Saturday, May 09, 2009

How I spent much of Saturday

This is the group from the encounter retreat for the Berwyn Church.

They are great. Hispanic, Black, White and assorted.

Just like Heaven.

I love a true multicultural church.

They put up with my pitiful ripping testimony.

This is Part of What E-4 is doing in Chicagoland.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Stupid Government Tricks

George Bush implemented a program that cost 300 billion dollars. Almost a third of a trillion.

It is called hope for homeowners.

To date here's what we have for your tax dollars being flushed down the toilet. ONE homeowner has been helped. This couldn't be worse if Acorn was running it.

Here's a little info:

We last wrote about the Hope for Homeowners program (H4H) just over a month ago, when we noted that after five months, the $300 billion program had helped exactly one homeowner.

How has it done now that it’s been in action for six months? No progress:

The Treasury Department also is attempting to breathe new life into another government foreclosure prevention program, called Hope for Homeowners. That program, launched last year, refinances homeowners into more affordable mortgages. But lenders have balked at requirements that they cut some of the principal that borrowers owe. Only one homeowner has received a government-backed loan under the program so far.

Circle of Life outside my bedroom window

I have a birdhouse just outside our bedroom window. Mr and Mrs Sparrow occupied it this spring. I watched as they hauled twigs.

She was setting on the nest in the house.

Then, I saw right in my backyard a victorious hawk who had just killed, eaten and left a pile of feathers of the sparrow mom.

The eggs are now abandon.


But, circle of life. It's painful but we all live in it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why I am sometimes Embarrased to be affiliated with the Lutheran Church

I have railed against bad welfare and enablement programs in the Lutheran Church. In my forty years of relative adulthood I have seen some dooseys.

They are at it again.

Now, they are working with Democrat Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts to give free cars to poor people.

While there might be some argument for doing this, it's just more enablement of sloth.

I don't know why this happens. I guess when you sign up to be Lutheran you hand in your wisdom badge.

I'm being a little critical here, but I get really frustrated.

US scientists say they have successfully reversed the effects of Alzheimer's with experimental drugs.

This is really potentially good news. This is wonderful if true.

This matters to me a great deal.

Future hope

HDAC inhibitor treatment for humans with Alzheimer's disease is still a decade or more away, she said.

The chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, Rebecca Wood, said: "This is promising research which improves our understanding of memory loss in Alzheimer's.

"We need to do more research to investigate whether developing treatments that control this gene could benefit people with Alzheimer's.

"We desperately need to fund more research to head off a forecast doubling the UK population living with dementia."

Julie Williams, an expert in the genetics of Alzheimer's for the trust, said scientists were on the brink of finding a number of candidate genes that increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

"If we can find the triggers and causes then we can hopefully prevent them. That is the great ambition."

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When a deal goes bad

I delivered a load of shrubs to a guy who refused them..

I have no animosity toward him.

I also lie.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Why I am convinced that God isn't yet done with Sarah Palin.....She is for a time like this

When the middle of the roaders in the republican party despise her, she's my girl.

Why Obamas's Economic Program will Fail --- It's not about Programs

I know it's popular to believe that Obama knows what he is doing. The sycophants in the media keep saying he does.

He doesn't. His pronouncements today demonstrates how naive he really is.

It's over. We are destroyed until common sense sets in. It won't for a long time. 14 years till recovery. How old will you be in 14 years. That's how long till the sun shines again economically on the USA.

Pirates are Us

Steve Scott posted this, he has given me blanket permission to pirate his stuff. So Ahrgg, avast ye mateys. I just did.

Kevin Johnson at Prophezei has a series of rotating classic art pieces in his blog header. Every site visit or page hit reveals a new piece. Most seem to be from the medieval period of history. Each one depicts a different rendering of a biblical account - I don't know if I've seen one that wasn't a biblical theme. Kevin has actively searched for art for his blog, so new pieces appear from time to time. Even if art isn't your thing, check it out.
I think it's pretty cool. I like old religious art. Some of this is excellent.

Of COURSE the Press is Unbiased

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Why am I not Shocked

Turns out Al Gore is deeply invested in industries that will benifit from his cap and trade global warming agenda.

Somehow that all makes sense.

He's been a phony from day one.

I won't even bother to post a link. It's all over Google News.

Now, for the last time, today. Global warming a hoax and Al Gore is a flim flam man.

You my liberal friends once again have been had.

Sooooo easy.

Steyn - Obama's Hundred Days

We're still in the first hundred days of the joyous observances of Barack Obama's first hundred days, and many weeks of celebration lie ahead, so here are my thoughts:

President Obama's strongest talent is not his speechifying, which is frankly a bit of a snoozeroo. In Europe, he left 'em wanting less pretty much every time (headline from Britain's Daily Telegraph: "Barack Obama Really Does Go On A Bit"). That uptilted chin combined with the left-right teleprompter neck swivel you can set your watch by makes him look like an emaciated Mussolini umpiring an endless rally of high lobs on Centre Court at Wimbledon. Each to his own, but I don't think those who routinely hail him as the greatest orator since Socrates actually sit through many of his speeches.

On the other hand, if you just caught a couple of minutes of last Wednesday's press conference, you'd be impressed. When that groupie from The New York Times asked the president about what, during his first hundred days, "had surprised you the most … enchanted you the most … humbled you the most and troubled you the most", Obama made a point of getting out his pen, writing it down and repeating back the multiple categories: "Enchanted," he said. "Nice." Indeed. Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger, you may see a stranger across a crowded room, but then he scribbles down your multipart question to be sure he gets it right, and he looks so thoughtful, and suddenly he's not a stranger anymore, and the sound of his laughter will ring in your dreams.

The theater of thoughtfulness is critical to the president's success. He has the knack of appearing moderate while acting radical, which is a lethal skill. The thoughtful look suckered many of my more impressionable conservative comrades last fall, when David Brooks and Christopher Buckley were cranking out gushing paeans to Obama's "first-class temperament" – temperament being to the Obamacons what Nick Jonas' hair is to a Tiger Beat reporter. But the drab reality is that the man they hail – Brooks & Buckley, I mean; not the Tiger Beat crowd – is a fantasy projection. There is no Obama The Sober Centrist, although it might make a good holiday song:

"Obama The Sober Centrist

Had a very thoughtful mien

And if you ever saw it

You would say it's peachy keen …


A really good Sermon

This morning as I usually do on Sundays my little bedside radio fired up at 6AM to listen to Ken Klaus on the Lutheran Hour. He's a good speaker even if he wears a robe....HA.

His sermon today was on who is being or is not being openminded. I think the answer will surprise you. I would post the text, but like a lot of good sermons, it reads more poorly than is heard.

SO, if you don't mind investing 13 minutes of your life, listen to his excellent take. It just might help you get some perspective.