Saturday, December 09, 2006

Leading From Courage

I just returned from a conference with several hundred spiritually like-minded people . One thing that continued to resonate in my ear were words spoken a couple days before I went to that conference by a friend of mine.

Leaders must always lead from courage.

Now that may not rattle your cage. It did mine. I've never been accused of being a wallflower (Much). But it is still resonating in my head.

My concern is what happens spiritually when we fail to walk in courage and confidence in the purposes placed in us. I can tell you; we miss our destiny. We fail to accomplish the mission God invested in our DNA when we were formed in our mothers womb. We fiddle around the edges and eventually take to the grave the undone things God expected us to do.


Lack of courage, lack of conviction, lack of willingness to be a fool for Jesus when he calls you to step out. Fear, get alongism, don't push the envelope, just relax maybe no one will be offended, those are the attitudes that become the spiritual castration stopping the purposes of God you were meant to accomplish. I don't see as much courage as I wish I did in the Church of Jesus today.

It's easy to be a sideline sniper. I am trying to be one less than I have been in the past. I know what God has called me to do. I know he is faithful to accomplish his purposes if I am faithful to do what he asks without fearing what men say.

The fear of man is the greatest demonic oppression of men and women of God rendering them inert holding the dreams God gave them captive.

So, to those who I got notes from, and for those who were disdaining of the prophetic gift of the word of the Lord for 2006 in comments, I have this message:
1. I will pay the price to hear from God again for 2007. You don't have to read or heed it, but you should.

2. I will publish it and allow it to stand on it's own. It's not about me.

3. God will do or not do what he chooses. If I'm embarrassed, its ok. It's not about me.

4. I have read and heard many nationally recognized prophet's issuances. The fact that I am more precise than some who use fuzzy words and vagaries to cover their prophetic rear ends means I am more subject to criticism. The purpose of the prophetic is to demonstrate to unbelievers and those who walk in nominal Christianity the existence and omniscience of God as a sign and a wonder. If not this method, what would you suggest? This is the call and purpose for me. If you have another, you should pursue it.

5. I always hold out the challenge to those who disregard the prophetic gift or criticize it, OK, show me how you can from reason or science make a set of statements more accurate than what comes thru the prophetic.
It can't be done. The challenge still stands.

6. To my good friend Karma, who actually in my opinion walks out the purposes of God in her own life in her passion for the prairie and the arts (although she would deny they are God's purposes), I couldn't disagree more with your evaluation of what did or did not come to pass. It is as I said. Your evaluation is done with blinders on. You are NOT famililiar with the vocabulary of the prophetic. A careful reading of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and the "Minor" prophets will give you a flavor of how prophetic utterances have layers of meaning and fulfillment. God isn't doing anything different today. Without spiritual eyes to see and discern you will miss what was said and how it manifested in the light of the prophetic. It's not your fault. You don't speak or understand the language of the spirit.

7. To the others who were disdaining of all this: if you are not a Christian or make no pretense to being one, what you say has little meaning. Sorry, see above. You have no idea what you are saying.

8. If you are a Christian (or think you are one), you are in deep weeds. You don't have to believe me or not. You only have to do as Mary did and ponder on them in your heart. But, your attitude toward prophecy demonstrates a lack of understanding and a profound lack of spiritual depth that will be a direct limiting factor for you ever being used of God.
If He can't speak to you thru his prophets, even ones who don't get everything right, He can't speak to you at all and you will drift into spiritual oblivion, shipwrecked and alone. God will use his prophets to warn, encourage, correct and guide. Ignore them at your peril.

So, if not from me, seek to hear the word of the Lord, and ponder them.

Or ignore and laugh them off as so much mumbo jumbo and be cast aside (or even destroyed).

Most gifted leaders in the Body of Christ on a personal level are decidedly flawed and human. I have known many, I could write a book on them. Some of the most anointed powerful gifted men of God I have ever known were terribly flawed and vulnerable in the humanity they carried. But when they stepped into the gift God placed in them, they became another man. My hope for you is that you would become another man or woman as you walk out the purposes of God in your life and disregard the flawed vessel of clay He choose to place it in.

That is truly leading from courage. It's not about you.

One more thing, some prophetic instruction is purposely masked, there is some above for YOU if you have ears to hear. As my good friend Harold Hein said to me, "A prophet is assigned to say what God says."

I just did. Read and heed.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2006 Word of the Lord Prophetic Review (Out of a possible 54, the score is 45 God - 9 Others, God Wins)

Starting today, I will be out of touch until next Saturday. An ICA convention in Dallas. If you know what that is I may see you there. If you don't it doesn't matter.

As of this date 92% of the year has passed. There are 29 of 365 days left in 2006.

It's a good time to take a near-end-of-year review of the prophetic word given last January for fulfillment and accuracy. I am already engaged in fasting and prayer seeking the word for next year. If God wills and uses me once more I will have a complete "Word of the Lord for 2007" by the end of December. I don't want to have the two confused. This review is a clearing of the cobwebs .

There were 54 clear proclamations made in the 2006 prophecy.
45 of them have come to pass.
9 have not --- YET!
Website containing this Word is:

I expect doubting eyes to roll, poo-pooing to go on, the truth of all this to be discounted, the "Oh this is easy or anyone could do this" to be said with a sniff.

OK, let's see if you have the guts to put your 2007 predictions out there in print, naked without a net and no real god as your source. I have doubt anyone who doesn't know and hear from Father prophetically will be courageous enough to do this. I don't issue that challenge in anger. I just want you to know that when you know who it is that is speaking it's so much easier to have this kind of boldness. AND
I am always eager for an Elijah style showdown with the priests of Baal "prophetically speaking".

Much of what was given me at the beginning of this year was criticized royally as being "out there" and even potentially embarrassing. An 83% prophetic accuracy shouldn't be sniffed at. God is God and I'm not, (and by the way neither are you).
Like all prophecy, much is best understood in a rear view mirror. Example: there is one about the 2006 fall elections. I thought it meant one thing when I got it in December; turns out it was right on as a prophecy but meant something else than I thought it did (or wished). Rear view mirror.

Prophecy is often misunderstood even by the prophet. The words heard and written down are what matters. The interpretation in the end is subject the events as they unfold. If not, Jesus would not have been such a surprise to most of the Jews of his day from his birth in Bethlehem to his death on the cross.

Spiritual gifts are put here to edify believers and as a sign and a wonder for unbelievers. Unlike tongues, the word of Knowledge and miracles the prophetic is not really a sign gift. It should make people wonder however. People who don't believe won't believe even if one should rise from the dead. Jesus said that and he rose. People still don't believe. I'm not going to try to convince them. I'll take the brickbats and ignore them.

For those who do believe and understand this is simply confirmation of the goodness of God speaking thru the prophetic gift. Go doesn't want you to be unaware or fearful. He places the prophetic gift at your access to give you hope and a future. And He never does anything without telling his prophets first.

Read the full review and comments for last December's prophecy for 2006 and then see the fulfillments of it as they came to pass.

Those who have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord says. You are destined to overcome, to partake of the tree of life, and to stand eternally in paradise.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Evangelical Splits

I am grieved at a split taking place in the evangelical arm of the Church.  It was prophesied.  I didn't really want to believe it.
Up till recently you could count on most evangelical Christians to be conservative, maybe not in politics, but in approaches to things like, life (abortion), Stem Cell research using human embryos, end of life euthanasia, support for Israel, support of the President in his office, condemnation of evil as manifested by radical Islam, homosexuality as sin, homosexuality in the pulpit and church leadership, Church and state issues and many other culturally radical left wing ideas.
There has for a while been a wedge driven into the mainstream of evangelicalism by a group known as the Sojourners.  They have pumped compromise into the body of Christ until now many formerly well grounded leaders have tipped into apostasy.  I call it that because that's what it is.
A few weeks ago I raised the red flag on this blog regarding Rick Warren's foray into this arena.  Now the leader of Sojourners is identifying himself with left-wing politics.
I am frankly discouraged with this.  This isn't good for the Body of Christ. What fellowship can darkness have with light.  As they move away from truth I no longer can treat them other than how I would treat others of the world. These foolish people are hoping being lukewarm and middle of the road will win people. 
Nothing could be further from the truth. We were warned that in the last days many would exchange evil for good and good for evil.  We were warned that many people's love would grow cold.  We were warned that people, even ministers, would do things to puff themselves up.
Well, it's here.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and not the Sojourners.  It's always true, a tiny bit of compromise ultimately leads to apostasy.  It must.
So be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, for the Father up above is looking down in love so be careful little eyes what you see.
Oh, and for those who will write me for causing splits, hatemongering, causing division, consider this:  I DIDN'T CHANGE, MOVE OR MODIFY MY POSITION, THEY DID.
Take your anger out on them.  They are causing this split and it grieves me terribly.  This WILL be held against them, by someone much more than me.  They were put in charge of souls, leading them down these paths is a terrible and fearsome thing.  Did HE ever know them.....................?

Scrooge Chapter 58

It's the season to consider the Spirit of Christmas.  Ghosts of Christmas past.  Scrooge and Tiny Tim.


A question:  How Much money did you spend on Christmas last year.  You, your wife and kids, tree, travel, gifts, food etc. 


Rough estimate:


Write it down.


How much money will you spend this year? 


Write it down.


Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just important to budget and realize what we spend at this time of year.  We’ll come back to this, so keep your notes.


I’ve been thinking about the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and I think I can summarize it in a sentence.


When you take care of Things God cares about, He takes care of things you care about.


We recently had a week of packaging and giving into a charity called feed the starving children.  The benefit to most of the people involved was not that it made them feel better, but that unanswered prayers were suddenly answered, relationships were strengthened, and favor with those who can offer you favor was found.  What’s that all about?  Let’s see if we can find out.


Now considering Ol Scrooge, after he saw the light he took care of people who had less than him.  He discovered that Christmas time could be a time of good will and of giving (and therefore receiving).  Why is it in fact more blessed** to give than receive?  Maybe there is a supernatural answer.  There is.


What are some things you could do to help someone, take care of the underprivileged you know?   What are charities and areas into which you can give where you know you make a difference?


Write down a couple.  Make sure they are worthy.


God wants to be God to us.  He wants us to expect, embrace and engage everything he has for us.    He does that when we are his hands for him.  What difference might it make to me you ask?  I mean, shouldn’t I do this selflessly and without expecting reward.  Oh, you could, but maybe knowing God has stored things up for you might help you step out in faith in this area.


Here's a list of the “More Blessed** things God wants to do for you” direct from the Bible (Isaiah Chapter 58)  and what they mean to you.


(Reader Tip: All of the below are from Isaiah 58.  Verses are often divided into sentences or thoughts.  Hence, a,b,c,d etc.  So 8c means the third thought in that verse.  Now, with that, read on)


1. You will shine brighter then you ever have (stand out.  Become exceptional.  Find favor.) v8a


2. You will recover from difficulty quickly  (When hard times come, you will not be a victim but a victor) v8b


3. You will be righteous and at peace.  (There will be peace in the midst of the storm and the accusations of the enemy will be silenced) v8c


4. God will watch your back and protect you (Times when you could have been hurt or injured you will be covered by grace and mercy.  The devil will find you are bulletproof)  v8d


5. He will hear and answer you when you pray (Things you have prayed about for years will suddenly start to happen.  He will answer in ways you never thought possible) v9a


6. He will reveal himself to you in a new way (You will find new facets of God's personality revealed to you in unusual ways.  You will become amazed at who he really is.) v9b


7. Your depression and sorrow will cease.  (God will strip depression and melancholy out of your life in supernatural ways) v10c


8. You will be guided by God’s hand (Somehow you will know what to do, when and how and you'll know it's the hand of God showing you.  You will get supernatural strategies you never did before.) v11a


9. You will be confident when hard times come (Because of the sense that God is truly Immanuel to you, you will have a higher level of confidence than ever before) v11b&c


10. Your provision will never fail.  (You will find that lack will leave your abode.  That is a promise directly from the word of God)  v11d


So, how do all these good things come to us?  Is it possible to earn the blessings of God:

By fasting and prayer?

By Going to Church more?

By  Taking communion more often?

By having others lay hands on you to release blessings?

By saying 55 hail Marys?

By hearing good Biblical Teaching?

By doing good works in the sight of all?

By humbling yourself, crawling on the floor?

By looking very pious, wearing a bigger cross than anyone else?

By wearing sackcloth and ashes?

By sleeping on a bed of nails?

By studying your Bible twice as much?

By rebuking the enemy?

By having really great worship services?

By keeping the commandments of God?

By having prayer vigils to seek the wisdom of God?

By being really good people?


God doesn't condemn any of those, but none of them in and of themselves release the power of God.  They are not wrong but they try to manipulate God when he says to us, "I will not be manipulated, I will have a people who care about what I care about and when they do they will activate My Power in their lives".  He blesses us to be a blessing and when we bless others he blesses us and round and round it goes.


God’s not interested in rule followers; He’s interested in heart followers.  In fact if you become a follower after Jesus heart people will think you are just a little wacky.


Turn to Isaiah 58.  The secret to this is in there.  Read it from verse one and see if there's a clue as to what releases this power.


Here’s an article that will help you grasp a full meaning of Isaiah 58.


If you want to put into force the benefits shown above look at the story of Ebenezer Scrooge by Charles Dickens.  When he became giving and generous Tiny Tim didn't die, Scrooge became healthier, and his life was renewed.  Generosity is a rewarder to the generous.


Go back and look at how much money you are going to spend on Christmas, that calculation I had you do at the beginning.


I'm going to suggest you tithe 10% of that amount and use that money to give to the poor in some way.  In fact, spend 10% less to do so. 


If you take care of what God cares about he'll take care of what you care about.


That seems like a good deal to me.


Take the list of some ways you could give to the poor and make a value decision to do it now.  God’s is offering you the best deal since the creation of the earth and your salvation.


God has so much more for you.  He wants your heart.  I have often said, serving God will cost you everything and it's worth it all.


Here is a good guide to Caring for the Poor.


Now here’s what you can expect for the Christmas Season.


As Tiny Tim was heard to say, (Who did not die) “God Bless Us, Every One”. 


I expect him to be faithful to His word, so can you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Greenhouse Church

This morning was 8 degrees. That is cold in IL. Probably shirtsleeve weather in ND. But, I'm in IL.

I was out tinking around in the greenhouse which is attached to my house. The temp in there is about 65 degrees. Cold enough to keep the plants thinking over blooming or not, warm enough to help them prosper.

How much like a church should be like a greenhouse.

It's a place of protection and refuge from the world.
It's a place where nurture and growth in safety can take place.
It's a place where no pests or predators are allowed.
There's always a gardner to make sure things are proper.
The water is always given in enough quantity and purity to allow for growth.
The nutrients needed to allow maximum growth are applied carefully, not one size fits all.
The temperature is exactly right for growth.
The sun can shine in and give warmth.
You are nurtured along with other plants.

I'm sure the list goes on, but the parallel struck me.

You may have more.