Saturday, February 13, 2010

The snowy 49 states....

AP’s Seth Borenstein is running a story titled “49 states dusted with snow; Hawaii’s the holdout“. As shown in the map below, every state in the Continental US has snow someplace. As pointed out in the article, this is a rare occurrence:

The idea of 50 states with snow is so strange that the federal office that collects weather statistics doesn’t keep track of that number and can’t say whether it has ever happened. The office can’t even say whether 49 out of 50 has ever taken place before.

Image from: National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center - click to enlarge

It’s been a very busy week for snow and also for lowest max temperature, thanks to our El Nino induced weather patterns, while the Pacific Northwest is seeing warmer conditions, the southeast and eastern US gets lots of snow thanks to the pattern.

click for interactive source

Record Events for Sat Feb 6, 2010 through Fri Feb 12, 2010
Total Records: 2182
Rainfall: 662
Snowfall: 1180
High Temperatures: 9
Low Temperatures: 31
Lowest Max Temperatures: 220
Highest Min Temperatures: 80

Continuing the pattern of top ten Northern Hemisphere snow extent rankings from October, December and January, it looks like February may also be headed for the record books.

North America, Europe and Asia are all showing large positive anomalies in snow cover.

Daily Departure – February 11, 2010

Source: Rutgers University Global Snow Lab

The record February snow extent occurred in 1978 with an anomaly of more than 5 million square miles. That may be tough to beat, but from the map above it may have already happened. February will definitely be ranked in the top two.

Source: Rutgers University Global Snow Lab

WUWT reader Marcia pointed to this interesting link

NORMAN, Oklahoma — A University of Oklahoma student is taking an extra interest in this week’s snow storms in the south and northeast and is working to document the events in a very unique way. Patrick Marsh said it’s likely by the end of the week snow will be on the ground in all 50 states

Ten years ago we were told that “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past” Alarmists are now attempting to rewrite history and claim that they predicted record snow and cold all along – but it simply isn’t true. Everyone from Hansen on down was predicting the demise of snow in the temperate zones, until they realized they were wrong.

People should know when they are conquered.” – Quintus from the movie Gladiator.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Parable of Leftwing Thinking

This is taken from which is a site that collects humorous Facebook post.

Funny Facebook Fails
see more funny facebook stuff!

Just substitute “Socially/Economically/Environmentally Conscientious Voting” for “texting Haiti to 90999″ and “my taxes” for “my phone bill”.

This line really sums up the leftists point of view:

It’s not my money, Hah!

But in the end, you’ve got to pay your bills, even when you’re being ostentatiously compassionate while you think you’re spending other people’s money.

Blogging Etiquette

This blogger offers some good advice to bloggers. Worth reading. There are rules of the blogging road.

Follow them.

Don't be a Blogslob.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MLK's I Have a Dream Revisited

Don't try to FIX Obama's Rube Goldberg

If the Republicans submit to the request they will be blamed when the whole mess fails to work. Even if the Republicans only take away or add ONE little element they will get the blame.

I submit that maybe it’s time to call it for what it is….a nightmare Rube Goldberg plan with no hope of working.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

OK, I'm puzzled, Corpse Man from Mr Teleprompter and Writing notes on the hand? Which got NEWSED

I won’t bother to link. You know the stories. The teleprompter in Chief’s slave, Barry Hussein can’t read it without some mental edit to figure out that CORPSE man is C’ore man. I mean you are in the line of battle, take some shrapnel, do you yell out for the CORPSE MAN?

And as demonstrated by his inability to function without a teleprompter in front of school kids, he has to have notes, lots of notes to talk at all.

Yet, CORPSE MAN never got much play. HUH?

BUT, let Sarah Palin write 3 notes on her hand and the liberal press goes crackpotty. An envelope might have been better. But, she gave a speech without teleprompters. Something the POTUS appears to be incapable of.

Why do the Lame Streamers even wonder why we KNOW what a bunch of apologists for all things OBAMA they are?

How much evidence do you need?

How the Church may look by 2020

I think this is a pretty good analysis of what is coming:

The door is closing on your father's church. If that old style-present style-way of doing Christianity continues, it may still exist by 2050, or it may not. For those churches that do make it through the transition, they will go through a long process of modification. However, for those churches that look to see what God is doing and want to be a part of that, they will be prepared and God will use them as a harvest mechanism for the revival that is coming.


Will your church be ready? Those churches that are ready will be led by those who have subordinated their arrogance. Leaders will recognize they can't figure all this out and implement it in their church without help from the outside. They have, instead, partnered with those who have spent the last twenty to thirty years preparing for the most exciting move of God since the Protestant Reformation. They will live the proverb, "A wise man has many counselors" (Proverbs 15:22 TEV).

Read the whole thing, it's worth your time.

Snotty Liberals

I just listened to NPR and a "Fair and Balanced" analysis of the Tea Party Movement. The Diane Rehm Show. What a farce.

It was a poster child for the Condescension noted in this article from the Washington Post. You have to read it.

Left wing people who think they are more intelligent than the rest of us are Snotty. Not pretty at all.

It's the right word when it's applied to people, left or right, who see themselves superior. It does seem to be more a left wing thing however. At least in my experience, perhaps the single exception are people with lots of letters behind their names who think themselves better than others. Blind and snotty would be appropriate for them.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Palin 2012??

A recent Newsmax Media-Zogby poll showed former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin leading the Republican field as the party’s preferred candidate for president in 2012.

And a breakdown of demographic and other data from the survey offers some interesting insights on current Republican thinking about GOP candidates in the next presidential election:

  • Sarah Palin, who grabbed 22.2 percent of the vote in the poll, is more popular in the East than anywhere else in the country. Interestingly, she has been described as a Western and Southern candidate, but our Zogby poll found that 25 percent of Easterners supported her. The West, in fact, gave her the lowest figure — 20 percent.
  • Palin is not as strong with 65-plus voters — her percentage there dropped to 19.7 percent. She seems to be popular with younger voters, with 23 percent of those between ages 18 and 29 supporting her.
  • Newt Gingrich came in at 12.4 percent, but he seems to skew with stronger support among males, 14 percent, while female Republican voters gave him 11 percent.
  • Palin skews favorably with women, with 23.3 percent of Republican women supporting her compared to 21 percent of Republican men. She also does very well in the 55-to-69 demographic group, where 24 percent of Republicans back her. That number drops dramatically to just 14 percent in the 70-plus group.
  • Mike Huckabee seems to be a favorite of black Republicans, garnering 24.2 percent of the vote, more than any other candidate in the field.
  • Palin draws exceedingly well with born-again and Evangelical Christians, pulling a strong 28.4 percent of their vote. She also gets strong support from less educated voters — 28.6 percent of those who said they did not have a college degree voted for her, while those with a college degree gave her just 18.5 percent.
  • Mitt Romney had consistently strong poll numbers across all demographic groups. Interestingly, although he is a Mormon, he led the pack among Catholic voters, even beating out Palin, 23.6 percent to 21.1 percent.
  • Romney also seems to be very favorably viewed by Jewish Republicans, gaining a remarkable 32 percent of their support.
  • Geographically, Palin is very strong in small cities, 27.4 percent, and rural areas, 27.8 percent. Romney, on the other hand, is very strong in large cities, with 22.8 percent of the vote, and in suburbs with 22.3 percent.

Other possible GOP candidates included in the poll were Scott Brown, Jeb Bush, David Petraeus, and Tim Pawlenty.

SNOBAMA (Ok this has nothing to do with Obama, it's just so much fun)

Robert F Kennedy Jr wrote a profound piece that defined how bad human called climate change was. That there would never again be winter in Washington DC. That kids no longer play in the snow.

How's that working out?

Watch Sarah Palin's Speech at the Tea Party Convention

It's on CSPAN's Website.

Palin’s Ready for ‘Another Revolution’ [Robert Costa]

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blasted the Obama administration on Saturday night during her 45-minute keynote address at the inaugural national “tea partyconvention in Nashville. Palin said the president must “stop lecturing and start listening” and questioned whether Obama’s 2008 campaign theme was succeeding: “How’s that hopey-changey stuff working out for you?” she asked, to cheers. “It’s time they stop blaming everyone else.”

America is “ready for another revolution,” Palin said. The tea-party movement, she added, “is about the people” and “it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter.” (Palin, interestingly, gave the speech without one.) The 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee also urged the GOP “to absorb as much of theTea Party as possible.” The Tea Party , she said, “is the future of politics.” It is “inspiring,” she said, “to see real people, not politicos, inside-the-beltway professionals, come out, stand up, and speak out for common-sense conservative principles.” In a sign of her support, Palin pledged to give her compensation from the appearance (reportedly $100,000) “right back to the cause.”

Palin began her speech by saying “happy birthday” to former president Ronald Reagan, who would have been 99 years-old on Saturday. She then gave “a special shout-out to America’s newest senator,” Sen. Scott Brown (R., Mass.). “He looked around and he saw things just weren’t quite right in Washington,” Palin said, admiringly. “He stood up and he decided that he was going to do his part to put our government back on the side of the people. And it took guts, and it took a lot of hard work. But with grassroots support, Scott Brown carried the day.”

Brown’s upset, Palin said, is part of a “beautiful movement” of conservatives winning important elections across America, pointing to Republican gubernatorial wins in New Jersey and Virginia last year as examples. “If there is hope in Massachusetts, there is hope everywhere,” she said. “His victory is a sign of more good things to come.” Obama, she chided, is now “0 and 3” in major elections in the past year. Looking ahead, Palin added that the GOP should not be afraid of contested primaries, saying such contests are “how we’re going to find the cream of the crop to face a challenger in the general.”

On policy matters, Palin’s speech was wide-ranging. She spoke out in favor of a “pro-market agenda” and tax cuts. “Get government out of the way,” she said. “If they would do this, our economy would roar back to life.” On health care, Palin criticized the special deals in the Senate, railing against the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase.” A bipartisan bill, with tort reform, she said, is needed, as is a “start over” on negotiations. She also praised Rep. Bart Stupak (D., Mich.) for “standing up” for the sanctity of life during the health-care debate and joked about how C-SPAN was “welcome” to cover the tea party, but not welcome to broadcast the White House and congressional deliberations.

When it came to fiscal policy, Palin called President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget “immoral” for heaping trillions onto the national debt. Increasing the deficit, she said, is “generational theft,” “makes us less free,” and “should tick us off.” Kill the “second stimulus,” she advised, and “beware that it is being billed as a jobs bill.” Palin also criticized theadministration for being unable to handle multiple policy issues simultaneously: “If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus,” she said, to laughs.

National-security issues featured prominently. “National security — that’s one place where you got to call it like it is,” Palin said. She expressed displeasure at the “disturbing” way in which the Obamaadministration treated the failed Christmas bomb plot of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab — as a “crime spree” and not as an “act of war.” That kind of thinking, she said, is what helped lead to September 11.

“Treating this like a mere law-enforcement matter places our country at great risk because that’s not how radical Islamic extremists are looking at this,” Palin said. “They know we’re at war, and to win that war we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern.” Theadministration, she worried, uses “misguided thinking” and believes that foreign policy can be “managed through the politics of personality.”

Palin also called for more open dialogue about God in America during a question-and-answer session following the speech. “America’s spirit,” she said, can “rise again by not being afraid to kind of go back to some of our roots as a God-fearing nation where we’re not afraid to say — especially in times of potential trouble in the future — you know, we don’t have all the answers. As fallible men and women, it would be wise of us to start seeking some divine intervention again in this country, so that we can be safe and secure and prosperous again.” The country, she said, needs politicians unafraid “to go that route, not so afraid of the political correctness . . . to proclaim their alliance to our Creator.”

Andrew Breitbart, the founder of, introduced Palin. Her remarks were carried live by C-SPAN and all three major cable-news networks and covered by 240 journalists at theconvention hall. When Palin bounded onto the stage, and when she left it, chants of “Run, Sarah, Run” could be heard throughout the audience. On her lapel, Palin wore a small pin with two flags — for Israel and the United States.