Saturday, May 03, 2014

Don't buy the income inequality argument

The truth about the bugaboo of income and wealth inequality. It's not true.. watch this if you dare have your mind opened

Good advice


This is great.. Except for the people who will be fired because they are too expensive and the dearth of any jobs whatsoever and the burger king whopper that will now cost $9.50. But hey.. it's other people's money... never mind that they destroy any opportunity by doing this.

Health care will be free but you won't be able to find any.

 That's the way it was in Communist Russia... back in the 70s.... Bread was free but you couldn't find any. Communism fails every time it's tried... and here we go again.. But, I'll be OK. I can afford good health care. YOU... if you voted for this, remember that day when you lie on the gurney in the emergency room hoping someone will show up before you die. Smile and get ready to meet Jesus because you'll see him before you see any doctors.


It can't have anything to do with our corrupt government, high taxes, lousy job market and low opportunity quotient.. It's not the weather, South Dakota (where I was born) ranks right next to Texas in places people DON'T want to leave.

Half in Illinois and Connecticut Want to Move Elsewhere
Montana, Hawaii, Maine boast lowest rate of residents wanting to leave

Every state has at least some residents who are looking for greener pastures, but nowhere is the desire to move more prevalent than in Illinois and Connecticut. In both of these states, about half of residents say that if given the chance to move to a different state, they would like to do so. Maryland is a close third, at 47%. By contrast, in Montana, Hawaii, and Maine, just 23% say they would like to relocate. Nearly as few -- 24% -- feel this way in Oregon, New Hampshire, and Texas.


We now have the fewest eligible people working in the USA since 1978..Jimmy Carter Catastrophe. Isn't that wonderful?? How do you live without any source of income?? HMMM?

I guess opposition to abortion is conditional

Pretty good

I know why, do you?

I know that we had a recession that started in 2008.. yet we are still in the hole... howcome? We are well into the Sixth year of this .... why . 

Thursday, May 01, 2014


Why do Asians, Jews and Nigerians (and those from the Caribbean) do so well in our culture.  Why do Mormons succeed with overwhelming regularity.  Why do some groups simply never get out of the basement? 

According to this book.. there are 3 Simple things that make any group exceptional and if you don't have all three you will fail. 

1.  A sense of superiority.  Not self esteem.  Criminals in Prison have by measure the highest self esteem of any group of people.  A sense that you are special, well born, bloodline, chosen people.  Superior to all others.  Asians, nearly ALL, (Particularly Japanese) believe they are far superior to anyone in the USA.   Families with certain blood lines (Bush, Kennedy, Rockefeller etc) think they are better... Families that instil this in their children, (never forget who you are) get more successful children.

2. A fear and insecurity that you might not make it.  With that sense of your being born better, if you fail, it's a double whammy.  You are expected to do well.  The pressure is great.  Look at how hard Asian children are driven.  Jews as well.  Bringing shame to your group or family name is unthinkable.  My dad has been gone 50 years but i still hear his voice and feel his strong kick in my rear end for screwing up. 

3. Impulse Control.  These groups learn to stifle themselves.  They learn to buy well and buy carefully. Then never just "go for it".  That has to do with sex as well. And drugs, and drinking, and taking a plunge for the heck of it.  They have learned how to control their wants and desires in every area and live carefully. 

This is sobering to me because this should be the stuff of the Church of Jesus.  WE are superior if we know who we are in Christ.  We should be insecure about shaming HIS name and we must control the impulses that lead to ruin.

Read this from the books review... think about this.  If you are a senior leader, are you teaching them to walk in these three arenas?

"Certain groups do much better in America than others—as measured by income, occupational status, test scores, and so on—is difficult to talk about. In large part this is because the topic feels racially charged. The irony is that the facts actually debunk racial stereotypes. There are black and Hispanic subgroups in the United States far outperforming many white and Asian subgroups. Moreover, there’s a demonstrable arc to group success—in immigrant groups, it typically dissipates by the third generation—puncturing the notion of innate group differences and undermining the whole concept of 'model minorities.'"

Mormons have recently risen to astonishing business success. Cubans in Miami climbed from poverty to prosperity in a generation. Nigerians earn doctorates at stunningly high rates. Indian and Chinese Americans have much higher incomes than other Americans; Jews may have the highest of all.

Why do some groups rise? Drawing on groundbreaking original research and startling statistics, The Triple Package uncovers the secret to their success. A superiority complex, insecurity, impulse control—these are the elements of the Triple Package, the rare and potent cultural constellation that drives disproportionate group success. The Triple Package is open to anyone. America itself was once a Triple Package culture. It’s been losing that edge for a long time now. Even as headlines proclaim the death of upward mobility in America, the truth is that the old fashioned American Dream is very much alive—but some groups have a cultural edge, which enables them to take advantage of opportunity far more than others.

•   Americans are taught that everyone is equal, that no group is superior to another. But remarkably, all of America’s most successful groups believe (even
if they don’t say so aloud) that they’re exceptional, chosen, superior in some way.
•   Americans are taught that self-esteem—feeling good about yourself—is the key to a successful life. But in all of America’s most successful groups,
people tend to feel insecure, inadequate, that they have to prove themselves.
•   America today spreads a message of immediate gratification, living for the moment. But all of America’s most successful groups cultivate heightened discipline and impulse control.

But the Triple Package has a dark underside too. Each of its elements carries distinctive pathologies; when taken to an extreme, they can have truly toxic effects. Should people strive for the Triple Package? Should America? Ultimately, the authors conclude that the Triple Package is a ladder that should be climbed and then kicked away, drawing on its power but breaking free from its constraints.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This is so on the money...

Its insidious how the evil schemes of these people are destroying America.

If the democrats have their way, there will only be the very rich and the poor and near poor who live on the government dole. I am going to try to be very rich.

Is it just me, or has America seemed steadily more third-world in the last Eight years.....since democrats have been at the helm.. We are drifting into the new dark ages.

Truth Here

Kinda like Logans Run



Strategy to create a permanent underclass

The whole concept of the Great Society was to create a permanent democrat voting underclass in the nation. It has worked well. The purpose of Obamacare is to create a permanent democrat voting healthcare dependent class in the nation. Subversion we used to call it. None dare call it treason... but it is.


A Navy commander is publicly warning admirals that we're losing sailors and SEALs over this relentless focus on social issues

Nothing like this will happen in the USA.. not with the Muslims in control here

LIKE to APPLAUD Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day and calling on Canadians to "combat anti-Semitism of all forms."

It's incredible how cold it really is... IS there any global warming anywhere .... anywhere??

Hitler did it

In case you were confused why BHO makes such a "Campaign" for gun control every time some nut shoots the place up.. unfortunately for him, it's nearly always a left wing nutcase of a Muslim..... just waiting until just ONE right wing nutcase does something so guns can be confiscated and the camps opened.

The train will stop

It's not being the bearer of bad tidings if you can say with confidence that if the bridge is out ahead, and you know it is, that the train is going to way or the other. It's just the logical consequence of a bridge that cannot support any weight. When I say this current economic train will stop... collapse... self destruct... it's not that I am a gloom and doomer, it just cannot support any more weight.. there is nothing holding it up. The train will stop...when? I don't know... but it will stop.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

What do you think about this?

The question I am asking is positive for what? Drugs is one thing... but Tobacco? Caffeine? Alcohol? Marijuana (Colorado)? Kale? I don't trust the government enough to allow this if I could disallow.


This sign wins~!

 Now, how exactly will this be accomplished?