Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hope in a troubled economy

Here's the Word that Pastor Phil brought that impressed me so.. You will want to hear the whole thing.

Satan and the Economy

Week Away and protesting in Bismarck

We are making the trek to ND to see relation. A highlight is to be part of the Tea Party in Bismarck.

Looking forward to it.

Thursday Night 6-8 on the mall in front of the capital bldg.

Kevin and Tim (both my sons) will be with me.

Gonna be fun.

See you in ONE WEEK. BUH Bye.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Believers in Pixie Dust brought us the Fantasy Named Obama

Peter Pan got people to believe and fly because they were sprinkled with Pixie Dust.

People voted for Obama because they believe in Pixie Dust. Obama is the chief pixie.

Not enough MPG. POOF. Pixie Dust. Therefore all cars will get 40MPG or more

Bad Health care. POOF Pixie Dust time. Obama will mandate national health care and fix all your problems.

Don’t like the Environment. POOF Cap and trade pixie dust.

Economy in the tank? POOF printing money pixie dust.

And on it goes.

None of his “solutions” are real. None substantive. All of them are pixie dust sprinkled on foolish believing drones who actually believed and voted for this man.

Sorry folks, there is no such thing as pixie dust. No magical thinking that there will be a credit card solar panel on your car that will take the place of your engine, no government will help you, just hurt you.

There is no pixie. Just a monster ready to destroy your way of life.

Welcome to the real never never land. Welcome to HELL brought to you by the chief pixie…. BHO.

My view of the current administration's ability thus far

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Best Ever Sermon by Pastor Phil Ressler

I was proud of how well he did. He will post it and when he does I will link to it.

Here are a few notes and a few reflections on what he said. I would give you all the context but then you wouldn't listen to it.

There are benefits that can come from the pain of recession. It uncovers hidden sin that can lead to repentance: Sins that made me go OUCH - impatience, self reliance, wasteful living, dependence on THINGS, fearfulness, grumbling, murmuring and injustice. (My reflection, when you are squeezed by life whatever is in you will come out).

When we experience financial difficulty it opens our eyes to the plight of others. When we have prosperity we can become hardened to people in need and how difficult they have it. (my reflection - this is true of people who are happy, people who are healthy, people who are prosperous. When we are in one state we may not be compassionate with people who are NOT as we are. Healing is one such, if we are well it makes ministering healing less)

The idea that things are going to get back to normal, things are going to get better, things are going to improve soon that this difficulty will all be over soon as you hear in the news media is a uniquely AMERICAN ideal. People in some countries are so desperate and poor they don't' even THINK about things getting better soon. They just want to find something to eat, a place to stay out of the sun and clean water to drink just for today.

God USES recession and difficulty to release faith for the future. The fastest growing churches are in areas where people are in the most difficulty. God may be starting a revolution by starving us all out. We prayed for revival. This may be God's way. We can get on board or keep complaining.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is a crime of Equal Opprotunity Law

I knew Adrian Monahan. I did not know Roland Harper. They did nothing wrong. Not in real terms. They were tripped up for a small amount of money by a law that should not exist.

This is a crime of stupidity. Not of Adrian or Roland. Stupidity of laws trying to make equal something that makes no sense.

You can read the story here.