Friday, August 04, 2006

Beautiful Hookers

In my recent foray to Atlantic City I was confronted by a mass of hookerdom.

One thing struck me. They were nearly all beautiful women. Stunning even.
The whore you see on TV in most movies is well worn and haggard. This was not them.

Oh they were in business for others or for themselves. No doubt about that.

I have thought about that since. I know prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. (There’s a joke here somewhere but I forget it). I know they make good money. I don’t think when they were 7 years old and grandpa sat them on his knee and asked what they wanted to be when they grew up they said, “Grandpa, I want to make big money on my back”. Grandpa would have had a cardiac.

I know all the socio-economic reasons women become hoes. Don’t bore my by rehearsing them.

What I struggle with is how and why beyond that. Everyone had a bad childhood. When I do talks to mixed groups on family issues I always ask this question, “Who here came from a dysfunctional family”. All hands go up. 100% of the time. We always think we had it bad.

So that’s not it. I look for someone to blame.

I think I know who. MEN!

Not because they patronize them. But because they don’t commit to a ring and a ceremony. Getting it on for $200 bucks is easier. Some would say cheaper.

I think the one hooker that disturbed me most was a beautiful young girl who couldn’t have been more than 18. She gave me a wave and a smile that broke my heart. Why wasn’t she out with a boyfriend rather than selling it? Why wasn’t she planning a wedding rather then planning her next trick? She was so stunning there are a lot of women who could take a clue on the flirt business from her. She had it down. Of course for her it was commerce. Smile for a buck. Or two.

The whole idea that girls make this choice because there isn’t a man who will love and treasure them for the rest of their lives is an indictment of men and not women.

I’m not living in a dream world. This isn’t because I saw the movie, “Pretty Woman”. I know how much a woman wants to be treasured by a man. Valued, esteemed, held up, reinforced, supported, encouraged, treasured.

Men are weenies at being lovers. They don’t get it. Yet it’s so simple. You just find her, then you give yourself to her unconditionally and without reservation. She don’t want stuff, she wants you.

How far is the distance between hookerdom and the loved lover? Tell me, I wanna know.


I know some of you like it better when I write my own stuff. Sometimes I do too. But when something like this comes across I just have to reprint it for those who may not get it directly. Olfunso Omadarin is a Pastor of a mighty ministry in Nigeria. I read what he writes, I have spoken with him by phone several times. I know he and I are nothing less than true brothers in Christ.

The rapture is a theology I waffled on for a while. I no longer do. The closer I get the more I long for that sounding trumpet. Evenso come Lord Jesus.

RAPTURE! Culmination of the mystery of all ages
The climax of salvation story, rallying point of all history
On that day, the truth shall be exalted above all lies
When the patience of the saints will be rewarded
The day when the hope of the elect will be realized

RAPTURE! The long awaited vindication of the righteous
It is the hour of gloom and doom for the backslider
It is the moment when the eternal ultimatum will be reached
When the Word of faith that men disdained and despised
Shall be confirmed in heaven and endorsed on earth

RAPTURE! When the harvest of the nations shall be full
The grave shall lose its power and the dead in Christ shall rise
The lovers of the truth, the martyrs of faith shall rejoice
The Resurrection-our expectation will come to manifestation
Those who are alive but dead to sin will be changed

RAPTURE! In a twinkle of an eye will all be gone!
For abject mortality shall put on absolute immortality
And weaknesses shall give way to priceless strength
The eternal will of God will be fulfilled in all nations
And the expectation of the saints will be resurrected

RAPTURE! It is the hour of an amazing judgment
When the unexpected will happen before the on-lookers
Men will be amazed at the sudden change in all nations
Petrified, dismayed, discomfited , frustrated and dazed
Flimsy excuses of men will be hopeless and needless

RAPTURE! Men who refused the gospel will run for cover!
Even those who frittered away opportunities to be saved
Skeptics will be drowned in the ocean of their doubts
Yea, the ignoramus will not be spared the rod for their folly
True men have beheld the Lamb in His blessed Word

RAPTURE! They shall also see Him sin His awesome glory!
But the remnant of the rebels shall be lost in their fiery gory
Wherefore shall careless men escape the certain judgment?
The beauty of the Saviour they must behold now
The message of the gospel they must receive now

RAPTURE! The power that saves is meant for all and onto all
But the joy of salvation will only be for those who believe
Iniquity is attractive only to those who must perish
The rage of hell is as a cruel and worrisome magnet
Unto which men of unbridled lust and sinful quest are drawn

RAPTURE! And the King shall appear in His majestic glory
As the trumpet is sounded with the shout of the Archangel
And then shall the saints rejoice in His ineffable glory
But endless woe betide all the company of transgressors!
Even their hopeless end, the endless shame of faithless men

Here is the mystery of the RAPTURE, an unmistakable story

-Olufunso J. Omidiran

Where the Church is RIGHT NOW!

Rick Joyner:
Coming Out of Deep Darkness

Even a cursory look at church history, reveals many things that were not only contrary to the teachings and nature of Christ, but were diabolical in nature. Today the church tends to deal mostly with matters of insensitivity, but in times past, the issues were how to deal with the brutal and inhuman cruelty being inflicted on literally millions in the name of Christ. Certainly, progress has been made out of the deep darkness which the church had fallen into. So where are we now? What's next? This terrible time of darkness was clearly prophesied in Scripture, and it was allowed for a reason.

In the same way that the nation of Israel failed in its covenant relationship with the Lord and was scattered over many nations, the church failed also, and was likewise scattered into thousands of denominations. Just as Israel has been regathering to its inheritance in the natural, there is a corresponding regathering of the church to its spiritual inheritance.

As we are told in I Corinthians 15:46, "However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual." What is taking place in the natural is a forerunner and prophecy of what is about to take place in the spiritual realm. The Jew has always been a prophecy of the condition of the nations. Just as Israel has been regathering to its promised land, but has no peace within or without, and is still groping for its purpose, the church is likewise in a similar place. The nation of Israel will awaken to its purpose and its Messiah. When it does, we can expect the church to likewise awaken to its purpose in these times, which is linked to Israel's purpose in the natural.

The Seed of Abraham will Join in Purpose The spiritual seed of Abraham--those who are grafted into the vine by their faith, and the natural seed of Abraham, the Jew according to the flesh--will join in purpose. When they do, it will open a bridge between the Heavenly realm and earthly, leading to the restoration of all things lost by the Fall. Even death will ultimately be destroyed.

There was a time of about 2,000 years in which the Lord worked almost exclusively through the Jews to lay the foundation of His plan for the redemption and restoration of the earth. Now there has likewise been a time of about 2,000 years, the "times of the Gentiles" in which He has worked almost exclusively through the Gentiles. Contrary to what many believe, what we are about to enter into is not another time of the Jews, but a time of the Jews and Gentiles being joined together in purpose. We will witness the Jew--the natural seed of Abraham, and the church--the spiritual seed of Abraham, becoming the "one new man" Paul wrote about in Ephesians 2:15. When these two are joined, it will open the gate between the Heavens and the earth, and for the Kingdom of God to be established on the earth.

Because of the terrible history that both Israel and the church has suffered (and since the greatest threat to the existence of the Jewish people came from the institutional church or "Christian nations"), it will take a great miracle to cross the gulf between Israel and the church. This is a reflection of the similar gulf between God and mankind that seems to be greater than ever. How will these be bridged?

Just as all of Israel's problems are really beyond human remedy and will take a miracle from God to solve, so are the church's and the world's problems. The great troubles at the end of this age are the result of mankind trying to run this world without God, a lesson that will finally and profoundly be learned. However, God will resolve the entire mess that we have made of things.

Prepare the Way for His Return In the meantime, between now and these great miracles that will surely come, the greatest of all being the return of the Son of God Himself, it is our calling to help prepare the way for His return. How do we do this? In the prophecy that was quoted from Isaiah in relation to John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Him the first time He came, the same principle applies for how we are to prepare the way for His return: "A voice is calling, 'Clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness; make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.'" "Let every valley be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; and let the rough ground become a plain, and the rugged terrain a broad valley." "Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all flesh will see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken" (Isaiah 40:3-5). Here we see that a highway must be prepared for the Lord in the wilderness, "Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed." So building this highway is first. How do we do this?

If you have ever been part of a crew building a highway, you know that this is some of the most difficult of all construction work. As this text declares, it requires mountains and hills being brought down, and valleys being built up. It is slow, tedious, and messy, as anyone who has lived near the building of a highway can surely attest. There are times when it is easier and faster than at other times, but it can be grueling work for days, weeks, or even months to make the smallest amount of progress, and it is fraught with constant danger.

Preparing the Way Can Be a Thankless Task After extraordinary labors, when the highway is finished, people will drive on it, and zip through at 70 mph in the same place where progress was at times measured in inches a day. And very few of those people who go merrily along the highway (which was so much labor to accomplish), will ever think for even a moment about those who built it, much less ever thank them. Few who build highways are celebrated, but they have made the progress of the modern world possible, both in the spiritual and natural. In this same way, the job of preparing the way for the Lord is hard, being done through the wilderness, the most inhospitable territory where the progress is usually slow and difficult. Few will thank us for what we are doing, and some will curse us for the mess we are making, especially if it brings them any inconvenience. Few who see the present mess have the vision to see how much better it will be when the highway is finished. It is quite a thankless task.

In seeking to see authentic, Biblical, prophetic ministry restored to the church, our team at MorningStar has experienced some of this. It has been hard work, with at times seemingly very little progress. Most who see us working, just remark about the mess we are making, with very little encouragement coming even from those who will ultimately benefit from what we are doing. We know also there will be very little thanks when it is finished, at least from people, but to hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25:21) from the King, will be worth it. We are doing it for the church, which may have little appreciation for it now, but more than this, we are doing it for Him, and are very thankful just to have a job in His service.

Even so, for those who labored for so long and hard to watch others walk on the path they have cut with such difficulty, just taking off, may be hard. However, that is the reason for building a highway--to make it much easier and faster for those who come behind us. If we have been successful, others will be able to go as far as we have much faster, easier, and safer.

In fact, that is what church history has been. Past Generations Have Made the Way For Us The great souls in history took ground that future generations could walk over much easier, faster, and safer. A good example is Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians, who took a generation to establish the principles of modern missions. They not only cut a path which others could follow, but at times, they wandered up box canyons and had to turn around, seemingly losing a lot of time and resources with their mistakes. However, even those diversions saved future generations from having to make the same ones. They prepared a highway and a good map to go with it.

We only stand where we are today because others fought through the forests and underbrush, cut down mountains and hills, and built up the low places--spiritual swamps that were full of dangers and disease. They left us a wonderful highway, so we could easily make it this far with relatively little effort. Let us resolve to carry this highway as far as we can in our own generation, making it much easier for others to make it as far as we have, and then go farther. Build A Highway There will be a generation who actually finishes the job. It could even be ours. We may go around the next turn, cut through the next acre of underbrush, and come face to face with His glory. Even if we are not the one who finishes the job, let us do our part as well as it can be done. The way we prepare the way for the Lord and His Kingdom to come to the earth, so that His will be done here just as it is in Heaven, is to build a highway.

If we have been wise in raising up those with true prophetic gifts, maybe we can send scouts ahead so that they can map out the territory well enough, so we do not go up any more box canyons. Maybe they can see easier paths, which to us would look like diversions from a straight line, but in fact, will make our progress toward the goal much easier, faster, or safer. If the highway becomes more clear, maybe others who are now all cutting their own individual paths in various directions, will join together, making the progress of our generation much greater. Instead of doing so much work that will not really be used (cutting down a lot of underbrush destined to grow right back because no one is going to follow on that path), wouldn't it be better to see our efforts actually result in a useful highway that leads to the Kingdom? There is a highway being built. We should all want to be sure that we are a part of building the one that really prepares the way for the King.

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The World is Wrong

Dennis Prager is a talk radio host on 560am in Chicago. I don’t hear him every day but I listen when I can. He is the most rational man on conservative talk radio and that includes Rush.

When I see him write something I read it. He just did. The Moral Bankruptcy of World Opinion. It was right on the money.

He submitted this poweful post for World Net. Read the whole thing. It will help you understand why sometimes doing the right thing is not the popular or even the majority opinion in the USA and Particularly in the World. Just because lots of people think thus and so doesn’t make it right. That's why I, like our beloved President Bush, pay zero attention to polls. They are nearly always wrong. Public opinion is worthless in decision making.

This week the Kansas Board of Education bumped off those nasty Christians who wanted to acknowledge the potential for creation by God of the world and humanity. The idea of openmindedness and free thinking outraged the godless left wing liberal educational establishment. This is further evidence of the total abandonment of all rational principle by public education. This will prove to be a fatal blow/last straw to public education. I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it no more. Millions feel as I do. I can hear it all across America. I'm fed up. This is one more reason all public education should be abolished in favor of vouchers.

You want to send your kids to a school that only teaches the godless liberal party line like they do in the madrassas in Islamic countries? Then you can. Over there teaching whahbism and hatred for Christians and Jews yields brainwashs little kids into being anxious to blow themselves up. That is pretty much what our public education system in America has become. A secular godless humanist madrassa.

Shielding little kids from truth or at least truth which might challenge the secular humanist viewpoint is the goal of the cowardly public education system. Shame on them. How is the godless liberal secular humanist education system any different from the wahabist madrassas in Iran? HMMMM? Let’s do what we can to put a nail in this travesty once and for all. Let’s shut down the liberal brainwashing madrassas or at least don’t force me to send kids there.

Vouchers. That’s the ticket. Tine to stop this now. I'm contacting my congressman Hastert. Stop funding all education yesterday. Implement nationwide vouchers. They work everywhere they are tried.

Public opinion even when expressed in voting isn’t always the best choice. It was a popular vote that put Hitler in office, it was a popular vote that Saddam Hussein won to come to power, it was a popular vote that created the Golden Calf at Mount Sinai leading to the death of thousands, it was a popular vote that crucified Jesus.

Just because people vote doesn’t make it right.

We must fight hard as Christian Conservatives to keep the thugocracy of liberalism from pushing common sense and reason (Which means you are allowed to make rational choices of various opinions) off the pages of our textbooks. Not the censorship of ideas that is going on in Public education today.

The result is the banal uneducated MTV watching people you see on Jay Leno's streetwalking. What's worse is they vote. Yikes.

Vote Republican. It's not conservative enough, but it's better than the liberal moonbats.

Why I love, support and embrace Israel as my Brother

I have had some Christians and many non Christians question me on my unwavering support of Israel. Why this conflict in the Middle East is so important and prophetic. Why I know that this will work out for good to those who are lovers of God and called according to his purposes. I am reprinting this parable called Three Sons of Farmer from this website. Once you read the whole thing you will see how I, a poor lost begger, see my Brother Israel.

A farmer had two sons. The eldest worked with his father learning how to run the farm. The second son was studying at an Agricultural College. When he returned with his degree, he had several new ideas that would improve the farm operation. The father sent his son out onto the farm to work with his older brother. As they were working, he tried to tell his brother about the latest ideas and how things should be done. The elder son became angry and killed his "know all" brother.

When the father discovered what had happened, he had no choice but to call the police. The oldest son was arrested and the court sentenced him to 20 years in prison. He was incarcerated in a high security prison thousands of miles away from where his father lived. The prison clothes were uncomfortable and the food was terrible, so life for the son in prison was very miserable. His father could have provided him with food and clothing, but this was not allowed. The elder son was cut off from his father’s abundance.

The father could not manage the farm on his own. He found a younger beggar in the town and adopted him as a son. The father taught him how to be a farmer, as they worked the land together. The adopted son studied the younger brother’s college notes. He learned an applied the new methods so the farm prospered. However, the farm was too large for two men, so they were never able to bring it to the full potential.

In jail, the oldest son became extremely angry with his father. He was angry because his father had reported him to the police. He became even more angry when he heard that his father had given his inheritance to his adopted brother (this was not true, the adopted son would only inherit the dead brother’s portion).

One day the adopted brother and a friend travelled to visit the older brother in prison. He was still angry and started "mouthing off" about his father. The friend was so upset that he punched the imprisoned brother and gave him a black eye. This really spoilt the relationship. The older brother began to hate his adopted brother. The adopted son decided that his brother was not worth the trouble and that he would have nothing more to do with him.

When the older brother was fifteen years into his sentence, he was moved to a low security prison closer to his home. The father still loved his son and longed to bless him, but his son was angry and would have nothing to do with him. So the father asked his adopted son to visit his brother. He told him how much he loved him and that when his sentence was finished, he wanted to set him up on the land again. He explained that he wanted the two brothers to work together and that the oldest son would still inherit his half of the farm. For the first time the son saw his brother through his father’s eyes.

When the adopted son visited his brother in prison, he was filled with love and compassion for him. He began to bring his gifts of food, books to read and other things to make life in prison more bearable. Gradually a friendship began to develop between them.

During his stay in the high security prison the oldest brother had become a real "hard" man. He was still very angry, and he used his strength to bully some of the weaker prisoners. When his father heard about what he was doing, he was angry and wept, but he never stopped loving his first born son.

The adopted son continued to build a relationship with his brother. As he blessed his brother, his love for him increased and grew. However, he never pretended that his brother was not a murderer. He could see the brutalising affect of life in a high-security prison, but he did not condone his victimisation of his cell mates. He knew that his brother's bad behaviour in prison meant that he would have to serve his full term, so never gave him false hope by suggesting that would get an early release from prison. He also knew that before his brother could be returned to his place with their father on the farm, he would need to repent of his anger and violence. The adopted brother would gently remind him of this fault, even as he continued to love and bless him.

A few days before the older son was due to be released, he bullied a new inmate. A couple of rogue prison guards caught him in the act and turned on him. Their anger stirred, they beat him to "within an inch of his life". His injuries were so severe that on the day he was released, he could barely walk. So his adopted brother took him home and nursed him back to health.

Strangely enough, the hiding proved to be beneficial experience. For the first time in his life the older brother experienced anger from the other side. He decided that he would live differently in the future. As soon as he was strong enough, he went to his father and apologised.

The farmer who had never stopped loving his son welcomed him back to the farm. The adopted brother taught the other brother how to apply the principles introduced by the dead brother. The two brothers learned to work together and turned the farm into one of the best in the region. The father was delighted to have his oldest son home again. He really enjoyed the way that his two sons worked together to make the family farm a very successful business.


The father is the Father. The oldest son is Israel; the younger son is Jesus; and the adopted son is the church. The farm is the Kingdom of God and the rest is history.

The father never stopped loving his oldest son, even though he had murdered his younger brother. Although the father loved his son and did not remove his inheritance, the son still had to pay the penalty for his crime. The son had to repent and embrace his adopted brother before he could receive his inheritance.

The requirements of justice and mercy were both met.

Nuclear War has been put off Until Today

Those wacky Jews and their calendars. Everyone knows Tisha Be'av was Tuesday. Or not.

According to this story about the Temple Mount, Tisha Be'av is today. Thursday. Which in Jewish time, 13 hours ahead of us, is nearly gone. So, the projected nuclear conflagration in this post has been postponed till today.

I'm not making light, I just have struggled to completely understand a lunar calendar as the Jews use and how we move that forward.

So, all admonitions here still hold, just two days late.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I know the moonbat Secret Code

This is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. I got it from Julies Blog.

My Friend Ken must get all his ranting from this moonbat automation. I now know your secret Kennyboy.

Enjoy the fun. I'm mailing this to all my moonbat friends. I have moonbat friends.

This is so much fun.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything at ALL!

This statement is a part of our national psyche. I heard this on the radio say this morning. It’s been ringing in my ears since. We are obsessed with nice in America. I grew up in the northern Great Plains. Nice is a way of life there. Minnesota Nice they call it. Even in Dakota.

At one level, not picking fights is a good thing. Keeps your nose from being bloodied. But, it has caused a whole nation to think that this is a more’ we must all live by.

That is so far from the truth. We were instructed Biblically to speak the truth in love. That means telling people what they need to hear because we love them enough to tell them. It has nothing to do with HOW you tell them. This is another case of Bible verse abuse.

So, now we have generations of people who think it is wrong to speak up. A friend of mine of over 10 years told me that I scare her. I asked why. She said that she knows I would be the one person in her life who would tell her the truth regarding her if I saw something that needed to be said. I thought about that. She doesn’t want anyone to say anything but nice.

Why should that scare anyone?

It does.

So where did this national psyche come from? You ready for this?

Thumpers Mom.

That's right. Bambi the movie. Thumper the bunny. His mom said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

All we like sheep are led astray. So a nation becomes truth deniers. Silent sufferers. Incapable of confrontation. Hiding under a blanket. “Make it go away mommy, make it go away”.


Truth makes you free. Sometimes it’s not always nice. But it’s always the truth and it’s always freeing. Just be sure you have enough of a loving relationship with that person to tell them the truth.

Speak the truth in LOVE.

Relationships give you the right to tell the truth or they aren't real relationships. They are shallow aquaintances. I need friends not aquaintainces. So do you. If nice is the only way to keep friends then they aren't friends.

I read Barry Kolb's blog. He has a great ecard. One of the ways you know you have a friend is if he or she is allowed to yell at you.

No yelling, no friend.

I have a friend Karma. She and I couldn't be more polar opposites in most ways politically. But I know she tells the truth. We are both german and dakotans. But we can talk at a level that allows for all yelling all the time.

Enough with all the nice.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tolerance - Acceptance and Respect for Other Belief Systems

Today I was asked a question about what Religious Tolerance is to me. It's a valid question and I attempted to answer it. The text is below. The question rose out of the comments of a couple pastors from Kansas City who were intereviewed here. It's a good thought process and I share it now.

Tolerance and respect and acceptance are 3 distinct actions.

Tolerance says I will not speak out directly against a religion or belief system. For instance, If a person worships rocks, I may think it stupid, but it's harmless and I will tolerate it.

It is harmless in it's action and effect and I tolerate it as such. There are people who are earth worshippers (as the American Indians were) who are out in left field but harmless. Intolerance kicks in for me when it does actual harm. Child sacrifice by a religious sect will cause intolerance to kick in for me. Radical Islam that encourages people in destroying themselves to destroy others and indoctrinates children to hate all non Muslims is not a religion I am tolerant of. I will speak against that as I would some Satan worshipper who snatches kids off the street for sacrifice. I'm not tolerant of victimization.

Respect is another thing. The rock worshipper may be tolerated but I wouldn't respect them. I think they are whacked out. I certainly don't respect religions that I am intolerant of. But Buddhism is a religion I respect and tolerate.

I don't espouse it but it seems to be a sincere innocuous belief system. It doesn't seem to victimize people. Hinduism I'm not so sure of. I think it does victimise people. Radical Islam I certainly don't respect. Islam in it's form as practiced by the Turks is not a horrid religion (albeit the honor killings and some other practices that are beyond the pale). It's aberration of basic humanity that causes me to wonder about where the border between Moderate and Radical Islam is and whether that line is actually drawn. Other cults like scientology I don't respect. I think they are harmful. I can tolerate them.

Acceptance is the last consideration. Acceptance for me is not just accepting that they exist, or that they are harmless or not. Acceptance is that I receive them as fellow travelers. The catholic church is different from the expression of who God is to me, but I accept it. Most denominational churches are likewise acceptable. I can go there and worship and be in harmony with them. It may not be my "Flavor" but without the chandelier swinging or the rolling on the floor but it's still satisfactory. Acceptance. I feel this way about all forms of Catholicism, Coptic, eastern, Judaism (I have worshipped in Temple and like it), Mormonism (I'm not as narrow about this as some), snake handlers (never did it, don't fear them). For me, the issue is always, "what think ye of the Christ". For that reason I don't accept the Jehovah's Witness'. Tolerate and Respect but not accept. The fellowships that hold Jesus as God are fellowships I accept. Jews are looking into the future but they see him coming, just not yet. They are my brothers. Someday they will be brothers in Christ.

The abortive forms of Christianity (Phelps from Topeka of Funeral Protest Fame) is not my cup of tea and I don't respect, tolerate or accept him and his Ilk. On the other hand, I don't think David Koresh was dangerous as the US Government had him made out to be and believe he died wrongly. I think he was deluded. Delusion shouldn't be a capital crime.

Now, as to the article. I read it. I frankly am not quite as middle of the road as these fine gents are. Respectful and Tolerant but not Accepting. I think you have to take a stand. Some things are just wrong. If Hitler was to raise his head again do we say, "well, let's just tolerate and respect him?" I think we must war against evil as we see it. It's childish to think that if we ignore evil it will go away. That's why we used to put the covers over our heads as kids or hide under the bed. Those who somehow believe it's not our duty to stand down evil in the world today and just leave them alone are not facing reality.

One last thing. What about people with no religion? Agnostics. Atheists. Passive. Non-Practicing. How do I feel about them?

Tolerant - YES (no one can force anyone to believe or not believe so I tolerate)

Respected - NO I don't think in the end it's possible to be on no side of this issue. The great prophet Bob Dylan Said: "You Gotta Serve Someone". I think anything that is not clearly on one side of the fence is on the other side. There is no middle ground. As the earth goes thru the terror and trembling it is going thru right now the capacity to stay neutral is becoming less and less possible. I just may not respect one who is trying to stay out of the battle out of some ilfated desire to hide in the closet.

Accepted - NO If I think people need Jesus (And I DO) I am not accepting of anything less. I won't beat you about the head and shoulders but I will do all I can in all ways and in any language so as to persuade a few. I care too much about what it means to come into a genuine living relationship with Him be passive or accepting of anything less.

So, if you or anyone is offended by me or my persistence and determination, I'm still the same Gene, I'm still crazy after all these years. I've just come to a place where the day I see so clearly when I will step from time into eternity (which we all will) is will be a glorious day that if I'm fortunate enough and living the way I want to be living in Him I will virtually not notice the change. I want to live like this. I know I can.

I stumble, I do dumb things, but I live in a continual state of grace that allows me to walk in boldness and confidence that makes me less and less tolerant or accepting of a second rate life for anyone willing to take a peek at what I see beyond the veil for this side of the Age.


As a prime example of appropriate intolerance, below are links to another blog and a video (very long but worth the look) to help you understand what I am intolerant of. Radical Islam is EVIL. Long and Short, that's the truth. Get out from under the covers. They are to kill you and your kids. They are out to destroy your way of life.

Read this and you will see. Watch it and you will feel.

There is no room for tolerance in this except for fools.

Nuclear War is Scheduled for Tomorrow (or not)

I love prophecy. I respect it. But, I also don't let it rule my life in fear. God is God and I'm not.

That's why this ominous prediction from 9 years ago sourced in the BIBLE CODE folks predicting that on August 2, 2006 (Tisha B'Av) nuclear war would break out in the middle east doesn't scare me.

You can read the whole thing here.

The truth is, only you can be responsible for you. If the nukes fly are you ready? I am. That's why in the face of this prediction and it's fulfillment or lack of it I don't have any fear.

Don't run out and max out your credit cards because of this. Don't find a bridge to jump from. Don't hide in the Bomb Shelter.

There's only one shelter. Psalm 91.

I'll bet there are 10s of thousands of Jews rehearsing this Psalm today.

Tomorrow is Tisha B'Av, a day for Jewish memory: Jewish Year 5766 : sunset August 2, 2006 - nightfall August 3, 2006

Here’s what is supposed to happen:

Tisha B'Av is a fast day, and a man will not put on his tallit until midday (by that time the fire had died down in the Temple).
It is forbidden to wear shoes, bathe, wear perfume, shave, wash clothes or exchange greetings. Mirrors are traditionally covered and mourners sit on the ground, or a low stool, just as one would do when mourning the loss of a loved one. Mourners meals are eaten (boiled eggs with bread dipped in ash).
In the synagogue, the lights are dimmed and the embroidered cover of the Ark is removed; symbolizing the destruction of the great curtain which hung in the entrance to the Holy of Holies. Prayers and scripture readings are chanted in hushed, melancholy terms and Jeremiah 8 v13 to 9 v23 is read along with all of Lamentations.
"My eyes do fail with tears.... for the destruction of the daughter of my people (Jerusalem). " Jeremiah.
Tisha B'Av is not a perpetual fast - "Thus says the LORD of hosts: the fast of the fourth month, amid the fast of the fifth... shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness. ." Zechariah 8 v19. Messiah will come, Zechariah 9 v9. The holy Temple will be rebuilt and the LORD shall be king over all the earth; Zechariah 14 v9.

Ariel is the ancient name for Jerusalem, but it is also the current name of a large Jewish suburb of Jerusalem, just outside the city, proper.

It is my opinion that the description that follows is an atomic attack. The word Ariel sounds like "altar hearth" in Hebrew. In this case it will be a place of human sacrifice. If Hamas attacked Jerusalem itself, they would be attacking a holy city to three religions. But if they attacked Ariel, they would 'only' be killing Jews, thus it is a better target from their point of view.

The Israelis hold Syria responsible for Hamas' behavior, so I would expect them to retaliate by nuking Damascus. Things will go downhill from there.

Drosnin's slide, from his book "The Bible Code", says the "ninth of Av is the day of the third". WW3 is the one war in history that indeed will only take a day to start and finish.

What is most interesting is this whole thing was written in nearly 10 years ago. It seems like yesterday's headline. Will it happen, I don’t know, But I’m ready. Are you?

Plan of God or Accident in Israel?

Last night in a time of intercession I was given this revelation.  I submit it for your consideration.  Many times I know that some things revealed are just for me.  Sometimes they are for a wider distribution.  I don't know which is which in this case.  You must decide.   I only know this for sure.  Nothing going on right now in Israel comes as a shock to Jesus.  He's fully aware of the beginning from the end all together.  He gives us clues.  Let's take a peek.  (by the way, if Jesus is God [and he is] then any words directly from the mouth of God in the Old Testament must be treated with the same red letter reverence as the New Testament)
The Prophet Joel (Old Testament) spoke a great deal of a restored land of Israel.  He spoke of it and made this statement in Chapter 3:4 regarding some future conflict between Israel's enemies and the nation of Israel.
4" Moreover, what are you to Me, O Tyre, Sidon and all the regions of Philistia? Are you rendering Me a recompense? But if you do recompense Me, swiftly and speedily I will return your recompense on your head.
The cities of Tyre and Sidon are still there.  They are in present day Lebanon.  The region of Philisita is present day Gaza strip.  The Palestinian "Homeland".  The very countries who came against Israel in this recent conflict.  I see the hand of God in this.
What is more interesting is this pronouncement comes only a few verses after Chapter 2:27-29.  These seem to be coincident events.  I think we believed at the beginning of the last century that the outpouring of God's Spirit was the one promised in Joel 28-29.  I'm not sure.  In looking at this maybe we are about to experience one like never before.  Something that is going to rip the roof off most Churches.  It may be so sold out and radical that it will tip over every sacred religious cow that ever existed.  I hope so.  I believe that the time to quit "Church" and Join Jesus is now.  This doesn't mean leave the fellowship of believers you have joined yourself to.  It does mean putting a demand on the anointing of God such that you are dissatisfied with anything less than everything God provides by His Spirit. 
27" Thus you will know that I am in the midst of Israel,
         And that I am the LORD your God,
         And there is no other;
         And My people will never be put to shame.
The Promise of the Spirit
    28" It will come about after this
         That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;
         And your sons and daughters will prophesy,
         Your old men will dream dreams,
         Your young men will see visions.
    29"Even on the male and female servants
         I will pour out My Spirit in those days.
My friend Apostle Barry Kolb has been prophesied to be a disturber of the denominations.  It is time to disturb away.  The outpouring is coming.  Nothing is going to ever be the same again.  We will either get on board or be left behind. 
If you read down two posts you will see a further depth in this analysis.
So, pour it on Lord.  I must still be young.  I still see visions.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel and Me

The press is having a field day with the arrest of Mel Gibson for DUI and his drunken talk in reference to Jews. I have been drunk. I know what it sounds like. I have driven with too much to drink. I know how that feels and what it's like.

OH, don't be so shocked. SO HAVE YOU. I grew up in North Dakota. We didn't have much opera to attend in Dakota so we drank and drove.

If Mel Gibson had been a porn star or a producer of x-rated films there would be no vindictive press as there is over this. But because he produced a blockbuster movie about Jesus they salivate at the skewering.

I feel bad for him. Braveheart was one of the most inspirational movies I ever saw. When he was about to be drawn and quartered he yells "Freedom". That was a moment.

So, there but for the grace of God go I and frankly you. I don't for a minute think he is an anti-Semite. I think he’s a drunk.

But I expect nothing less from the lefty press than to hammer this over and over and over. It's a good think I just heard that Castro is in the hospital seriously Ill. Now they have something to get excited about. I mean, the ADHD press is already tired of the war in the Middle East. That's why they had such a field day with Mel.

Mel buddy, I'm with ya. To heck with them. You da man.


Moderate sinners are modest in sin

They do not commit all sins at all times

They do not rob God always

They do not steal everything at-one-go

Neither do they totally reject religion

Only God determines their worth

Even the heavenly Judge who is just

He will neither lie nor waver in judgment

Moderate sinners are `rational' sinners

Moderate sinners enjoy secret sins

They cleverly conceal their evil deeds

They prove smarter than any earthly watcher

Moderate sinners are hopeless gamblers

Whose foolishness will soon be revealed

They tell lies with ease and comfort

They reject the truth with tacit hate

In their heart lies the wicked, ol' serpent

They are of the stock of Reuben of old

They are ever unstable as seawaters

They shall never excel in life

Their love for the Scriptures is selective

They hate God but love His prosperity

They use the Bible to establish lust

They are twisted philosophers indeed

Truly, they are perverse counselors

"If you drink, don't drive," they say

"If you drive, don't drink" they exhort

They plead against immorality, not because it is evil

But because of HIV/AIDS and STDs

They advise men to play safe and use condom

Evil homosexuals are referred to as "gay"

Their abominable evil as "Alternative Lifestyle"

Moderate sinners are the worst of hypocrites

They pursue worthless vanities with modesty

Moderate sinners will die twice and forever

They are candidates of hell whose abode is in Hades

They are people who claim that too much of sin is bad

The eternal consequence and gravity of sin they know not

But Christ died for all, moderate sinners inclusive

If all men will value what Christ did, they will hate sin



This was submitted to me by Revered Olfunso Omadiran of Nigeria (Africa). He is a Pastor of my Aquaintance from there. I appreciate his work and if you are interested in more of what he does you can look at his website. I commend it to you.

I must admit, this ODE of his convicted me. I'm pretty moderate when measured in those terms.

Thanks Rev.

I needed that.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pet Rocks = Prius Hybrid

You remember Hula Hoops. They were a fad. Everyone had to have one then they faded. Oh you can still buy one but they are no longer in style.

Or Pet Rocks. Remember?

Well today we have continued our faddish ways.

Hybrid Cars. FAD!

I pronounced hybrid vehicles a hula-hoop over a year ago. They were inefficient to build, got marginally better mileage, poor performance, high upkeep and without tax breaks would fail in the marketplace.

But, people are sheep. All we like sheep trot down to the Toyota dealership and plop our money down to buy a hybrid. Why? Cause it makes us feel better. We're doing something to save the environment. We're being responsible. All of which is absolute balderdash. But it comes under the category that “We have to do SOMETHING, don’t we”. Burn a candle to the oil gods. It’s just as effective and you can still feel like you did “Something”.

All this is part of the big lie and if you drive a hybrid you bought it. Sorry to break it to you. But it's a fad and all the “in” folks on the bandwagon have been had.

Hybrids are quiet. They make you feel trendy. But they’re a waste of natural resources, your money and tax incentives that might have been better directed.

It's not just my opinion, Betsy Hart (No engineer she) is a social observer as I am and she has made the same pronouncement.

In part she says in this article from today’s Sun Times:

The well-respected auto research firm, CNW Marketing in Brandon, Ore., recently found after a two-year study collecting data on the ''energy necessary to plan, build, sell, drive and dispose'' of the cars, that the hybrids don't stack up well.

CNW found that hybrids use more total energy in their lifetime than their gasoline-powered cousins. Even a Hummer, the ultimate bane of the environmentalist world -- uses less total energy over its lifetime than any hybrid (including the halo special, the Prius), Car and Driver magazine said.

When I first saw hybrid cars come on the market I knew this. I said so and was ridiculed. I always get the last laugh.

Just so you know, back in the mid 70's my brother Steven and I went to the World Electric Car Conference for 4 days. I was convinced that there were breakthroughs coming in Electric Cars. I am still convinced that for short distances there are viable breakthroughs coming.

But, the question is asked Who Killed the Electric Car? in this movie. I plan to see it. I still believe that the plug-in car is still part of the energy solution. Not hybrids.

And, in case you need one other prescient pronouncement: Ethanol is a hula hoop. A waste of resources, land, and tax incentives. But we'll use those abandoned plants to produce real bio fuel when the technologies are ready. Ethanol is a loser in every way if it ever has to compete on the market. Crude oil at $50 is a break even gallon for gallon with Ethanol. The dirty little secret is Ethanol is only half the energy content of oil. So really crude oil has to sell for $100 per barrel for there to be equivalence. My source for all the information following is a long long article in today’s Chicago Tribune outlining these issues.

Biodiesel is not much better. I have hope for biodiesel. But not right now, not right yet. Biodiesel has about a 1-1 energy output with oil. But it takes a stable price of $70 to make biodiesel economically effective. There are better things coming. Genetically engineered microbes that break down anything lignose based (Cellulose, paper, wood, waste grass clippings you name it) and produce long chain –OH compounds that burn just like gasoline. That will work. It’s on the horizon. Right now they are about as expensive as biodiesel. This is a technology that will drop in price after it works.

Coal source Diesel. Coal to liquid fuel conversion. That makes sense economically and technically. It competes with a steady world price of $45. The state of Colorado alone has more heavy oil (Tar Sands) and Montana has coal than the whole oil supply basin of the whole Middle East. It is converted directly from it’s solid form into Diesel Oil.

The biggest fear I have and the one I think will happen soon are when things start settling down in the Middle East and crude production takes off, and we have a world price of $45. Research will stop. Big oil profits are our only hope.

We (USA) currently use 21 million barrels of oil per day. We (USA) currently produce 9 million barrels per day. That is more than Canada, Mexico and Venezuela combined. IF the world cut us off we would have to halve our consumption. Doable? Maybe. So relax. We’re not running out of oil.

So, pay that big money at the pump. Just maybe Exxon will use that money for exploration and research rather than a new bathroom in the CEO's house.

One can only hope.

We have no alternative unless you want to fund government to do this. Like that’ll ever get anything done.