Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Amusing the Devil

The father of lies is amused when we make all kinds of proclamations about things that are true but without foundation in our lives.  I see them all the time on Facebook and in Churches.  Declarations about freedom from poverty, about prosperity, about healing, about a mate, about a job and a dozen other things.  The problem isn't that these proclamations aren't good to make, but UNTIL the strongholds in our lives that have been built up to cause or restrain these things are torn down, nothing changes. 

The spirit of poverty isn't broken by proclamation.  The stronghold known as the spirit of poverty must be destroyed.  That is painful. It's a change of mindset.  It's a repentance from dead works, a turning around. Most of what people believe or were taught is wrong and it requires a complete reprogramming.

Jesus said, "The poor you will always have with you".  Those poor are not always people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.. those people need to get out from under poverty imposed by flood or famine.  It's the poor among us when there is abundance all around.  Cultural poverty.  Poverty of the mind.  The spirit of poverty. 

My experience has been that when I have tried to help people come to grips with the demon that oppresses them... they not only resist, they love their victimization too much to let it go.  So they embrace the lie and remain in poverty.

Same with Sickness. I read Praying Medic's book Divine Healing.  The stories of people who have accepted a life of illness over health was heartbreaking.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be".

Still true.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese
Where do polar bears vote? The North poll
What sound do porcupines make when they kiss? Ouch
What happened when the lion ate the comedian? He felt funny
Why did the chicken cross the road? To show everyone he wasn’t chicken
What did the buffalo say to his son when he went away on a trip? Bison
What did the spider do on the computer? He made a website
How do bees get to school? By school buzz
What do you call a bear with no ear? B
How can you tell the ocean is friendly? It
What was the most popular dance in 1776? Indepen-dance
What did the computer do at lunchtime? Had a byte
What does a baby computer call his father? Data
Why was the computer cold? It left its Windows open
Why are dogs such bad dancers? They have two left feet.
What did the bean said to another bean? How’ve ya bean?
What did the doctor say to the midget? You just have to be a little patient.
Why do the French like to eat snails? Because they don’t like fast food
What do you call a peanut in a spacesuit? An astronut

A duck walks into a drugstore and asks for a tube of ChapStick. The cashier says to the duck, “That’ll be $1.49”. The duck replies, “Put it on my bill."

A grasshopper hops into a bar. The bartender says, “You’re quite a celebrity around here. We’ve even got a drink named after you!” The grasshopper says, “You’ve got a drink a drink named Steve?"

“Doctor” jokes
Patient: “Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea”.
Doctor: “Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink”.

“Doctor, will I be able to play the piano after the operation?”
“Yes, of course!"
"Good I never could before!"

A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, wherever I touch It hurts! When I touch my shoulder, it hurts. If I touch my knee –OUCH! When I touch my head, it really, really hurts!” The doctor replied, “Man, you have a broken finger!”

The number one lie of the enemy:

#1. YOU ARE NOT READY YET! Do not listen to this voice.
Remember - if it's the truth that sets you free its a lie that holds you captive. The lie you must overcome is that you need more preparation, money, time, experience, confirmation. Look at the business graph I attached. The dotted line is your track and the solid line is the opportunity. 1. At first you sense an opportunity. Your spirit get's a glimpse of something.
2. The moment arrives where you need to take action, see what works and what does not work and make adjustments.
3. You are over thinking, waiting to be certain, looking for confirmation. Over analysis has led to uncertainty and the state of uncertainty opens the door to confusion as you entertain too many voices and ideas.
4. Failing to take action you come down into a wait and see position and watch for the moment to step into action...and miss the window.

What you needed to do was assess the situation and the opportunity and TAKE ACTION: run a pilot, test your assumptions, get in the game, take some sort of action and adapt and increase engagement! You will never feel fully ready because where you are going is always larger than where you have been.
Learn this - GOD REWARDS RISK MORE THAN CAUTION! The parable Jesus taught about the talents is often misunderstood. The servant who feared making a mistake was punished and the servant who was aggressive about increasing market share for the Master was rewarded. Faith involves risk. BEWARE the confusion that breeds uncertainty when the time comes to ACT!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

John Lennon was no Atheist - and you Don't have to Imagine what the world would be like without Faith in God... we have examples in real life and it's not pretty

In a series of interviews published after his death, the man who famously called for imagining a world with ‘No religion’ also jettisoned his anti-theism, Jordan Michael Smith quotes John Lennon:

 “‘People got the image I was anti-Christ or antireligion,’ he said. ‘I’m not at all. I’m a most religious fellow. I’m religious in the sense of admitting there is more to it than meets the eye. I’m certainly not an atheist.’”

Not only did Lennon reject atheism, he also rejected extreme forms of evolution. He instinctively knew that there was something special about humans and different about the animal world even if he did not how the theory of evolution is argued.(1):

“Nor do I think we came from monkeys, by the way,” he insisted. “That’s another piece of garbage. What the hell’s it based on? We couldn’t have come from anything — fish, maybe, but not monkeys. I don’t believe in the evolution of fish to monkeys to men. Why aren’t monkeys changing into men now? It’s absolute garbage. It’s absolutely irrational garbage, as mad as the ones who believe the world was made only four thousand years ago, the fundamentalists. That and the monkey thing are both as insane as the apes standing up suddenly.”

What happened to Lennon? Why did his views change? He grew up. He matured. He was willing to look reality in the face without blinking and say, I was wrong.” The man who imagined a world with “no religion” and “no possessions” left an estate of more than $275 million, “not bad for one who referred to himself as an ‘instinctive socialist,’ for one who believed in the abolition of ‘all money, police, and government.’”(2) His early flirtation with the theory of socialism was naive.(3) He knew that sending money to poor nations was counter-productive.

When it was pointed out that a Beatles reunion could possibly raise $200 million for a poverty-stricken country in South America, Lennon had no time for it. “You know, America has poured billions into places like that. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. After they’ve eaten that meal, then what? It lasts for only a day. After the $200,000,000 is gone, then what? It goes round and round in circles.”

It’s time that atheists and liberals follow Lennon’s lead and also grow up. Atheism and socialism are literal dead ends. They are destroyers of people and societies. If there is no God, then Lennon’s death at the hands of Mark David Chapman was the result of the survival of the fittest, the fittest being Chapman.

We don’t have to imagine what our world would be like without religion. Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924) gives us a window into such a world:

Our propaganda necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism. . . . We shall now probably have to follow the advice Engels once gave to the German Socialists: to translate and widely disseminate the literature of the eighteenth-century French Enlighteners and atheists.(4)

The French “enlighteners” worshipped reason. “[T]he success of the physical and other sciences in England in the seventeenth century,” Robert Conquest observes, “gave the French intelligentsia the idea that everything could be determined by Reason—in whose name the Revolution was made—with the ‘Romantic’ input from Rousseau as part of the meld.”(5) What was the result? The guillotine and blood in the streets. All together now, “Imagine no religion. It’s easy if you try.”

The atheism that spawned Communism was very reasonable and led to the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th century. When I made this statement in response to an email I received, I was met with this challenge: “Who are these high priests of atheism exactly? Name them and quote them. Then I want to know how many people were killed in what country during what period exactly and who killed them, within a million or so. I need you to account for all 100 million Gary, or close to it. I have history books in three languages and they don’t mention a word about atheists killing anyone.”

Lenin, Stalin, Cambodia’s Pol Pot (remember the “killing fields”?), Romania’s Nicolae Ceau┼čescu, China’s Mao Zedong, North Korea’s Kim Il Sung — all atheists and Communists — committed well-documented atrocities that led to the deaths of mega millions. The authors of The Black Book of Communism (1999) offer the needed documentation that the e-mailer demanded me to produce. Tony Judt of the New York Times writes of the book:

An 800-page compendium of the crimes of Communist regimes worldwide, recorded and analyzed in ghastly detail by a team of scholars. The facts and figures, some of them well known, others newly confirmed in hitherto inaccessible archives, are irrefutable. The myth of the well-intentioned founders — the good czar Lenin betrayed his evil heirs — has been laid to rest for good. No one will any longer be able to claim ignorance or uncertainty about the criminal nature of Communism, and those who had begun to forget will be forced to remember anew.

From The Black Book of Communism he can move on to Robert Conquest’s Reflections on a Ravaged Century (1999) and The Great Terror (1990). Conquest writes:

Organized irreligion in the twentieth century committed atrocities on a scale that the fiercest religious wars never approached. The scientific racism of Nazi Germany killed forty million and attempted genocide against Europe’s Jews. The scientific socialism of the Communist countries killed a hundred million (and still counting) people around the globe. As the Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky has noted, people in the West routinely invoke the Spanish Inquisition as an example of religious horror. And they are right to do so. But the Inquisition, in the course of three centuries, and after legal procedures of a sort, killed fewer people—probably around three thousand—than the Soviet Union killed on an average day.(6)

It is significant to note that “after 1949 when the communists took control of China, the first new text introduced to all the schools was neither Marxist nor Leninist, but Darwinian.”(7) With Darwin, all things are permissible. For a fleeting moment, Communism was seen as the new god that would save the world. But even here, disillusionment set in as the logical extension of its materialist assumptions were worked out consistently.

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