Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Democrat includes the word DEMON

Too many in the Democrat party have morphed into the hateful and intolerant reincarnation of the Nazi party. Add in the Khmer Rouge and you have a very good approximation of many in the modern Democrat party. Hateful intolerance is just a way of life for them. By rights they should be prosecuted on terrorism charges.

The totalitarian left is an existential threat to America's capitalist system. They will drive you out of business to enforce their Kafkaesque vision on America. They are NAZI's in pink uniforms. If you value your freedoms, you will vote for GOP candidates at every level of government. The liberal storm troopers are at our door step.

When did you last see social conservatives screaming in the streets, threatening lives, demanding businesses close, harassing innocents. When? - the extinction of religious liberty is the goal of these mental midgets who call themselves liberals.

Democrats are losing the confidence of American voters. Dems have turned America against itself. Liberals are imposing an Orwellian vision on this country. They are attacking not merely religious beliefs but the very foundation of freedom, like the Consitution and democracy. Americans are not gonna' take it any more !!!

" We are living in a country where the most central institution of our society, the family, has been under assault for 30 years. We are living in a country in which 160,000 schoolchildren don't go to school every day because they're afraid someone will shoot them or beat them up or knife them. We are living in a country now where gunshots are the single leading cause of death among teenage boys. We are living in a country where people can find themselves shot in the crossfire of teenagers who are often better armed than the police who are trying to protect other people from illegal conduct. It is high time we had an open and honest reaffirmation of the role of American citizens of faith, not so that we can agree but so that we can argue and discourse and seek the truth and seek to heal this troubled land." President William Jefferson Clinton
Remarks on Signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (the Same as the one in Indiana)
November 16, 1993

" a restaurant should not tell a patron he/she will not be served just because of sex, race, etc. " Like most of the left, misstating the facts, That didn't happen and there is no evidence that it ever happened. This is a "thought crime" which used to be a non-event in America.

a small business affirmative action mandate for gays and lesbians. Restaurants must keep records of sexual orientation of all customers and reservations. They will be penalized if their experience does not conform to the regulatory statistics. If the business cannot get enough gay and lesbian customers to meet the mandate, they must initiate programs, such as preferential reservation priority or discounts, to get their results statistically in line. Soon, everyone making a reservation does so in a protected category. (Like Ms. Warren and her 1/32 American Indian ploy) Heterosexual couples are just a gay guy and his lesbian friend (or the other way around, depending on your non-judgmental preferences).

You will be required to state in a form your race, religion and sexual orientation before you get seated - you may even be refused seating if that day there are too many like you

The restaurant no longer needs to offer discounts or other preferences to meet the mandates. Everything returns to "normal". The agitators move on to correct the next injustice.

If I were King, Baltimore

This isn't the whole thing, but here are some things I would do quickly..

Demilitarize the cops, all policing done on foot.  Police force must look just like the community.  Instead of Andy and Barney I would find Maurice and Anthony, it would be cousins, brothers, fathers, sons of the community...

If the same person is arrested over and over they are identified but not jailed for non violent behavior. It must become a shaming and a stigma.  People need to know who the bad guys are in the community but not jail.

Justice system changes to carry the bulk of the burden of proof.  If you can't charge someone with a crime in 24 hours.. they get out free.

All non violent (like parole, child support and such) inmates released at once and pay companies a bonus to hire the ex con.  Some cops earlier mentioned come from these ranks.

No minimum wage in the community. None.  Right to work for all.

Make the areas in question full on tax incentive and regulation free.  Drive people to start businesses there.  Make it irresistible.

Reduce the support payment complex.  Children to 18 get a stipend.  Vouchers only for education.  Housing is voucher driven and it pays well. No snap cards.  All food support comes thru the stipend for children only.  The education and housing vouchers are only good in affected areas.

Shark Tank like examination of every single entrepreneurial idea from the community. No government money.  BUT those sharks who invest get some protection.. decrease the risk aversion.  Double pay back if it works.

Street security privatized.  As in eastern europe and Latin America. Armed guards outside every store.

Reinstate the death penalty and use it for those who are seriously criminal.  Empty the prisons, execute or release.

Housing and care for the elderly in spades.  Once you reach a certain age.. 70, everything is easier.

No big box or corporate entities.  They will have to travel outside to shop them.

Health Care is Medicare part ALL.. IF you live and work in the community and behave yourself.. you are essentially on medicare.

Make the community a regulation and zoning free zone.  If you decide to start a business, you simply hand out a shingle and you're in.
We must drive hard to make the communities a worthy place to live and work.  Many jobs are for keeping the place looking sharp, clean and in good repair.

The church must play a HUGE part of this but without money from government.

Clean up corrupt music, film, speech and language.  Make it a crime with sanctions (financial) and never government support for perversion.

Monday, May 04, 2015

This sewer rat is Obama's point man. A master race baiter.

The Game of Let's Pretend

Back in the Soviet Union there was a saying, "So long as the bosses pretend to pay us, we will pretend to work."

In part of our culture today, that has become the truth.  We have pretenders all around us.

I'll pretend to love America while I stomp on the flag and you say nothing

I'll pretend to want justice while you allow me to destroy the peace

I'll pretend to be abused while I abuse you

I'll pretend to want colorblindness when color is all I see when I look at the world

I'll pretend that nothing is changed when everything HAS changed but I won't see it

Baltimore isn't an American problem. It's a DEMOCRAT problem

Election history doesn't lie.

I was robbed

What do you do when someone STEALS from you?  What if it's a friend or relative.  I know many families who are in turmoil over money.  Who feel like they have been shortchanged or even stolen from.  The animosity that results will destroy unity.  No fellowship can result.  The devil creates resentment. 

I was reminded of how much has been stolen from me over the years.  It didn't take me very long to tally it up.  Well over $100,000  in REAL MONEY stolen from me, mostly from relatives, and mostly by people I still love and am in relationship.  IF I allowed myself to stew over these "debts" I would not have many friends and only estranged relatives.  Most know who they are and what they owe.  Some think they are justified in taking from me because I have "enough".  Some are not even aware of how they robbed me blind.  Some if I spoke of it to them would be quick to reason away why they don't owe me to pay me back what they stole. 

I'm not angry. God has blessed me.  I take seriously the words, "forgive us our debts as we forgive others".  

As I pondered this, it occurred to me how much like our current the national unforgiveness passions exists as represented in Jefferson and Baltimore.  How the desire for payback is ripping apart the nation.  Just as I could do.. if I decided to live in conflict.  IF we are brothers and sisters, if we are to be kings kids, if we are to live as heirs of the king.. are we acting like it?  I regret to say that outside actions reveal inside attitudes.  It's not good.   What is hidden is manifested when restraint is cast off.  It's ungodly.