Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Word of the Lord for 2015

As I do every year, I lean in to hear what the Lord is Saying for the year to come.  Sometimes it is detailed.  Sometimes in riddles.  He gives us what we need to hear.  He prepares us thru the prophetic. Our hearts are more ready for a word at junctions and pivot points like the turn of a year.

A few years ago the Lord told me that 2015 would be a turn around year for the Body of Christ and the USA.  Yet there is a global backdrop that needs to be understood.

You can read the whole thing Here or Here

The movie idiocracy comes to mind

Via Mediaite: Outside of the president, Al Sharpton might possibly be the most powerful man in America right now. And no, that isn’t an overstatement. Think about what the 60-year-old activist and MSNBC host has going for him right now: Power...

And it IS painful

With this line up they cannot lose you need to watch this

This year's East/West Collegiate Bowl is full of flamboyant personalities. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now. htt...

Bet you didn't know this

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States, and there are more than 1,200 mosques around the country, with at least one in every state. The vast majority are in major metropolita...

Some are good some are not so sure

When you're grappling with a problem or lacking clarity, learn to lean into your soul and trust the wisdom it provides to you -- often in the form of a gut feeling,...

Thing I learned over these last few days in North Dakota:

I am not as long suffering as the Father, I do have a fuse and if you light it... well

Old Ghosts from long long ago know how to haunt you when you go back 40 years

I have not only German and Norwegian blood, but American Indian and am part Black (this from a dear relative of mine, but I'm not convinced although I was born on the Res)

Saying I'm sorry doesn't fix the broken heart

Christmas is what it is, but it isn't what the commercials say it should be. Too much Santa, not enough Jesus... and maybe that's as it should be.

I like nice decorations, I think garish overdone is crazy. The TV program re Decoration is goofy.

Going and coming is emotional both ways... saying goodbye, sometime with the awareness it is likely the last time, is hard, but the clock ticks

I'm glad I live where I do

There is no going home again, Thomas Wolfe was right

Our real home is in God, not a physical place. There is beauty everywhere but if you want to find satisfaction in beauty or place, you won't.

“From p. 40 of Signet Edition of Thomas Wolfe's _You Can't Go Home Again_ (1940):

Some things will never change. Some things will always be the same. Lean down your ear upon the earth and listen.

The voice of forest water in the night, a woman's laughter in the dark, the clean, hard rattle of raked gravel, the cricketing stitch of midday in hot meadows, the delicate web of children's voices in bright air--these things will never change.

The glitter of sunlight on roughened water, the glory of the stars, the innocence of morning, the smell of the sea in harbors, the feathery blur and smoky buddings of young boughs, and something there that comes and goes and never can be captured, the thorn of spring, the sharp and tongueless cry--these things will always be the same.

All things belonging to the earth will never change--the leaf, the blade, the flower, the wind that cries and sleeps and wakes again, the trees whose stiff arms clash and tremble in the dark, and the dust of lovers long since buried in the earth--all things proceeding from the earth to seasons, all things that lapse and change and come again upon the earth--these things will always be the same, for they come up from the earth that never changes, they go back into the earth that lasts forever. Only the earth endures, but it endures forever.

The tarantula, the adder, and the asp will also never change. Pain and death will always be the same. But under the pavements trembling like a pulse, under the buildings trembling like a cry, under the waste of time, under the hoof of the beast above the broken bones of cities, there will be something growing like a flower, something bursting from the earth again, forever deathless, faithful, coming into life again like April.”
― Thomas Wolfe, You Can't Go Home Again

This is disturbing,

written by a liberal lawyer from a large American City fighting for the rights of Black men and women in the legal arena. While I don't agree with much of it from my observations of the people I know, what he says as painful as it is says much regarding the state of racial division that exists and the overwhelmingly black population in our prisons.
This article will no doubt inflame many, but it must be read.

More Good News

It might not feel like it, but we are safer, richer and healthier than at any time on record

Good News

It’s a good time to be a pessimist. ISIS, Crimea, Donetsk, Gaza, Burma, Ebola, school shootings, campus rapes, wife-beating athletes, lethal cops—who can avoid the feeling that things fall apart, the center cannot hold? Last year Martin Dempsey, chairman of...

Two Things about President Obama you haven't seen yet, but will.

 People will start to like him. People you don't expect. He will cooperate with the new congress much more than you think. AND he will therefore redeem his legacy better than you will imagine. No matter your (or my) opinion of him, he is going to try to finish well, that means abandoning all else no matter what.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Used to be normative and civilized

Hungary’s parliament has approved a bill forcing large retailers to stay closed on Sundays, in a move critics say is yet another swipe at international investors.

Obama BFF

A friend posted this and thought it was great

Enjoyed watching Columbo. For those of you unfamiliar with this excellent series, remember these basic rules.

1. Suspect kills victim and hides evidence.

2.Columbo shows up in rinky dink car and frumpled coat. Starts poking around.

3. Columbo plays idiot by asking the suspect seemingly stupid questions. Usually says 'Oh just one more thing...' as he has his hand on the door knob about to leave.

4. Suspect starts to get annoyed with Columbo constantly showing up during his favorite diversions and smugly tells him he has no evidence and to kindly go away. Suspect has been lulled into false sense of superiority.

5. Columbo finds incriminating evidence.

6. Columbo confronts suspect and gives him a minute by minute play of the crime in surgical detail, usually ending with a witty comment at the end.

7. Suspect grudgingly admits the crime and applauds the detective's cunning before being led away in handcuffs.

If you have siblings it is both encouraging and reminding us the life goes on

This is really worth looking at.
The Brown sisters have been photographed every year since 1975. The latest image in the series is published here for the first time.
www.nytimes.com|By Nicholas Nixon

About Social Justice

I reject the concept of Social Justice as a goal. It's a tool used to create tension, anger, jealousy, resentment, and division between people. The last national leader able to use social justice as a lever to achieve power with greatest success was Adolf Hitler. When you see Black Lives Matter, I see Juden-Hass The cultural revolution in China was started as a social justice movement. While there are things in our national culture needing change, social justice is a dangerous illusion.

Friedrich Hayek showed, social justice is a mirage — the utopia toward which radical egalitarian ideologues claim to be leading us does not exist, and can never exist, simply because human society requires social order and all social orders involve hierarchy. Once you realize that “equality” is a false goal, you realize that what progressives are actually doing is destroying the existing social order — democracy, economic liberty, the rule of law — with the intention to replace it with a social order controlled by a political elite, with less real liberty for the “masses” and no rule of law to protect the rights of individuals.

It is amazing to me that any American would let these hateful demagogues appealing to prejudice persuade us to embrace their “social justice” swindle, a dishonest scam by which a power-hungry elite seek to defraud us all of our true inheritance, liberty.

Truth about the government is hard, and ignored by most liberals.


Monday, December 22, 2014

the Spirit of Poverty in this season.

It's a deeply rooted spirit. It has little to do with money. It has everything to do with who you are, your heart, your temperament, your personal baggage, the strongholds in your life, the lies you have bought into, the people you surround yourself with, the influences you allow in and your innate stinginess or generosity. You can be a billionaire and have a spirit of poverty. You can be homeless on the street and have a spirit of poverty. BUT the most telling sign of a spirit of poverty is the unwillingness to be generous to others with EVERYTHING you have. Money, Time, Credit, Sunshine, Love, Compassion, Patience and a host of other attributes those who live in abundance of heart have by accident.
Show me a poor person (like Ebeneezer Scrooge or like the person living hand to mouth in a tenement somewhere), it's the same spirit. And at this time of Christmas, it's time to break the back of the spirit of poverty. It's not about the offerings, tithes, seed or giving you give to your church. That's one of the strongholds. It's much much bigger than that. A by product might be that you give to a ministry, but if it comes because you believe there is a big payoff later.. you kid yourself.
To be released from the spirit of poverty takes an encounter with all the Ghosts of your life that haunt you. It is the result of a worldview and mindset that the devil delights in you having. IF you really want freedom from poverty and it's spirit, you start with YOU. IF you have no skin in the game, you can't be set free from poverty.
Read this Bible story and think about it.. Poverty starts with dependance on other peoples money, giving, generosity and free stuff. Rich people are as bad with this as poor, but to get out of the spirit of poverty mindset they must revise thinking:
David Builds an Altar unto the Lord
1 Samuel 24:18-25
On that day Gad went to David and said to him, “Go up and build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.” 19So David went up, as the Lord had commanded through Gad. 20When Araunah looked and saw the king and his officials coming toward him, he went out and bowed down before the king with his face to the ground.
21Araunah said, “Why has my lord the king come to his servant?”
“To buy your threshing floor,” David answered, “so I can build an altar to the Lord, that the plague on the people may be stopped.”
22Araunah said to David, “Let my lord the king take whatever he wishes and offer it up. Here are oxen for the burnt offering, and here are threshing sledges and ox yokes for the wood. 23Your Majesty, Araunahd gives all this to the king.” Araunah also said to him, “May the Lord your God accept you.”
24But the king replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”
So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen and paid fifty shekelse of silver for them. 25David built an altar to the Lord there and sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. Then the Lord answered his prayer in behalf of the land, and the plague on Israel was stopped.
Here is the question, would the plague have been stopped if David had taken the gift and offered it to the Lord?? I think not.. But you need to think about the plague of the spirit of poverty you face and ask yourself the question. Do I have skin in the game?

No man knows the day nor the hour...

39 and now gone. WOW. We lost one in our neighborhood yesterday. Sudden. Value every single Day, Hour, Minute, this time will never come again. Your next heartbeat could be your last... Temporal means time. Her Daughter was singing "Behold the Lamb" when her mom died. She does now.
A woman collapsed and died at a school's holiday concert as her daughter is singing." When she started singing I said, Oh my God, I started nudging her," said...
myfoxdetroit.com|By myFOXDetroit.com Staff

This may slow down recruitment... spread the word

Activist says he verified the killings in the Syrian city of Raqqa

This is a good article... I hope every patriot and soldier will read it and hold their heads high

  Edited by Wes O'Donnell, Founder- Warrior Lodge. What follows is an account from a French ISAF soldier that was stationed with American Warfighters in Afghani
warriorlodge.com|By Warrior Lodge

Really sad..

You can be against police brutality and police state tactics and still support the working cop
After word got out that a pair of New York City police officers died after being shot ambush-style while sitting in their patrol car Saturday, a number of Twitter users...

Backlash is coming.

These protests have run their course. Not good. Discretion is the better part of valor.
On one of the busiest shopping days of the year, thousands of #BlackLivesMatter protesters packed the Mall of America outside Minneapolis on Saturday to call for...

Righteousness = generosity

Wealth is better in righteous hands. God won't prosper those he can't trust or he will prosper the unrighteous as a placeholder till the righteous are ready.
This is awesome.

Pivot TIME

As of today the days start getting longer. That is something to look forward to. Happy first day of winter. Nice to see family and friends give gifts eat good food. The start of a new year. But as my German friends always used to say "we invented Christmas" and they did. But there's always BC before Christmas and AD always dieting. Christmas is really a cultural pivot point. The reality is there is no biblical evidence for any of the disciples of Jesus celebrating his birth in the first century. Not even so much as a birthday cake.. I'm no bah humbug I just recognize this holiday for what it is. Turn of the year.


The first Western journalist to receive wide access to ISIS-controlled territories says the group is "much stronger and much more dangerous" than the West knows, the...
www.newser.com|By Matt Cantor

Beyond stupid

A startling new anti-gun ad released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to commit a series of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns...
washingtontimes.com|By Jessica Chasmar


The one who loves money is never satisfied with money, Nor the one who loves wealth with big profits. More smoke. The more loot you get, the more looters show up. And what fun is that—to be robbed in broad daylight? Hard and honest work earns a good night’s sleep, Whether supper is beans or steak. But a rich man’s belly gives him insomnia. Here’s a piece of bad luck I’ve seen happen: A man hoards far more wealth than is good for him And then loses it all in a bad business deal. He fathered a child but hasn’t a cent left to give him. He arrived naked from the womb of his mother; He’ll leave in the same condition—with nothing. This is bad luck, for sure—naked he came, naked he went. So what was the point of working for a salary of smoke? All for a miserable life spent in the dark?
(Ecclesiastes 5:10-17)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Lefties believe only THEY are the steward of mother earth and the saviors of the planet. Leftist environmentalists, resort to all kinds of chicanery to extort from and inconvenience humans for the fallacy that is, a dying earth.

But libs did not complain, when Occupy LA left behind 30 tons of debris after living in tents on the lawn of the city hall for two months. The massive garbage went straight into landfills--the very landfills libs are eager to keep empty.

To libs, that kind of trash could not harm the earth, but plastic bags are sure an agent of death for the environment. In California and many lib cities across the nation, plastic bags are being banned at stores to save the planet. Never mind that plastic has been around since 1855 and for about 150 years since, the earth has continued to revolve-- never missing a beat. http://www.plasticsinfo.co.za/default.asp?CPH_ID=1246

In actuality, plastic bags are not really banned. They're just not given out for free anymore. According to local lib governments, it's OK to pollute the environment with plastic as long as the shopper pays for it. If plastic were so detrimental to the environment, it should be illegal to produce, period. Stores sell re-usable heavy duty plastic bags that must be washed periodically. In the process, the consumer uses water, electricity, and detergent, and time to wash the bacteria away. One just wonders if anyone has done a cost analysis on the disposable versus re-usable plastic bags.

Not too long ago, plastic was the chosen smart alternative and paper was evil--

Out goes "tree-hugging", in comes "landfill-hugging"!

The compassionate lefty environmentalists have so much love in them, they must constantly hug one thing or another--well humans are excluded.

Another futile lib fable is the formerly "global warming". The agenda driven scientists rushed into naming this so called man-made phenomenon and termed it "global warming", yet the actual global warming never did occur. Rather the globe got cooler, so midway in the movement, they had to do credibility control and change the name to "climate change". Libs have always been gifted with words.

All was fine and dandy, till some nosy climate scientists started asking irritating questions from Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at University of East Anglia in UK. In early '80's, CRU was established with funding from U.S. Department of Energy to produce world's first surface temperature. They set up weather stations all over the world to analyze trends in global temperature.
Except there were problems with these stations. Tree branches started growing around some stations masking the real temperature. Many stations were built near heat vents with artificially high temperatures. The scientists, however, kept recording the temperatures year over year, until some outside scientists demanded to see the data. First, CRU refused to release the data to some but gave them to others. Then, they pulled a "Lois Lerner" and claimed that POOF, the original data was not available anymore and was lost forever. Nevertheless, CRU continued to use the faulty data concluding that the earth's man made carbon dioxide was trapping the heat and, therefore, a 20th century warming of .6 degrees with a +/- .2 degrees has plagued the earth.

May we suggest that the high IQ scientists' reports are not worth the flash drive they're saved on, if the ethics is lacking.

We now have on our hand, a situation of "man-made temperature data" in support of a "man-made climate change"--AKA fraud.

Libs' fascination with dividing America in accordance to race, gender, and economic status, has succeeded. They now have split the lefties into 2 categories: the Elites and the Ideological Suckers. Elites like Al Gore mastermind a scheme of profiteering and power grabbing by using the credulous suckers (environmental activists) to reach their goals. While the Suckers get arrested and booked for unruly behavior, the Gore's of the world, fly around the "threatened skies" in the comfort of private jets. And to justify and offset his carbon footprint, Gore plants trees somewhere in the planet. And the Suckers buy into the scheme and don't question the Elite's "do as I say, don't do as I do".
occupy wall street

Al Gore
tiers of people-the elite taking advantage

marijuana corrupting body which is part of environment and smoke
To flaming libs:

I global warming, climate change, tree chopping, & plastic bags ends our planet, it's because it's supposed to.

You didn't build that and you won't destruct it.

You're too minuscule and I know how important you feel but let it go.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Atheists Replace the Ten Commandments

An atheist group has crowd-sourced a new set of Ten Commandments.  Of the 2824 submissions, after all participants voted on them these were selected as the Ten Commandments of Atheism.  At first blush they seem "Reasonable".  There is a problem.  Can you spot it?  What do you think of them?
  1.     Be open-minded and be willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence.
  2.     Strive to understand what is most likely to be true, not to believe what you wish to be true.
  3.     The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world.
  4.     Every person has the right to control over their body.
  5.     God is not necessary to be a good person or to live a full and meaningful life.
  6.     Be mindful of the consequences of all your actions and recognize that you must take responsibility for them.
  7.     Treat others as you would want them to treat you, and can reasonably expect them to want to be treated. Think about their perspective.
  8.     We have the responsibility to consider others, including future generations.
  9.     There is no one right way to live.
  10.     Leave the world a better place than you found it.

I have often fantasized about this.

 IF ONLY we could offload the blue counties in IL and let them try to operate on their own.. It would be amazing. BUT alas, it will not happen. We must put up with the lost blue. And support them.
The July 4, 2019, ceremony marking the final dissolution of the United States of America was quite amicable compared to the anger and bitterness of the preceding...

Education NAZIS

Someone at the Michigan Daily does not have a sense of humor, an eye for satire, and respect for free speech.

A metaphorical story (not true).

We had been having a hard time getting all my bills paid. I borrow a lot on my credit cards to help pay them. My wife was upset so I took over the bill paying. I think I deserve some credit. I didn't want to reduce my standard of living. I wanted to live high. So I borrowed. A lot. She had run up our credit cards to $60,000. I got a raise at work, and the amount I need to borrow per month has gone down. So My monthly shortfall is less than it was a year ago. 6 years ago we were 60,000 in debt.. I have managed to run up my credit card debt to 170,000 dollars. But month to month I'm borrowing less than I used to... and spending on all I want to. Do you think I'm a good money manager? Do you think I deserve praise for having to borrow less than I used to? This is exactly what the Government under this President has done and ignorant liberals think he deserves praise for almost breaking even when he borrowed a zillion dollars. SMH I do wish economics was taught in school. It's not and that's why we have the lame government we do today

a very busy boy

The president doesn't do very many executive orders he has figured a way around that and does presidential memorandums more than any president since Truman. So next time you see some liberal screed about how few executive orders Obama has given understand he's been a very busy boy
President Obama has quietly used a form of executive action called a presidential memorandum to exercise executive power in ways other presidents reserved for executive orders.

I'm here but it wasn't me however there are some very nice and kind people in this area

A mystery man walked into a local Pennsylvania Wal-Mart Monday and dropped off a $50,000 check to pay off the entire store's layaway bills. The man, who made the...

Public Education as Child Abuse

They were second graders, rallying against police for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. While the rest of their class enjoyed 11:30 recess...

I guess well done good and faithful is out..

'She saw me as someone who could help her.'

Public education

An 8-year-old Kansas City boy who was born without eyes was given a pool noodle to hold instead of his cane for punishment for hitting a fellow student on a bus with...

This is what you get when you allow stupid people to be in charge

What a strange religion

Same demonic spirit.

I saw an extended clip of some people rioting chanting "what do we want -- dead cops".(or something) over and over. It reminded me of the lynch mobs at the turn of the last century who would cry "what do we want? dead n......s " well you know the rest. Where you think you see a protest I see a lynch mob.

I'm guessing this WILL reduce the crime rate SMH

The Islamic State (IS) has published it own penal code, which harshly penalizes actions such as sodomy and blasphemy with punishments including execution,...

Funny.. sad

HOLLYWOOD (KCNA) — The Revolutionary Artists Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists are happy to announce that His Excellency Kim Jong-un will host the 87th annual Academy Awards. This will be the first time a...

It just won't work.. and doesn't.

 If you earn too much to stay out of medicaid and too little to be able to buy the insurance you are STILL without healthcare coverage. I hope the Republican Congress can scrap this mess and come up with a plan that works. I have one. I have shared it here before. I won't bore you with it again. This isn't that hard, it just means that you give up control by the government... and back away from the kool aide.  

Blacks disproportionately live in states that have not expanded Medicaid.
thehill.com|By Sarah Ferris

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

52 years ago

 This is worth reading or listening to the audio of. Here is a President that understood economics. Unlike LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter. Reagan grasped this and followed in JFK's footsteps. Since that time we have had very few Presidents that had a clue and the current occupant isn't even close to the savvy this man had. I remember this speech. Listened to it again today. I only wish that democrats would listen to this to see how far from reality they have fallen.
full text and audio of John F. Kennedy: Address to the Economic Club of New York
americanrhetoric.com|By Michael E. Eidenmuller

Remember Escape from New York?

 They had the wrong city
Racially based attacks against Bosnians and whites by black gangs have become the norm in St. Louis, reports Fox News. Furthermore, this spike in racially based attacks "by black gangs coincides wi...