Saturday, May 07, 2011

And they're off...the Presidential Race of 2012

I am enjoying the early rumblings in the Republican Party...looking for a winning ticket to beat Barack Obama

Palin/ Cain... Cain/ Palin... Cain/ West.... Pawlenty/ Palin.... And other permutations. The Blogs are full of them.

Conspicuous in absence are ROMNEY, GINGRICH and HUCKABEE. No more of these fellows please. They are not conservatives ergo not acceptable.

Santorum is off the radar I'm afraid. I like him, he is able, but he seems to be unelectable. Who is Gary Johnson; Mr Prochoice? He's dead meat.

Daniels didn't even show up in spirit. He is the darkest of dark horses.

I like Michelle Bachmann, but her time is not yet.

Donald Trump? WOW...Not for Mr Gene thank you. And he won't run.

Whoever wins, lets have John Bolton as Sec of State, Ron Paul as Sec of Treas and Alan West as Sec of Defense.

Herman Cain is a force. The talking heads don't agree...but then.... they gave us McCain and Obama. We can do better.

How about someone with actual experience??

I hope for change.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Democrats haven’t been held accountable for not producing their own detailed plan to reduce rampant federal deficits, even while lambasting the House GOP budget pushed by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as “draconian.”

“Why won’t they stand up and say what they think America ought to be like?” Sessions asked. “The American people are entitled to know what their position is.”

“They have a fundamental problem. They cannot

Sessions unloads on Conrad's 'secret budget'
Now, it is officially “racist” to tell the truth about sexual violence against women in Denmark, at least when that violence is perpetrated by Muslim fathers, uncles, or cousins.
"Unfortunately, the president plans to achieve those savings through
heavy-handed rationing. Americans will lose control of their health care
as government officials dictate which treatments will be available--and
which cost too much money".

...Postal Employees deciding if you REALLY need that inflamed Appendix removed...yeah, that's gonna work really well....


Obama's attempt to fix the deficit will wreak havoc on health care.
Bad science leads to thinking that brought us to Global Warming caused by man. Deep natural cycles drive climate change. When wind and solar was prescribed as the answer to oil dependence I knew we had people who were science rejectionists driving this. The idea that CARBON and CO2 are equivalent is part of the bad science banter. Like saying hydrogen and water are the same.

George Monbiot of the left-leaning British newspaper The Guardian has a must-read column in which he admits that because of a whole series of intellectual mistakes, the global green movement’s policy prescriptions are hopelessly flawed.
The barbarian spirit is alive in the land....This BOY and his accomplices are the worst of the worst. Look at their faces. THAT is the face of evil.... Yes they need Jesus, First they need to be brought to the point where Jesus matters to them. I have no margin for this kind of evil. It must not survive.
After taping his father to a chair, 19-year-old Matthew Nellessen and three accomplices allegedly forced the Arlington Heights man to sign over a $100,000 check from his retirement fund.
The Barbarian Spirit is loose in the land. This boy is not educated badly, impoverished or a victim of anything...he is a barbarian and should be treated thus. He may be so hard of heart by this point in his life as to be without redemption. Hebrews 6:4-6
A employee of Pittsburgh Pirates' PNC Park suffered a heart attack while driving home from a late night game last month. But instead of helping him, the 17-year-old kid who found him slumped over the wheel stole the man's wallet and his car, before leaving him to die in the street.
I blame our education system.
Police arrested a 41-year-old man after he called 911 and told officers that he was not given the correct change after buying cocaine from a drug dealer.
This is why I am AGAINST public education. Vouchers nationwide. I'm for Public FUNDED education, but education by competition for the student and the student must perform or he or she will need to find another don't have to go here and we don't have to take you. Vouchers. Works every time it's tried.
In The Wall Street Journal, Donald J. Boudreaux asks: What if groceries were paid for by taxes and we all were assigned a store based on where we live?
It looks like gas prices will start heading down for once. Both AP and the New York Times quote experts saying the price has probably peaked and will begin ticking downward from the national average.
A Michigan man shot and killed his stepdaughter because he felt she was not honoring her Muslim religion, according to police.
In The Wall Street Journal, Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley Strassel says the president is about to force companies that bid for federal contracts to disclose their political donations.

This is one halloween party I'm Glad I missed

I'm guessing Denny's isn't going to book this group in again any time soon.

Probably will be charged with racial prejudice for not.....


You will want to read this article. Americans are become animals.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Any chance this photo is touched up just a little?

If Supermarkets Were Like Public Schools -- What if groceries were paid for by taxes, and you were assigned a store based on where you live?

Suppose that groceries were supplied in the same way as K-12 education. Residents of each county would pay taxes on their properties. Nearly half of those tax revenues would then be spent by government officials to build and operate supermarkets. Each family would be assigned to a particular supermarket according to its home address. And each family would get its weekly allotment of groceries—"for free"—from its neighborhood public supermarket.

No family would be permitted to get groceries from a public supermarket outside of its district. Fortunately, though, thanks to a Supreme Court decision, families would be free to shop at private supermarkets that charge directly for the groceries they offer. Private-supermarket families, however, would receive no reductions in their property taxes.

Read the whole thing

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

'Before we give you that contract, we'll just need to see how much you've spent to re-elect the President' | Timothy P. Carney | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

As part of an application for a government contract, the White House wants to require the company to report all the company's political activity. The administration presents this as a way to increase transparency. It strikes me as a way to further politicize the process of government contracts.

Sometimes the Deception Alarm goes off in my spirit

Cognitive Dissonance is when you hold too many ideas in your head at the same time. I think we may have been treated to this in the last week. By intent. When C/D takes place we forget about the former to deal with the current. Don't fall for it. Let's think about the last ONE WEEK. Wed Apr 27, BHO's "Birth Certificate" is released, raises a firestorm of speculation, Thurs Apr 28 Gates Petrateus shuffle in CIA Afghanistan, the Sideshow of the Royal Wedding, and then..... Bin Laden Killed. Everything fades into "irrelevance" in the fog of Cognitive Dissonance. Everything was orchestrated to bring us to this point. Meanwhile we have a questionable documentation of eligibility, a wondering about the makeup of government leadership eclipsed intentionally by a dramatic event. Pardon me for being paranoid, but I don't trust MEDIA OR GOVERNMENT. I read the currency, I am taking the currency's advice until they take "In God We TRUST" off. Yet will I, although it will be illegal.

It took two Doctors to deliver BHO?

This is just too hard to let go of. The Bin Laden thing has caused many to forget the Birth Certificate issue. The timing of the release and the Bin Laden thing are NOT without coincidence.

What Obama wanted to happen, happened. No one is talking about it.

Then I read this. According to birth certificates there were two different doctors who delivered Obama.

The White House release of a copy of Barack Obama's long-form Hawaiian birth certificate continues to raise more questions – since the name of the president's attending physician differs from previous published reports.

The name on the purported birth certificate lists Dr. David Sinclair as the obstetrician who delivered Obama in 1961.

But reports by the Buffalo News and supposedly confirmed by the hoaxbusting website indicate the name of Obama's birth physician was Dr. Rodney T. West.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Two men 66 years apart with the same spirit...
On May 1, 1945, the death of Hitler Y”MS was announced by the BBC as follows: “Adolf Hitler has been killed at the Reich Chancery in Berlin, according to Hamburg radio. At 2230 local time a newsreader announced that reports from the Fuhrer’s headquarters said Hitler had “fallen at his command post i

Supporters of former President George W. Bush have left flowers and balloons outside his Dallas home after the death of Osama bin Laden.

Did the OBL thing offset the reality that existed 3 days before? I think that in a few months a bad case of "What have you done for me lately" will set in. This was written 3 days ago. Has anything really changed?
President Obama's failed economic policies, federal spending spree, and his numerous broken promises will make it very difficult for him to win reelection in 2012.
Did the OBL thing offset the reality that existed 3 days before? I think that in a few months a bad case of "What have you done for me lately" will set in. This was written 3 days ago. Has anything really changed?
President Obama's failed economic policies, federal spending spree, and his numerous broken promises will make it very difficult for him to win reelection in 2012.
BHO said last night, ""No matter what God we pray to, we're united as one family..." Mr. President, let me be clear- I am NOT united to anyone who does not declare Jesus Christ as the one true God. ""Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness""? 2 Corinth 6:14
Is there anyone on the planet more stupid than Micheal Moore? Anyone... Anyone? Buehler?
Do you wonder (like I do) what the tax accountants and executives are doing over at GE this weekend? Frantically rushing to fill out their
“This guy is not a Muslim – he’s murder,” Beck said. “So why the need to be so religious in the burial? I bet the non-radical Muslims everywhere are offended this guy was treated with religious honor. I spoke to a Muslim friend of mine who said the very same thing today. This is like Timothy McVeigh getting buried in Arlington Cemetery. He was a deranged killer.”
Beck celebrates bin Laden killing with cookies, confetti and a marching band
Hundreds took to the streets of Quetta on Monday to pay homage to Osama bin Laden, chanting death to America and setting fire to a US flag, witnesses and organizers said.

Angry participants belonging to a religious party in Quetta, the
capital of southwestern province Baluchistan, were led by federal
lawmaker Maulawi Asmatullah.

And we wonder how Obama survived so well in Paki so long?
Hundre­ds took to the street­s of Quetta to pay homage to Osama bin Laden.

bin Laden is dead, but I don't feel happy. Or safer

Matt Nesto

"My first reaction to the news of bin Laden's death was a sense of being glad about it ... followed shortly thereafter by questions about what kind of person would get out of bed to go cheer and congregate some place as a result of this development.

By this morning, my reaction was more calculated and market-oriented as I went through the headlines. My first Tweets are below:

- "Take the weak $ trade over dead bin laden trade all day, all week"

- "10 yrs to find a big spending hi-profile outspoken terrorist with an entourage and dialysis machine is cause for calibration not celebration"

By the time I arrived in bustling Grand Central, I am loath to admit, my own personal "threat con" level was already elevated. So much for feeling safer. If anything, I feel the opposite.

Passing a TV, I heard a commentator say "it's the kind of development that will boost confidence and make banks want to lend." Really? No it won't. It changes nothing. Troops aren't coming home. Homeland Security watch levels will remain elevated, and millions of unemployed people will still be in need of a job.

To sum it up -- bin Laden is dead, but I don't feel happy. Or safer."

Imagine That.... People thought Romney Care and Obama Care would improve healthcare......Fail

We have already seen the start of this process in Massachusetts, where Mitt Romney’s health care reforms were nearly identical to President Obama’s. Romney’s reforms increased the demand for health care but did nothing to expand the supply of physicians. In fact, by cracking down on insurance premiums, Massachusetts pushed insurers to reduce their payments to providers, making it less worthwhile for doctors to expand their practices. As a result, the average wait to get an appointment with a doctor grew from 33 days to over 55 days.

I had a chilling thought this morning. What if it's all a farce? All fake. Why KILL Bin Laden? Wouldn't he be worth more on a waterboard spewing intel? What if he is somewhere right now being interrogated? I watch too many spy movies. Always looking for the false flag. I mean, we have our government's word on it, right? and they would never mislead us, right? Just asking.
There have been increasing concerns about the fate of United States' prized triple-A sovereign debt rating. While Standard and Poor's recently downgraded its U.S. debt outlook to negative from stable, implying that a ratings cut could happen in two years, one independent ratings agency has given the

Monday, May 02, 2011

Past is Prolouge

Everything about the Osama Killing was least in the USA

First let me say, I am not sad Bin Laden is dead. That's a good thing.


This went down opposite of everything we might consider constitutional in the USA.

IF this were to happen in the US it would require a summons. An arrest. A trial.

Unless it's Ruby Ridge or Waco.

I guess we don't care when we hate enough.

Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning

This article by J. Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine will no doubt be doing the rounds but it is worth reprinting in a day when there is a lot of unquestioned practises around, especially to do with giving.

Before he died in 2003, the revered father of the Word-Faith movement corrected his spiritual sons for going to extremes with their message of prosperity.

Charismatic Bible teacher Kenneth Hagin Sr. is considered the father of the so-called prosperity gospel. The folksy, self-trained “Dad Hagin” started a grass-roots movement in Oklahoma that produced a Bible college and a crop of famous preachers including Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Charles Capps, Jesse DuPlantis, Creflo Dollar and dozens of others—all of whom teach that Christians who give generously should expect financial rewards on this side of heaven.

Hagin taught that God was not glorified by poverty and that preachers do not have to be poor. But before he died in 2003 and left his Rhema Bible Training Center in the hands of his son, Kenneth Hagin Jr., he summoned many of his colleagues to Tulsa to rebuke them for distorting his message. He was not happy that some of his followers were manipulating the Bible to support what he viewed as greed and selfish indulgence. Those who were close to Hagin Sr. say he was passionate about correcting these abuses before he died. In fact, he wrote a brutally honest book to address his concerns. The Midas Touch was published in 2000, a year after the infamous Tulsa meeting.

Many Word-Faith ministers ignored the book. But in light of the recent controversy over prosperity doctrines, it might be a good idea to dust it off and read it again.

Here are a few of the points Hagin made in The Midas Touch:

1. Financial prosperity is not a sign of God’s blessing. Hagin wrote:
“If wealth alone were a sign of spirituality, then drug traffickers and crime bosses would be spiritual giants. Material wealth can be connected to the blessings of God or it can be totally disconnected from the blessings of God.”

2. People should never give in order to get. Hagin was critical of those who “try to make the offering plate some kind of heavenly vending machine.” He denounced those who link giving to getting, especially those who give cars to get new cars or who give suits to get new suits. He wrote: “There is no spiritual formula to sow a Ford and reap a Mercedes.”

3. It is not biblical to “name your seed” in an offering. Hagin was horrified by this practice, which was popularized in faith conferences during the 1980s. Faith preachers sometimes tell donors that when they give in an offering they should claim a specific benefit to get a blessing in return. Hagin rejected this idea and said that focusing on what you are going to receive “corrupts the very attitude of our giving nature.”

4. The “hundredfold return” is not a biblical concept. Hagin did the math and figured out that if this bizarre notion were true, “we would have Christians walking around with not billions or trillions of dollars, but quadrillions of dollars!” He rejected the popular teaching that a believer should claim a specific monetary payback rate.

5. Preachers who claim to have a “debt-breaking” anointing should not be trusted. Hagin was perplexed by ministers who promise “supernatural debt cancellation” to those who give in certain offerings. He wrote in The Midas Touch: “There is not one bit of Scripture I know about that validates such a practice. I’m afraid it is simply a scheme to raise money for the preacher, and ultimately it can turn out to be dangerous and destructive for all involved.”

(Many evangelists who appear on Christian television today use this bogus claim. Usually they insist that the miraculous debt cancellation will occur only if a person “gives right now,” as if the anointing for this miracle suddenly evaporates after the prime time viewing hour. This manipulative claim is more akin to witchcraft than Christian belief.)

Hagin condemned other hairbrained gimmicks designed to trick audiences into emptying their wallets. He was especially incensed when a preacher told his radio listeners that he would take their prayer requests to Jesus’ empty tomb in Jerusalem and pray over them there—if donors included a special love gift. “What that radio preacher really wanted was more people to send in offerings,”
Hagin wrote.

Thanks to the recent resurgence in bizarre donation schemes promoted by American charismatics, the prosperity gospel is back under the nation’s microscope. It’s time to revisit Hagin’s concerns and find a biblical balance.

Hagin told his followers: “Overemphasizing or adding to what the Bible actually teaches invariably does more harm than good.” If the man who pioneered the modern concept of biblical prosperity blew the whistle on his own movement, wouldn’t it make sense for us to listen to his admonition?________________________________________________________

J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma Magazine.

The Midas Touch is available from Kenneth Hagin Ministries at-


Thanks Fallout

“Usama Bin Laden dead — Obama capitalizes on the continuation of another program started by the Bush administration.” First Gitmo, now this? Well, I approve. But, then, a warmonger like me would, I suppose.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Okay, Let’s Decline.

President Obama, listen carefully. By every benchmark, this should be an American century. Our known fossil fuel reserves are soaring, as new finds of coal, natural gas, oil, tar sands, and oil shale keep growing, not shrinking. Demographically, we are expanding; Europe, Japan, and China are shrinking.

We do not have the strikes of Europe, the violence of the Middle East, the state oppression of China. India has religious, social, and caste tensions unknown in the U.S. American farmland is the most productive in the world, its farmers the most gifted and innovative. We inherited a vast, developed infrastructure; out duty is to improve and expand it, not, as our ancestors, start from scratch building a Hoover Damn, intercontinental railroad, or port facilities in Oakland.

On the other hand, a significant portion of our leadership — including our President — doesn’t much like the idea of American exceptionalism. Like Britain just after World War II. we have a leadership class that fundamentally doesn’t like the country it leads, and wants to change it into something . . . less.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Seems like a good time for a reprise

Right after 9-11 there was a great onion piece on Hell and the Hijackers.

It's time to read it again....Funny and crude.

"I was promised I would spend eternity in Paradise, being fed honeyed cakes by 67 virgins in a tree-lined garden, if only I would fly the airplane into one of the Twin Towers," said Mohammed Atta, one of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11, between attempts to vomit up the wasps, hornets, and live coals infesting his stomach. "But instead, I am fed the boiling feces of traitors by malicious, laughing Ifrit. Is this to be my reward for destroying the enemies of my faith?"

The rest of Atta's words turned to raw-throated shrieks, as a tusked, asp-tongued demon burst his eyeballs and drank the fluid that ran down his face.

According to Hell sources, the 19 eternally damned terrorists have struggled to understand why they have been subjected to soul-withering, infernal torture ever since their Sept. 11 arrival.

"There was a tumultuous conflagration of burning steel and fuel at our gates, and from it stepped forth these hijackers, the blessed name of the Lord already turning to molten brass on their accursed lips," said Iblis The Thrice-Damned, the cacodemon charged with conscripting new arrivals into the ranks of the forgotten. "Indeed, I do not know what they were expecting, but they certainly didn't seem prepared to be skewered from eye socket to bunghole and then placed on a spit so that their flesh could be roasted by the searing gale of flatus which issues forth from the haunches of Asmoday."

Read the whole raunchy thing

What you need to know before you think about buying or selling your house or any house

People are being fooled once again. Real estate is a nasty thing right now. The worst is houses.

This is a really good study on how bad it really is. And how bad it's going to get.
Spending a few days with several people over 90...memory is a fungible truth and subject to change. Maybe that's as it should be.
Spending time with several people of my own age from my home town.... all A's in high school and how your life came out may not be the corollary we think
I bought a tank of PURE GASOLINE in North Dakota this week. My car never ran so good. Can we just stop HALF the foolishness?
It would be an easy way to reduce gas prices.
At the funeral the pastor (lower case intentional) made a comment that the deceased was right there and could hear everything people were saying. He read a poem he wanted to read to the deceased but didn't get around to it. Then he said.."But he (the deceased) heard it today". WOW. Talk about bad theology. Talk about perpetuation of myth. I was saddened.

Political Haiku

Obama has failed
The worst President ever
Jimmy Carter smiles!

The Earth God Mother GAIA strikes out against infidels

I have heard it all now.

Storms Kill Over 250 Americans In States Represented By Climate Pollution Deniers

Today, news agencies are still tallying reports of deaths from the most devastating storm system in the United States in decades:

Dozens of massive tornadoes tore a town-flattening streak across the South, killing at least 250 people in six states and forcing rescuers to carry some survivors out on makeshift stretchers of splintered debris. Two of Alabama’s major cities were among the places devastated by the deadliest twister outbreak in nearly 40 years.

“Given that global warming is unequivocal,” climate scientist Kevin Trenberth cautioned the American Meteorological Society in January of this year, “the null hypothesis should be that all weather events are affected by global warming rather than the inane statements along the lines of ‘of course we cannot attribute any particular weather event to global warming.’”

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.

Gas prices | Obama should lift the requirement for 'summer formula' gas | The Daily Caller

The White House won’t acknowledge that the annual winter-to-summer gasoline switch contributes to price increases, because the switch is a result of environmental concerns. The EPA requires reformulated gas for summer use to reduce emissions. The practical result is a decreased supply of gasoline, and, thanks to the iron law of supply and demand, prices go up.

Why does EPA’s requirement for reformulated “summer gas” cause supply to decrease? First, refineries must temporarily shut down production when they switch from winter to summer formulas. Second, the summer formulation results in less gasoline produced per barrel of crude oil, when compared to the winter formulation. Lastly, imports increase to make up for the shortfall in domestic summer refining; one analyst says the issue is compounded by the fact that summer reformulated gas is a “boutique” product, expensive to produce with a limited market outside the USA. Bottom line: thanks to the EPA, we have less gas at higher prices every summer.

Gas prices | Obama should lift the requirement for 'summer formula' gas | The Daily Caller