Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Tide Rises

This week I was given a vision for the Church at large. I have many who read this blog who benefit from this kind of conversation. On the other hand if this language confuses you I suggest you skip reading this any further. This is closed circuit for Christians alone.

Last Night (Friday August 18, 2006) at the House of Prayer in Bolingbrook IL I delivered what the Lord had shown me in a vision as follows:

I saw seashore. It went for miles. All along the shore were boats. Except these were boats out of water. Some were run aground. Some were tethered to docks that were out of the water. There were large and small, fancy and humble boats. This seashore surrounded a huge harbor. There were some boats, not many, in the harbor still afloat in the deeper water.

Then an exceptional high tide came in. The boats up and down the shore were set afloat. Many were in such bad repair that when the tide came they couldn’t float and stayed under water. The fact that the boats were floating on the water again was an exhilarating thing for those who captained the boats. Many stood proudly on the decks of their boats and took credit for the fact the boat was now afloat instead of giving credit to the tide that had come in.

Boats out in the harbor communicated with the boats tied to the docks and those staying close to the shore that in order to stay afloat they should come out into deeper water to be safe. The Captains of the shore and dock boats told them they had always been boats of the shore. Deep water was strange. They didn’t need deep water. The people on their boats would rather be close so they could get on and off the boat easily, going into the village and then from time to time get back on the boat.

Then a call from the Harbormaster went out. “Come out here. Cast out into the deep. It’s safe and secure in deep water. You won’t run aground again”. A few decided to take the plunge. They burned the docks they had trusted and acted on the word of the harbormaster.

Many of the boats next to the shore and tied to the docks ridiculed those in the deep water. They said, our fathers always kept the boat close to shore. We need to be in control. There became a division of boats between deep-water crews and shore crews.

Then the tide went out again. Those boats on the shore and tied to docks were once again stranded aground. As time went by they talked of the old days when the boat was afloat. How thrilling it was to rise and fall with the waves. They hoped for another tide that would let them regain flotation. Some even said that next time the tide came in they would go out into the deep water so they wouldn’t be beached again.

The harbormaster had known and had warned the shore boats. He knew this seashore was a seismic area and that the potential for tidal waves was a serious threat. One day the world shook. Everything that could be shaken was shaken. As a result a huge tidal wave swept into the harbor. Boats that were in the deep rose higher as the wave passed by. But those on the shore and at the dock were destroyed by the powerful wave. Many people perished, many were offended that the harbormaster hadn’t insisted they come out; some blamed the captains of their boats that were destroyed for bad judgment. The end result was there were no boats left on the shoreline or at the docks. They were all rubble.

The boats safe in deep water came and rescued many of the refugees from the tidal wave. They mourned over the loss of life and property but from that day on it was known to all that the only really safe place is in the deepest water. There were no people willing to board a boat that wouldn’t go away from the shore. Security under the watchful eye of the harbormaster was where they wanted to be. Some people just retreated further inland to other villages and turned their back on the boats and the harbormaster. They felt safer inland. What they didn’t know what the danger of fire would be if they stayed deep in the woods of the inland areas.

I imagine you can determine what most of this is. If you have spiritual ears to hear, this all is clear.

The boats all represent ministries, churches and individuals. The tide is the grace and mercy of God. The docks are traditions and denominations. The Villages and inland are worldly pursuits. The harbormaster is Jesus. The captains are spiritual leaders and pastors.

The tidal wave is human crisis. It is also the outpouring of the Spirit of God and the shaking that goes with it. It turns upside down and destroys everything that these ministries and churches trusted in.

The very leaders or ministers and churches that resisted moving out into deeper water were destroyed. The pride they had for a short time when the first high tide of grace and outpouring came in was crushed by pressure.

Let the church and those who are in leadership with ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the church right now.

The tide is high, but if you don’t get into the deep water now you will be crushed when the big wave comes.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Molek still Kills

I flew to and from Tennessee on business this week. No real hassles. The TSA took away my bottle of Anointing Oil from my carry on briefcase (I carry it in case I run into any sick people who need healing). When I told him what it was for, the look on his face was classic. I’ll bet he had a tale for his wife that night about this nut who… (I actually asked him if he needed healing?). Radical? Guilty as charged.

But, there were 3 events which caused me to ponder.

One was the news about the Muslim couple from Britain who had decided to put bomb material in baby bottles to blow up an airplane, themselves and their 6-month-old baby to kill us all. This really stirred me to think of an ancient god MOLEK. Molek in order to be worshipped properly needed couples to throw their babies in a fire. First born mostly.

How is that any different than some nutcase couple killing themselves and their baby in the name of whatever Islam is to them? This is Molek worship.


Second, while waiting at the airport and young Muslim woman needed to go to the bathroom or something. She asked if I would watch her bags for a few minutes while she did. We were leaving but someone else offered to. I’m sure she was nice. I’m sure she wasn’t a bomber. But this was not thru security. This was just inside the door of the Airport. That bag could have been full of C-4. It was a big bag. I won’t kid you, the further away I got the better I felt. Nothing happened, I’m sure she returned and all was well. But think about what that feels like for her as a scarffed Muslim woman to be looked at with suspicion. The Muslim religious fanatics have ruined it for everyone. Even for those who believe as they do.

Third, we went out for dinner before we jumped on the airplane at a nice restaurant in downtown Nashville named Demos’. We were waited on by a lovely man by the name of Dennis. Any time you go to Nashville, ask for Dennis. He was superb.

While we were eating I told my wife to look around. There in this large supper club were blacks, Hispanics, Whites, old, young, cowgirls in skimpy cowgirl outfits, and lots of hootin and hollarin. Yep, adult beverages were being drunk. People were smoking cigarettes. But everyone was happy, laughing and getting along. I said to Peggy, this is what the Islamic Fascists hate. The life of peace and joy we live here in the USA. All races all people all Americans getting along.

The left wing of our country doesn’t understand that when the fascistic turn the USA into the US Islamic Republic all that will go away.

The evil that is personified and the good that is threatened by the Islamic Fascists is a global threat that we must attack now. Later will be too late.

I believe war with Iran is inevitable. We can meet them now, or later.

What will be gained by waiting for them to hit us first?

What a Great Vehicle

Peggy and I just returned from Tennessee on a nursery shopping trip. I looked at many thousands of trees and a good time was had by all.

When I go I fly into Nashville, rent a car and drive to the country to see trees.

This time I decided to rent a Jeep Liberty. That’s a large version of the WWII version but with a V-6.

It had 4-wheel drive. Shift in and out. Overdrive. And very high clearance.

WHAT A NEAT SUV. Not great mileage. Driving half time thru mud and ruts and half the time on roads for about 600 miles we got an average of 15 mpg. I understand on the road you can expect 20.

But this is one well engineered SUV, bigger than the RAV 4. Roomy but small enough to park in any garage. But for me, size and all and I am a big guy, I fit in it very well. Leg room was excellent. And so maneuverable.

I think there may be a Jeep Liberty in our future. I like it that much. I just hope they get the mileage up a tad. The Reviews on this SUV are fabulous. Well-done Chrysler.

Speaking of Mileage. A few weeks ago I was pontificating on the great mileage the high mileage Buick was getting. Then all at once the injectors started plugging up. I had to have them cleaned. Clean injectors cost me 4 MPG.

My theory (and I’m sticking to it) is the dirty injectors let just a tad too little fuel in and so we were running lean. Mileage great. But susceptible to dirt.

More tomorrow, it’s late and I have to work tomorrow.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Why I love the Prophetic Voice RE The Middle East

Chuck Pierce, August 14, 2006, writes TODAY--the day of the Brokered Cease-Fire between Lebanon and Israel:

In Daniel 5, as Belshazzar presumptuously moved forward in ruling his kingdom, God came down and wrote on the wall, a statement which caused him to ask for assistance from God for interpretation. His wife had him consult Daniel to interpret the meaning of the writing. Verse 9 says, "Then King Belshazzar was greatly troubled, his countenance was changed and his lords were astonished."

There will come a troubling moment for the present leader of Iran. Daniel spoke to the king and said, "But you, Belshazzar, have not humbled your heart...."

Then Daniel interpreted the writing that was on the wall. I believe the handwriting is on the wall for this leader if he does not humble himself, and disconnect from the spirit that is empowering him to rule through destruction. He will be humbled. Iran is a nation that will be awakened to the things of God.

If changes do not come soon, this will be a nation that will be divided and the Spirit of God will rule in a new way in this land.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Kim Clement is my Favorite Prophet. I find what he says more accurate than anyone. So, Read on.

By Kim Clement

July 8, 2006--Hollywood, CA

"Rejoice, because your prayers are destroying the power and the influence that shall be endeavored, and be sent to the L.A. Airport of this place," says the Lord. For God says, "They are planning already, for they say, 'It is an easy target. It is easy access. They are cleaning it up.'"

But the L.A.X. Airport, and God said, "Those surrounding regions have been targeted with something very stupid, because they do not understand that the saints of the Most High God have been praying." And because they've been praying, God says, "I will once again take them and expose them as I did in Florida. I will expose them on the West Coast, and I will expose them over and over through the summer months as I promised you."

"I told you before, this prophet prophesied just a few months ago that come summer, I will expose, I will bring your enemies out from the very soil of this Nation and you have watched how I have done it. Ho, I am not finished yet," says the Lord. "If you would allow Me, and as your President has said to Me in his private moments, 'God Your will be done.'"

And surely says the Lord, "When the head of a Nation says, 'Your will be done,' then the Nation says, 'Your will be done.'" For surely God says, "My will shall be done through the summer months. I will multiply the vision of the Secret Service and the FBI, and I will cause My Spirit to come upon them so that they will expose, expose, expose."

July 16, 2006--Humble, TX

"I will save you from another war. I will save you from another war," says the Lord.

Syria, who do you think you are? You will not rise against the Lion. Listen to what God says, "Iran, you will not rise against this Nation or the Lion." (Lion referring to Great Britain.)

"Your enemies will come out, and they will bite the dust because of My light. I will send My light, I'm going to send My light to this Nation," says the Spirit of the living God.

July 29, 2006--Detroit, MI

God says, "A lion will roar. A lion will roar from Great Britain. Something shall change, a drastic thing shall happen. And greater shall be the unity of the nations that shall gather around and say that it must be brought to an end now. This is the summer, the one that I promised."

July 30, 2006--Detroit, MI

The Spirit of God says, "Do not take it lightly what you have heard tonight. For you shall watch and you will see in the news. How many times have they said, "It is impossible. This war is too much?'"

But God says, "Watch in these next few days what I do. Iran, Iran, watch now, watch now for you are going to be brought down to Hades. This will not be allowed, for the Spirit will take that which exalts itself."

God says, "They cry out, the blood of the innocent. It is the blood of the innocent in a war, but I will take the lofty ones and bring them down to certain deaths." God says, "Let this be a sign that I will bring the Middle East to a place of understanding of Messiah. I will bring them to that place. There is only one Prince of Peace. There is only one Prince of Peace. Shalom."

"I want you to understand Jerusalem. It shall come to pass that once again peace shall come in for a season as Christ is made known," says the Lord!

By Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

If this is all weird to you. OK. Just hang in there, you get used to getting tomorrow's headlines today.

I did.

Off to Relationshipville

Peggy and I are going out of town. Business trip. Gone till Friday.

Sole purpose is restoring and building relationships. Nothing else. My business (Nursery) is 100% relationship. In fact everything we have or do in life is relationship. My next breakthrough may well come from the person I share a happy meal with at McDonalds. They know people I don’t. They are a bridge. They can help me and I can help them touch the next person etc.

I wish I had learned this earlier. I didn’t. Now I do.

SO, see you Friday.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lost Vision

"Some men see things as they are and say why - I dream things that never were and say why not."

Most people think John F Kennedy created this. Nope. George Bernard Shaw is the origional author. Kennedy was just a good deliverer of someone elses words. But they are still good words.

Vision will drive a person for better or worse. The vision of the Islamic Fascists of world domination drives terrorism. If their vision succeeds I’ll need to buy a rug. I didn’t want to become a Muslim. Thank you UN, Ohlmert and Liberal Media for pushing our administration until at last Hezbollah Declares Victory. The free world has Lost the Vision.

I have been a staunch admirer of George W Bush because of his vision of Liberty and freedom. This is rare. He is wavering. The liberal media drip drip drip is neutering his vision.

That’s how all vision is destroyed. Public opinion. Eventually the person with a vision is driven back because he or she wants to be popular or well liked. I am of the opinion that wanting to get along is a the heart of liberal thinking. I know reasonable people who try hard not to have opinions in order to not offend anyone. The lie is being neutral or unopinoinated makes you popular. No it makes you inert.

The worst part of having vision is it alienates others. Vision that could be implemented means change. People hate change.

So, what are the options? To have no Vision? That is selling your soul. Vision is driven by the internal engine of creative discontent. Looking at the world around you and asking why do we do it this way? Looking into the future and asking why not? Why not us, why not here, why not now?

The problem vision carriers must deal with are people who say, “What’s wrong with things the way they are”? They refuse to question things. They resist the call to improvement. The vision carrier has to help them see what it could be like if thinks were not as they are and more as they could be. If many start to capture this vision things will change. If the vision killers win then nothing change and we stay stuck which ultimately means we drift slowly away. Supplanted by someone else's vision. Vision will always dominate, ours or someone elses. There is no happy medium.

The good news for conservatives is that liberals have no vision. They are only against everything. But, conservatives lack enough testicular fortitude to stay the course in the face of constant opposition. They need to get the vision back. Like they did in 1994.

This has been the problem with President Bush. He sees it. I see it. But most liberals, because they hate him so much, can’t see what he sees. I wish they could grasp the vision. He sees liberty planted in the navel of the world. Liberty that will spread into the rest of the Muslim World. The Liberal Media and the State Department have pressured him to back off from the vision. So, we drift into oblivion and inert life because of a lack of vision.

People perish because of a lack of vision. That’s in the Bible.

But, even it alienates every person I know, even if I bat against the wind for the rest of my life, I’m going to agree with Shaw and Kennedy.

"Some men see things as they are and say why - I dream things that never were and say why not."

Anything less is living death.

Islam is the problem.

Here goes one of the most politically incorrect thing I can say. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Tooth Fairy. Santa Claus. Same deal..


The response of the "Moderate Muslim" population to the terror plot in the UK:

"The moderate Muslims' message, gives some comfort to the kind of people who say: 'Change your foreign policy or we'll blow you up'."

Until the culture of Islamic World Domination by use of force is crushed as the driving force of Islam there will be no stop to terrorism,

Evil. Pure Evil.

Book of Revelation stuff.