Saturday, February 09, 2013

Why God Made Liberals...OOOPS

I know a lot of conservatives are making big fun of this comment. BUT, I am actually SADDENED by all this. Out of the abundance of the heart.....He spoke. And it was empty.
Too close for comfort. To put it in perspective Geosynchronous satellites are at 22,000 miles. This is going to come in a third lower.
I agree with this guy. It makes no sense at all what is going on in the market.
I have to live with boundaries. Sometimes I have to keep some things out of my life
His kind of inflammatory rhetoric is dangerous
"There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth:

A right time for birth and another for death,
A right time to plant and another to reap,
A right time to kill and another to heal,
A right time to destroy and another to construct,
A right time to cry and another to laugh,
A right time to lament and another to cheer,
A right time to make love and another to abstain,
A right time to embrace and another to part,
A right time to search and another to count your losses,
A right time to hold on and another to let go,
A right time to rip out and another to mend,
A right time to shut up and another to speak up,
A right time to love and another to hate,
A right time to wage war and another to make peace".

To know the time to act is as important as to know how to act.
What time and season are you in today?

"If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don't like and like so many things we don't do?"

On the Topic: BEYONCE

Got to get to work. Plants awaiting. Final Thought of the day.

Beyonce is attractive for her gender. She can sing. She can dance. She is pretty. She keeps her shape in shape. She knows how to throw her hair around. She has learned how to use all that for profit. She was good enough to bring back some of her old partners at superbowl. Has loyalty evidently.

She is NOT a role model for young girls to emulate any more than Elvis was a role model for me when I was young. At 15 yrs of age I was skinny, played the guitar, learned to dance a bit, and styled my hair exactly like Elvis. Those who know me now question if I ever had hair or was skinny. I have photos to prove it.

SO, relax a bit. Singing Dancing Pretty Shapely Hair Profit and Loyalty are not all bad attributes for girls to think about. Lord knows we have an ample supply of the opposite. Her half time show was a bit over the top... but so was that Elvis guy as I recall.

Now you will think I have gone off the deep end, apostate, backslidden.
An aircraft carrier isn't refueled because we don't have any money. This reminds me of Chicago when they want to raise taxes they say they will have to lay off police and firemen. Meanwhile the bloated staffs of aldermen, bureaucrats, political appointees and pet projects move along without so much as a reduction in paperclip allocations. OR when a budget resolution is held up, the threat from the White House is that social security and medicare won't be paid out. Never mind the millions of bloated budget items that such the life out of our economy. This is a shame on the President and the congress. It's a signal to our enemies that we are weak.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


I don't believe that the Aurora shooter in the Theater was a conspiracy. Many thought there were too many coincidences. I think he was a perverted nutcase. Still do.

I don't believe that the Sandy Hook shooter of the little kids was other than a demented dope. No conspiracy. Little kids died. That much is certain. Horrible.

HOWEVER... Color me slightly conspiracy minded on something....

About Yesterday.

Something is not right about the man and kid in the bunker deal that ended yesterday. It's all too convenient. All too ordered. All too perfect. Something smells. I can't tell you what, but my discerner has been firing on all 8 cylinders.

Here are the red flags that make me wonder:
  • He's a Gun nut.  Neigbors said so.  An enemy of the state in some eyes.
  • It took 5 days to resolve the problem.  Why so long?
  • He one of those who doesn't trust the government
  • He was angry about government spending and taxes
  • He doesn't harm the kid.  Treats the child well.  Doesn't even threaten.
  • He's in a bunker that can only be accessed by a ladder.
  • The probability that an agent could descend the ladder and take him out is hard to believe.
  • The drumbeat of the news stories over this intensified as the time went on.  Was that the plan?
  • This is not some mentally ill man. This is not some video game crazed player. This is not a guy on meds. This is an American with guns who doesn't trust government.  Yes he suffered from PTSD.  He was a vet.
  • This meme is exactly the meme the government needs to execute serious gun control for everyone, particularly people that listen to conservative talk radio. The left is ablaze with this now. He liked Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck according to people that knew him.
  • They will have to take your guns away to protect the children. Sound familiar?
I don't know what they did to get him to take the action he did. Could he have been paid off in some way we don't know about to take his own life. Suicide by cop? Was he terminally Ill anyway? I know some would do this for some gain for someone. He did have PTSD. He was a menacing character in some people's eyes. BUT....

I'm wondering about all this. It just is too convenient to fit the agenda of our current government. Or am I a conspiracy nut? 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Very interesting facts on two very different ladies. Sarah Palin
Whether you’re a Democrat, Independent, or Republican….the second half of this email should make all of us very sick,
send this on …..especially the second half……


By Dewie Whetsell, Alaskan Fisherman.

As posted in comments on Greta’s article referencing the MOVEON ad about Sarah Palin.
The last 45 of my 66 years I’ve spent in a commercial fishing town in Alaska . I understand Alaska politics but never understood national politics well until this last year. Here’s the breaking point: Neither side of the Palin controversy gets it. It’s not about persona, style, rhetoric, it’s about doing things. Even Palin supporters never mention the things that I’m about to mention here.
1. Democrats forget when Palin was the Darling of the Democrats, because as soon as Palin took the Governor’s office away from a fellow Republican and tough SOB, Frank Murkowski, she tore into the Republican’s “Corrupt Bastards Club” (CBC) and sent them packing. Many of them are now residing in State housing and wearing orange jump suits The Democrats reacted by skipping around the yard, throwing confetti and singing, “la la la la” (well, you know how they are). Name another governor in this country that has ever done anything similar.
2. Now with the CBC gone, there were fewer Alaskan politicians to protect the huge, giant oil companies here. So she constructed and enacted a new system of splitting the oil profits called “ACES.” Exxon (the biggest corporation in the world) protested and Sarah told them, “don’t let the door hit you in the stern on your way out.” They stayed, and Alaska residents went from being merely wealthy to being filthy rich. Of course, the other huge international oil companies meekly fell in line. Again, give me the name of any other governor in the country that has done anything similar.
3. The other thing she did when she walked into the governor’s office is she got the list of State requests for federal funding for projects, known as “pork.” She went through the list, took 85% of them and placed them in the “when-hell-freezes-over” stack. She let locals know that if we need something built, we’ll pay for it ourselves. Maybe she figured she could use the money she got from selling the previous governor’s jet because it was extravagant. Maybe she could use the money she saved by dismissing the governor’s cook (remarking that she could cook for her own family), giving back the State vehicle issued to her, maintaining that she already had a car, and dismissing her State provided security force (never mentioning – I imagine – that she’s packing heat herself). I’m still waiting to hear the names of those other governors.
4. Now, even with her much-ridiculed “gosh and golly” mannerism, she also managed to put together a totally new approach to getting a natural gas pipeline built which will be the biggest private construction project in the history of North America. No one else could do it although they tried. If that doesn’t impress you, then you’re trying too hard to be unimpressed while watching her do things like this while baking up a batch of brownies with her other hand.
5. For 30 years, Exxon held a lease to do exploratory drilling at a place called Point Thompson. They made excuses the entire time why they couldn’t start drilling. In truth they were holding it like an investment. No governor for 30 years could make them get started. Then, she told them she was revoking their lease and kicking them out. They protested and threatened court action. She shrugged and reminded them that she knew the way to the court house. Alaska won again.
6. President Obama wants the nation to be on 25% renewable resources for electricity by 2025. Sarah went to the legislature and submitted her plan for Alaska to be at 50% renewable by 2025. We are already at 25%. I can give you more specifics about things done, as opposed to style and persona. Everybody wants to be cool, sound cool, look cool. But that’s just a cover-up. I’m still waiting to hear from liberals the names of other governors who can match what mine has done in two and a half years. I won’t be holding my breath.

By the way, she was content to return to Alaska after the national election and go to work, but the haters wouldn’t let her. Now these adolescent screechers are obviously not scuba divers. And no one ever told them what happens when you continually jab and pester a barracuda. Without warning, it will spin around and tear your face off. Shoulda known better.
You have just read the truth about Sarah Palin that sends the media, along with the Democrat party, into a wild uncontrolled frenzy to discredit her. I guess they are only interested in skirt chasers, dishonesty, immoral people, liars, womanizers, murderers, and bitter ex-presidents’ wives.

So “You go, Girl.” I only wish the men in Washington had your guts, determination, honesty, and morals.

I rest my case. Only FOOLS listen to the biased media.
NOW If you’ve read this far ………………………………………
,open your eyes……….
First Lady Michelle Obama’s Servant List and Pay Scale

TheFirst Lady Requires More Than Twenty Attendants (Thats 22 Attendants to be exact)
1. $172,200 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
2. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
3. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary)
4. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the First Lady)
5. $100,000 – Winter, Melissa E. (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
6. $90,000 – Medina , David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
7. $84,000 – Lelyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
8. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
9. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady)
10. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn J. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
11. $64,000 – Reinstein, Joseph B. (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
12. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
13. $60,000 – Fitts, Alan O. (Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director for the First Lady)
14. $57,500 – Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
15. $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary to The First Lady)
16. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special=2 0Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide to The First Lady)
17. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
18. $43,000 – Tubman, Samantha (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
19. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
20. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
21. $35,000 – Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
22. $35,000 – Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)(This is community organizing at it’s finest.)
There has NEVER been anyone in the White House at any time who has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life. One wonders why she needs so much help,at taxpayer expense, when even Hillary, only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President’s own pocket.

Note: This does not include makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, and “First Hairstylist” Johnny Wright, 31, both of whom traveled aboard Air Force One to Europe .


Copyright 2009 CanadaFreePress.Com

Yes, Yes, I know, The Canadian Free Press has to publish this because the USA media is too scared they might be considered racist.
Sorry USA !
I wonder if the greenest superbowl ever equasl darkout? Maybe the windmills just quit turning for a while. This lauding before the game. Color me darkly amused.
DID you know that Oak Park IL has a ban on fracking? Not just in Oak Park Twp, but that no petroleum products produced from fracking are allowed to be sold in Oak Park. Does that seem a little strange? Does anyone who voted for this have a clue as to anything? NOPE. Liberals. Dumber than sticks. There are no serial numbers on gas and oil. How will they know? BUT Oak Park is also a Nuclear Free zone. If Iran decides to nuke Chicagoland, I guess they'll have to be sure to skip Oak Park. I mean they voted...right? And people wonder why I think liberals are stupid.
Uniformed terrorists are real. I just heard that a joint force will be taking on Gun Violence and drug gangs in Chicago. That sounds good IF you trust the cops. Maybe I spend too much time on West Madison Ave but there is going to be a loss of civil rights, home invasions by paramilitary and collateral damage. This is going to cause an outrage. Racism will be the charge. Living on West Madison or on the south-side is about to become a police state. This could be avoided IF the community would police itself. Only 10% of murders in Chicago are ever solved. 90% of murders in the Suburbs when they happen. WHY?
I am ever the romantic. Valentines Day is coming up. I don't like to break a pattern. Mother's Day a while back I bought Peggy a nice mower. this year my love give to her is ....... a brand new snowblower. it's even red. I'm sure I'll get a big kiss right after she gets done blowling out the driveway
If you are mourning the slow, but sure death of their culture and their country. America is over. Freedom will be curtailed. Liberty is dead. And above all else, it is inevitable.

But the answer is not to get depressed and give up hope. The answer is to change your attitude and learn how to "Enjoy the Decline." You get one life on this planet and Aaron Clarey explains how to get the most out of it even though socialism and tyranny are all around you.

From learning how to adapt your psychology to learning to let go and take advantage of the socialist system, "Enjoy the Decline" carries the freedom loving American through the 5 stages of grief and puts them on a path to enjoy their life regardless of what is happening to their beloved America.

Dark, macabre, and morose, but truthful, helpful, and practical all the same, it is guaranteed to make you happier than your socialist counterparts even though they have everything they want.

Make leftists, liberals, and progressives miserable. Enjoy the Decline!
In a very sad way, there is a pleasure in watching the disintegration of an illusion. The socitey we have all lived no longer exists. Now as the new order comes to the will be very painful. Disruptive. People will scream in the beyond hope they feel. No one will hear. It's over. We are the enemy. We have destroyed ourselves. Sorry to be so blunt....but the game is up. I really shouldn't tell you... but you should know. The good news is, God is still on the throne. Jesus is still Lord. Holy Spirit lives in us. Yet...our flesh, our appetites are about to go on an unplanned fast. What makes it more painful is, we brought this on ourselves. We had an out.. didn't take it. It's over.
This sounds hopeful, or does it. Didn't I read about this in the 66th book?
Now the police state will be imposed. Uniformed thugs breaking into peoples houses. Shooting at will. Innocents abused and dying at the hands of the authorities. Look at how wonderful the TSA is. Changing the level of oppression as a police state is not as important as changing the oppressive culture that creates this condition. We know what the problem is, US. This must be a bottom up or we all live in a virtual top down prison. I suspect for me to go to church I will have to go thru a checkpoint as I drive east on 79th, Is that what we voted for?
“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

― Theodore Roosevelt
This is why we keep getting corrupt incompetent government in Chicago and Cook County. IF for a moment people would stop voting party and start voting people maybe the rolling catastrophe would stop.

Brim's November re-election campaign was backed by the Cook County Democratic Party as well as the Committee for Retention of Judges in Cook County, a campaign committee funded by judges.
I have a cousin in hospice right now facing death. In her 50s. Two Children. She broke her leg. The docs put TWO STENTS in. Now she will depart to the other side. My recent experience tells me something is very very wrong. Very wrong.

This may be the most convincing thing I have read. We are led by a fraud

The Rediscovered Truth About Barack H Obama


An old Social Security card with the "not...
The problem of using the social security number as an identifier is the fact that a social security card contains no biometric identifiers of any sort, making it essentially impossible to tell whether a person using a certain SSN is truly the person to whom it was issued without relying on some other means of documentation (which may itself have been falsely procured through use of a fraudulent SSN)

 Read the whole thing
Harvard Law

Sunday, February 03, 2013

The FIVE Most Important Choices you will EVER MAKE in your LIFE

Long Time ago I met Charles Tremendous Jones.  He spoke at a convention in Bismarck ND.  I was there.  Then I got his book.  Life is Tremendous.  In it he talks about the 5 keys that will chart your life for success or failure. They are 5 key decisions you make right or you fail.  Who, what, where, why and how. If this will help you, and I hope it will, I commend them to you.

The FIVE decisions you make to succeed are:

HOW you live.  Becoming a Christian. Serving Jesus and living a Godly life is the first and most important.  Living any other way is dissipation and will eventually kill off your destiny.  It's not enough to just LOVE him, sing, dance and go to church.  It's living the life that reflects your commitments. A life in order.  A life that reaches toward righteousness.  A life that answers the question,  "HOW should we then live".

WHO You Marry. The ONE person you will marry and spend the rest of your life with.  That decision is critical.  A good wife or husband will double your destiny.  The opposite will cut it in half.  Divorce must never be an option.  Choose carefully, but choose.  Life is too hard to live alone.

WHAT you DO. Choose to be skillful in useful things.  That will create the  work you will do.  Becoming a master of marketable skills is the key to success.  Education helps but is not a shortcut to developing mastery, What you do will be the thing that is the tool to be what your destiny will be.  Choose well in what you do. 

WHERE you live.  Your location matters.  IF you are going to be a surfing instructor, North Dakota is a bad idea.  IF you are going to grow apples, you can't do that in South Florida.  Don't be afraid to change venue.  There are opportunities in other places.  Sometimes you must make a decision to walk away from where you are to find a fresh start in a new place. Be open to a change.

WHY you do what you do.   This one is critical.   Don't ever let money drive your decisions.  It's a bad decision maker.  Earn more than you spend.  Don't be driven by trying to spend less than you earn. Think LONG.  Don't go for the short game.  It doesn't work.  Pay the price to position yourself to do more.  The deceitfulness of riches will put you in chains.  Pocketbook issues will stop you from reaching your destiny.  Do what you love and the money WILL FOLLOW.  Do what you love to earn more than you spend.

I have lived my life this way. It works.  Do this and you will find what God has designed you for.   You can live a TREMENDOUS LIFE.

Groundhog Day’s Punxsutawney Phil Commits Suicide After Seeing Four More Years of Obama

Less than 24 hours after declaring he did not see his shadow but did see four more years of an Obama in office, Punxsutawney Phil, the famed weather-forecasting groundhog of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, has been found dead in the town’s square.  Adding to the shock and tragedy of Punxsutawney Phil’s death is its apparent cause: suicide, and the reason for it.