Saturday, May 17, 2008

Offended Minds = Revealed Hearts

I have been watching the whole uproar over things that offend liberals.
Bush gives up playing golf because it doesn't seem like it's right for him to be at leisure when there are men and women dying in Iraq.  That offends Liberals.  Olbermaniac for example.
Why?  Because they gave up nothing.  They are whiners. They only know how to complain.  They are selfish weasels.  I'm not talking about anyone I know like BOB, but the weasels on TV and politicians.
The left starting with Joe Biden are all offended because Bush points out the dangers and results of appeasement in the past and how it endangers us today.
Biden and all other liberal commentators on Obama News Network, MSNOBAMA and other places all over the net are a verklempt about this.  Why.  Because they are appeasers.  They are weak.  They are dangerous.  The intensity of their anger is proportional to the truth of the issue.  Bush was right.
The National Newspaper, WSJ, has a great editorial about this.  In part it says:
If nothing else, we now know what it takes to make a Democrat go nuts. One word: "appeasement."
When the party's top four Democrats come roaring out of the blocks in unison, something has hit a nerve.
Whatever offends the mind reveals the heart.  What are you offended over? What does that say about you?  Just asking.  I'm offended about a lot of things.   Mostly I'm pretty happy what it say about my heart.  It's what I'm not offended by, tolerant of, that I'm concerned about.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Mileage from old cars

I routinely get 25-30 mpg on the road with the LeSabre Buick M/Y 2000. Always have.

Yet when some peanut grinder car we are supposed to drive to save the planet now gets 30 MPG I'm supposed to be impressed.

I'm not.

Now, a note from a favorite website of mine, Car Lust about the old Geo Metro. A car that got 40 mpg or better all day long.

Why do I feel like some wool is being pulled over our collective eyes? What's wrong with this picture?


I just returned from the sentencing of a man I worked with for the last few years.  He is going back to prison.
Someone said, "It's sad this didn't work out".   We had hoped and prayed he would not go back to prison particularly for the sake of his kids.
One of the men responded to the statement, "But it did work out, exactly like it's supposed to, we just don't understand it all".  
I guess Romans 8:28 still holds.  Maybe this is just all process. 

Why Doesn't CNN just rename itself ONN

What used to be the Clinton News Network is now the Obama News Network.  I have never seen a news agency so completely in the pocket of a candidate.
Just so we know.   MSNBC is too, even Joe Scarborough is now engaging in a daily rant over George Bush.
The faux anger they have over President Bush's speech in Israel is just so full of baloney it's over the top.  What he said is appeasement is wrong, was wrong in the second world war and is wrong now. 
And, the crackpot Keith Olberman's crackup over President Bush's response to a QUESTION about why he no longer plays golf.  He said that he felt it was inappropriate for him to be out playing golf while the Iraq war was on.  I thought good for him.  He is lambasted.  What a bunch of hooey.
I shouldn't be surprised, Olberman is a Looney.  But It's a little disingenuous for these people to call what they do news commentary or reporting.  It's politicking and piling on to an already ruined party.  The GOP is dead.  
I wonder what the next conservative  party will be called.  I always liked Christian Democratic Union.  The conservative party in Germany.  Has a nice sound.  But conservative.
I just with the so called news media wouldn't lie outright.
Ha -  who am I kidding. 


I haven't been in an earthquake and  lost children like tens of thousands have in China. But, My computer seemed to crash and burn last night.  Then I administered the Gene repair system.  While trying to start it I gave it a hard whack on the bottom and it fired up. 
I haven't been in a typhoon and been wiped out facing disease and starvation but the transmission on my car went out.  I'm almost two grand poorer because of it.
I'm not facing prison like a friend of mine might be today but I do have some things going on in me that are concerning. 
I'm not rebuilding my home after a tornadoes like some are in the south but I am worried about getting a load out the door today and making sure that I have the right configuration of the load I am picking up for someone else. 
Not everything is perfect in my life right now.  In fact I'm not where I want to be but my concerns are pretty shallow compared to the world. 
Sometimes perspective is the best mediator.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to be a good wife

This chart on how to be a good wife from 1939. Rumor has it his funeral was well attended. No charges were filed against the widow.

Click to enlarge

I think every WIFE in Buffallo MN should take this test. ;>))

For the Three of you left that believe in Global Warming Caused By MAN

Here's a little tutorial and a test. If you pass, you will never be sucked in again.

That doesn't mean you'll never be sucked in by anthing else the left tries to put on you.

Try not to be so easy next time.


Warmonger New York Times wants to Invade a Country that DIDN'T attack us.

I'm always amused how phony Liberals are.

Now a NYT columnist is in favor of invading Burma to force them to take aid.

I am compassionate, but a few days ago I said that this tragedy had the earmarks of reform all over it. Forced compassion will not do anything. What must happen now is for the people and sponsors of this country (like China) to rise up against and overthrow this evil government.

Only then will this be the last time this kind of tragedy can happen. Remember the earthquake in 1976 in China. They wouldn't receive aid then. That was the beginning of faster and more aggressive reform going on to this day.

Let's hope and pray the same thing happens in Burma.

Hillary Clinton for President

It's over. Hillary has it in the bag. B H Obama only chance was to control enough PLEDGED delegates out to win on the first ballot.

He didn’t and now the Convention will be brokered. Most who read this aren’t old enough to remember what happens at a brokered convention. I do. I actually remember my dad listening to the car radio in our straight eight Pontiac on the way to Watertown SD when the 1952 (I was 7) brokered convention was being broadcast live. He was riveted. OR, perhaps you remember 1976 when Ford and Reagan fought it out at the convention and neither had enough delegates to win the nomination. A near brokered convention.

How does it work?

After the first ballot, ALL delegates are released. That means they can vote for whomever they want to after that. That is when arm twisting and bribery come into play. In a party noted for it’s crooks and lairs, the Clintons have the power.

Both arm twisting, blackmail and bribery are protected by the 1st amendment when done by political parties at conventions, according to the Supreme Court. It’s that little word ‘expression’ that nobody except a Supreme can find in the Constitution.

No, the issue here will be how all the rabid moonbats and Obamanics will deal with getting raped by the RBC (Rules and Bylaws Committee).

Not sure if it will help the Republicans, but it will be a hoot to watch Code Pink and ANSWER duke it out on the streets of Denver. What was that Doors song? Peacefrog?

Denver is going to be a Rocky Mountain High, Colorado.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Producing Filthy Rags

Here I go again.  I'm taking a verse and looking at it in it's original form.
You might like this one. 
We all know these two verses:
 All of us have become like one who is unclean, 
 and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; 
 we all shrivel up like a leaf, 
 and like the wind our sins sweep us away. (Isa. 64:6)
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.    Philippians 4:13
If you look at those two verses together one can conclude that no matter what we do, even if we consider it good, even if we think we matter, they are filthy rags.  Worthless.  To be discarded. 
Hang with me here.
In the second verse it is usually translated Christ WHO strengthens me.   I think rather looking at the Strong's the WHO can be translated which or that just as well.  It makes more sense that way anyhow.
Then if that is the case, what is the Christ in that context?   I submit the word Christ in that context should be translated "the anointed one, and his anointing". 
So, here's where the pressure relief valve comes in.  If, our work, our efforts, our righteous acts are garbage, only that which is done in and thru the anointed one and only when we are operating in his anointing will our righteous acts matter at all.  He gives us the ability to do all things thru that power he provides.  Anything else is rag producing.
Put another way, anything we do without operating in that anointing thru the anointed one is wood hay and stubble and will be burned up at the last judgment.  Only what is done for and thru the anointed one and his anointing will matter in the end.  Everything else is filthy rags.
When I examine my own life the pile of filthy rags ready for the fire is pretty high.  I'm trying to be less of a rag producer.  It's only when I operate in the anointing of God and thru the anointed one and his anointing that I can cease rag production.
You can't pour out what you don't possess.  If you aren't filled with the Holy Spirit it's hard to pour out if there's nothing in there. True for any Christian in any position.  Anything done in the flesh is filthy rags.
Let's stop being filthy rag producers. 

Christian Flat Earthers

I have a vision of Christopher Columbus coming back from the new world.  Indians and Tobacco on board.  Stories regaling all.
There were people in that court who denied that it was possible. After all the Bible talks of the four corners of the earth.  So the earth must be flat.  It's in the Bible so it must be true.   Of course they didn't see what the Bible really said.
No matter the evidence, no matter the testimony, no matter the tangibility of it all and the impossibility of recanting the experience Columbus and his crew had experienced, there were in the court of Ferdinand people who went to their grave convinced that  Columbus was a fraud, the earth was flat and it wall all a bad misunderstanding of scripture.
That has happened before.  Jesus disciples saw, touched and ate with the Risen Christ.  They knew him.  Most of them went to martyrdom without recanting, not even one.  If they experienced the risen Christ they couldn't recant.  Reality is reality and if it costs you your life, so be it.  Denying reality is insanity. 
No matter the insistence of the Jews and Romans the reality of the Risen Christ drove the Church forward.
So, when I get well meaning and long explanations as to why the gift of tongues, in fact why most of the other gifts of the Spirit, have passed away I'm not only amused but saddened.  These people have taken scripture to try to prove against something the bulk of Christendom has experienced already.  The infilling Power of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues. 
They are very much like the flat earthers of old.  In fact there is still a flat earth society.  I think it's mostly a joke now.  I just hope that someday when 99% of the world who names then name of Jesus as Lord speaks in the Tongues of Men and Angels supernaturally there won't still be a few who have a cessasionist flat earth mentality.
Unfortunately, most of them who are so blinded will go to their grave without every knowing or experiencing the truth of the last orders of Jesus, Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Be ye filled with the Holy Ghost.

The Dumbest Generation

I am concerned about the future of the USA. The level of ignorance and gullibility of many young Americans is scary.

They are suckered in by junk science, stupid political promises of utopia, conspiracy theories and all forms of other idiocy that allows the ruling class to roll over them, pick their pockets and create houses of cards that fall again and again.

There is a new book I haven't read, and probably won't, but the title is "The Dumbest Generation".

Sorry to say, it's closer to the truth than I wish it were. I very seldom can have a consequential conversation about politics or science or even religion with young people who really understand the situation at a level to even carry the discussion very far.

OH, they know who's winning American Idol.

But they are just plain dumb. I'm concerned about the American Future.

Imposing their culture on ours

Muslims come to the USA. The USA has a better life for them. Then when they come here they demand that we adapt to them.

That's what happened last week in the liberal land of Minnesota. A man who has a service dog, like a seeing eye dog, was threatened by Muslims that they would kill the dog.

This is not what the promise of America is about. I think the airlines fly both ways. Perhaps we can help by helping them go the other way.

If a church is NOT Pentecostal It's NOT a Christian Church

Pastor Barry Kolb who was Pastor at Lord of Life has gone off to disturb the Texas LCMS with the power of the Gospel..

His sermon on Pentecost Sunday was exceptional. I listened to it last night after having read the text. He preaches better than he writes. I guess we all do.

But, if THIS SERMON were preached at any Pentecostal Church in America on Sunday it would have fit in just fine. It's that good. It's that Pentecostal. He says outright that First Lutheran Church needs to become a Pentecostal Church. ALL Churches need to become Pentecostal if you listen carefully to what he says. I might take it a step further. If a church is NOT Pentecostal It's NOT a Christian Church. What was born on Pentecost anyhow? Great Thesis Barry.

This give me hope that good men like Barry Kolb are moving forward with courage changing the face of a fellowship of Christians nationwide for the better.

If you love your cold dead traditional church, please don't listen to this sermon, if you want hope that life can come even to your church, listen and enjoy.

Disturb away Brother Barry..................I hope the devil hates you a lot.

Why wind power is phony power

I'm so frustrated by bad science and bad economics. It's all a bunch of fairy tales. Ethanol, Hybrids, CO2 causing global warming and the one I have railed against for a long time. WIND FARMS.

Formerly I had said that I was pretty sure that the only purpose of those huge eyesores was to keep that little red light burning.

If wind power was sensible we wouldn't need to have massive foolish subidies to make it work.

From the Wall Street Journal. I couldn't find a link, just a reprint.

U.S. taxpayers subsidize every single energy source that generates electricity. Natural gas gets $0.25 per megawatt, but solar gets $24 bucks per, and wind rakes in $23 plus all the migrating birds it can kill

Congress seems ready to spend billions on a new "Manhattan Project" for green energy, or at least the political class really, really likes talking about one. But maybe we should look at what our energy subsidy dollars are buying now.

Some clarity comes from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), an independent federal agency that tried to quantify government spending on energy production in 2007. The agency reports that the total taxpayer bill was $16.6 billion in direct subsidies, tax breaks, loan guarantees and the like. That's double in real dollars from eight years earlier, as you'd expect given all the money Congress is throwing at "renewables." Even more subsidies are set to pass this year.

An even better way to tell the story is by how much taxpayer money is dispensed per unit of energy, so the costs are standardized. For electricity generation, the EIA concludes that solar energy is subsidized to the tune of $24.34 per megawatt hour, wind $23.37 and "clean coal" $29.81. By contrast, normal coal receives 44 cents, natural gas a mere quarter, hydroelectric about 67 cents and nuclear power $1.59.

The wind and solar lobbies are currently moaning that they don't get their fair share of the subsidy pie. They also argue that subsidies per unit of energy are always higher at an early stage of development, before innovation makes large-scale production possible. But wind and solar have been on the subsidy take for years, and they still account for less than 1% of total net electricity generation. Would it make any difference if the federal subsidy for wind were $50 per megawatt hour, or even $100? Almost certainly not without a technological breakthrough.

By contrast, nuclear power provides 20% of U.S. base electricity production, yet it is subsidized about 15 times less than wind. We prefer an energy policy that lets markets determine which energy source dominates. But if you believe in subsidies, then nuclear power gets a lot more power for the buck than other "alternatives."

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Prime Liberal Blog at it's Worst

I'll let you look here and see if you agree.

The right does a lot of dumb things but for the truly tasteless venom Daily Kos is the limit.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Evangelicals Speaking in Tongues

I am in conversations with Christians of all kinds of ILK.   Catholics with whom I have very little argument save a few things.  I read Catholic Blogs, I correspond with Catholics and I listen to Catholic radio frequently. 

I find them transparently devoted and genuine.  I watch ETWN from time to time.  I understand them even with the differences we have.  There is a very low barrier between us.

Lutherans.  Grew up one.  Know the theology well.  Can still quote much of the small Catechism thanks To John Bohlman.  I love the very conservative nearly fundamental application of Scripture as is preached at LCMS churches.  No watering down.  I have many good friends, some of whom I get in to knock down drag out fights with theologically.  Harold.  But who are gracious and who when we talk about things are willing to engage man to man.  I think there are less transparent theologians in the LCMS who see themselves as important even if I don't see them as important as they do.

Then there are my fellow Pentecostals and Charismatic's of all kinds of stripes.  There are flows and streams that diverge us but we all speak the same language.  The language of the Spirit and of Faith.  I have a blog friend in New Zealand with whom from time to time I engage in "Spirited" discussion.  I have read much of what he has written and find I agree with much of it.  But there are areas we don't see eye to eye on.  That doesn't make our discussions impossible, just impasse.  But we understand each other in our arguments.

That brings me to the last group.  Evangelicals.  I would include in this people in Methodism, presbyterianism, Reformed and ELCA.   People who approach faith with their heads and not their spirits.  They must understand.  They must debate at a high level.  It gets pretty deep out there.

I have a friend who I love dearly who writes a wonderful blog.  I often read comments on questions and issues about which he writes and upon which his commenter's comment.  Frankly sometimes they say things that make absolutely no sense at all.  They talk in code.  Incomprehensible stuff.  Highly pedantic.  No issue seems to be without obscufication as the goal seemingly. 

I quizzed my friend about this observation.  He said that he understood the nature of the comments made on his blog.  I didn't.  This amazes me.

How can men and women who name the name of Jesus in Catholicism , Pentecostalism and even the LCMS talk a language that we all seem to understand yet to any of them I suspect the language in the blog I mentioned above would be as incomprehendable as I found it.

There seems to be a large stumbling block to evangelicals that Pentecostals, Charismatic Catholics (about 30% of regular attendees) and many among Conservative Lutherans (Like the pastor of the Largest LCMS Church in The USA).  That stumbling block is that we speak in other tongues.  We are filled with the Holy Ghost and do just what was reported for the 30 years in the book of Acts.  I see no record of Tongues having ended.  They will of course, some day when we have our heavenly language on the other side.

Evangelicals don't speak in Tongues.  Or put another way, as soon as they do they cease being evangelicals.  They become Pentecostals.  Mutually exclusive territory.

The problem as I see it is Evangelicals seem to want to approach all of Gospel and spiritual experience with reason.  Martin Luther said that Reason is the ENEMY of Faith.  I agree with Martin Luther.  If you have to understand it before you experience it you will never experience or understand it.

So, evangelicals according to the several evangelical blogs I read seem to speak in other tongues.  Tongues of men and not angels.  Tongues only comprehended by other evangelicals who have read the same books everyone else has read. 

This in my opinion a high dividing wall between the major streams of faith expression in this nation.  I have said before, and now will again. I have much more in common with Catholics than I do with most Evangelicals.  Catholics believe in faith, Mystery and the Supernatural.  Evangelicals are busy writing or reading books or attending conferences trying to explain it all away.

To those of us in the dominant Christian streams I have mentioned it seems to us that the Evangelical World speaks in an unknown tongue and doesn't know it, At least to us.

Of course that's my most humble opinion.

One more song

Tonight at Faith Center this song was sung. I haven't known much about Kari Jobe but she is cutting a wide swath in Christian Music.

Listen to her sing this song. The band at Faith Center did it more slowly.

No Sweeter Name than the Name of Jesus. Good Stuff.

Wonderful Song you need to hear

My son Tim and His Wife Raquella are part of a church in West Fargo that is Apostolic. UPC. Oneness.

We "argue" about theology, but frankly this isn't a show stopper to me. We differ on almost NOTHING. He is my son and my brother. Raquella is my Daughter in Law and my sister. If you know me well, you know I don't hand out the appellation "Brother" to just everyone.

One thing I have always admired about UPC churches is the high quality of their worship. It's so passionate and wonderful. When I have attended some conferences with him and his family I have found the worship to be as intense and pleasurable in a God kind of way that when I heard the Indiana Bible College Choir do Kari Jobe's Revelation Song I wept.

Who can ever get enough of this kind of worship?

Hitler wishes the Jews a Happy Passover Season

That's what THIS looks like to me.

What does Bill and Hillary know that we don't

Hillary just lent money to her campaign.  Six million plus.
OK, I'm no expert but, there is such a thing as throwing good money after bad. 
What do the Clintons know that we don't.  Is there a smoking gun?   Is there a secret something. 
I don't ever count the Clinton's out.  They are pretty clever and never do nothing for nothing. 
So, before I concede the nomination to Obama I am going to wait for the other shoe the Clintons (prepare for mixed metaphor here) have up their sleeve.
The money they are spending says there just might be.

What I learned after Church this Morning

We were coming out of Church. Fourty Something degrees. Windy. Rainy. It frosted Saturday Morning.

I made the Comment in the hearing of several people, "Global Warming ---- Phooey".

One man, a nice guy who I know, a guy who is a computer expert, said, "Just because it's cold it doesn't mean there isn't global warming. The cold could be caused by Global Warming".

I smiled. Looked at him. Thought, HUH?? And thought to myself, even in a good conservative Church people can buy a lie.

That is a pity.

OK, Maybe Obama's NOT the Messiah, Maybe he's just St. Francis reincarnated

St Obama of Assisi