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I have found this to be true. It's hard, but if you work at it you can find it.


Chevy Volt replacement battery cost varies wildly, up to $34,000

 The nasty little surprise the early adapters get

Chevy Volt replacement battery cost varies wildly, up to $34,000

Obama moves to weaponize IRS, double down on conservative groups

 They REALLY ARE out to get you... Look out for the Jack Booted Thugs

Obama moves to weaponize IRS, double down on conservative groups - Illinois Review

No Shock Here in the most Pro Homosexual Administration Here to Date

This guy is in chains.. as he should be.

 His Monicker is “True Goon Tocool Sneekey”.. Well ol tocool is in the cooler now. This is where bad culture and the kind of upbringing you see in the video with the two year old from Omaha leads. TOCOOL is gonna end up dead if he gets back on the streets.. he will then assume room temperature... forever. IS THERE any redeeming quality at all to the kind of gangster culture we see here? Don't pray for him to get saved, pray that he come to the full end of himself before he dies bleeding on the street. We don't need any more crying (mostly that he got caught) at the alter babies. We need someone desperate for redemption from the pit of hell he's created for himself on earth. I'm angry at the kind of people who allow this to happen without any effort to control them. His mom or dad should have called the cops on him LONG ago.

And BUSH Signed it

Things are always bigger in Texas... including hyperbole

When did we become an overt dictatorship Zimbabwe style

When did we become an overt dictatorship Zimbabwe style and ceased ti be a democratic republic? Did I fall asleep on the sofa when the constitution was overturned? I must have, now where do I go to get my Constitution back? HUH?

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I poked fun at the Defense Guy who Said Aliens are among us... Chuck wanted to respond... so here it is

Hi Gene,

I tried to reply on this topic twice but it failed both times...even after splitting it in half.   If you approve it, please find a way to post it.
I personally think that this information, the 2nd half, is valuable and is something that most Christians have no idea about.  The Phil Schneider video is controversial but got me to think.

I don't know if you want to broach the topic.


Here is the reply:
I believe that the Church has no idea of the great deception that is to come and I pray that God will not only set us apart from the apostate church but will reveal to us the great deception before it arrives.
Its the deception and darkness that will cause the foolish virgins to fall.

Mat 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
Mat 25:2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

The deception is going to be setup and sold by the world system through the media before it actually occurs. Those who are not in His Word are going to be swept away once Satan takes over.
Mat 25:3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:
The five foolish virgins are Christians who have not grown and have not overcome the world.

Many of the foolish are described here:
Mar 4:16 And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness;
Mar 4:17 And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, immediately they are offended.

They and others will not be able to resist the lying deception of those times and the work of the evil one with his partners claiming to be Christian.
Mar 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
The foolish virgins will fall to temptation as they are weak in Word and in Spirit.
Mat 25:8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

Obviously, if your lamp is without oil you are without light and the great darkness of the end times will overcome them.
Joh 12:35 Then Jesus said to them, Yet a little while the Light is with you. Walk while you have the Light, lest darkness come upon you. For he who walks in darkness does not know where he goes.

Mat 25:11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.
Mat 25:12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

2Th 2:9 whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
2Th 2:10 and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, so that they might be saved.

Now to my point regarding the great deception. It is my opinion that the great deception is going to start with the involvement, in one form or another, “aliens from outer space.” We are likely to be told a story (a lie) that they are our long lost friends and have returned to help us and/or that we were created by them in the distant past. Then probably sometime later Satan is going to claim to be God.

Christians must come to realize that we will be seeing and experiencing things that we have not ever seen before. The supernatural will be manifested all around us. Most of it will be to deceive and to crush the true people of faith and eventually force the world to worship the beast.

There are already programs on TV that profess that aliens were here many years ago and that they may come back to help this civilization to grow and to have peace. We are seeing more and more UFO sitings and having people come out and professing what they have seen. The setup has already started.

Most of what these people are saying is true but the source, outer space aliens, is wrong. These are fallen angels preparing us for the great deception. They will come masquerading as light.

The plot will get much thicker as you begin to realize that the Catholic church will be helping with this deception. ( At first this point was was something I did not was so out there) Many are aware that the Illuminati (the powerful rich) are working to form a one world government. These forces will work together (not necessarily cooperating with each other) to help the Satan take his position of power. (as antichrist)

There are several possible scenarios to the end time fulfillment of Bible prophecy. If you consider what I said as a possibility I encourage you to do your own research.

What really got me motivated to write about this topic was this video that I saw only a few weeks ago. It was recorded in 1995. After you view it you'll wonder...yes he was killed. Phil Schneider was a government geologist and engineer who worked with the CIA in their “black operations”such as area 51. He quit his job after seeing the deceptions and went public with the information.

And this video of the same person at a different event edited with more content by the person who posted it.

People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

Curious why despite the huge miss in payrolls the unemployment rate tumbled from 7.0% to 6.7%? The reason is because in December the civilian labor force did what it usually does in the New Normal: it dropped from 155.3 million to 154.9 million, which means the labor participation rate just dropped to a fresh 35 year low, hitting levels not seen since 1978, at 62.8% down from 63.0%.

And the piece de resistance: Americans not in the labor force exploded higher by 535,000 to a new all time high 91.8 million.

The jobless, laborless recovery continues to steam on.

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The Rule of 100

Take a hundred people at random.

All economic and racial strata.

Select them carefully so that no particular strata is over represented.

25% Very well to do - RICH
25% Doing OK - Middle Class
25% Just getting by - Working Poor
25% In desperate poverty - Welfare State

Take these people and drop them from a helicopter into a place where no one knows any of them and where they only have the clothes on their backs. 

What will be the outcome of these folks in a year?

Take all these people and give them all $100,000.  Where will they be financially in one year?

Take all these people and place them in various minimum wage jobs in the economy.  What will be the outcome after a year? 

You know in your heart the answer to these things, but the image of "Trading Places" comes up.  It's not like that.  Those who succeed will always rise to the top and those who are stuck in a poverty mentality will always end up back there.

It's the mind.  It's what we think that matters.

I submit that all these people will end up as they started...except for a few who manage to have a mind shift.  They will move up.  

IF we are doing what we should be we must help people get over the mindsets that have condemned them to the poverty they choose by default. 

PS: This experiment has been tried.... and the results are exactly as I have suggested.

A Dead (or Raptured) Dog Can't Bark

I have been pretty hard on people that believe in the Rapture and all that stuff.  Well they are in good company.  Hollywood is on the trail of preaching this false doctrine.  A new movie starring Nicolas Cage is coming soon to theaters near you. 

If you read this article you will be stunned by the comments of fans such as:

Another apparent concern among some of those anticipating the 2014 release of the film was whether the actual rapture, the spiriting of Christians from Earth before the world's cataclysmic end (read about the theories here), might occur before the film hits theaters.
"If we get raptured before this is released, well, I'd be ecstatic, but I'd be really upset for not getting to see this movie!!!!!!!!" wrote one excited fan.
"Left Behind," directed by Vic Armstrong and written by Lalonde and John Patus, was produced by Stoney Lake Entertainment and will reportedly be distributed in the U.S. by Samuel Goldwyn Films. The movie, shot in Baton Rouge, La., remains in post-production.
In my Prophet Gene Blog today I wrote a pretty hard hitting rebuttal to the whole thing.  Hope you read it.

Somebody has seen MIB too many times

I think many of our laws attempting to "Protect" children from working are flawed.

 Of people I know who are successful in life there is a corollary. The younger a person begins working for money, the more successful they become in life. A child working in his or her families restaurant, farm, store or even chores will create the equation that work equals money. That is a lifelong impression and that takes away all ideas of money for nothing and chicks for free. Show me a kid making real money at 13 and one who doesn't begin earning real money at 18 and fast forward 30 years and it's not hard to build the case that a young man or woman earning money earlier will be more successful in life's economy. I wonder sometimes if there isn't almost a strategy to keep kids from working to create a dependency class. I worry about mandatory education and the push for higher education. Not that I am against such, but not everyone can or should go to college. Some should work. Or learn to work. 16 or 18 might be too late.


This guy is a danger to your children.

Why would the white house put Dr Doom on a you tube video trying to explain how the cold is actually warming. Really sad when they stoop to this.
Charles Krauthammer says the GOP should accept the short extension of unemployment benefits, but only if they “build into the bill an unwinding of this so it has an end date, so we all understand it isn't an entitlement.” Does he make a point?

Even being a bank robber requires that you know how to read and write

. I am pretty sure however that this fool didn't attend Chicago Public Schools. I'm certain the Schools in the Antioch area are just as good... He was arrested for attempted robbery and really bad penmanship.

Facts about the minimum wage debate:

The minimum wage has been raised with this one for the 23rd time. Less than 3 percent of the workforce earns the minimum wage; more than 60 percent of those who do earn it get a raise within a year; more than half of minimum-wage earners are students or other are part-time workers from households with average incomes of $53,000. Does raising the minimum wage really help anyone or is it just an empty gesture of false compassion?

The real story about this last cold snap and heavy snow in Chicago Land was the exposure of the supply chain fragility.

When trucks can't get thru, when they don't run in twenty below temps (Diesel), when they are stuck on highways and can't get out (Michigan and Indiana) things happen. In our area many groceries and pharmacies are substantially out of staples.  Product on the shelf is depleted.  Grocers run on just in time inventory.  There is no "STORE" in grocery store any more.  Just ask someone if they have any in the back room sometime.. the answer is no. 

Second, gas stations are out of gasoline.   Do you know how little gasoline is really on site at a gas station?  If the tankers don't get there they dry up pretty fast.  Here's the point.  We live on the ragged edge and it was exposed these last few days. 

Let some larger national catastrophe take place.. stopping all transportation (Logistical Support) and people will be starving and many dying for lack of the ability to access life saving systems.  I know as a Prophet it seems like many of us are hinting at a tough time to come.  The problem is even when a little tough time comes like a cold snap and some snow... the system breaks down quickly.

  Can you make it a month without any logistical support?  Your life may depend on the answer to that question.

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A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The left tried to make income inequality a major topic for discussion throughout America last year but failed.  So, they’ve gussied-up  their message, repackaged it, and they’re set to re-launch it again in 2014.

This year, however, the democrat’s message concerning income inequality is more important than ever.  See, they are counting on their beating the drum for a guaranteed income for every American to turn on the hordes of low info voters, and enough of those on the dole (wards of the state) to trudge to the polls and save the US Senate for the democrats.

Here’s the thing:  If the democrats can hold off the republicans enough that they can get their base to help them save five of the seats up in November, they will retain control of the Senate and, saints preserve us, we will remain in the same deadlock in Congress we are suffering through today with a republican House and a democratic Senate.

 Getting a piece of legislation guaranteeing a “BIG” is not important … at all.  (More on “BIG” a little farther down in this piece.) It’s all the sound ad fury that will accompany the debate.  You can rest assured the democrats will paint the Republicans as heartless with no concern for the middle class and the poor.  If the democrats can manage to have their message reverberate within the low info voter community they may be able to leech enough votes from that quarter to save Democrat Party control of the US Senate.  That’s the goal.

So, what IS income inequality, anyway? I mean, other than a tool the Marxists, Communists, and Socialists use to beat a capitalist nation severely about the head and shoulders until it crumbles and they move in and completely destroy whatever is left of that country.

You would do well to pay particular attention to the source of the plaintive calls for income equality.  You will find it originates from the ranks of the so-called “Progressives.”

Remember:  Progressive is only the latest nomenclature for “Communist,” “Socialist,” and “Marxist.” The are all one and the same: “fellow travelers.”  The title “Progressive” is only a cover name for “Communist,” Socialist,” and Marxist.”

Over the next eleven months, or so, the ”marxocrats” are going to be pounding the drum for redistribution of the nation’s wealth.  Their hearts are going to publicly bleed, all over the nation’s press, as they opine as to how they care for the poor downtrodden American with less income than the CEO of a corporation, etc. It’s not fair, they will cry.

It’s true. It’s not fair.  But then, neither is life.

In a capitalist system, one’s income depends on many, many things.  First and foremost, however, a nations economy MUST be sound and flourishing so those who want a job can get a job.
For a moment let’s get real, shall we?

A kid flipping burgers is not going to bring home what the CEO of the Widget Corporation does.  Nor should he.  THAT’S income inequality.

While we’re at it, lets clear away some of the smoke and mirrors the Progressive/Commies will be using over the next few months.

“Income inequality” is the cover name for “guaranteed minimum income.”   What we are talking about here is “a government-ensured guarantee that all citizens unconditionally receive an income sufficient to meet their basic needs.” – SOURCE:
Over the next few months you will hear the word “BIG” bandied about quite a lot.  BIG is an acronym.  It stands for: “Basic Income Guarantee” and that is what the democrats will be pushing for between now and the election in November.

Here’s a bit more on BIG: ”The basic income guarantee (BIG) is a government insured guarantee that no citizen’s income will fall below some minimal level for any reason. All citizens would receive a BIG without means test or work requirement. BIG is an efficient and effective solution to poverty that preserves individual autonomy and work incentives while simplifying government social policy. Some researchers estimate that a small BIG, sufficient to cut the poverty rate in half could be financed without an increase in taxes by redirecting funds from spending programs and tax deductions aimed at maintaining incomes.” – SOURCE: 
You DID notice the sentence:  ”All citizens would receive a BIG without means test or work requirement.” didn’t you?

Again, it all boils down to redistribution of the nations wealth, which means — YOUR wealth — taken from you and given to someone who did not earn it and does not deserve it.
Look.  America has changed.  In my opinion, there will never again be high employment in the country — at least not for a few generations.

Manufacturing jobs have disappeared because manufacturing plants have either gone out of business or moved out of the US to other countries more hospitable to business.  They’re gone, and won’t be coming back.  Their former employees are without jobs and are not likely to find anything they are qualified for simply because those jobs no longer exist… period.

Currently there is a drive on to increase the national minimum wage.  That’s another job killer.  At some point — and we are very near it right now –employers are going to begin replacing men and women employees with machines.  Technology is at such a level now that a hamburger joint could have most of their staff replaced by computerized machines.  This is no longer “new” technology.
Some of us remember Automats, which were fast food restaurants where simple foods and drinks are served by coin-operated and bill-operated vending machines.  They’ve been around for decades.  Just think of what we could do with today’s technology.  We won’t have to wonder long, for if the minimum wage goes up too much, a businessman who wants to remain a businessman, will not hesitate to replace his human employees with computers.  That will, of course, mean MORE unemployed Americans out on the streets.

The answer to income inequality the Progressives/Communists are going to tell us is a BIG, the basic income guarantee.

Where, pray tell, will the government get the money to hand out each month?  From the rich?  Not for long. The rich will simply flee. They will take their money, and their businesses (which generate jobs), and leave the country.

In fairly short order the entire nation would resemble the derelict city of Detroit.   Soon our entire society would find itself in a deplorable condition.

Democrats know they can depend on the support of those whose family traditions include living off government largesse for generations.  And the democrats can always rely on the Mainstream Media to promote their loving care for the poor and downtrodden while running interference, the whole of 2014, for Obama and the democrats and, lest we forget, for Obamacare.

So, get ready, it’s going to be brutal between now and November.  The dems have their backs against the wall and they will be flailing in all directions.

The dems will be intent upon making the GOP look as bad as they possibly can between now and November.  Since they own the bully pulpit and the press in America they WILL be successful to some degree.

Conservatives should dig in and hold fast so that in November we may truthfully say with Saint Paul of old:  ”I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith … “ ( 2 Timothy 4:7).  We must remember this admonition, too, from St. Paul: ”… Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  (Galatians 5:1)

This is sobering stuff... and I really hope you look at it. People dying and being born in real time.

An optimistic view of the times we live in basically believes this way:

 This was written by a friend of mine, and most of it I agree with.

1. Jesus' prophecies of Matt. 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 have already happened. They happened in that generation and were fulfilled in AD70. His prophesies were about the destruction of Jerusalem, the temple and the old covenant system and priesthood.

2. The book of Revelation, for the most part, was a prophecy about a coming war that took place between AD66 and AD70, and possibly to AD73. It also, was about the destruction of Jerusalem, the temple and the old covenant system to make way for the fullness of the new covenant and the kingdom of God on earth. The last few chapters of Revelation speak of the new covenant kingdom of God on earth which we live in right now.   

3. AntiChrist was never a person, but a false teaching.

5. Nero was 666. He and the Roman Empire was the beast which came out of the sea. The religious leaders in Jerusalem were the beast which came out of the earth. These are prophetic symbols shown in the book of Revelation.

6. The great tribulation happened in AD70. We do not await some future, destructive event that the church needs to be rescued from. What we commonly think of as "rapture" is simply "resurrection" where the dead in Christ will rise first with a new body and then those of us who are alive will be changed in an instant with a new body (Philippians 3:20-21, 1 Cor. 15:50-52).

7. The man of sin, or lawlessness, was a zealot named John Levi, who took over the temple, killed the priest and acted like God in the temple. He is the main reason that Titus destroyed the temple in Jerusalem during the war of AD66 to AD73.

8. We currently live in the age of the kingdom of God, not the church age. We are to be "making all things new" with Jesus and advancing His kingdom throughout the whole earth. His kingdom, as He said, is to grow from a seed to a bush to a large tree, or as leaven spreading throughout the whole lump of dough, or throughout the whole earth.

9. The new heaven and the new earth is the church, the new Jerusalem. The old heaven and the old earth (or region of land) was the temple and the old city of Jerusalem. We are the new temple, new creations in Christ, under a new covenant, the new heavens and the new earth

Its times for a paradigm shift in what we believe and how we live out our faith. There is no fear, we are the kingdom of God. We have the power and authority of Jesus Christ, our High Priest and King! We are His body and His temple in the earth.


Well, not say them, since they have already been said, in Larry Elder’s book under the above-mentioned title, so it would be more accurate to say that I will be repeating them, knowing ahead of time that, by doing so, I will be inviting the “heat,” which, if you have been paying attention to the weather, you know we could use plenty of, since global warmer does not seem to be working out for us. As a southerner, who moved to the North, you can have this cold weather, this snow, and Al Gore. I’d much rather have the heat, thank you very much. In fact, I seek it, welcome it, because heat doesn’t bother me, whether it comes from weather conditions, or people running the usual hot air campaigns, making noise, without any facts.

It is this noisemaking that helps keep the spiraling out of control conditions going in this country, threatening to turn this country upside down on its head, if, indeed, that is not already the case. Like the economy, which has already collapsed, but is propped up by $75-$85 billion dollars each month to make it appear that what these politicians are saying about a recovery is real, we are, likewise, propping up our public discourse, much of which is nothing but nonsense, to make it appear that this nonsense is also real.

America, today, is not real. Yes, there are declared boundaries which say this country consist of 50 States (not 57, which is the number President Obama thought made up the United States), but beyond set borders, is even that real? Members of Congress are constantly talking about immigration reform, never about enforcing immigration laws, and you never hear these politicians talk about this country’s national sovereignty. So, while there are defined national boundaries, those boundaries are not even real, but a forerunner of the conditions that exist within those borders.

This country practices what is called “political correctness,” because the people in the country have declared war on the truth. Anything being said today, in this country, needs to be taken with a bag of salt, forget about a grain of sodium chloride, with what is being said, this problem requires much more. America has become a nation of liars, and none exemplify this fact more than the politicians in Washington. Anyone who believes anything these politicians say is a candidate for Bellvue. Indeed, when dealing with members of Congress, here is only one sane way to deal with them, which is the cogent title of one of Peter Schweizer’s books, “Throw Them All Out." If you are not talking about throwing them out, you are not talking about Washington, but about the mirage of Washington, created by the politicians in Washington.

I am convinced that American society today, basically, is an artificial society; very little is real within its borders, and until that is understood, addressed, and effectively dealt with, ending what is a country spiraling out of control, is not only impossible, but unthinkable. We are witnessing a nightmare, and we are in it, with our eyes wide shut. It is time to open our eyes, not just raise our eyelids. The following are listed as a small token of my appreciation for the truth, which I consider the items below to be within that context. Each represents the title of one of the chapter sin Larry Elder’s book.

1. “Blacks Are More Racist than Whites.” [I have no interest, here, in being told about the Klan, of yesteryears past.]

2. “White Condescension Is as Bad as Black Racism.” [White condescension, is racism, in disguise.]

3. “The Media Bias---It’s Real, It’s Widespread.” [The media is the fourth most dangerous institutionalized force in this country, and brought down an American President, it despised, in 1975, which amounted to a coup de’ tat in this country.]

4. “The Glass Ceiling---Full of Holes.” [Any “glass ceiling, today, is the product of “political correctness.”]

5. “America’s Greatest Problem: Not Crime, Racism, or Bad Schools---It’s Illegitimacy.” [The courts have confused family with the right to love whom one chooses. There is not only a break-down of the family in this country, but the term can no longer be defined within the context of present social conditions.]

6. “There Is No Health-Care ‘Crisis.’” [The preceding was written, in 2000, when Elder’s book was published. It is correct to say, today, the crisis is the one created today by Washington politicians.]

7. America’s Welfare State: The Tyranny of the Statist Quo.” [Notice the word, statist, is not status. Elder is pointing to the agenda behind the Welfare State.]

8. “Republicans Versus Democrats---Maybe a Dime’s worth of Difference.” [Not that much, in fact, maybe a penny’s worth of difference. Both groups hate the Tea Party because they know they are political awake, and pose a threat to what is nothing but a political club in Washington.]

9. “The War Against Drugs Is Vietnam II: We’re Losing This One, Too.” [Statists never learn. They tried to regulate what one puts in his/her own body in 1918, with Prohibition. They’re back, in full force, and losing again, but don’t expect them to go away.]

10. “Gun Control Advocates---Good Guys with Blood on Their Hands.” [Not good guys, bad guys; they don’t advocate gun control where they are, just where our children are, and it is this fact that places their hands in the blood of these children who have been slaughtered in school by madmen coming to school, through the front door, with rifles, not taken down until they have wreaked havoc on the most innocent members of society, ended, if you will, only after some other rifles show up, or these cowards end their own lives.]

I take It that Larry Elder has heard the song, “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About.” I think it is about love. It is also about heat.


The 'Trickle-Down' Lie

If there is ever a contest for the biggest lie in politics, this one should be a top contender.
While there have been all too many lies told in politics, most have some little tiny fraction of truth in them, to make them seem plausible. But the "trickle-down" lie is 100 percent lie.
It should win the contest both because of its purity -- no contaminating speck of truth -- and because of how many people have repeated it over the years, without any evidence being asked for or given.
The 'Trickle-Down' Lie - Thomas Sowell - Page 1

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

How far we've fallen

Amazing! Obama spent $7.45 billion in 3 years helping other countries deal with climate change. Perhaps that money should have been used to reduce our national debt!

CC Theft

I know someone who used my CC information to steal. It's not a huge amount. A couple thousand dollars, credit card fraud. Macy's Wisconsin. The CC company canceled the card. I'm out zero money. I know who did it. NOW the question is since I am out nothing, what do I do? Let the authorities and the security cams take care of it? I suspect they will. Macy's didn't just fall off the pickle truck. When this happened I asked Holy Spirit to tell me if I needed to know more about this then I did. Now I do. I don't know if I have any part of exposing this person. HMMMM

Get what you are paid for

Professor AL

First let me be clear. I like Rev Al. I hear him on the radio. I think if he and I were to meet I would enjoy his company. BUT... sometimes he goes over the edge. I know a bit about him. It's his life story that is so clear. He makes misstep after misstep. This last one a few days ago was a hoot. He donned a white lab coat, stood in a chemistry lab with bubbling beakers. He then chastised people for NOT believing global warming was caused by man and in fact said that the cold we all are experiencing was caused by man. It's going to warm up nice by the end of the week. Who caused that? What is funny/sad is that Rev Al never finished any college. He dropped out in his sophomore year. At least (unlike Jesse Jackson) he actually went to a bit of Bible College. I think if you are gong to pretend to know something about science you should at least know something about science. But that's just me. Here's the video of the Good Rev making a serious fool of himself.

Strength thru diversity is a lie. Unity is our strength.. not diversity.

The sad part is we will allow this. In the name of diversity and tolerance. Look at this statue up close.. it's demonic as all get out...but I guess saying that is kinda redundant.

The jack booted thugs in our government are out of control

Helpless Homeless

Yesterday in DesMoines IA there was a man at the QT gas station with a sign that said "homeless, anything will help". He was sitting outside in -10 weather. Dressed OK but man, why. Inside was a burger king and a large place. I had compassion. Gave him 5 bucks. My wife noted that he was sitting right below a "Help Wanted" , apply inside sign. I know that in DesMoines the unemployment is very low. I wonder what his story was?


Staying in A nice hotel in Dallas TX we had some worship CDs and teaching CDs I wanted to listen to in a box. In there was also a couple coffee cups and some other paraphernalia. It is normal for us to listen to things as we travel. WE were on the road 28 hours. WELL, the maid, the one who cleaned the room, threw away all my CDs and teaching CDs. So, I got to only hear a few of them. These are some from Apostle John Eckhardt that were favorites of mine. Gone. I was not angry as much as sad. Except the CDs worship CDs had colorful plastic covers on them. I'm afraid I didn't tip that lady very well. I hope she can understand english well enough to listen to them.. if she did.

An Inconvenient Deal: Sales have cooled.