male colleague Thursday to terrorism, but witnesses told police that suspect Alton Alexander Nolen was recently trying to convert co-workers to Islam.

I think a nice rasker of Bacon would be about right

This is what ALL of ISLAM wants.

 Not cooperation, not integration, not assimilation, they want DOMINANCE, INFILTRATION until THEY are the majority. The Danes might have a shred of a chance to stop this now... but it's going to take radical measures. We can stop this but it will take radical measures. THEY WANT WORLD DOMINANCE.. nothing less. So now what. It's not a religion.. it's a political system... one bent on enslaving or killing you... there is no middle ground. And our President gets angry when people say bad things about Muslims. Truth is really really hard Mr President.
The dreams of the Muslim world go far beyond the expanding borders of the Islamic State in the Middle East and Boko Haram in Africa. “Danish Muslim Party claims that Denmark will be the first Muslim nation in Europe,” TMI, … Continue reading →

She was disowned by her parents for this

No virgins in paradise for the ones she took out...
Destroying ISIS and their hateful ideology against women all at the same time! Check out this female fighter pilot from UAE leading the bombing blitz against the terrorists!

Maybe OJ is not resting till he finds them.. like the killer of Nicole.. still looking

Cops out of control


I have no idea what this means.

When I see the ignorance of people about what is really happening all around us and the intentional blindness they exhibit I was impressed of this: Tyranny doesn't come without being invited. IF you value your freedom, liberty and life as you know it.. push back HARD against any form of tyranny. They come to serve and protect and then force you to serve them and be protected from any examination. I guess as a man with German Heritage who lived there for some years in my late 40s I became very aware of how this can happen. Study should be required in grade school how Hitler was able to subdue a culture that had produced Beethoven, Goethe, Bach, Luther, Gutenberg, Einstein, Schweitzer, Mozart, Bonhoeffer, Wagner, von Braun, and Max Schmeling, (a relative of mine). If tyranny can bring that culture to it's knees, it didn't come without invitation. We are on the brink of that now. Be awake.. push back, don't sanction tyranny.

Who will stand against the coming tyranny?

Despite the tremendous cost of opposing Hitler, many Germans did oppose and resist Nazi ideology and Hitler in some-way. Many of these people are lost to history. As soon as Hitler assumed power, he was ruthless in rounding up political opponents and putting them in concentration camps. These are some of the more famous opponents who resisted Hitler and the Nazi ideology. NOW WHO among us will resist the coming tyranny. Shaming authority who abuse power to oppress? Police out of control, corrupt politicians, business interests who abuse, power hungry taxing authorities, bureaucracies designed to hold you down, cultural icons who tell you that opposing gay marriage and such is wrong and the tyranny of peer pressure.  IS your face and name going to be on that list someday even at the cost of your life. Those who did stand against tyranny in large part lost their lives.
A selection of German people who resisted Hitler and the Nazi's - inc. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Sophie Scholl, M.Niemoller, Claus von Stauffenberg, O Schindler

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: If you didn't know, the center of a doughnut is 100% fat free!

How long before the news media begins speculating whether Charlotte will run for President in 2060? LOL

Chelsea Clinton announced the news on Twitter and Facebook early Saturday, saying she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are "full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky." The former...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is a case of send them back where they came from

Muslims are demanding a tax-funded non-pork food shelf at a free food pantry for the poor–or an entire tax-funded halal food pantry (I’m not sure which)–in...


I watched this whole thing. It was interesting from a historical and detail aspect. What irritated is that it is also a badly masked advertorial infomercial for liberalism. No republican was portrayed as other than a knuckle dragging neanderthal. Liberals, New Deal and all that jazz were shown as wonderful things.. in spite of the fact that in reality they did NOTHING to help the poor and underprivileged.. just like today. The war did what was bailed out FDR. So if you make the decision to sit thru this remember, it is all a revisionist history for liberals. Why not tell the truth...HUH?
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History chronicles the lives of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, three members of the most prominent and influential family in American politics. It is the first time in a...

I see a trend.

While you may not have sympathy, taverns in our area are closing.... FAST. I wondered why. Here's what I have been told by an industry insider.

1. Economics. There is a lot of competition for the Beer Buck. Racing to the bottom in price is the wrong thing for these businesses to try to compete. As a result they go broke.

2. Poker machines. If a person walks into a bar with thirty bucks in his pocket, it used to be he would buy drinks all around and drink himself as well as buy a burger. Now twenty of his thirty goes into the machines. It's like clientele who walk in broke. His take on the machines is pitiful compared to his margin on the beer.

3. Drinking is changing. Beer stays strong, but spirits are growing. While margins are still good, they are harder to control. The price of a pour will kill you if you don't control it. Barkeeps will try to get better tips by pouring your whiskey.

AND that is what my friend in the industry tells me.. I may not be a customer, but I am an observer of economics. The traditional corner bar may be threatened by bad business practices.

When Drugs and Dope are more important than employment.

 She'll never get a job in media again. Got to smoke that dope. AND making this a "Civil Rights" thing is way out of the realm. Warning, use of the F word in this video.. but if you want to know what is wrong with our culture.. this is part.
KTVA Charlo Greene just quit on live TV after revealing she was the founder of the AK Cannabis Club.

Sick of this whole deal

We are reaping the whirlwind in Pro Football that was sown in College "Amateur" sports.
I enjoyed what Sat college ball I saw. BUT I'm really getting OVER Pro Football. This whole craziness of late has tainted the season.

I don't understand. I mean, these players are coddled, fed, forgiven, overlooked for error, given free worthless college educations, have cultural corrupted morals, treated like they were someone really special with special considerations the rest of us don't get, free cars by the team-makers, baby daddies of lots (Adrian P) and dog killers (Mike V) and then when someone catches them saying or doing something that is out of line with some artificial red line in the sand the world goes berserk. 

STOP... I will watch the Bears. BUT if this keeps up, I will watch Dancing with the Stars instead. At least not every dancer is being accused of being what we brought our athletes up to be.. I'm sick of this and the season just started.

Style is not substance

One more thing.. Style is not talent. If you think your style will compensate for your lack of skill, ability and talent.. you are fooling yourself. You gotta have the stuff or you will flame out.. and too many do.

I was thinking about a sales guy I had many years ago. DOM. He dressed sharp. Knew all the right words to say. Looked good. Could turn heads. Talked the talk. BUT when the rubber met the road he couldn't make it happen. He didn't know what he was talking about. He tried to bluff his way past the customer with swagger, style and charm. Soon it caught up with him and I fired him. Smoke and mirrors only work for a little while. Earn the right to do what you claim to. 

This particularly applies in ministry. I see too many nice looking handsome, pretty, clever, glib, well dressed, flashy people standing in front of others and as soon as they try to go "there".. there isn't any there there. Mile wide, inch deep. I'm done with that. If you don't have the stuff, don't bother getting up. We need real in today's dying world. Less splash, more Spirit!!

OK I'm in, I want to join this band

In fairness this is George Bush's fault. After Saddam fell he stripped the army clean. Now wet paper bags defeat them

The assault that left as many as 500 soldiers missing has highlighted the army’s weaknesses.

Aspiring Tyrant

He’d like to charge the Kochs with treason and send climate-change dissenters to jail. Why do the children of relatively sane politicians end up as absolute crackpots. We have a lot of examples... here's one. IF he wasn't mentally deranged he'd be dangerous. If you don't agree with him, it's off to the gulag with you.
Blissfully unaware of how hot the irony burned, Robert Kennedy Jr. yesterday took to a public protest to rail avidly in favor of censorship. The United States...


I see it all now. As you celebrate your 75th birthday, you hug your grand kids, your kids, your wife and then after a nice piece of Cake a couple brownshirts come and escort you to the chamber. They watch thru a window as you and all your fellow birthday travelers collapse on a floor. Your last memory is of the pain of departure. Then after the window is closed, they scoop you up and into the fire you go. A huge furnace. OF course they will need to get the gold off your body, and any metal. After you are incinerated, your ashes along with all the others from your area are divvyed up and given back to your loved ones to keep on the mantle. Of course your widow and kids are charged for this. It's a service getting rid of you on time according to the author of Obamacare. WAIT you say, that sounds like something that happened to the Jews 75 years ago... YUP.. Liberals are just a heartbeat away from being as evil as Hitler, And this is what you have. I know no one on my friends list voted for the people who implemented Obamacare, no one is that foolish. BUT if you did.. isn't this special?
Sometimes there are all-time lows in an administrations program. This one takes the cake. Much like a steak at the market or a carton of milk, OBAMACARE HAS...


Hey, those who know me know I love America, but not as much as I love our own wee country Norn Irn! But I just listened to Barack Obama say the following, "There's one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent and growing threat of.......... (wait for it)... of.... a changing climate". 

200,000 people dead in Syria! Almost 5 million people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have been forced from their homes and are living in refugee camps or in the fields and mountains. The evil of Al Qaeda, responsible for the 9/11 attacks and more, has been surpassed by the evil of ISIS who are beheading children, raping their mothers and killing their fathers. But these are not the things that will define the contours of this century. No! That belongs to..... (wait for it)...... to climate change!

Why do you think this is. I know, do you?

It's not greed. It's not stupidity (ok some is that we are stupid). It's not people over "there" are better. It's our bad government, the minimum wage, the poor schools and taxation. If you don't steal all my money, I can pay more. Plus the barrier to entry for a new hire is enormous now. Almost 1/3rd of the cost to hire today goes to government. IF I want to pay you $20 per hour, it costs me $30 and Obamacare just made it worse. I'm here from the government to help you stay poor.
In an apparent attempt to advise investors on how they can take advantage of America’s transformation into a neo-feudal oligarchy in a 50-page research report,...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Separating School From State: How to Liberate America's Families

The U.S. Supreme Court 1925, Pierce v. Society of Sisters:
The fundamental theory of liberty upon which all governments in this Union repose excludes any general power of the State to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from public teachers only. The child is not the mere creature of the State

Albert Shanker, President of the American Federation of Teachers:
It's time to admit that public education operates like a planned economy, a bureaucratic system in which everybody's role is spelled out in advance and there are few incentives for innovation and productivity. It's no surprise that our school system doesn't improve; it more resembles the communist economy than our own market economy.