Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tending our own Garden

I have been guilty from time to time of taking care of other people's plantings, helping out on other landscapes and letting my own suffer. Carpenter's doorstep it's called. Or the preacher's kid who goes bad because of bad parenting.

It's a case of tending everyone else's garden and not your own.

I have a bit of a problem with the short term (week or two) missions trips that so many groups enter into. I am not convinced of the value of these kinds of exercises. I think it's good to agree to a long term project like a soup kitchen or some such but to send people away to some far place to do short term ministry doesn't make sense to me.

To be honest our Son went off on such an expedition to Mexico. It was a worthwhile venture as an adventure. But, I'm not convinced of the value to the Mexicans.

The territory around a Christian might need serious
tending (witness) , serious ministry, serious attention and yet we send people off somewhere at significant expense for what appears to my eyes to be letting weeds grow up in our own garden to go far away to weed someone else's.

That's the story in the Song of Solomon Chapter 1. The Shulamite has been send off by her brothers to take care of a vineyard she didn't own. Then her own vineyard was in bad repair. She was still lovely yet sunburned and not fair as women tried to be then. That's what we do, we send people off, they get burned and the garden they should have been tending to is lost.

5Dark am I, yet lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon.

6 Do not stare at me because I am dark, because I am darkened by the sun. My mother's sons were angry with me and made me take care of the vineyards; my own vineyard I have neglected.

I'm not sure we always do well when we try to do good. We must be wise. Let's start by tending the vineyards of our own hearts, then our families, then our church, then our community and then.......

That's the biblical model. First Jerusalem. Uttermost parts can come a little later. Running helter skelter doesn't always get the weeds in our own garden pulled.

The OL Ball Game

Living where we do one pleasure we have is a very good and prosperous baseball farm team here in our area. Kane County Cougars. It's connected with the Oakland A's. I'm not the baseball fan Steve Scott is but I do enjoy an occasional game.

It's almost fall here in northern IL. It is hot during the day but gets very cool at night quickly. Days are getting short. So while the temp was 80 at the beginning of the game it was upper 60s by the end. I didn't bring a jacket.

It reminded me of North Dakota. My dad played for the Ellendale baseball team back when we first moved to town. I remember going to the ball park and watching him play. He would have been in his 40s.

The weather would have been like it was tonite. I had a Yogi Berra moment. De ja vu all over again except for all the songs and the electronic scoreboards and the 12,000 people that were there.

We never got that kind of crowd in the Ellendale park.

Time. Passing. Even tonite.

Communing with Catholics

I have often said on this blog and elsewhere that I have many things more in common with my Catholic Brothers and Sisters than I do with many nominal mainline churches and so called evangelicals.

They are many times more discerning and passionate than many in the stream of the main.

This has to do with the reaction to Sarah Palin's pick by McCain. Pentecostals, fundamental conservative Christians (of which I include the LCMS) and Catholics see this universally as good. I include those people who are still part of fundamental branches of churches that are in the process of being divided by true believers and those who are trying to measure and compromise with the culture like those dear folks in the Anglican Communion.

We are going thru a time of division. There will be a whore Church. I wouldn't join it.

And there will be a true church.

I want to be there when those saints go marching in.

Lots of them will be Catholics.

I appreciate the Anchoress so much. She has written so well on all this.


and here

And here.

Lead On Anchoress.

Sarah Palin and the North Dakota Connection

Friday's announcement of Sarah Palin as VP candidate generated some horse poop from Daily Kos (which I don't normally read but found Courtesy of Little Green Footballs). Daily Kos has given me even more reason to love this future VP.

She belongs to the Assemby of God Church in Alaska. Mike Rose is her pastor. Now here's the North Dakota connection. Mike Rose almost 18 years ago was the pastor of the AG church in Lisbon ND. I met him then. My pastor, Dan Rothwell from Fargo and Mike were good friends. I met Rodney Howard Browne in the Little Bible Camp in Devils Lake ND when Mike was there helping Browne at a men's retreat.

It was wonderful. I value my time spent with Rodney Howard Browne and with Pastor Rose in the old quonset hut at the Bible Camp that winters day.

Course being pagan unlearned savages the Kos Kids have no way to deal with someone who has genuine spiritual Cred. Like Sarah Palin.

When I read the article from Kos it did much to cause me to rise up and support this good woman. She is just like me. I think she will be seen by most people to be just like we all are in some way. She will connect.

I can see the money rolling in. I can see the campaign taking on new life. WE (and saying this about the McCain campaign is a big step for me) WE can WIN THIS THING!

I am now an enthusiastic McCain Palin supporter, without Palin, not so much. This was a wise and brilliant move on McCain's part. He will find himself likely in the White House because he reached out to Social Conservatives. Even my buddy Mike Huckabee loves her. Even James Dobson.

This was a great pick and we all know what good things come from Alaska, not just oil or salmon.

I feel better already.

A blog change I never wanted to make

For the foreseeable future I have activated the Comment moderation feature. I never wanted to go to this. This has always been a good place to allow anyone to say anything on this blog for the last 4 years and 2267 posts. And for the most part it's been all good.

I have readers who are loyal, courteous and kind. They offered useful valuable input.

But in the last week this blog has been abused by an abusive commenter and for that reason I will from here on out moderate all comments given. I hope you will understand.

Bob, Ron, Harold, Steve, Keith, Ben, John, Barry and all the others who over time have been so kind I will receive and post your comments. I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to vigorous debate. Anyone is welcome and I will post them all as long as they are decent.

Not vitriolic diatribe will be allowed. You can always start your own blog. Then you can diatribe away to your hearts content.

Apologies to my Sister

I want to publicly apologize to my Sister who was unintentionally the target of flack she didn't sign up for.

So I have removed everything that might have been painful for her.

She is a good woman and carries many burdens. I do not want to pile on any more than I already did.

So I took them away.

I'll be more careful.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Audio of the Talk

In case you have ANY interest at all, the audio of the sermon from last Sunday morning is here.

In a week you might have to scroll to find it. Pastor Phil's sermon will be on top in a week.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bag a Bug

Product Endorsement.

This year has been murder on plants susceptible to the Japanese Beetle. They have eaten every rose, every Linden, many crabs and grapes.

Oh, you can spray for the bad bugs but using Sevin (carbyl) leaves a residue powder that is suspect in the decline of the bee population. We need bees so I have not sprayed Sevin.

Then I ran into a product that astounds me. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it work.


I have 3 of these things in my yard. I emptied them out after a week. It was a huge pile of dead jap beetles. Maybe 3 gallons worth. Thousands. Amazing.

It is creepy and if you can't stand bugs it's really creepy. But it works.

Apparently horny male beetles leap into this thing. At least that's what the literature says. I hope a few females make the plunge as well.

The emerald ash borer is a close relative of the jap beetle. Perhaps this is a tool in warfare against this bad bug that is destroying ash everywhere.

Get one. The season's almost over, but next summer, as soon as I have seen even one, I will deploy this weapon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Being Stung by the Quill of a Porcupine

IF you avoid porcupines, keep your distance, stay away from them, don't engage them you will be certain never to be stung.

If however in watching a porcupine ramble toward a cliff without being able to see the danger or trying to cross a busy highway at rush hour and if you attempt to redirect the beast to safety you will be stung. It will hurt. And the porcupine assumes it is justified at stinging. It's what they do. They are porcupines.

Avoid helping porcupines destined on self destruction unless you are willing to accept the pain of a quill.

And that my friends is my advice on advice.

Surprised by the Consistent Voice of God

One of the things that constantly amazes me as a Prophet is the consistency of What God is Saying thru his prophetic voices on the planet. If one prophet says something, it's being said all around the Globe at once. It's God speaking thru his Prophets in real time. No fax machine on the planet could go that quickly or accurately. Plus there is a cultural fit to the prophetic exhortation. The prophet giving this word in Bangalore India is giving it different in context from the one in China or in Argentina. But the word is the same. This happens all the time and each time it's amazing to me.

Early this year passing the torch was the word.

Today that word is different. The word is Alignment. A few weeks ago God poke in my spiritual rib and gave me this word about being and staying in alignment with his purposes to receive his promises. Ever since then if I am with other prophets that's all I hear. In the last week I have heard alignment alignment alignment on TV, in Church, in emails and from Prophetic friends.

Today I see that James Goll has given the same word:

One of the most consistent ways that the Lord speaks to me is through "dreams." Once again, by the grace and faithfulness of God, the Holy Spirit gave me a very vivid instructional dream. The dream was filled with color and emotions, but no words. I do feel that this dream has meaning for me in a personal manner and yet contains truths that are for the Body of Christ. So let me unfold it.

I was attempting to stand in a room where there was a low ceiling. It was an old room filled with religious senses all around it. It was a room representing the Church in its present condition and, in particular, the overall condition of the church where I live in Greater Nashville, Tennessee.

I was standing on the outer edge of the room and I kept trying to stand up. As I would do this, my head would butt against the ceiling, and I could actually feel the weight of the stone ceiling on my head in the dream. I kept trying to raise the roof off by standing up, but it was not working. Then something like a giant, heavenly can opener came down from above and cut a huge hole in the stone roof. The hole appeared in the center of the room. I then moved from the outer edge to the center of the room, and as I did - I looked up.

The sky was filled with the promises of God!

There was now a brilliant "Open Heaven" stationed right over my head. The sky was blue and there were beautiful clouds hovering. I could feel the warmth of the sun upon my body. The atmosphere was filled with faith, hope, love and life.

I then proceeded, in the dream, back to the edge of the room where the ceiling was still intact, and yes, still quite low. Again, I had to crouch down to get under the low ceiling. I attempted to "stand upright" only to feel the weight of the ceiling suppressing me once again. So I stepped back into the center of the room. What a contrast!

Oh, there was clean air to breathe. There was light and no darkness. There was a sense of purpose and destiny fulfilled. I was now positioned correctly under an open heaven, enabling me to achieve the purposes of God. I was centered and walking in the light.

Interpreting the Experience

As I woke up, I had several "knowings" as a result of this dream experience. Again, there were no audible words in this dream. But the feeling dimension was very alive! I did feel a word dropped inside of me, though, as I woke up - "Get Positioned for an Open Heaven."

God wants us each to be properly aligned in this hour with Him and His purposes. He wants to lift the lid off the can, but we must position ourselves properly as this occurs. We must move from the side issues to the central ones. We must be centered on Him.

Walking in Open Heavens deals more with His work versus ours. Our efforts to push through and even "stand uprightly" are acknowledged, but it is truly His work from above that creates a sustained place or Open Heavens for His presence. He has the ability to break through even the hardest of places, circumstances and low ceilings.

Again, in the dream, the Lord saw my efforts and acknowledged them, but then He did the work that I could not. I find it quite interesting that it is more about His work from above than our work from beneath. He does respond, however, to our efforts. But we do not create an Open Heaven - He does. He is the Creator - I am not. I am a responder to His great love and initiative. Yet, what goes up must come down!

Get into Kingdom Alignment for such a time as this. Step out of the shadows of the side edges and move into the center of His word, will and ways. Be centered in Him - after all, being "centered in Christ" is the best place to be!

Perhaps James Goll did it more more eloquently than I was able to convey, but he is on the same page and giving the same message. When I read the prophetic writings prior to Jesus the consistency in them amazes me. They same the same things in many different ways. God loves you, The Messiah is coming and God says, "I do what I do because of who I am and for my Names sake".

Isn't God amazing?

A Word From a Prophetess Friend

I have a prophetess friend (by email and Phone) named Nancy Minor. She and her Husband Tom do great things in the Kingdom. I'm trying to help them although I know she is frustrated by the fact that things seem to be slow. This is the content of the email she sent this morning. I endorse the word of the Lord that came to her and commend it to you:

We are in transition. I have been feeling it- it was voiced by someone else tonight at church. I was even asked at church if I had a "Word" to give. But I did not at that time. But as I thought about this transition- the Lord reminded me that is part of the birthing process! And this is the Word:

When a woman goes into labor there is a period called "the transition." It is very uncomfortable and typically there is no time to relax between contractions. The cervix is dilating- getting ready for the birth and the baby is descending into the birth canal. This is what is written about this phase from the medical/natural viewpoint:

"During this time, it is important for your partner or labor coach to assist you into various positions so that you can find one that is the least uncomfortable. It is important to try to take one contraction at a time during transition."

"This is the hardest but shortest part of labor. The cervix finishes opening during this phase of the first stage. This is the point when she may ask to go home, promising to return and finish tomorrow, she may shake, be nauseated, or vomit. These things do not always happen but are perfectly normal if they do. Contractions are 2-3 minutes apart, and generally last 90 seconds. Remember the pain is not any worse, just closer together.

#Relax, go with the flow
#Move around and get comfortable, you may need to change position with every contraction or you may not want to move
#Listen to your body
#Hang in there it's almost over!"
For the labor coach:

*Remind her this is almost over
*Remind her to breathe
Water is especially helpful during transition. Try a shower, a tub, or cloths.
*Slow dance with her

I think that is good advice for the spiritual application too! Things are not worse- just closer together... Relax go with the flow - allow the spirit to dictate and illumine what to do. Change position- move with the Spirit... there is strategic planning for each stage of warfare! He knows how to best enter into the mainstream of this transition AND to get us to the other side.

We will not fail to birth! Be confident and do not faint!

There will be a glorious culmination to all the pain and angst and uncertainty that you have been feeling. You may not know what it is that you are birthing- but you are being taken into a new realm- a different place of walking with Him than you have previously known. Do not fear- for HE is there- albeit- you may not so easily feel His comfort or touch during the transitioning process. That is why you must FOCUS on HIM and expect to hear His instructions for this season. What worked previously - will not work now. Previous "positions" you have taken in seeking Him, will leave you uncomfortable and unsatisfied. He is calling you into deeper waters and your Faith must be strengthened to sustain you in these waters. It will be strengthened by totally abandoning all that you know and throwing yourself headlong into His arms! Move into the water of His Spirit and let it wash over you.

Renew yourself with the water of the Word. Drink deeply of His Presence. Chew on the Word to relieve tension and gain sustenance. Slow dance with Your Bridegroom. He longs to see you come into the next level and the new place He has for you! The discomfort of the moment will be forgotten when the "baby" arrives. Breathe! In Him you live, and move and have your being. You will get through this and you will rejoice.


A Closed Church Hurts the Whole Body of Christ

I was in Rockford on Business yesterday PM. Coming back I was rerouted from Rte 72 on a back road that took me thru the little town of Holcomb IL. I have driven this road several times voluntarily. It's a pretty drive and normally without any traffic.

On the west side of
Holcomb is a church building. (it's not a big town, it has two sides however unlike the small town signs that have the name of the town on both sides to save money and no other signs are needed).

That church building was last occupied by an episcopal church. I remember not long ago when it was functioning. The church is closed now. Unoccupied. For rent. I was sad upon seeing that.

On Rte 72 there is also a church building for rent or sale in Monroe IL. That up till a couple years ago was an operating E Free church.

The population in these areas has not declined. In fact in both little towns strategically located between Rockford and
Chicagoland it's a practical place to live. There are few houses for sale there.

They closed for the same reason any operation closes. Lack of participation. (My father in law always calls it a lack of precipitation, he's a champion at malapropisms)

But he might be right. Maybe it is a lack of precipitation. (let the rain of your spirit fall on me)

I'm not happy to see these churches close. The kids that used to be able to walk to
Sunday school, to VBS, to Easter Sunrise no longer can. The lives and treasure invested in these empty places, hopes now long dashed break my heart.

The Body of Christ as a whole is less for all this. There is no blame to be assigned. It's like the little family shoe store that closes in a small town like I grew up in because a
Wal-Mart opens up down just outside town. I hate the idea but people vote with their feet.

The problem is people in
Holcomb or Monroe aren't going to the Wal-Mart Church outside of town. They are going without the spiritual shoes of the Gospel of Peace. Going barefoot spiritually and until they hit a thorn are happy to be doing so.

Sure, the leaders of that church might have embraced those church growth things that work other places and survived or even prospered. Maybe.

If I were to assign blame I would assign it at this level:
  • Resistance to Change
  • We always did that this wayism
  • Lack of a new vision, asking "if we were starting over with a virtual new church plant here what would it look like?" In business it's the attitude of asking one's self how "If you were a clever competitor, how would you put them (yourself) out of business." The reality is the Devil asks this question all the time of his demons and they participate fully.
  • Inbredism. I don't even know if that's a word, but in small towns Churches MUST stand together or they will fall separately. I have done small town economic development conferences and have a talk titled 8 essentials this small town must preserve to prosper. One of those is a praying passionate fellowship of spiritual Leaders from the area. Other churches aren't competitors, they are cooperators. They are branches of the same company. Our competitor is the world, the flesh and the devil. Not the Methodists.
  • Ecclesial denominational stricture. The one size fits all top down mentality. I know of a church in Minnesota that was failing badly in danger of closing. It was down to 30 people. The ELCA determined that it was over. A friend of mine, not an ELCA ordained pastor, was allowed to come in and "maintain" things for a while. He was there 3 years and in that time paid all the bills, did some remodeling on the little church building badly needed and got the membership up to 300. He did it by being a good pastor. Yes he was and is a Pentecostal. NOT ELCA. SO, once the ship was righted the ELCA sent in an newly ordained pastor and now it's headed for the bottom once again. That little church will close. There are thousands of Churches with empty pulpits around the country and thousands of Pastors of great affect and anointing who would take those churches except for the ecclesiastical roadblocks to doing so. Because they haven't bought into or haven't been strained thru a seminary of the choosing of the overlords the building closes like it did in Holcomb. We are all poorer for their ignorance.

I'm saddened by all this. I see it all the time. Even in the City of Chicago which is some of the most
unchurched territory on the planet. Church buildings are closed and sold off all the time because the ecclesiastical structure lacks the vision it takes to make it all work.

Meanwhile new churches are being planted, they are prospering. I was visiting a friend of mine late last night and he was telling me of a new church plant that is working very well. That is exciting.

But, I'm just saying, having those church buildings in those small towns close not because of population
is a crime because they are not providing what people are looking for. The children in that little town have been robbed. They will grow up without knowing the things we knew as kids.

We are all poorer
spiritually because the Episcopal church in Holcomb closed. I hope someone opens it back up under a different name if need be. It won't be me. But I have hope someone with vision sees this.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Give me the Church, the whole Church and Nothing But TRUE Church of Jesus

There appears to be a great deal of confusion in the Body of Christ about the 5 fold ministries that are supposed to be present to be a WHOLE CHURCH.

I was offered a link that I read and regrettably it's old cessationist hat. Nothing worthwhile there. Unsupported and without any depth of understanding.

If you are truly interested in exactly how the Church should be founded, governed and directed you would do well to read the salient chapters regarding the issues that you might be a bit fuzzy on. Read particularly the Apostles and Prophets Chapters and you will get a picture of how it should be when Church really works.

Read this material by Ron McKenzie. You will find it soundly supportive of the church leadership model I endorse.

Unfortunately few churches today operate at this level. Most are out of line with the order God established long ago.

The good news is the Holy Ghost is re-reminding us of his order and priorities.

I'm glad of that. I hope you are as well.

Horror Movie

A dear friend of ours recommended we rent a movie called September Dawn.

It's about an event I had never heard of. A massacre of 140 pioneers Septemeber 11, 1857 by a Mormon group.

I don't know much about it but it was disturbing to say the least.

How people could do what that movie portrayed. I guess reading about it all in the Bible with the various a"""Kites being killed isn't as horrid as seeing it on the screen.

I'm not recommending it. I'm just sayin......

Transactional Analysis is soooooo 1960s

Long long ago I studied transactional analysis under Dr James Nolan. I'm OK you're OK. You remember that don't you?

It has helped in my Marriage Counseling efforts. What is interesting is how long it has been since I've seen a real played out Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer triangle.

Most bad marriages have this going on. No one is playing the adult. One party is playing one of the other roles. And they constantly switch off pulling each other's chains like in the little script in the link.

What makes this so current is the interchange I have had with a woman who has tried playing persecutor with me, then later tried playing victim, and now is trying to play rescuer. None of which I responded to except to call what I saw in her spirit.

In my Marriage Counseling I have seen this pattern and it is dangerous. I don't who this is but if this is being acted out in the home this is not a sign of marital bliss. When I see someone playing the part as she did with me it means she believes this will get results. Sorry Mum, been there, have the tee shirt. Not playing.

Marriage is not 50 50. It's 100 100 all the time or it won't work. If someone is at various times in the marriage relationship a rescuer, a victim and a persecutor it nearly always means that the marriage is severely out of balance.

If I were a betting man, I'm betting this one is.

Setting Aside Time to be Sure to Miss this Thing

I have not watched any of the Democrat Convention. Seen too much already.

If I get a chance I am going to be sure to miss watching this. But, paging around the news channels it's like Chicken Man.

They're Everywhere - Everywhere.

I'm being forced to watch this mess. Maybe I'll do something different. I'll read a book.

God Uses People I don't Agree With

One of the truths I have had to come to is that God reserves the right to use people I don't like, disagree with and find difficult to swallow. Sometimes watching TV there will come on one of the 9 religious channels a satellite dish has a guy or a woman who just irritates the heck out of me. I won't name names but there are several.

Yet God uses them in spite of my opinion.

Of course, there are several people in the Five Fold Ministry who are wonderful teachers, prophets, pastors, evangelists and apostles. I look forward to seeing them when they are on.

  • I like Apostle Ron Carpenter Jr.
  • I like Prophet Kim Clement
  • I like Pastor Che Ahn
  • I like Evangelist Reinhard Bohnkee
  • I Like Teacher Mike Bickle

Each of them fills a role in the whole body of Christ and I am glad God uses them in their respective role. I suspect all of them have flaws. I personally know two of these men and will tell you that at home they are very flawed humans. It's just that God has chosen to use them. The recent situation in Lakeland demonstrates that flaws in the Body of Christ are everywhere. This analysis of the situation and the warning around it is pretty good. In it Loren Sanford says:

We’re living in a time when God is so serious about His character imprinted into us for the honor of His name, that while He often uses seriously flawed people to accomplish His purposes, there is nothing hidden in any leader’s heart or life that will not be exposed. Luke 12:2-3, “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.”

Yes, God pours out His grace in forgiveness, but we must never forget that God’s holiness must be honored and that He does act for the sake of His own name. As God entrusts us with more power and more glory, accountability for character issues rises. As we cry MORE LORD, God answers by asking more of us because we’ve been given more. Luke 12:48 says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.”

God may not make perfection a requirement for wielding the gift of His mercy and His power, but with the blessing of His mercy and power comes responsibility and accountability to grow in looking like Jesus, being like Jesus, acting and living like a people set apart, different from the world. We MUST grow in His ways.

It is sobering and a warning to anyone who is used by God to be aware of the potential to fall. We must be careful in many ways. One of which is to not tell God who He can or Cannot use.

I will surf past that one woman or man on TV who just gets my goat and I don't get what that's all about. On the other hand, I have no idea who he or she is reaching and touching for good that I will never see. That he or she is filling a hole and a role that is essential. We are not all an ear, nor an eye or a foot. Each of us are a part. To deny that we have an essential role to fill is missing God's best for ourselves or for his Church.

That's true of all of us. God still reserves the right to use people I may not like or approve of. He's God. I'm not. Neither are you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Power Prophetic and the Overflow Effect

I have discovered a truth that I have been coming to slowly.

The power of the Prophetic is multiplied when there is more than one, two, three or more prophets present. A few weeks ago I wrote on this. I had experienced just that dynamic.

I am coming to the conclusion that a group of prophets submitted to the voice of God and each other has tremendous power.

Now, that isn't very effective if your purpose in life is to create a huge one man ministry. I know some such. I don't think the one man prophetic show is the ideal.

I won't mention names but there are great prophets alive who are lone wolves. I don't think that is the preferred plan. I'll mention one. Kim Clement. I admire his prophetic flow. I think he is a great prophet. His single weakness might be that he operates alone, no pollination, no check, no correction, no amplification.

He has not (to my knowledge) made any major missteps. He would benefit by being in a company of Prophets sometimes. Maybe he is.

Last night one such happened. Prophet on Prophet. Not just piggybacking, but amplification. I was part of a prophetic flow. One link in a prophetic chain. It was wonderful and people were edified. Isn't that as it should be?

If one puts a thousand to flight, two, ten thousand, how about 3, 4, 5 or whatever. John Eckhardt sends out a team of prophets to minister when he does. I am starting to see the wisdom of that.

Maybe the purposes of God were always best expressed when there was a group of prophets staying in the school of prophets (like a school of fish, not a school like education). Maybe the lone wolf prophets of the Old Testament in particular was not God's best. Maybe the New Testament model is better as expressed in 1 Corinthians 14 is more accurate. Prophetic flow comes from overflow, one flows over on another and such. I saw this and it rang true:
"Air [ru'ah] ... is also a term denoting the divine intellectual overflow that overflows to the prophets and in virtue of which they prophesy. ...

Sometimes the wind blows and it flows over. It happened last night.

I'm thinking about this and only about 3 people will get what I am saying. That's ok. This blog is about what I am thinking about.