Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama's Insanity in Spending for the Lame of Brain

Just to be clear, the amount of Money Obama is and has borrowed from thin air to spend on nothing is well in excess of the cost of WWII and all other spending from that time to this.

Don't believe me. You need to look at this GRAPHIC representation from the Washington POST. No right wing rag that. We are about to go off the edge of the cliff driven by people with paper thin resumes and ideological assumptions for brains. It's over folks. The end has come.

My concern is even if we take back the house, senate and presidency, the nation will be in ruin. We have squandered our future. Your children and grandchildren will NEVER pay this off. You can't blame Bush for this. Oh you can, you'd just be really wrong and hiding your head in the sand.

I have a favor to ask

My son TIM made a nice poster for the Bismarck Tea Party. It's listed here. He's sign number 22.

It says, "Are you better now than you were 12 Trillion Dollars Ago".

You can vote for him and he might win $500 bucks. I know this is self serving. But, It's for a good cause. Honest.

Thank you.

Obama in Moscow: Stupid is as Stupid Does

Along the way, you gave us a pretty good deal on Alaska. Thank you.


The man is a Laff Riot!!!

That’s the way to “hit the Reset button”, Mr. President. Remind the Russians of perhaps the stupidest thing they ever did.

(Can you imagine the teeth-grinding rage of a person like Putin, a guy who has clawed his way to the top on sheer wit, cunning and brutality, having to deal with this lightweight and take him seriously? I almost feel sorry for Putin.)

Can you imagine if any Republican said this? How about if Sarah Palin said it? Geez.

Bottom line: The guy is a smooth-talking ignoramus: not all that smart, not well-read, with a wafer-thin resume.

Some people who are paying attention don’t call our President His Holiness Messiah Barack I or even just The One: We call him J. Danforth Obama!

Hold on to your hats, folks. We are in for at least 3.5 more years of comedic hijinks.

Bottom line: The guy is a smooth-talking ignoramus: not all that smart, not well-read, with a wafer-thin resume.

In reality, I think the bottom line is actually a bit worse than you suppose. Not only is our President an educated ignoramus but he shares a failing common to a great many of our educated elites: He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know. He is ignorant of his ignorance.

Wind Power foolishness finally hits the wall

I was just in North Dakota, land of way too many wind turbines. Now the question is beginning to be asked..... What about reclamation. The wind turbines are beginning to look like they are going to come down and who is going to pay for the deconstruction and returning of the land to it's former state. At least with coal and oil there are requirements in the law to restore the land. And in coals case in North Dakota most of the land is indeed restored to it's former glory or better.

Wind power is dumb. Coal, CH3, Nukes are all wise plans. Solar when they figure out how to do the technology will be OK. It's not now. I got 31.5 MPG in the Buick LeSabre 2000 with 200,000 miles on it. Why can't all cars be like that? I think they can. Hybrids are stupid.

PLUS, there is no global warming. Climate change, yep, but not anthroprogenic warming. Thinking we can change the climate is insanity.

The cap and trade idea is simply a scheme of the left of control our lives.

Chicago Boyz reported today on the foolishness of wind power.

Today Reuters posted a story called “Pickens backs off wind farm project

Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens has called off plans to build the world’s biggest wind farm in the Texas Panhandle, the Wall Street Journal said.

Pickens said the wind farm project was scuttled partly because of the lack of adequate transmission lines to carry the electricity from remote locations to cities, according to the paper.

The oil tycoon had hoped to build new transmission lines but could not secure financing, the paper said.

This paper neatly summarizes the impossible economics for most of these large scale alternative energy projects, focusing on areas that aren’t usually covered well by the media or academics.

One of the favorite alternative energy projects involve wind energy, basically giant windmills / turbines that generate electricity when the wind blows. Wind energy viability is determined by a lot of factors, including:

1. how much the wind blows, or more accurately, how “steadily” the wind blows at a relatively high rate of speed
2. cost of the turbines / windmills
3. reliability of the turbines / windmills (one of the major manufacturers out of India has been recalling and having issues with the blades)
4. ability to find permits to site the blades (famously the Kennedy’s are blocking them for damaging the “view” off their compound on the East coast)
5. amount of subsidy that the state power commission / Federal government is providing for the energy (else they generally aren’t financially viable)
6. access to transmission lines to bring the electricity back to the urban areas that are most likely to utilize this electricity
7. access to funding (debt and equity) that allows the developer to build and secure the land, materials and equipment to complete the job

Of all these items, people tend to focus on items 1-4 above, with some understanding that without 5 (subsidies or requirements to “source” a certain percentage of generation alternatively), it isn’t going to just happen.

However, #6 and #7 are actually the biggest bottlenecks right now, and tied to long term items that the state, local and Federal authorities are doing the least about.

Item 6 - I would view our transmission grid the same way that you’d view the layout of factories during communism; based on a blueprint of assumptions from a methodology long since passed by. Back in the days when you could actually BUILD a transmission line, before you had to snake it around every coyote, plant, and sign of human habitation, the lines were built to connect the power sources at the time (hydro, coal, nuclear) with the population centers and large industrial areas at the time. Basically, we are talking about the 60’s and the early 70’s. This grid is what it is - in some places it makes a lot of sense, in some places (like near high growth areas in Nevada and California) it makes little sense - but you need to understand that it simply can’t be “fixed” by a policy paper or by throwing a few billion dollars at it here and there - it would take a major project, on the order of construction of the original interstate highway system, to fundamentally “fix” the grid to map it today where the people, industry and power sources of the FUTURE will lie, and require massive amounts of political will to fight NIMBY’s every step of the way to make it happen. Basically, this means we have what we have and, with only minor changes and upgrades along existing “rights of way”, it isn’t changing.

Item 7- access to funding for transmission is VERY difficult, for a host of complex reasons. Basically the underlying financial support network for many types of projects was taken away by “deregulation” (I use the words in quotes because it wasn’t deregulated, just regulated differently), where utilities in MOST areas could recover these types of infrastructure costs in the “base” rates charged to customers. Today generation has been mostly deregulated (meaning no one is building anything except for “toy” alternative projects and gas-fired peak plants) and the local distribution company (which is saddled with buying power and makes little money in the best of times) has to front the bill for transmission. Building transmission is a lonely business - it costs billions, and all it does is lower the price of power to the end customer and can reap a “toll” along the way between the generation site and the power user. Back in the old days, utilities would invest in transmission because it is critical to reliability and allowed them to expand their revenue base, but today these super high risk investments, which face fanatical opposition from local residents, are generally beyond the pale.

Pickens basically gave up because #6 and #7 were not viable.

Reality is going to hit all of the alternative energy concepts, sooner or later.

Computer back and not

I had a computer meltdown. Well collapse anyway.

Much wrong. Little right.

It's back now and so am I with one hand tied behind my back. I can't get flash player to install again. I hate having to reload everything.

And I lost ALL my passwords and bookmarks.


A long week. Very long. Very Very long. Highlights were going to the Tea Party protest in Bismarck. Nice time. About 1100 people but not so anyone would know. Media wouldn't cover. That's ok. We know. This will build. This takes time.

This was the largest protest of it's kind in Bismarck in the last decade. No protest of any other kind accumulated as many people. Certainly people come out to conferences, concerts and ball games.

But to stand up and say this is right or wrong is an act of courage.

It was fair and balanced. Not like left wing protests where any opposition speaker is shouted down. The left is unable to hear opposing viewpoints.

It was great to stand together with like minded people.

One thing is certain, the take over of our government by the left wing loonies is going more badly than first expected. This is paving the way for another 1994. We need leadership. Perhaps Sarah.

In any case as someone said. It's time for a change. We need hope to be delivered from the evil empire.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Throw the bums out. This time they really are bums.

Why Sarah Palin Matters - She Singlehandedly Exposed ....

the Democratic Party for what it really is: a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.
This is from a stirring article written for NRO. You will want to read the whole thing. It is shocking and represents what is really going on. Nothing less than the evil take over of our country by fascist Marxists.

But that's just me.