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A Good Friend's Good Opinon (with which I agree )

Harry Hein is a pastor. A good and decent man full of years. I haven't known him more than 4 or 5 years but the man who was my pastor in Ellendale when my parents died, John Bohlman, was Harry's roommate in Seminary many years ago. We have a rich connection.
Pastor Harry was distressed over the recent decision by the Evangelical Church in America, ELCA, ALC et al to not discipline homosexual pastors but to allow them to continue to be Pastors.
I was equally distressed by the vote of delegates to boycot products from Israel. This is a truly apostate organization that any Christian must run from. It's all over. They have taken a stand for unrighteousness. IF you or anyone you now is still part of the ELCA it's time to go and let the cold dead carcass fall like Dagon.
Harry's writing Follows:
Bishop Hanson, presiding Bishop of the ELCA in statements reprinted in the Chicago Tribune said that the "Literal" interpretation on the part of some Christians is not what we have in our understanding of scriptural interpretation in the Lutheran Church.
He (Hanson) made no reference to specific scriptural passages which would be applicable to the burning issues of the convention, namely homosexuality and the implied permitting of those who are practicing homosexuals to continue as ordained pastors in ministry to their congregations. He did not, for instance tell the pubic or the convention how the ELCA interprets Romans 1:24-28. He did not explain the implications of the words of scriptural qualifications for and overseer (GK. episkopos) as is outlined in 1 Timothy 3. "it is necessary for the overseer to be husband of one wife". Literally to be a one woman MAN. (Male)
He did not explain the "So-Called" Lutheran interpretation of the texts. Does the 1 Timothy text seem to allow that an overseer in the church can be a homosexual or for that matter a female? Does the Romans 1 text teach that homosexual practice is in fact a CHOICE some have made? Does it teach that in making such a choice the homosexual has "exchanged the truth for a lie" by "exchanging" the God-ordained use of sex between husband (male) and wife (female) for some same sex relationship?
For a proper understanding of Romans 1:24-25 and to understand how it is wrongly misused by the pro-homosexual crowd, see the sermon by John Piper of Minneapolis: The Other Dark Exchange, Homosexuality.
Reading the newspaper account of the action of the ELCA in convention calls to mine comments of Dr. Martin Luther in his "Treatise on Good Works". In one placed he speaks of the fourth commandment "Honor Your Father and Mother..........
Luther says "....another dishonoring of parents more dangerous and subtitle than this first, which adorns itself and passes for real honor, is when a child has it's own way and the parents thru natural love allow it.... the parents are blinded.... and do not honor God according to the first commandment." I I don't know what the ELCA and it's presiding Bishops teaches as "Lutheran Exegesis" of this but as spiritual "Parents" of the ELCA, as Luther says, they are letting the children have their own way.
Furthermore, as Luther says, "out of natural love they allow it".
They have a "Natural Love" for the homosexual. I don't mean that those who tolerate are themselves homosexual or homosexual lovers. They assume that this kind of "Toleration" on their part is a sign of the love of God shown in them, allowing and approving of homosexual behavior. Or at least overlooking it.
Yes, of course, GOD loves the homo and heterosexual, BUT His love for them is purely thru the Death of his Son Jesus the Christ and is to lead them to repentance and faith in HIM. The Power of the Gospel is to become renewal of life as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 8:9-11. God's love, true spiritual love, would demand that the "Spiritual Parents" of the ELCA clergy to be among the foremost of God's ministers to apply that this true spiritual love, would be to speak the clear Word of God to the Issue. Luther would chide the ELCA leaders as he did the parents who allowed children to "Have their own way".
The way of the Gospel is not tolerance of wrong. It seems that what we see in our nations in regard to this is a tolerance of wrong doing (Mild Punishments by judges and courts, parental laxity over children's behavior, failure to carry out legalities like the immigration issue) until this attitude has invaded the CHURCH.
There is a purpose in preaching the Gospel of Grace and also the Law. Without the application of divine law the Gospel makes no sense. Why would we need a savior? Wrongdoing offended GOD so much that he sent his son to the cross to take care of it so we might be acquitted of our sin.
Well said Brother Harold.
Not to continue to sin and sin and sin because grace abounds. Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?" (Romans 6:1-2).
If there is any fear of God left on the planet what David Wilkerson said of this is critical.

Girl Scouts Decline

When the Girl Scouts fell off the edge of the world with the liberal feminist and homosexual agendas there rose up a Godly alternative.

Girl Scouts have lost over 100,000 members in the last 5 years. Where did those girls go (in part)?

Read this.

There is Justice after all in the universe.

Dead Run

  • Last Night, House of Prayer
  • This Morning Ultrea at Lord of Life
  • This PM Sermon Writing
  • Sunday AM, Kick off the LOL Men's Engagement with Don
  • Sunday PM Preach in Berwyn at the Covenant Church
  • Sunday EVE In Rockford
  • Monday Morn - Joint Venture Proposal to make
  • Monday Nite IHOP
  • Tues Onarga Program
  • Wed-Thurs Milwaukee Conference
  • Friday am I still Alive?

I know I'm over the hill, I keep going faster and faster

The Problem with Liberals


Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page recently asked:

"When did 'liberal' become a dirty word?"
(Commentary, July 29).

Let me count the ways:

- Liberals seldom praise the miracle of the free market (capitalism) but invoke instead socialistic and Marxist ideas for their issues (that is, "let the government run it").

- They have a dim view of religion and religious values and scoff at those who utter them.

- They don't want us to win the war on terror and constantly undermine the efforts of our commander in chief to do so. Victory, they believe, would only make President Bush look good, and they can't have that. We are all the more in danger and ultimate victory is thus prolonged.

- They hate reducing taxes and have even promised to raise them again. They fail to understand that the principle of low taxes actually brings in more revenue because the people benefit from the lower rates. It works every time, but you won't hear liberals admit it.

- They fail to grasp the essence of being an American. Unlike other countries of their time, our 18th Century founders, when writing our remarkable Constitution, guaranteed us personal freedom within the limits of the moral code (personal responsibility). While being protected from enemies both foreign and domestic, Americans were released to use their brains and energy to fulfill their dreams. The miracles of our progress became known worldwide. That progress proved that individuals voluntarily cooperating with each other -- not government programs with high costs -- can achieve great things for everyone.

I am not willing to give all that up for the tyranny of a big nanny government.

Mildred L. Para
Evergreen Park

SAY ON MILDRED..............

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...or burned at the stake

Heresy is a terrible thing. I guess I'm a heretic- Read this.

An Encouraging Word

I thought I would share with you a word of encouragement I needed to hear this morning. Let those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit says:

Read the whole thing:

August 17, 2007

Al Thomas:


I was driven to prayer by the Holy Spirit--and it was urgent. A great burden came on me and I saw an open vision of many prophets from all over the world. Most were bruised and wounded men and women of God with their heads hanging low, almost ready to give in to defeat. Then from Heaven came an angel holding a large postcard, and it read: God Says: "WEARY PROPHETS, HOLD ON AND DON'T QUIT....

"Sometimes you've thundered My word and few have received it. Remember this, I was watching from Heaven, and I received it because I gave it to you (Isaiah 51:16). Often, you've trembled before My word was released from your mouth, not knowing if it would be accepted...but you spoke it anyway. There were those times when you wanted to throw in the towel, but you kept moving (Luke 9:62). Remember that even Elijah was depressed and wanted to quit (1 Kings 19:4). Do not think this is a strange thing happening (1 Peter 4:12). You're in good company! Like Jeremiah who could not contain the fire I put within Him (Jeremiah 20:9), you also allowed My flaming words to be released.

Some of you, as you moved along in the ministry I called you into, saw restrained but obvious frowns--even on the faces of your own family. Still, you served Me. Yes, still you obeyed My calling for your life. You've learned never to quit in spite of getting weary and sometimes, you had to encourage yourself (1 Samuel 30:6) when no one else would. I now encourage you--Heaven has taken note and angels are being dispatched to help you because you did not quit! You would rather die than not fulfill My will for your life. You remind Me of a man called, "Paul" (Acts 20:24). And his anointing will be upon you."


"You've left some places wondering, 'What was that all about? Did anything happen?' Mighty servant of Mine, do not be mistaken--you did move in My 'Super'natural gifting, but after some meetings, you started to look in the natural, forgetting My Super. Much did take place in the Spirit (Zechariah 4:6). Many children of Mine who were hurting, received fresh manna because of your obedience to the prophetic ministry I called you to, and many left the meeting renewed and strengthened for the battle because you stepped out on the water and obeyed Me.

You were on the mark! The enemy of your soul attacked you viciously because you damaged his kingdom and he suffered loss, but for you, it was gain (Matthew 16:18). Some of you have eaten the bread of affliction, but I rejoiced because even when you were 'under it,' you gave healthy portions of the Bread of Life to My wounded ones (John 6:35). Thank you."


"Many of My prophets who receive My approval, often receive man's rejection. As a prophet, don't expect to be voted, 'Man or woman of the year.' Some of you have looked at your calling as being small and insignificant--you couldn't be more wrong. Many of you have not become well-known on earth, but in Heaven, your name is celebrated. You've given some words that sounded (to you) like tin...but they were actually gold to the ones who received them (Proverbs 15:23).

I put (My) goodness in your mouth for weary souls and you did not withhold it from those to whom it was due (Proverbs 3:27). Because of your obedience to proclaim My word (even though few noticed), walls of hopelessness fell away from some and others suddenly gained strength to answer their calling--all because you rejected the criticism of doubters and allowed yourself to be fueled by Heaven cheering you on (Hebrews 12:1). You didn't fire back at the pessimists; instead, you simply loved them and moved on with your mission."


"A second wind is coming to refresh many (Psalm 147:18). Some prophets think they have 'missed it' and feel guilty. Yes, some have failed (2 Timothy 4:10), but many have been lied to (by satan), thinking that they failed Me when they have not! Your Holy Spirit inspired 'words' are producing changed lives, birthing divine destinies and encouraging many to keep fighting the good fight of faith. Some have thought nothing was gained and time was wasted, but you did not see My view. Never forget--I've called you to announce, pronounce and sometimes, denounce! From My perspective (and that's all that counts), you have spoken My words and stilled storms that raged in confused minds and hearts (Mark 4:39).

Instead of being weary, you will refresh the weary. Fire is coming. Many of your recipes say, 'add water,' and that is what I often do before I send My fire. I told Elijah to 'add water' three times before I sent the fire (1 Kings 18). At that time, there was a drought and water was precious, but Elijah knew the rains were coming. I've allowed some circumstances to 'throw water' on your ministry and life, so when I send the fire, you will know it was from Me! (1 Kings 18:41-46). Be weary no longer! Your ministry has Heaven's stamp of approval."

"My Word that goes out of My mouth, shall not return void, but shall accomplish what I please," (Isaiah 55:11).

Al Thomas
Celebrating His Life Ministries

ElijahList Publications
310 2nd Ave SE,
Albany, OR 97321
Phone 1-541-926-3250

Thanking the Wrong Guy

I have been receiving a number of calls, emails and letters from men who attended the Lord of Life retreat last weekend. It was a powerful experience and men's lives were changed and will change. My hope is that Christians were born anew in that retreat, sold out, passionate and full of reckless grace, mercy and love towards Jesus and towards others.

My concern is that some of these guys think it is about Don and Gene. It's not. The first couple notes were thank you notes like the ones below:

I want to thank you for getting the ball rolling and making this retreat possible.

Don and Gene, thanks for everything last weekend…you guys did an awesome job!

Gene, Can't wait to see you Saturday. Thank-you for all the hard work you and Don put in to the retreat ("advancement"). What an awesome experience.

Good to hear but misdirected in thanks. Then, yesterday and today I have received notes that more accurately describe the nature of the retreat and who really deserves the thanks.

Please continue to pray for his guidance and that I may hear his voice.

And phone calls:

I'm in a situation right now where I am going to really need the grace and mercy of God. This retreat connected me with Him in a way I never knew before.

This is what I have been searching for. I have always been a Christian but never went deep enough to develop the relationship and relationships with Him and other Christians I am so hungry for.

I have been a member of this church for years serving where I can yet I have talked with more men at a deeper level in the last 3 days than I have in the last 3 years. I have been so alone and now I feel like I am home and in touch with HIM an others again.

The one that touched me the most is a letter I got yesterday from a man who was a last minute attendee:

Thank you for sharing your pain as you told your story. God spoke to me as I heard it. In my situation my wife and I can't solve the hurt and pain in our marriage by ourselves. God said to me as you spoke, "Let ME do it because you can't". Praise God! I now have HIM and 49 other brothers in Christ praying for and with me for the victory.

Now, THAT is what it's all about. I don't do this for the thanks. Oh, it's good to hear but it's short lived. I do what I do because people begin thanking the right man, Jesus the Christ!

In heaven if just ONE is there because of my obedience to the call, I'm willing and available. My concern is for the families who live within 20 miles of my home. I'm not interested in going off to far countries of downtrodden areas. Spiritually we live in the most downtrodden foreign country to the Gospel of Jesus on the planet. Kane County. Our mission field is easy to get to. We can fall out of bed and be in it.

I am accountable for the souls within my purveyance. I take that as a serious responsibility.

I am also quick to thank HIM (The right one to thank) for that charge.

The vision still stands: Reaching the Fox Valley with the Fullness of the Gospel. We must have a full expression of all the Love of Jesus in our community. We aren't there yet.

Let's do it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top 10 Questions to ask Pro Choice Candidates

There are some things all who love life need to ask the pro choice people running for office. These are real and heartfelt questions. I don't expect answers but perhaps if you think about them for a little while the light will go on. I can only hope.

10 Questions for all the Pro Abortion Presidential Candidates
GrassTopsUSA Guest Commentary
By Gregg Jackson

1. To those who want to keep abortion safe, legal, and rare:

How does one "safely" dismember and discard a living human being from the mother's womb? If you are not actually killing a living human being, then why should abortions be "rare" especially if, as many assert, abortions prevent "unwanted" pregnancies "abuse" and "future crime?"

2. To those who claim that legalized abortion reduces child abuse:

The landmark study on this issue was done by Dr. Edward Lenoski- a Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at USC. He found that the majority of abused children were "wanted" ( i.e. planned). Can those who support abortion cite any specific peer reviewed study that empirically concludes that abortion reduces child abuse?

3. To those who say it's not fair to bring unwanted children into the world:

Do you think that it is fair to stick surgical scissors into the back of a baby's skull and suck out the baby's brains with a vacuum, dismember the baby and throw the baby away in a trash receptacle like a piece of garbage?

4. To those who claim that a woman has the right to do what she wishes with any part of her own body:

How can a distinct human being with a totally unique DNA and chromosomal makeup from the mother (and father) be a part of a women's body? Does a person's right to life depend on his/her place of residence?

5. To those who say that the unborn is an embryo or a fetus – just a simple blob of tissue -- not a baby and abortion is simply terminating a pregnancy, not killing a child:

When does the embryo or fetus in the mother's womb officially become a "baby?" If it is uncertain as to "when life begins" shouldn't we give the defenseless baby in the womb-regardless of age or size- the benefit of the doubt? If you were unsure as to whether somebody was alive or dead you wouldn't bury them would you?

6. To those who say it is uncertain when human life begins, therefore it's a religious question, not a scientific one:

Do you deny that it is an undisputed biological-scientific fact that human life begins at the very moment of conception, at the union of the father's sperm and mother's ovum, a process known as “fecundation?”

7. To those who say that a fetus isn't a person until it can survive on its own outside the womb:

If a human being is not a person until it can survive out of the womb, then what is that human being if not a person? Is a person on life-support not a "person" because he or she can't "survive on his or her own?"

8. To those who say every person has the right to choose and it would be unfair to restrict a woman's choice by prohibiting abortion:

If the baby ho is aborted is a female, which half are (about 750,000 females in the womb are killed each year in abortion clinics in the U.S.), does that female human being in her mother's womb have a "choice" to live or die?

9. To those who say I'm personally against abortion, but I wouldn't impose my beliefs on someone else:

Why are you against abortion? If you believe that abortion kills an innocent human being, why would you oppose laws that would protect that baby's right to life? Assuming you are against child pornography; do you not support the laws that prohibit it?

10.To those who say that abortion is legal and that things that are legal are okay:

Some things that are legal are okay. But would you not agree that slavery, at one time legal, was not "okay?" Or that women not being able to vote, although legal, was not "okay?"

Gregg Jackson is the nationally best selling author of "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue by Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z" (JAJ Publishing Aug 2006) and talk radio show host heard on Boston's Talk Station WRKO.

Left falls off the edge of the earth

The question was raised, Which is dumber, more vile, more ignorant and which is worse, Daily Kos or Huffington Post. I won't link to either one although if you will go to the website that first asked this question you can find it.

I think Kos is more stupid and Huffpost more vile.

Either way, the left has gone completely nuts. Again.

Couldn't we just have loyal opposition by sane humans, Please. Leave the whack jobs at home?

Too much to ask.

Case in point.
Daily Kos now declares that Jose Padilla is a martyr. Never mind that a jury convicted him, just like Scooter Libby, Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers. Wait, those aren't terrorists and the left only loves terrorists so the only jury convictions that are wrong are against terrorists.

Yea, I get it. NOT!

Beauty and a Dream

In Clear Lake Iowa they have built a beautiful garden on the site of a ruined building. It was going to be a site for condos but some smart creative people waylaid this 20 acres into what you see here. They raised the millions needed to do this by selling naming rights. I have a dream to do this in Kane County before I change worlds. I have a prospective site. I need to get approval to use it. I am in the process. This will be a huge project but look at the outcome.

The Garden in Iowa is called Central Gardens.

The wildflower portion
Designed by
Even John Edwards bought a brick.

New Planting in the corner THIS YEAR

A planting under an old silver maple. Takes a lot of water to keep this going.

There's a creek they built that runs thru it all.
Off a meditative patio
A walk where people have bought bricks in support. They still have plenty to sell.
Obedient Plant, a pretty one
Very nice entrance look
Must be 40 grasses and sedges
Lots of wind sculpture from some guy in California

IF you want to click on the pictures they will get bigger. I talked at length to the person who put this all together and spearheaded the whole thing. She is a bright energetic 40-50 something.

We can do this here in Kane County. Volunteers anyone?

Inconvenient Gene

I am inconvenient to have around. I tell you what I know and what I believe. That's a problem if it doesn't' fit into your world view or the envelope of your life.

I'm just enough out of the box of life to be a major irritant to most people. Even those I love or who allegedly love me.

I'm like Al Gore's book. Inconvenient Truth. I don't agree with it but it haunts around the edges.


What would you rather I do:
  • Go along to get along
  • Don't express any opinions other than conventional knowledge
  • Be phony with you
  • If I know something that might help you keep it to myself
  • Say what I mean in such couched language you miss the point
  • Be more vanilla in my approach so you won't be offended
  • Lie to you so you will still like me
  • Use soft words to manipulate a relationship

I don't think you really want that. You know I'll never lie to you, in fact I'll tell you the truth no mater how inconvenient it is for you. You don't want to live in a lie.

Or is it like the movie A Few Good Men (1992)
Col. Jessep: You want answers?

Kaffee: I think I'm entitled.

Col. Jessep: You want answers?

Kaffee: I want the truth.

Col. Jessep: You can't handle the truth.

Can YOU handle the truth?

I'm hoping you can.

Inconvenient truth named GENE.

I Yam what I Yam and I aint's gonna takes it no more...............(Popeye)


I thought you would want to see how that picture we took at the Redlin Family Reunion came out. I will email you the photo if you want it. Click on the photo and a full sized high fidelity version will come up.

Porcupines and Bunnies

Two weeks ago I was with our extended family at the reunion. Jeannie, Wally's wife has bunnies for house pets. I've had a cat, a dog, a fox (we raised it from a tiny pup) and a duck (not in the house). I've never had a bunny.

I've also never had a porcupine. I don't know anyone who HAS had a porcupine for a pet. I've known of pet skunks and pet raccoons, even pet snakes. Don't see many porcupines in the house.

Howcome? I think because they are prickly. You can't get close to them. They are hard to pet or hold. They can be unpredictable. Today you can have a touch relationship with them and tomorrow you get stung or poked.

I know dog people, cat people, snake people, fox people and on and on. Most of them are people that with understanding I can have a relationship with. If on the other hand I don't know if I will be stung next time we are together or not, it soon becomes that I'd rather not.

When Kevin was in Chicago with me one afternoon we were walking down the street. There was a very large man, not handsome, put it frankly, FAT and homely. On his arm was this knockout woman. I poked Kevin and asked, "How does that happen"? I was being superficial of course. He could have money, he could be famous. OR, he could just be the most attentive, caring, bright and even funny person you would ever want to meet.

He probably treasured her, even worshiped her, loved and protected her, she knew she was safe in every way with him and could be who she is without judgment from him. He was her covering.

She wanted (needed) what he provided in emotional currency and she was willing to make that irrational commitment. Oh, there are more cynical answers but the real answer is probably more like what I have just described. I see this asynchronous relationship all the time.

Beauty and the beast.

The opposite situation is more complex. I go to a park or a party and see this handsome man, tall, square jawed, lean, musculatured, well dressed; what any woman would take a second look at. He will be with what could only be described as a chubby toady women. The same question applies. WHAT? How does that happen? What in the world does he see in her? How did she get that done? I have met some pretty ordinary frumpy women who have the ability to attract all kinds of men men and some pretty amazing beauties who can't catch a man with human flypaper.

What does miss frumpy toady and chunky have going for her? She worships the man she's with. Looks in his eyes. Reveres him. Feeds his ego. Honors him. Treats him like the King he wants to be. Covers his feet (a Ruthian reference). He wants what she provides and soon he sees the inner beauty she is and what is seen on the outside doesn't matter anymore.

This is actually pretty simple. The asynchronous trade off is
He - Love and cherish, protect and cleanse and provide
She - Honor and Respect, Live in order, and care for
When this is happening the seemingly unbalanced relationship is in balance. There is no 50-50 in relationships. It's 100-100. Anything held back is potential division.
I wrote of this in my little booklet on Marriage (which is linked in the blogroll on the left at the bottom) and which I am happy to say over a thousand copies have been printed distributed or sold (in two Christian bookstores) to date. I will write other chapters for the next printing when the last copies are sold. I have found a publishing company that will print this in runs of 150 each. More on that when I do it.

Do I know everything about successful man woman relationships? Nope. But I know something. Only he or she who has ears to hear will hear. Someone who knows how to fly a plane can teach someone who doesn't yet know how to fly something about flying, no matter how many times they have been up in one, read about them or seen airplanes. It's the success that must be learned from and not the theories of those still on the ground.

Or, if the porcupine strikes again I'll just keep my distance.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pastoring is a Piece of Cake

IF you believe that you could not be further from the truth. I have a good friend who is a pastor who has gone back to school to learn some additional skills his seminary training did not prepare.

John Armstrong nails it again. Read his take on why the dropout rate among the Pastor Clan is so HIGH.

Chicagoland is Music City (#3)

In today's tribune there is an article about the arts and music scene in Chicagoland. Behind New York and Los Angeles (Hollywood) we are number 3.

It's most interesting.

A few things I DIDN'T know.
  • There are 190 local theaters in Chicagoland
  • 1.8 million tickets are sold to musical events annually
  • Nearly 80 million dollars of tickets are sold
  • 13,000 musicians work in Chicago
  • 53,000 support personnel work along side of them
  • Over a billion dollars in payroll in music related business

From the Article:
Despite having one of the most lucrative and vibrant music scenes in North America, the University of Chicago study describes Chicago as "a music city in hiding."

The economic survey, sponsored by the 2-year-old music-community advocacy group the Chicago Music Commission, touts itself as the first comparative study of music industries and scenes in the 50 most populous metro areas in the U.S. It found that Chicago ranks third in overall size of its music industry, third in the number of concerts and fifth in the number of music groups and artists employed.

The report provides ample evidence of Chicago's musical vitality. It says the city is home to 10 times as many musicians as Austin, Texas, which bills itself as the "Live Music Capital of the World." It also concluded that Chicago's core music industry generates $84 million annually and employs nearly 13,000 people in 831 businesses. In all music subindustries, 53,000 are employed and $1 billion in payroll is generated, which ranks Chicago third in the country.

I know there are lots of venues, opportunities and good music going on. I listen at night to Steve and Jonny who feature many of the local musicians. On Sunday Morning Rick Kogan will play local music.

Only the music playing local radio stations don't play any local music. They are owned by guys from New York and LA. Do we smell conspiracy here?

Karl, Ken and Gene

I have long hair in back, So does my friend Ken.

Now according to this picture so does Karl Rove.

I knew I liked him. Long hair in back on old bald men is soooo sexy. Right Karl, Ken...?

By the way, this picture was taken at the Correspondents dinner the Whitehouse has every year. Karl was Rapping.

He's my homey..........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great News

BeBe Netanyahu is going to be back as the head in Israel. Israel needs a strong head. He is it.

Thank God. Or the voters.

HE SAID IT and I agree

John Armstrong is a strong voice in Christendom. He has just made a couple comments on his blog to which I agree.

1. The misdirection of Christians who are overinvolved in the Whole Global Warming Caused by Man Campaign. It's the enemy's camp and they don't know it.

2. The ELCA Lutheran Church's headlong plunge into oblivion led by an apostate bishop. You will know them by their fruits. That's a cynical bad joke. I was married in and ELCA (ALC) church and seeing them fall by the wayside led by a man who doesn't know God is so sad. If you are leader or member in the ELCA, I have Godly advice for you. GET OUT. Any money you give will be tainted and you must know how evil this whole thing is. This decision has become the beginning of the end and if you stay in you too will be tainted.

There is no restoring or taking back this denomination. It is rotten to the core and even if your little church out in the country doesn't believe what the Bishop and delegates believe, your little church gives money and supports this by default. Do you really want to be part of this all? I mostly never give this advice but as a Prophet for me to day anything less would be sin.

I will say like Neo in the Matrix, "Now that you know the truth, what are you going to do about it"?

The Subjective Prophetic of the Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

I have been watching many of the prophets and the word the Lord is giving them regarding the collapse of the bridge. Most of them are good. That's what spiritual people are to do. Judge the Prophetic. I don't much care if people who don't know God (inside or outside the Church) are critical of a prophetic word. It's like me being critical of brain surgery. I don't know much about it and any input I give will be offset by my ignorance. So, unless you have standing, don't bother.

But to the rest, I think the word of the Lord on this is a warning we need to heed. Read it all carefully and judge it. I believe this is what the Lord is saying on this:

August 14, 2007

Reuven and Mary Lou Doron:



We, as well as others in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, are appreciative of the calls and inquiries from friends who reached out following the recent tragedy of the collapse of the I-35W Bridge. We are located nearly 100 miles away from the metro area, but frequently travel over that bridge, with the last time being only five days before it collapsed. Needless to say, the grief of those who suffered loss and the overall shock to the community will last a long time, and your prayers for all affected touch the heart of God. Below are a few comments/prayer directives for the intercessors who seek to understand the big picture:


Those who read the prophetic networks are aware of a word circulating which has identified both the Katrina disaster and this recent bridge collapse as relating to the spiritual realities spanning the USA from the mouth of the Mississippi by New Orleans to its head waters by Minneapolis. We believe this word is accurate and has much "meat" in it, although, like many of the parables of the Spirit, this too comes in the form of "dark sayings" that need interpretation and discernment. Watch and pray.


While "weeping with those who weep" and upholding the community in its time of grief, we must realize that God's mercies were clearly proven in this tragic event and that the Scripture was powerfully fulfilled which declares that "Mercy triumphs over judgment" James 2:13. Though hundreds of motorists were violently plunged down a 60 foot drop with cars, trucks, broken concrete slabs and twisted steel crashing upon each other as the massive structure gave way, Minneapolis is thus far mourning only five fatalities and eight missing persons. May God's hand rest upon the many injured who are still hospitalized at this writing, some of them in critical condition.

That only 9 souls (so far) were lost in a catastrophe of this magnitude, involving a crowded Interstate during rush hour--is a MAJOR MIRACLE of God's mercies and intervention. He is deserving of our praise and thanksgiving. In our sorrow, let the Church not lose the opportunity to thank the Lord. In addition, many of the readers may have missed the fact that local authorities reported that the fatalities were limited partly due to the fact that the Mississippi River was flowing at a slower speed than normal and was at a lower water level than usual. Coincidence? We don't think so.


What Minneapolis has tasted of in recent days, along with other cities who have suffered natural and terror related tragedies, is but a taste of the harsh reality experienced by hundreds of millions, many of whom are our brothers and sisters in the Faith, who live in troubled areas of the world. Once the dust settles over most western cities, the citizens, for the most part, return to "normal life" with massive governmental and local support systems that can restore civil conditions within days or weeks.

This is not the case in many developing countries where mayhem, chaos and corruption are an everyday reality with infrastructure, food supplies, sanitation services and law enforcement far from stable and reliable. Let this harsh reminder of how quickly the "bottom can drop out" and how vulnerable we really are, serve us by generating genuine empathy, understanding and compassion for those millions who do not enjoy the comforts and relative safety of life in the West.


While construction of the I-35W Minneapolis Bridge went on for a number of years, it was opened to traffic and public transportation only in 1967. This bridge was exactly 40 years old at the time of its collapse! Significantly, this is the same prophetically loaded season of 40 years that also accompanies the anniversary of the legendary Israeli Six-Day war and the liberation of Jerusalem which also occurred in 1967. According to many, this 40-year span of time is neither accidental nor insignificant in God's timeline, and those who are called to stand guard upon the walls of our cities and nations will do well to listen to the prophets, increase their diligence and pay greater attention to the signs of our times.

As many of us in the US know by now, there are nearly 77,000 similar bridges all across the nation, many of which are aging and in similarly distressed conditions as the bridge which collapsed in Minnesota. May God grant our intercessors the grace to guard against further catastrophes, and may He grant our governing authorities the wisdom to upgrade and strengthen these and other critical elements in our transportation system before disaster strikes again.

The fact is that the fate of Israel is directly related to the state of the Church as both journey along a similar path in God's plan. Just as the nation of Israel struggles with confusion, disorientation and intimidation while standing in the midst of the greatest fulfillment of divine promises in the last 2,000 years, so the Church of the Lord Jesus often acts equally dumbfounded, spineless and anemic in the face of the great battles and victories she must walk through at the closing of this age. May God help both Israel and the Church reach for the fullness of Him who formed and called us to Himself.


For over 18 months now, Ariel Sharon, Israel's "last of the lions" as he had been called by some (Ariel means "Lion of God" in Hebrew), has been laying comatose in a medical institution outside of Jerusalem, relying on life support systems to cheat death. In previous writings, we have addressed Prime Minister Sharon's incredible (and imperfect) life and service, and we draw attention to it today only as a prophetic witness to the Church.

If Israel, as it surely is, is a sign to the world and especially to the saints, then Ariel Sharon's comatose condition is likewise a sign within a sign. This man, whose very life and name have been intricately associated with Israel's miraculous survival and military exploits during the struggles of the last 60 years of statehood, is now helplessly hanging between life and death. Unconscious, dependant upon resources outside his own body and soul for life support, Ariel Sharon is a warning sign to all, and the Spirit's call is loud and clear, "Awake, Awake!"

The word of God commands us, "Awake, sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is" Ephesians 5:14-17.


Is it possible that from Heaven's perspective the warrior Church has fallen into a comatose, drunken stupor, buried underneath the cares of the world and the burdens of sins that have not been confessed, repented of and therefore, not cleansed of? As it is written, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" I John 1:9. Is it possible that apart from the artificial life-support systems of political structures, Christian entertainment and technological gimmicks, our man-centered churches are also desperately hanging between life and death? If Israel is a sign, and if the 40-year cycle is significant, then we had all better wake-up to the hour in which we live before the plug is pulled, exposing our true nakedness and weakness.

Many will insist on partying on through the darkening night, desperate to drown out the sound of the alarm with the loud music and games of our generation as did Belshazzar's quests on that fateful night when "Suddenly the fingers of a man's hand emerged and began writing opposite the lampstand on the plaster of the wall of the king's palace, and the king saw the back of the hand that did the writing. Then the king's face grew pale, and his thoughts alarmed him; and his hip joints went slack, and his knees began knocking together" Daniel 5:5-6.

Belshazzar, who saw first hand God's dealings, humbling his legendary father Nebuchadnezzar, should have known better than to violate and desecrate the sacred vessels which had been taken from God's Temple in Jerusalem. Instead, hardening his heart and lifting up his soul to idol worship, he used the vessels in his idolatrous palatial orgies. The day of reckoning arrived with sudden terror.

It wasn't until a Hebrew prophet, Daniel, was brought on the scene that the meaning of the mysterious and alarming sign was interpreted. Refusing the king's flatteries and briberies Daniel spoke out, saying, "Now this is the inscription that was written out: 'MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.' This is the interpretation of the message: 'MENE'--God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it. 'TEKEL'--you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient. 'PERES'--your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians... That same night Belshazzar the Chaldean king was slain. So Darius the Mede received the kingdom..." Daniel 5:25-28, 30-31. What took a lifetime of pride and arrogance to brew, was undone in one fateful night as the Persian forces crept into the glorious city, struck down the king along with his quests, and took over the empire with hardly a fight.

Which kingdom will also in such a way be weighed, divided and plundered so suddenly in our days? What nation is in such immediate peril? The answer is any kingdom that is man-centered and God-resistant--whether it be the size of one heart, one family, one community, or an entire nation--all will in such a way suddenly come to a terrifying end when the hand writing is upon the wall.

We pray that the God of Heaven and of earth may grant us all mercy and grace to turn to Him with our whole hearts and walk the walk of the believer. As the Apostle Paul exhorted us saying, "I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, entreat you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing forbearance to one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" Ephesians 4:1-3.

In His grace,

Reuven and Mary Lou Doron
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I love to debate politics, global warming, energy policy, even theology. It's all fun intellectual exercise.

The real issue as a minister of Jesus Christ I am confronted with is:

We are one generation from the extinction of Christianity.

That doesn't mean a church. That means the knowledge of God. The old Testament is full of those kinds of examples in Kings and Chronicles. People lose touch, rough times come, they come back, good times come, they lose touch and round and round it goes.

I fight so hard for establishing Christianity in my generation because without that the next will have nothing to link to.

God wants to change the face of Christianity in this generation but he must do it by renewal and restoration. Not renewal back to the things of old. When God says, "behold I do a new thing" it's going to be new to YOU.

We must make the life of Jesus alive in this generation and the next so that the Sword of Damocles of extinction that hangs over every Christian Generation's head won't fall in the next.

If God should remove his hand of protection from us in this country because the next generation forgot Him we would suffer and our grandchildren and our grandchildren's children would suffer worse.

So, fight the good fight of faith, don't give up, don't let up, preserve a true faith, not churchianity, not some denomination; devotion to Jesus.

That's all that stands between today and extinction.

I'm not fearful. I see good things over the horizon. I'm a passionate ecologist in a spiritual sense. I don't take for granted that generations to come will come to faith in Jesus if we allow the spiritual environment to atrophy to an uninhabitable state.

Let's pump some new O2 into the mix shall we?

Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa Karl is gone

All thru the Scooter Libby thing, all thru the Abu Graib thing, All thru the wiretap thing the constant drumbeat was Karl Rove was evil incarnate and should resign right now. Preferably in handcuffs but resign none the less.

Unfortunately for the lefty crowd Karl Rove is resigning with head held high as it should be. Now the cry from the loony left is Karl is a rat deserting a sinking ship, he's getting out while the getting's good with his tail between his legs and all other such idiocy. Hey pal, you can't have it both ways.

Hey, How bout he's resigning because after 7 years and no more electoral battles to fight there's not much more for him to do. And, as to the idea that he is some kind of superstar election Svengali how bout those 2006 elections (which in the end has amounted to absolutely nothing because the left has no leadership capacity whatsoever). If Rove was such a genius how come the Republicans lost that one? HMMMM?

I'll take Rove at his word. He resigned because he wanted to. Long and short.

But to the left wing nutcases, you won't have ol Karl to kick around anymore.

PS: I was going to link to some of the blogosphere's left wing Kos rantings about all this but I have standards of language on this blog and I can't afford the filth. Why is it the Daily Kos commenters can't complete a sentence without the F word?

I was told that people that have to swear a lot have a weak mind. Yea, that explains it.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I didn't say this, Buffalo Commons was right and maybe wrong

USA today isn't the most reputable paper in the world. Too liberal.

However they have a reasonably balanced article about the Dakotas. I do wish the Dakota leaders would have a better more balanced look at who they really are. They don't.

Read the article which says in part:

The Great Plains, which makes up more than 15% of the USA's land area through 10 states but holds barely 3% of the nation's population, is going through another transformation.

Small towns are still dying, but economic enterprises are emerging from this environmental effort

There will be communities that are 500 people strong that will thrive … and others that won't."

"It's unfair to say, 'Well, my grandparents settled here and they farmed, therefore I should be able to farm and my grandchildren should be able to farm,'

Maybe we did have more people than the land could sustain,"

"It's got to be better than things like casinos, prisons and hazardous waste dumps. … What we've got is a Plan B for a region whose Plan A has been failing it for well over a century."

The Poppers who 20 years ago got so much heat for calling the Great Plains Buffalo Commons are being vindicated. Many of the things I wrote in my little book on the Great Plains have come to pass and are coming to pass. It's easier to see the forest if you aren't so deep in the trees.

I won't say I have great hope. I'm nostalgic. But I'm a realist. We don't need plan B, we need a new plan A. I'm not certain that leadership exists in North Dakota today.

Pity. A generation from now they'll get it right. Till then Dakota and much of the great plains will suffer.

China, Chinese, and Christianity

I just heard a report that staggered me a tiny bit. Knew it but hadn't come to grips with it.

According to reports from mainland China right now China is either the 3rd or 2nd most Christian nation on earth.

Within 30-40 years at present growth rates it will be the most Christian nation on earth.

Presently over 10,000 people per DAY are coming to Jesus on mainland China.

Oh that we in the wasted western church would have such zeal.
God might have to destroy today's western church to rebuild it as he did in Great Britain. As he did in Russia. The church must change or die or God will have to kill it to build what he wants to build.

It's exciting and scary to think that in just a few decades that I may never see that the Christian church in China will dwarf all others anywhere.

Come On Church, we can do this. We have to shake off the chains from the captivity of religion and move out in power or we will die.

It's time to take back the land.

Good Advice for the Lonely Heart

There is a program on A&E I have enjoyed watching. Confessions of a Matchmaker. It's funny and it's not. Catch it if you can. Sunday and Saturday nites.

It's like watching poker played on TV. You know what the hole cards are and yell at the TV that they should or shouldn't do thus and so. Sometimes I get very frustrated with the participants on the inept dating show.

Julie, who is wise beyond her years in so many ways, wrote a pretty good analysis of clues men should get (we don't get them that easily as men being men and all) in the great cycle of life called romance. I think number 5 on her list is particularly good.

You will want to read her post and all the comments. They are great.

I included my 15 undeniable truths about women in the comment section.

Just in case you had any questions on dating and meeting nice girls (ADAM).


Retreat and Advance

I mentioned in a previous post that I spent Friday pm thru Sunday Afternoon at a men's retreat with about 50 other men.
This had been a dream of mine for these men for a long time.  I am so glad it came off as it did.  It was a success.
Most of the men had a tremendous breakthrough.  This will change everything.  It did for me when I went thru it nearly 30 years ago. 
The good news is we have broken thru to many.  Men's lives were changed which means families will change and the church they attend will change.
This means good things for Lord of Life Lutheran Church in LaFox IL, A place that is no place.  That became even more Clear as Pastor Phil spoke of the Kingdom of God not being on any map.  A place that is no place.  I think the prophetic meaning is becoming clear.
Now the next steps begin to take place.  New renewal, new relationships and new growth.  We meet again on the 18th.  Next steps will come in that meeting for those who attend.  Further advance.
I am sad because not everyone made the same trip in advancement on this retreat.  A few chose to get off the bus.  I have huge spiritual goals.   I'm never satisfied with anything but revolution.  I don't see anything more important than being a part of the Metamorphosis of Christianity from what it was into what God desires it to be.  Changing the face of Christianity in ONE Generation.  That's God's agenda. 
We are 23 years into a process that started on June 9th 1994.  That was a date prophesied long ago by Prophet John I. Hinkle that the change would begin.  It was widely criticized, poo pooed and put down as false prophesy.   People didn't understand the change and how it would manifest.  I even sat that day and recorded everything that happened expecting some monumental event.  Sure there were a few.  But, like the birth of Jesus it manifested quietly even though prophesied and again is manifesting slowly.  We are now 23 years into the generation.  If that generation is 33 as Jesus' was there isn't much time.  If it's 40 maybe a little more.  But things are changing. Since 1994 things have accelerated in changing the Kingdom.   Nothing today is as it was before 1994 spiritually.  Reflect on what you see in Christianity today versus 23 years ago.  Those who have fought the change have already hung Ichabod over the door.  Those who continue to fight the change will continue to hang it.  Here's your sign.
I want to be part of it.  I want to push, pull, cajole, encourage, harass, anger, irritate, frustrate, persuade, call, prophesy and anything else I can do to ADVANCE (not retreat) the part of the  Kingdom of God I have influence over.
Let's advance. There is no retreat into cold dead works.

What is a SLUR?

I have been told I used a slur. I've been puzzled ever since. What is a slur anyway?

Defined it is:
  • Terms of disparagement are pejorative terms such as yid, kike, nigger, whore, slut, fag and queer whose use usually arouses painful feelings in the target, members of the targeted group or sympathizers. They may also signify derision for people of specific geographic areas, such as Mick, Kraut and Jafa.

My opinion, a slur is any word or words used to intentionally demean or designed to make another person feel less than they are.

What about words used in a context that had no such intention? If another was offended was that a slur? I've been thinking of that and have come to the unpopular conclusion that it is NOT. That doesn't take away from the pain. It just may be word in the language.

When I grew up we hauled rocks off the fields. There were big round balsat stones we called Niggerheads. I never knew what that meant. It's just what we called them. It's not good language in today's culture. But that's what they were to us in rural 1950's North Dakota.

And Brazil nuts. I didn't know they were called Brazilnuts until I was in college. I thought if you went to the store to buy them you would ask for Niggertoes.

If I offended people then I had no idea. I was free to love anyone because there wasn't any constraint placed on how I could love them.

I'm being a little rough there because I think there is a drift that has taken place in our culture to have become so sensitive and so over careful it has the net effect of stifling and stilting relationships.

Peggy and I lived with a negro, (or black, or maybe I'm supposed to say African American today) family for a long time. We loved them. They loved us. We were very close and today I miss seeing them.

There was one thorn in our relationship. This was during the 60's. Words and their meanings were changing. BOY was the wrong way to address people who were black. I had grown up saying things like, "Boy did you see that?". Boy was a way of giving emphasis.

It was a long time ago.

With Ike I had a hard time because I wanted to be natural around him. I loved his wife Dot. I would never do anything to harm or hurt them. Oyemun and Atu their boys were both born when we were there. But when I would say BOY he didn't react but I found myself controlled and unnatural. It was a barrier in our relationship.

I think we may have pushed the envelope on forbidden language too far. I'm all for taking the N word out of circulation. There are some others we can do without. But how far do we go before the language is denuded of all capacity for free expression between people?

If we are going to go that far perhaps we need to eliminate Bald, Fat, Old and Pale. Yea, now I feel better.


Maybe as Larry the Cable Guy said in one of his monologues, "We need to get the thumb out of our mouths, grow up and get over our old prickly sensitive bad self".

I don't usually cite Larry the Cable Guy as the paradigm of sensitivity but isn't there some allowance for just being clumsy sometimes. Maybe our culture has become thumb suckers who need to grow up and get over it.

If I'm going to be in relationship with you do I have to get new eggs to walk on? Or maybe I'll just skip the relationship.

A Headline Worth Waiting For

The Anchoress is a favorite read of mine in the Blogosphere. She wrote the ultimate left wingnut New York Times Headline. It's goood not to share:

Perils of Global Warming and How We’re All Going to Die Because Bush Killed Kyoto Even Though Clinton, In 1997, Did Not Even Submit The Treaty To Congress (Which Made A Point Of Unanimously Rejecting It Anyway) Because It Was Smart of Clinton To Reject It But Stoopit of Moron Bush To Kill It And Al Gore Deserves An Oscar And America Is Suffering And Disappearing Because of Evil Bush Who Is Bad And Evil And Who Makes Wars Against Peaceful People And There Is No Threat Of Islamofascism, There Is Only A Threat Of Christofascism And Other Conservative Sorts Of Fascists Things.
I'm expecting this shoe to fit some. So wear it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

suspension or pier

There are two common bridges. One that is suspension (above or below the deck) like the one that collapsed in Minneapolis or the pier type of bridge just using girders, bridge beams and cross members.

Here from Winona MN is an example of both next to each other.

I think you see some of the problem. How much span can a span span till it don't?

I'm no engineer but I'll bet some are asking that question today.

Nukes for Life

One technology I believe in for the future energy requirements is Nuclear. I have a friend that works at Argonne Labs in Chicagoland. Things are moving very quickly in this field. The most promising form of power is the Fast Rector.

It's a type of breeder reactor. Not only does it use up nearly all of the radioactive material in generating electricity, it also generates very little waste. What's more, they can and probably will dig up and reuse the waste that already exists. Even weapons grade material can be reprocessed into useful fuel.

All this means that the future is bright in real electricity generation.

He tells me that ONE of the reasons no one is building more power plants is because the nuclear plant of the future won't be like the ones we have today dotting the landscape. Then there is the capacity for retrofit.

When I lived in Germany there was a nuclear plant near our home that did not have a cooling tower but a cooling pond. It was an advanced system.

The Russians and Chinese are far down this road. We are behind. OF course the French can't get it right at all.

The good news is if we put our efforts into this we can make it work.