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The 5 Types Of Men Who Make GREAT Husbands

 In my line of work, I meet a lot of great husbands and the wives who adore them. Over time, it's not hard to pick up on a pattern among these men -- especially when I chat with other wives about why they chose the men they've married and what qualities in their husbands have most shaped their marriages. For all those single women out there who often wonder what type of man they should marry or how they will know if he's "The One" they're meant to spend forever with, this list is 100 percent for you. It's based on my own personal experience as a wife, those of the many wives I've encountered throughout my career as a Weddings and Relationships editor, and the observations I've made about the great husbands I've met or bumped into over the years. Not all of the answers are here, but I promise you, this list has some of the insight you seek. Read on, ladies, and take notes.
Charli Penn: The 5 Types Of Men Who Make GREAT Husbands
This little girl was one of those that the Muslim terrorist murdered in France. He grabbed her by her hair as she tried to escape and shot her point blank in the head. I believe that when a culture ceases to function in society we must demand modernity. They can't live in some alternate universe and expect us to accommodate them. The killing must stop. Radical Islam is evil. It's time for the leaders if there are any to stand up against this. Here's the whole story:
The only thing this pipeline the President is talking about will carry is more hot air. It's not the pipeline we need. He is LYING. I'll probably be arrested now for saying that.
CUSHING, Oklahoma (Reuters) - Standing in front of a row of pipes, President Barack Obama pledged on Thursday to accelerate approval for part of the Keystone XL pipeline, seeking to deflect criticism that
When I first read this I thought, OH NO, there goes PAT again. He is famous for saying kinda dumb things at the wrong time. His good till date long expired, life shakes or not. BUT, on further examination, I actually agree with him. The Broncos have really gone tilt on this and as I have expressed before, i think it is really a bad idea for Manning to play again. Doctors or no, look at Michael Jackson, a Doctor will tell you what you want to hear for the right money.
Pat Robertson doesn't like the way the Denver Broncos unceremoniously kicked Bible-thumping quarterback Tim Tebow to the curb in favor of Peyton Manning, and he wouldn't exactly be upset if Manning... Sports News Summaries. | Newser
Los Angeles has just passed an intolerable speech on the radio law. If you are considered intolerable, you can be fined or jailed. This is really going to lead to a shut up Rush Limbaugh effort. BUT, someday it will be a shut up your favorite radio or TV commentator. In France, the government is considering monitoring the websites you visit and if you frequent what they consider extremist websites they will fine or jail you. This is about tracking Muslims. But on the slippery slope is your favorite site, christian or pagan, right or left wing, or The ROOT. A guy in MN was just ticketed for yelling at his cat. Minnesota is a harbinger of the police state to come. A new law makes it illegal for you to yell at your congressman or senator or the President if you have a complaint. People have already been arrested and jailed for this. We are seeing the end of free speech in the world. There may no turning back. Our governments are out of control. Weren't they supposed to be public EMPLOYEES? They work for US? AND, you are paying for a nice little European foray flying first class to Belgium for your employees.
CHICAGO — Gov. Pat Quinn says he's traveling to Belgium next week as Illinois' "exporter in chief."
Just a reminder. It's only over when that big woman sings. Oh, and for those of you linguistically challenged, Mars is March in French. Canadian.
Remember when Monsanto began patenting plants? This will mean you will not be able to buy vitamins over the counter. Big pharma is about to take over. Government by the corporation, for the corporation and of the corporation shall dominate. Our whole government is bought and paid for by large corporations starting President Goldman Sachs. He is a fully owned subsidiary.
After the Presidential election anticipate what amounts to terrorist attacks upon the dietary supplement industry as regulatory agencies and the news media do the bidding for big business in a predictable industry takeover now that vitamin ...
Sure, like all the other strong responses we have made. We are toothless.
North Korea will face a "strong response" if it launches a long-range rocket next month despite international calls to desist, a special adviser to US President Barack Obama said on Friday.
"I can't stand your religious meetings. I'm fed up with your conferences and conventions. I want nothing to do with your pretentious slogans and goals. I'm sick of your fundraising schemes, your public relations and image making. I've had all I can take of your noisy ego-music...Do you know what I want? I want justice—oceans of it. I want fairness—rivers of it. That's what I want—That's all I want." Amos 5:21-24, MSG
‎"WHY BE RELEVANT? I think of pop-culture as Trojan horses. We package the truth in ways to get around people's natural defense mechanism. It is our creativity in redeeming culture that can often earn us a hearing. It is all about incarnation. JESUS was the Master of metaphors. He used agricultural metaphors because He lived in an agrarian society. HE USED CULTURE TO INCARNATE TRUTH."
- Tim Stevens
Like many New Yorkers, I am very excited about Tim Tebow playing for the New York Jets! I believe Tebow and Jeremy Lin represent a new breed of Christian athletes who are both grounded in their faith and grounded in their identity as individuals. They don’t join their respective teams as divas; with...
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been among the vocal voices weighing in on calls for justice for Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old who was gunned down last month while walking home in Sanford, Florida. On Wednesday, a march was held in New York City in support of the teen’s family, a...
Solution to the Debt Problem
Black Swan Event?
Reports of shots fired within the secure leaders' compound in Beijing come after the sacking of corruption-busting official Bo Xilai (pictured)
So says Senator Jerry Moran (R – KS), by way of introducing legislation that would preempt the Department of Labor’s war on farm kids which would see regulations put in place that are so stringent, farm kids couldn’t even operate things like a battery-powered screwdriver or a pressurized garden hose...
Do you remember when they used to show pictures of Chairman Mao swimming in the yellow river against the current? Do you remember that Kim Jong IL would routinely shoot 3 or 4 holes in one every round he played?
In his five years releasing a bracket, President Obama has stayed true to his political colors: His winning pick in the NCAA tournament is always a team that wears blue. The strategy is working again this year, as Obama finished … Continue reading →
The retooling of your money is on the way
As of this this week we have managed to survive four decades of US fiat money, and its anyone’s guess how much longer we can continue. Recently we read that the average life expectancy of a fiat currency is 27 years. The world’s oldest fiat currency, the British Pound, has survived nearly 318 year...
A guy that murders little Jewish kids in france is hooked up with Al Qaeda? I'm shocked, Shocked I tell you.
TOULOUSE, France (AP) – A French gunman claiming al-Qaeda links and suspected in the killings of three Jewish children, a rabbi and three paratroopers barricaded himself in an apartment Wednesday after a predawn police raid erupted into a firefight. Hundreds of riot police poured in to surround the ...
I guess if Eric Holder's federal agents can't bring him to justice well just have to find a mob to string him up. Sharpton will see to that. If I were this doofus I would go back to Mexico or where ever he came from and keep my head low for a very long time. I think he is an idiot. He should be punished. But, the kind of mentality going on in the media is way out of hand inflamitory. Don't be decived.
www.newser.comThe FBI is investigating the death of Trayvon Martin, but internally, Justice Department lawyers doubt they can make a federal case out of it, the Washington Post reports. The federal government could.
What kind of evil capitalist lays off people in this difficult economic environment? Oprah is the richest woman in the world more or less. She doesn't need more money. Why did she brutally can these hard working people? Where is the outrage against this 1%er. IS Oprah the new queen of greed? Does she have no heart?
So for the next few days the news will have photo ops and video clips of our President reading from his teleprompter in front of pipelines, oil rigs, pumpers, solar panels, windmills and a half dozen others. This is a campaign trip, make no mistake about it. Deception is the name of the game in elections.
Shiny solar panels, sprawling gas fields and the site of a future oil pipeline will give President Barack Obama a set of convenient photo backdrops this week as he launches a campaign-like tour to tout his energy policies to Americans.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

John Edwards used Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina to hook up with prostitute in 2007:

Why did it take a sex scandal for the Rest of America to finally figure-out what this primping, prevaricating, ambulance-chaser was really all about?

John loves the ladies!! he may have drilled more chicks than even Clinton or Jesse Jackson!

The national ENQUIRER broke the original story. It's wasn't believed till it was proof positive. They also are among those who believe our Kenyan President is one. I guess these things take time.

John Edwards used Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina to hook up with prostitute in 2007: report - NY Daily News

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have one of these twenty somethings working for me. Wow, life is going to get REALLY hard for him...if he survives. How did we end up with this generation?? What did we do wrong?
Want to make a millennial happy? Let her bring her dog to work.
This is what the ugly underbelly of Chicago Style Politics REALLY looks like...and magically all information about this is disappearing from the web. Now who has the power to do that???
Yesterday, Thomas Barton of IllinoisPaytoPlay posted an article, Semir Sirazi vs. Nadhmi Auchi: A Chicago Lawsuit Underway, about a lawsuit involving a number of the former RezkoWatch/RBO’s f...
President Barack Obama is about to launch a 5,000-mile, four-state, two-day trip on Air Force One to contain the political damage caused by high gas prices. Obama is slated to fly out this Wednesda
This is wrong in more ways than we know. Not Denver. Not the Tebow thing. Peyton should not get back in the game. This is a life threatening situation and he is risking permanent paralysis. He's fragile. Sure he can throw a ball but his neck is compromised. Are we going to watch him wondering if his next play is going to be his last forever???
Audibles - Chris Burke on the NFL
46 were people shot last weekend, nine of them fatally in Chicago. One a Six Year Old Little Girl. IF you want to direct your rage properly against hatred, violence and murder, look at our own city. I deplore the shooting in Florida, where Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot black youth Trayvon Martin, allegedly out of self-defense. The Feds are on the case. Zimmerman will be charged. YET...this weekend there will be many more shootings. RIGHT HERE. In our own town. Don't let the race baiters and media types like Al Shaprton take your eyes off the real issue. It's not Zimmerman. It's young boys badly raised running wild without proper police intervention. Part of the problem is if a thug is detained by the cops people call it abuse. How about the abuse that exists because people are acting like animals with apologies to animals. Let's get that big plank out of our own eye Chicago. They will take care of the sliver in Florida. The devil is deceiving and diverting your attention. Once there was a prayer effort to stand against the bloodshed in our own streets. Where is that today?>
Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said the city is in the process of revising its gang strategy following a deadly weekend in which nine people -- including a 6-year-old girl -- were killed.
Long ago it was predicted and now here we are. NO MAN...
Bills and coins represent only 3 percent of Sweden's economy, and some say that is too much
IF you voted for this guy....shame. Is there no end to the corruption democrats will tolerate???
State Rep. Derrick Smith (D-Chicago), who was arrested on a federal bribery charge last week, easily defeated challenger Tom Swiss on Tuesday in the Democratic race for the 10th District seat in the Illinois House.
I guess measuring a man by his character and not the color of his skin doesn't apply in corrupt Chicago. WHEN LORD WHEN?? How could this genuinely corrupt man in his marriage, his politics and his business win this election??
CHICAGO - Voters in a district where Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. faces the toughest election of his 17-year career say experience and personal issues matter to them.
I have always enjoyed Time Signature uniqueness in Music. Certainly, 5/4 is one of the most interesting. Take 5 from Dave Brubeck. Mission Impossible Theme. living in the Past by Jethro Tull This song from Jesus Christ Superstar is one of those.
Everything is Alright:
Lyrics are below. Jesus Christ Superstar.1973 movie. Everything's Alright. Filmed primarily in Avdat,the Dead Sea and the Bell Caverns in Israel, Jesus Chris...
"The New Black Liberation Militia (NBLM), a militant group in the mold of the Black Panthers, headed by a man styling himself “Prince Najee Muhammad.“ The NBLM intends to march straight into Florida and perform a ”citizen’s arrest” on Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman". Is it too soon to identify this as a Lynch Mob? Aren't we all proud of those (like Sharpton) who have made this a Black White issue rather than the outcome of a guy who was obviously goofy in the head and a police department slow on the switch. Zimmerman will be arrested, for his own safety. This is the ugly side of 21st century racism.
The media feeding frenzy surrounding the suspicious death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin continues, and yet more racially-motivated actors are climbing out of the woodwork. Last night, Al Sharpton invited the grieving parents and family attorney onto his show, and joined in venting rage against the ...
How do you celebrate not believing in anything? It's like taking a deep breath in the vacuum of space. You can do it but you die.
Washington D.C. is in for an infusion of anti-religious sentiment this weekend. On Saturday, thousands of atheists and secularists are expected to converge on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to celebrate their non-belief through a massive event called the “Reason Rally.” But the day before thi...
In Minnesota if you don't have enough money to keep your house up they can throw you in Jail. More signs of the coming police state. Minnesota has long been the harbinger of socialism anyway.
In Burnsville, Minnesota, Mitch Faber was arrested and thrown in jail without bond, and then subjected to electronic home monitoring, all because of his failure to properly put up siding on his house (video below).In 2007, Faber and his wife Jean received a letter from the city saying "you must comp...

Monday, March 19, 2012

If you’ve got problems with the IRS, here are a few pointers—that you won’t get from a cable pitchman.

Some people do win “offer in compromise” deals from the IRS allowing them to settle what they owe for “pennies on the dollar”—but only those who genuinely can’t pay, when all their assets and future earnings are taken into account. In fiscal 2010, the IRS received 57,000 applications for OICs and granted only 14,000 of them, according to its annual data book. (Very large PDF with data here. See table 16.)
If you can pay what you owe the IRS over time, you may be able to work out a deal without paying big bucks to a tax pro. Earlier this month, as part of a bid to help strapped taxpayers, the IRS announced that taxpayers owing up to $50,000 in back taxes, interest and penalties (up from $25,000) can enter into a streamlined installment agreement to pay over up to 72 months–without supplying the IRS with a detailed financial statement. Be careful, however, not to sign an installment agreement unless you’re reasonably certain you can live up to.
If you believe you are being treated unfairly by the IRS and can’t get anyone to listen to you, there is an independent office within the IRS —known as the Taxpayer Advocate Service—that may be able to intervene. (Details on how to contact the Advocate are here.)
If you need professional help, choose carefully. If you’re in deep trouble with the IRS, you’ll generally want to hire a lawyer, a CPA or an enrolled agent, who is licensed to practice before the IRS.
Tax resolution firm JK Harris and Tax Lady Roni Deutch closed up shop last year. Like TaxMasters, they faced suits claiming they exaggerated what they could do for taxpayers who owe the IRS.
The comments on this article are most interesting. Is there really no hope for Detroit? OR is there?
I think Jimmy Carter means well but as I have often said, when a person goes full on Liberal it requires a magnitude of compromise. I have a hard time reconciling Carter's Christianity with his political bent. I'm not saying a person can't be a democrat and a christian, it does however require compromise. That's a problem. Here's the TRUTH about Jesus relating to Homosexuality. Carter knows this...but his Democrat bias has blinded him. This is off the mark.
Former President Jimmy Carter is a controversial figure here in America. But beyond being known in more conservative circles for his intriguing (sometimes troubling, depending with whom one is speaking) positions, he’s also distinguished himself with his outspoken Christianity. His new book, “NIV Le...
More idiocy from Paul Krugman, former Enron Adviser
Paul Krugman has decided to fight fiction with fiction in the health care debate, and when the opposition spreads BS, he will spread BS twice as hard. Waddya expect from a former Enron adviser? He correctly notes this Republican miscue:...

Sunday, March 18, 2012
It’s only now becoming clear how many people have become rich thanks to the global-warming scare. Politicians from both parties have been so afraid of being labeled a “denier” that they’ll vote for any piece of legislation bearing the trendy green label. The numbers are adding up fast.
If you want to know how far over the top the pro abortion folks are, "Abortion is better than Adoption"
LifeNews has uncovered a real doozy when it comes to abortion rights activism. On a website titled “RH Reality Check” (with the “RH” standing for “Reproductive Health”), progressive writer Jessica delBalzo has a headline that is sure to bring precisely zero surprise to many pro-life activists, but m...
It's lucky the Grand Mufti didn't call anyone a slut, just the destruction of all churches.. Seems like a plan
If the pope called for the destruction of all the mosques in Europe, the uproar would be cataclysmic. Pundits would lambaste the church, the White House would rush out a statement of deep concern, and rioters in the Middle East would kill each other in their grief. But when the most influential lead...
The federal government has instituted new regulations to increase access for disabled people, including access to pools open to the public. While that’s a noble intention, as a practical matter these regulations are going to mean fewer amenities for everyone. Hotels, rather than make expensive mod...
This is such a bad idea in so many ways I'm stunned by this. This is part of the coming police state.

A new executive order, signed quietly this weekend by President Obama, that would allow the nation’s chief executive to declare an emergency and take over, well, pretty much everything.

It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a wartime declaration, it could be the result of a natural disaster declaration, and it would allow the President to control energy, manufacturing, transportation, food, and water resources by decree. Meaning this order gives the president to, unilaterally, take over.

The justification for this is undoubtedly to allow the government to respond to emergencies faster. Yet anyone who remembers that Walmart did a better, more efficient job of distributing relief supplies to Hurricane Katrina victims than any level of government knows that this is some pretty thin gruel.

Yet this is how the left think. They believe that if they have more power to organize and direct our lives for us, everything will run better. You can read the whole thing at the link.
New video of Eric Holder from 1995 has been revealed, and it puts “Fast and Furious” in a much broader perspective. Recorded on CSPAN2, the clip shows current Attorney General Eric Holder laying out a strategy to “change the hearts and minds of the people in Washington, DC” in how they look at guns....
I guess when it's real life, it's a lot different
Obama in 2004: Surgical airstrikes might be necessary to stop Iran from going nuclear
Strange....but this answers a lot of questions. Man without is eunuch.
Asma al-Assad, the British-born wife of Syria’s president, told a friend that she was the “real dictator” in the family, according to leaked emails that suggest she holds a cherished place in the leader’s inner circle.
yup... don't stay up nights worrying, The cure for high prices is still high prices
Crude oil futures have undergone the equivalent of two heart attacks in the past two weeks; first a rumored pipeline explosion in Saudi Arabia and then a seemingly false report that the United States would tap the strategic petroleum reserve to help bring prices down. Both false alarms proved that, ...