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Beijing’s ‘New Frontier’ is ground zero for the organ harvesting of political prisoners.

The Xinjiang Procedure

Calgary Welcomes Occupiers, Arrests Christians

The war against God in the public square is not confined to the United States. It is being waged in most Western countries to silence and curtail the religious freedom of Christians.Ironically, the freedom enjoyed in the West far and above the rest of the world is due to the Judeo-Christian worldview that influenced the development of the West for nearly 2,000 years. But with the advent of modern secularism, many freedoms are being trampled underfoot in the name of “progress” and “diversity.”
Calgary Welcomes Occupiers, Arrests Christians

IF the Chevy Volt, Solyndra, Wind Power, Solar green insanity continues, this will be the US Navy in a few years
If you remember the 1971 movie Clockwork Orange, we are there now. I found this:
BELMAR, N.J. (The Blaze/AP) — A homeless New Jersey man whose shocking and senseless videotaped beating was posted on YouTube, leading to an outpouring of charity, has suffered a seizure. The Asbury Park Press reports David Ivins was at the Belmar Police Department Wednesday night picking up a bicyc...
According to this left wing nutcase, North Korea is no different from South Korea or the USA. I wonder sometimes at the liberal mindset. It should be a profound insult to be called a liberal. Liberalism actually is a mental disorder.
Images and characterizations of North Korea range from the insane to the incomprehensible to laughable. The Western media wallows in the exotic and North Korea has been the clown of the 20th century, brought forward for comic relief now and then or pasted up as a "paper tiger," to scare voters be...
I watched Bait Car. A show where the cops stage a car on the road unprotected, wait till it's taken by a perp. Part of me thinks it's a good thing to get the perps off the street, part of me thinks this is entrapment and should be illegal. I'm torn. I would NEVER even THINK of getting in a car not mine, no matter what. Yet...these guys do and they go to jail. MAYBE the idea that there are bait cars will defer the perps from "going for it". HMMMM
A shadowy figure walks past an unattended automobile. It's unlocked. The engine's running. No owner in sight. Without hesitation, the perp climbs into the driver's seat and speeds off, thinking he has evaded punishment. Unfortunately for him, a hidden video camera has been installed on the dashboard...
This is interesting, but I am of the position that if there is NO experiential component in your Christian life, if you are relying on reason and systems you have no life in you. You can't reason your way into the Kingdom. Can't be explained, must be experienced

Remember the Alamo

I want everyone to take careful note of the gloating and the victory lap being taken right now. When the shoe is on the other foot, as it will be at some point, just remember this, turnabout is fair play. You can win a battle and lose a whole war while you are celebrating. Time to double down. Remember the Alamo.
IS anyone concerned about this besides me? Or am I Paranoid?
Does this have anything to do with this article? DOJ to America: we won't reveal the circumstances under which you can be assassinated by us. read this:
The FAA is currently going through with plans to loosen regulations governing domestic use of drones. Is this cause for concern?
Just want to remind everyone, particularly my Democrat friends, that this country is a republic, not a democracy. That there are 3 co equal branches of government, to maintain balance and control when one branch over runs it's headlights. That just because someone is President, it doesn't mean we all have to go along with whatever he or she comes up with. The push pull of debate and disagreement will lead to a decision that must be one way or the other. Compromise is the worst outcome of those decisions. There is the capacity to veto any decision any one of the branches comes up with. Some times by a vote overturning an initiative of the President or a veto of the President. It's harder to veto the Supreme court. That takes place only by changing the nature of the court or constitution. I don't know why so many Democrats think that just because Barack Obama is the current occupant of the white house that we all have to go along with whatever he gins up. It's not the way it works. There's a constitutional it. Then live by it. You will be much less frustrated. Note the preamble below...the word FAIRNESS never occurs:: Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, GENERAL Welfare, Liberty for our children.... Anything else is bogus>www.constitution.orgWe the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt soon will have no more Christian Witness, Iran is pretty thin. There is much to be concerned about. Soon the only beacon of the true and living God will be in only ONE country in the Middle East. Only One. Where do you think that will be??? Saudi Arabia? Syria? Lebanon? Yemen? Kuwait? Where?? IF there is a witness for Truth in the Middle East it must come from where it all started.
A photo taken with a mobile phone at Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq, after it was attacked during Mass in 2010. (AP Photo)
Paul Joseph Watson | Fears over burgeoning police state increase after passage of NDAA.
If you live in memory too deeply it can depress.... I have been visiting all the Christmas memories stored inside my brain. Before My parents died. The Big Family gatherings first in Watertown and later in Ellendale. Piles of presents so high you could get lost in them. Then when our kids were small, and we lived on the farm. Cold, White, Christmas. In Germany with a real tree and real candles on it. WOW. The last 25 years in Illinois.. memories. I admit, I am a bit blue... I only know how to get out of this funk by serving others...which I will spend part of this day doing.
What we did yesterday....
Lutheran Church Charities would like to thank the below companies working with the specialized wheelchairs for their extra work and professionalism to help make Meagan's Christmas wish come true!

I'm Going to tick some people off...but, in spite of our socialist drift, it's better here

Our western culture is better than other cultures. The American culture is better than many western cultures. We have our problems, number one of which is our government, but our culture is superior. That is my opinion. One I believe shared by Andrew:::

KNIGHT: Our Trojan Horse president Good fiction must ring true to life - this narrative is incredible

I was thinking about writing a novel about what might happen if a man who hates America and wants to bring it down is somehow elected president. What would he do?

I sketched out a few plot elements, and you can decide whether this will fly.

First, the Trojan Horse president would initiate unprecedented spending, driving the debt up by more than $4 trillion just in the first three years. Much of the money would go into the pockets of political supporters and people who donate heavily to his campaigns.

He would ram through an unreadable law allowing the federal government to seize the health care system, which would transform citizens into beholden subjects.

He would cut out private lenders and federalize student loans.

KNIGHT: Our Trojan Horse president - Washington Times

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HUH? I mean I gotta show an id to buy things--Justice Dept. Shoots Down South Carolina Voter ID Law - Says law makes it harder for minorities to vote

The Justice Department today rejected South Carolina's law requiring voters to show photo identification, saying the law makes it harder for minorities to vote.
Justice Dept. Shoots Down South Carolina Voter ID Law - Says law makes it harder for minorities to vote

Cenk Uygur Kicks Peter Schiff Off Current TV Show During Testy ‘Socialist Economy’ Exchange | Video |

At the mention of America’s “centrally planned economy,” Cenk’s head nearly explodes, and he decides to cut off and dismiss his guest, saying to his studio crew:

“I’m done with that load of crap, okay Peter, I’m done with you. No no no, you guys don’t get it [saying to his crew], I’m done with him, he’s done, move away, bring him down, he won‘t shut up and he doesn’t listen to facts.”

After killing his own segment, despite the fact that both men seem to agree on the ills of crony capitalism, Cenk promised to give his audience the real truth with an “independent analysis” of U.S. tax rates on his web site.

Cenk closed with a diatribe: “He wants to blame the government for the problem, but he knows it’s his banker friends who have given those donations, who buy their senators, who buy their staff members, so they can get more money. … Socialism my ass!”

Cenk Uygur Kicks Peter Schiff Off Current TV Show During Testy ‘Socialist Economy’ Exchange | Video |
Article Tab: A man runs past a sign displays a Happy Solstice message along Ocean Avenue at Palisades Park in Santa Monica, Calif. Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011.   Most of the Christmas nativity scenes that local churches had placed in a Southern California coastal park for nearly six decades have been displaced by non-believers and the churches say it was a coordinated attack.   But atheists got all but three of the spaces this year because of a new lottery system. The coalition got two spots and one went to Isaac Levitansky of Chabad Channukah Menorah.
A man runs past a sign displays a "Happy Solstice" message along Ocean Avenue at Palisades Park in Santa Monica, Calif. Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011. Most of the Christmas nativity scenes that local churches had placed in a Southern California coastal park for nearly six decades have been displaced by non-believers and the churches say it was a coordinated attack. But atheists got all but three of the spaces this year because of a new lottery system. The coalition got two spots and one went to Isaac Levitansky of Chabad Channukah Menorah.

Police State America Gestapo Tactics

“I was shocked. This was something out of a horror movie,” says Joyce Christie, the man’s wife.

She’s filed a wrongful death lawsuit, which alleges Nicks was pepper sprayed 10 times over a 48-hour period.

Monshay Gibbs was a deputy trainee at the jail at the time. Under oath in a video, she said that Christie had ”a spit mask on and was naked,” during his detainment. Gibbs testified that Christie pleaded with guards to take off the spit mask because he couldn’t breathe

He was eventually taken to the hospital but died of heart failure.

“This photo is a picture of a man who is strapped to a chair naked inside a jail for hours with a hood over his face,” Cleveland-based lawyer Nick DiCello, who represents the Christie family, told the station. “That evokes thoughts of being tortured.”

Police Tied Suspect to Chair, Gagged Him, Pepper-Sprayed Him to Death | Video |

How to find a Job in a Tough Job Market

Determine that you will find one matter what. Set your face like flint.

Make it your full time pursuit, 40 hours per week. No more, no less.

Learn how, but don't overdo it. Job finding is more art than science. Many books on this topic are academics writing about something they have never done.

Get your resume pared down to one page if possible. Only include what you have done in the last 20 years. Focus on experience, success and ability. Downplay your education. They hire you for your skills, not for your education.

Prepare a sharp cover letter. Make it open. Light. Interesting. Non Conventional. Something that will get read. Bullet point your ABILITIES demonstrated by your experience.

Job Objectives are over rated.

They will see you fitting into their operation as they read your cover letter. The cover letter highlights, the resume illustrates.

Use recruiters and employment agencies. You are inventory. They have job requests coming across their desks all the time. You may just be what someone is looking for.

Don't be discouraged by rejections. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Every rejection is one place you know that actually READ your resume. Consider applying again to the place that rejected you in a couple months if nothing comes up.

Don't get into a salary negotiation. IF they ask how much money, try to answer with "I expect that this job will pay commensurate with the responsibilities, abilities and experience I bring". You do NOT owe them an explanation for how much you earned at your last job. Even if it's on the application. If you are an attractive enough candidate, those omissions will be overlooked. If you are not, they won't matter anyway.

IF the money isn't what you think is right, say so. I once walked away from an offer and in an hour the money offer was doubled into 6 figures. Don't be shy. Don't be desperate.

Take your cover letter, it doesn't have to be personal, take your resume (one page hopefully), sign your cover letter in BLUE ink. It proves it's not just a photocopy. Put it in a number 10 business envelope, hand address the envelope. You can put a sticker on the back with your return address. Use an attention line. RESUME ENCLOSED. Use a fancy stamp, not just the routine ones. Something eye catching. IT will get opened.

Use Google maps to find employment agencies within 30 miles of your residence. Part time, full time, temp, executive search. You will find a large number. Send one of your letters to each one. Give plenty of ways to reach you back. Phone, Fax, Email, Text.

Find companies who you think you would LIKE to work for...send one to them as well. The mail room will find the right person if it says resume enclosed.

Go to the websites of companies you might target. IF they have an on line application, fill it out. Submit it.

Keep an eye out on Craigs list, Indeed, Jobs boards. IF something shows up, go for it.

Make a few junk interview appointments to get used to doing it. Apply for stupid jobs you don't' want. Two things will come from this. You will get GOOD at interviewing. You will get offers you will reject. AND from time to time the person interviewing will say, you won't fit here, but I know someone looking for someone just like you. One of the best jobs I ever got happened this way.

Look for jobs everywhere. Even on bulletin boards at the coffee shop or grocery store.

IF you are on unemployment use this time to look, not lay around. Most people on unemployment don't begin looking until 3 weeks before it's about to expire. Bad plan.

Be careful NOT to take a job just because you need the money. IF you do, it will cause you to become stuck and without the future you need. You need to have the time. IF you take any job, take it part time.

The BEST job you can ever have is to work for yourself. Not everyone can...but many do.

Father Christmas will bite Me!

Olufunso Joseph Omidiran

Feliz Navidad!

A short while ago, I was walking down the street and saw a 3-Year-old girl who was once raised in my wife’s Crèche/Nursery school. She ran to me as soon as she heard me call her name, then I lifted her up and carried her and began to chat with this little girl. I asked of her big sister and she told me she had gone to visit Father Christmas. Then I asked her “Why didn’t you also go visit Father Christmas?”
Then she gave me a most startling and yet amusing answer, “Because Father Christmas will bite me!”
The little, innocently ignorant girl sounded so strange to me, but I had to quickly recover to help her. I tried to convince her that Father Christmas doesn’t bite; he loves little children, plays with them and gives them good gifts! Apparently, I know next to nothing about the etymology or biography of Santa Claus, but I am an ardent student of the theology of my precious, heavenly Father and I love to say something about Him!
Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke up and gave me a wonderful illumination in my spirit: Many of God’s children are still ignorant of the love of our heavenly Father; they see Him as someone who is ready to bite and destroy them! They have been fed with lies and distorted theologies by those who lack a true revelation of Him. This folks don’t certainly know the Father of Lights:
“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17).
The little girl’s problem stems out of the commonly presentations of Santa Claus as a heavily bearded and seemingly scary old man. She is afraid of Santa Claus and to worsen the matter, her parents do scare her with “Father Christmas!” to stop her from making troubles at home. So she was growing up to see Father Christmas, not as a children-loving, generous person but as someone to run away from. What a misappropriation, what a distortion!
Our FATHER doesn’t bite us!
If we know His love and allow Him to touch us, we will see that our God is so good and loving. Hallelujah!
"O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him" (Psalm 34:8).
We are enjoined to taste and see; it is our duty to receive His love. This will answer a lot of questions and grant us lasting peace. God loves us and He really wants us to know His love for us through Christ Jesus.
Be Strong in the Lord!
Our strength in the Lord lies in our ability to KNOW the love of the Father demonstrated through His Son.
"And to KNOW the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be FILLED with all the fulness of God" (Ephesians 3:19­―note my emphasis).
God wants us to KNOW the love of Christ and to be FILLED with all the fullness of God. He is delighted to reveal Himself to us from day to day, if we let Him. You see, the Father is ever willing to draw your attention to Himself so that you can enjoy His love. Don’t forget that the Messiah’s name is Emmanuel― “God-With-Us” (Isaiah 7:14). In Jesus, God has chosen to be resident in us and with us. He isn’t far away!
It is time for you to go up and possess your possession; it is the right time to possess the land. Yea, this is the due season. We shall not be intimidated but excited to move on and reign in life through Christ Jesus. We should ONLY be careful not to take His love for granted through carelessness and fleshly lust.
What does the coming year hold for you? What are you expecting? Your Father isn’t waiting to bite but to bless you! He is willing and ready to forgive your sins. Can you simply trust Him? Don’t serve God with fear and doubt. Don’t ever be scared or withdrawn from going to your Father; tell Him your needs, tell Him your fears and He will speak comfort to your heart. You will sing a new song and you will carry your sheaf rejoicing. Shalom.
(Healing unto the Nations)

A well deserved dose of ridicule

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The Corruption of America - This may be the most terrifying thing you will read this year

You need to read all of this, including clicking thru on the link at the bottom. It will prepare you for the time to come. This is NOT a feel good report, it's what we are about to face.

The numbers tell us America is in decline ... if not outright collapse.

Porter Stansberry


December 22, 2011 - 8:59 am

The essay below is excerpted from the December 2011 issue of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.Its author, Porter Stansberry, examines the question of whether America is growing richer or poorer based on an analysis of its per-capita gross domestic product (GDP). Said simply, is our economy growing faster than our population? As individuals, are we becoming more affluent? Or is the economic pie, measured on a per-person basis, growing smaller? It’s a hard question to answer, and this article provides Porter Stansberry’s insight.

The Corruption of America
By Porter Stansberry

The numbers tell us America is in decline…if not outright collapse.

I say “the numbers tell us” because I’ve become very sensitive to the impact this kind of statement has on people. When I warned about the impending bankruptcy of General Motors in 2006 and 2007, readers actually blamed me for the company’s problems – as if my warnings to the public were the real problem, rather than GM’s $400 billion in debt.

The claim was absurd. But the resentment my work engendered was real.

So please…before you read this issue, which makes several arresting claims about the future of our country…understand I am only writing about the facts as I find them today. I am only drawing conclusions based on the situation as it stands. I am not saying that these conditions can’t improve. Or that they won’t improve.

The truth is, I am optimistic. I believe our country is heading into a crisis. But I also believe that…sooner or later…Americans will make the right choices and put our country back on sound footing.

Please pay careful attention to the data I cite. And please send me corrections to the facts. I will happily publish any correction that can be substantiated. But please don’t send me threats, accusations against my character, or baseless claims about my lack of patriotism. If I didn’t love our country, none of these facts would bother me. I wouldn’t have bothered writing this letter.

I know this is a politically charged and emotional issue. My conclusions will not be easy for most readers to accept. Likewise, many of the things I am writing about this month will challenge my subscribers to re-examine what they believe about their country. The facts about America today tell a painful story about a country in a steep decline, beset by problems of its own making.

One last point, before we begin…I realize that this kind of macro-economic/political analysis is not, primarily, what you pay me for. You rightly expect me to provide you with investment opportunities – whether bull market, bear market, or total societal collapse. And that’s what I’ve done every month for more than 15 years.

But that’s not what I’ve done this month. You won’t find any investment ideas at all in these pages. This issue is unlike any other I have ever written.

I’m sure it will spark a wave of cancellations – costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I fear it will spark a tremendous amount of controversy. Many people will surely accuse me of deliberately writing inflammatory things in order to stir the pot and gain attention. That’s not my intention. The truth is, I’ve gone to great lengths throughout my career to protect my privacy.

I am speaking out now because I believe someone must. And I have the resources to do it. I am sharing these ideas with my subscribers because I know we have arrived at the moment of a long-brewing crisis.

Our political leaders, our business leaders, and our cultural leaders have made a series of catastrophic choices. The result has been a long decline in America’s standard of living.

For decades, we have papered over these problems with massive amounts of borrowing. But now, our debts total close to 400% of GDP, and America is the world’s largest borrower (after being the world’s largest creditor only 40 years ago)…And the holes in our society can no longer be hidden…

We’ve reached the point where we will have to fix what lies at the heart of America’s decline…or be satisfied with a vastly lower standard of living in the future.

How do I know? How do I statistically define the decline of America?

The broadest measure of national wealth is per-capita gross domestic product (GDP). Economists use this figure to judge standards of living around the world. It shows the value of the country’s annual production divided by the number of its citizens. No, the production isn’t actually divided among all the citizens, but this measure provides us with a fair benchmark to compare different economies around the world. Likewise, this measure shows the growth (or the decline) in wealth in societies across time.

So…is America growing richer or poorer based on per-capita GDP? Seems like a simple enough question, doesn’t it? Is our economy growing faster than our population? Are we, as individuals, becoming more affluent? Or is the pie, measured on a per-person basis, growing smaller?

This is the most fundamental measure of the success or the failure of any political system or culture. Are the legal and social rules we live under aiding our economic development or holding us back? What do the numbers say?

Unfortunately, it’s a harder question to answer than it should be. The problem is, we don’t have a sound currency with which to measure GDP through time. Until 1971, the U.S. dollar was defined as a certain amount of gold. And the price of gold was fixed by international agreement. It didn’t actually begin to trade freely until 1975. Therefore, the value of the U.S. dollar (and thus the value of U.S. production, which is measured in dollars) was manipulated higher for many years.

Even today, our government’s nominal GDP figures are greatly influenced by inflation. The influence of inflation is particularly pernicious in GDP studies. You see, inflation, which actually reduces our standard of living, drives up the amount of nominal GDP. So it creates the appearance of a wealthier country…while the nation is actually getting poorer.

The only real way to accurately measure per-capita GDP is to build our own model. The need to build our own tools tells you something important – the government doesn’t want anyone to know the answer to this question. It could easily publish data far more accurate than the indexes it puts out. But government doesn’t want anyone to know. And it wants to be able to say “those aren’t the real data” when studies like ours produce bad news.

So pay attention to how we built our charts. You can see for yourself that our data are far more accurate than the government’s figures. Our data are based on the real purchasing power of the currency, not the nominal numbers, which are completely meaningless in the real world.

The question we are trying to answer is: What would per-capita GDP numbers look like, if we used a real-world currency, like gold, or a basket of commodity prices, instead of the paper-based U.S. dollar? What would the figures be if we measured GDP in sound money instead of the government’s funny money?

Here’s how we figured it out. We took the government numbers for nominal GDP and measured them first against commodity prices, and later (after it began to trade freely) gold. We used a standard commodity index (the CRB) up to 1975 and gold post-1975. The result of this analysis shows you the real trend in U.S. per-capita GDP, as measured on a real-world purchasing power basis.

Our analysis shows you what’s actually happened to our real standard of living. The results, we suspect, will surprise even the most bearish among you.

America is in a steep decline.

Americans Are Getting Poorer – Fast

Let me anticipate the “official” criticism of our study. Many people will claim that our numbers aren’t “real.” They will say that we “mined” the data to produce a chart that showed a steep decline.

That’s simply not so. All we’ve done is convert the government’s nominal GDP stats into a fixed currency value that’s based on real-world purchasing power. The fact is, our data are far more accurate than the government’s because they represent the real-world experience. That’s why our data are far more closely correlated to other real-world studies of wealth in America.

Consider, for example, annual sales of automobiles. Auto sales peaked in 1985 (11 million) and have been declining at a fairly steady rate since 1999. In 2009, Americans bought just 5.4 million passenger cars. As a result, the median age of a registered vehicle in the U.S. is almost 10 years.

Our data shows that real per-capita wealth peaked in the late 1960s. Guess when we find the absolutely lowest median age of the U.S. fleet? In 1969. At the end of the 1960s, the median age of all the cars on the road in the U.S. was only 5.1 years. Even as recently as 1990, the median age was only 6.5 years.

Rich people buy new cars. Poor people do not.

Most important, our data “proves” something I know many of you have felt or perceived for many years. You’ve seen the decline of your neighborhoods. You’ve gone years without being able to earn more money in your job. Or you’ve seen your purchasing power decrease to the point where you’re now substituting lower-quality products on your grocery list for the brand-name products you used to buy.

You can see how much harder it is on your children to find good jobs, to buy good housing or a new car. As a result, few people under the age of 40 have the same kind of “life story” as their parents.

And because they can’t “make it,” many have decided to “fake it.” The average college student now graduates with $24,000 in debt…and by his late 20s has racked up more than $6,000 in credit card debt. Meanwhile, median earnings for Americans aged 25-34 equals $34,000-$38,000. (Source:, “The Economic State of Young America,” November 2011.)

Can you imagine starting your life out as an adult with a personal debt-to-income level at close to 100%? What does this say about the state of our economy? What does this say about the state of our culture?

Who Suffers Most

It’s not only the young that are having trouble in America. It is also the old.

Debt levels among households headed by people older than 62 have been rising for two decades. The average mortgage size for this population is now $71,000 – five times larger than it was in 1987 (adjusted for inflation), according to William Apgar of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.

Older Americans are also more reliant on credit card debt than ever before…credit card debt. From 1992 through 2007 (which is the latest data available) older Americans took on credit card debt at a faster pace than the population as a whole. According to USA Today, lower- and middle-income Americans aged 65 and older now carry an average of more than $10,000 in credit card debt, up 26% since only 2005.

Given average interest rates of 20% for these debts, it’s a fair bet that these obligations will never be repaid. But they will have a terrible impact on the standard of living of these older Americans.

What in the heck is going on? Don’t Americans pay off their mortgages before they retire? Don’t they work hard during their careers, save, and invest, so they can move to Florida and spend their retirement in comfort?

Older Americans living with credit card debt! This doesn’t sound like America, does it? Or maybe it does.

My bet is that most of my subscribers know that something has gone terribly wrong with America. It’s not easy to figure out how all of this happened…but you know from your own experiences that these numbers aren’t wrong. It might not be pleasant to think about…but these figures paint a sad but accurate picture: America is not the country it was 40 years ago. These changes are warping our economy, politics, and culture.

In this month’s issue, I’d like to try to define a few of the core reasons we’re in this situation. I can’t possibly analyze all the factors that have led to this decline. But I want to document the growth of graft in politics. I want to demonstrate – with real facts and examples – how public company leadership has deteriorated. And I want to document some of the things that are occurring in the broader society, all of which I believe are linked to this fundamental decline in our standard of living.

You see, I believe the decline of our country is primarily a decline of our culture.

We have lost our sense of honor, humility, and the dedication to personal responsibility that, for more than 200 years, made our country the greatest hope for mankind. I want to detail some of the factors that gave rise to the current entitlement society. We have become a country of people who believe their well-being is someone else’s responsibility.

I’ve labeled these problems: The Corruption of America.

These problems manifest themselves in different ways across institutions in all parts of our society. But at their root, they are simply facets of the same stone. They are all part of the same essential problem.

The corruption of America isn’t happening in one part of our country…or in one type of institution. It is happening across the landscape of our society, in almost every institution. It’s a kind of moral decay… a kind of greed… a kind of desperate grasp for power… And it’s destroying our nation.

The Ethos of ‘Getting Yours’

Americans know, in their bones, that something terrible is happening. Maybe you can’t articulate it. Maybe you don’t have the statistics to understand exactly what’s going on. But my bet is, you think about it a lot.

For me, a poignant moment of recognition came this month.

Bloomberg news published an article based on confidential sources about how Henry Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the Republican U.S. Treasury secretary during the financial crisis, held a secret meeting with the top 20 hedge-fund managers in New York City in late July 2008. This was about two weeks after he testified to Congress that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were “well-capitalized.”

I knew for a fact that what Paulson told Congress wasn’t true. I wrote my entire June 2008 newsletter detailing exactly why Fannie and Freddie certainly had billions in losses that they had not yet revealed to investors – $500 billion in losses, at least. There was no question in my mind, both companies were insolvent – “zeros,” as I explained.

And yet, in front of Congress, the U.S. Treasury secretary was saying exactly the opposite. Either I was a liar… or he was.

Then… only a few days later… what did Paulson tell those hedge-fund managers?

He told them the same thing I had written in my newsletter. He told them the opposite of what he’d said publicly to Congress. He told these billionaire investors that Fannie and Freddie were a disaster… They would require an enormous, multibillion-dollar bailout… The U.S. government would have to take them over… And their shareholders would be completely wiped out.

Here you had a high-government official, explicitly lying to Congress (and by extension, the general public), while giving the real facts to a group of people who represented the financial interests of the world’s wealthiest folks. The story didn’t come to the public’s attention for two years.

This was the most outrageous example of graft and corruption I have ever seen. Certainly it involves more billions of dollars in misappropriated value than any other similar story I can recall. These managers had the risk-free ability to make tens of billions of dollars, if not hundreds of billions, by using derivatives to capitalize on what they knew was the imminent collapse of the world’s largest mortgage bank. Who picked up the tab? You know perfectly well. It was you and me, the taxpayers.

(One of the investment managers present at this meeting was Steve Rattner, who by that point was already deeply involved in another bit of graft, his efforts to bribe New York state pension-fund managers for large investments into his hedge fund, from which he earned perhaps as much as $100 million. He later settled the charges for a mere $10 million shortly after Andrew Cuomo was elected governor of New York.)

The Bloomberg story… about a crooked Treasury secretary handing a room full of crooked billionaires inside information worth billions of dollars… hardly caused a ripple. As far as I know, no actions are being planned against Henry Paulson or any of the hedge-fund managers involved. No other major media outlet picked up the story. I saw nothing about it from the Department of Justice or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What does that say about our country when even the most egregious kind of corruption – involving hundreds of billions of dollars – is simply ignored?

It seems like everyone in our country has lost his moral bearing, from the highest government officials and senior corporate leaders all the way down to schoolteachers and local community leaders. The ethos of my fellow Americans seems to have changed from one of personal integrity and responsibility to “getting yours” – the all-out attempt, by any means possible, to get the most amount of benefits with the least amount of work.

You can see this in everything from the lowering of school standards (revising the SAT) to the widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional, college, and high school sports. Cheating has become a way of life in America.

I have an idea about how this happened… about the root cause of this kind of corruption and why it was inevitable, given some of the basic facts regarding how we’ve organized our government and our corporations.

Let me show you the numbers – the hard facts – behind what’s happened to our country…

Advertiser’s note: This essay was excerpted from one of the most controversial documents in America right now… the December 2011 issue of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. To access the full issue – where Porter walks readers through the facts behind the rampant and blatant corruption that has us on the brink of an economic crisis – click here. It’s the most important document you’ll read in the next year…and it’s completely, 100% free. As we said, do not read on if you are easily offended.

Federal Light Bulb Battle Shines Light on Crony Capitalism -

But look who else is complaining. As Politico reported, "big companies like General Electric, Philips and Osram Sylvania (are) fuming." Allegedly these companies are mad because they invested lots of money getting ready for the new rules.

Fact is, they were pushing for the ban all along.

In 2007, Philips urged an incandescent ban as a way to force the market toward high-efficiency bulbs, complaining that without such laws, "purchase price and functional performance often take precedence over environmental concern."

That same year, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which represents companies making 95% of bulbs sold in the U.S., told a Senate panel that a ban was needed "to further educate consumers on the benefits of energy-efficient products."

You can believe if you want these companies only had Mother Earth in mind with this ban. But more likely they saw it as a chance to fatten their bottom lines. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to outlaw a low-margin, 60-cent product when you're trying to hawk a high-margin $3 alternative?

Federal Light Bulb Battle Shines Light on Crony Capitalism -

SEIU Job Description: Train & Lead Members to Occupy State Buildings & Takeover Banks | RedState

If there was ever any question whether the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a radical and militantly Marxist union, this SEIU job description for a Senior/Lead Internal Organizer, Home Care, posted on the SEIU’s website should remove all doubts.

The SEIU is advertising on its main site for SEIU Healthcare 775NW in Washington State. Among the job duties (screenshot below the fold) listed includes the training of members in civil-disobedience, peaceful resistance (how to get arrested), as well as the occupation and takeover banks and state buildings
SEIU Job Description: Train & Lead Members to Occupy State Buildings & Takeover Banks | RedState

Vaclav Havel (1936-2011) in his own words, describes what the USA 2012 looks like today and he was speaking in 1978

Ideology is a specious way of relating to the world. It offers human beings the illusion of an identity, of dignity, and of morality while making it easier for them to part with them. As the repository of something suprapersonal and objective, it enables people to deceive their conscience and conceal their true position and their inglorious modus vivendi, both from the world and from themselves. It is a very pragmatic but, at the same time, an apparently dignified way of legitimizing what is above, below, and on either side. It is directed toward people and toward God. It is a veil behind which human beings can hide their own fallen existence, their trivialization, and their adaptation to the status quo. It is an excuse that everyone can use, from the greengrocer, who conceals his fear of losing his job behind an alleged interest in the unification of the workers of the world, to the highest functionary, whose interest in staying in power can be cloaked in phrases about service to the working class. The primary excusatory function of ideology, therefore, is to provide people, both as victims and pillars of the post-totalitarian system, with the illusion that the system is in harmony with the human order and the order of the universe. …

The post-totalitarian system touches people at every step, but it does so with its ideological gloves on. This is why life in the system is so thoroughly permeated with hypocrisy and lies: government by bureaucracy is called popular government; the working class is enslaved in the name of the working class; the complete degradation of the individual is presented as his ultimate liberation; depriving people of information is called making it available; the use of power to manipulate is called the public control of power, and the arbitrary abuse of power is called observing the legal code; the repression of culture is called its development; the expansion of imperial influence is presented as support for the oppressed; the lack of free expression becomes the highest form of freedom; farcical elections become the highest form of democracy; banning independent thought becomes the most scientific of world views; military occupation becomes fraternal assistance. Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics. It pretends not to possess an omnipotent and unprincipled police apparatus. It pretends to respect human rights. It pretends to persecute no one. It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.

Individuals need not believe all these mystifications, but they must behave as though they did, or they must at least tolerate them in silence, or get along well with those who work with them. For this reason, however, they must live within a lie. They need not accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it. For by this very fact, individuals confirm the system, fulfill the system, make the system, are the system.

Vaclav Havel
“The Power of the Powerless” (1978)
I watch ways people and movements jump the shark. I recently considered the failed candidly of Jon Huntsman. WHO, you say? YEP. Former ambassador to China. Smart man. Might have gained traction IF he had done a few things right. I didn't support him mostly because I knew nothing about him. His jump the shark moment was choosing NOT to participate in the Huckabee forum. It would have offered exposure he couldn't have paid for to conservatives that know him not at all. It was IMHO the moment his weak campaign died. Big doors turn on little hinges.
The official Jon Huntsman for President website. Enter the site to learn more about Jon, a truly different candidate. Visit now to view videos and updates from the campaign trail.
Imagine having a leader with no management experience, no military experience, no leadership experience, no negotiation experience, and trying to run a whole nation! It seems very dangerous. The damage a person like that can do full of all kinds of radical ideas. Wait...doesn't that sound like a nation I know and love??
The sudden death of Kim Jong Il has sent South Korean politicians scrambling Tuesday to offer plans to deal with the potentially volatile power transition in North Korea, while China offered more support for its troublesome neighbor and invited its leaders to visit Beijing.
The typical American household will spend a record $4,155 filling up this year, or 8.4 percent of the family income, the highest since 1981.
Warren Michigan. Right off 696, just east of Royal Oak. A suburb of Detroit. Time for action.
Will it ever end? Every day, it seems there’s a new story about atheists and believers sparring over the presence of nativity scenes and Christmas messages on — even near — government property. Following the deluge of bizarre scenarios, it’s going to be tough for critics to contend that the “War on ...
The father of lies is???
www.newser.comThe biggest lie coming out of Washington this year was Democrats' assertion that "Republicans voted to end Medicare," PolitiFact says. Paul Ryan's proposal wouldn't have changed
The coming police state
Father Nathan Monk tells the City Council, "We have the right to redress our government without fear of being arrested," and is nearly arrested.
Tough reading. We ARE going to have a pretty good 2012.. but the decline is real and will result in a reset. Not if, when
Is America in decline? That is a very provocative question. I have found that most people that hate the United States are very eager to agree that America
I'm outraged. How did this happen. Oh wait. I know. His name. BHO
‎(Newsroom America) -- A new analysis found that each Chevrolet Volt that has been sold thus far has cost state and federal taxpayers up to a quarter of a million dollars each.
Not everything we call progress is....this is not
A Navy tradition caught up with the repeal of the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" rule on Wednesday when two women sailors became the first to share the coveted "first kiss" on the pier after one of them returned from 80 days at sea. (Dec. 21)
Not everything we call progress is....this is not
A Navy tradition caught up with the repeal of the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" rule on Wednesday when two women sailors became the first to share the coveted "first kiss" on the pier after one of them returned from 80 days at sea. (Dec. 21)
Bill Whittle provides excellent analysis of some key differences between the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement, including: The Tea Party talks about fiscal responsibility, the Federalist Papers, and the Constitution, the OWS movement...doesn't do much talking or thinking, but a ...
The police state... citizen assassinations
Jonathan Turley CSPAN interview, Obama stated he can kill any American anywhere. Jonathan Turley, a nationally recognized legal scholar, was interviewed on C...
The EPA is a job Killer
For more than 90 years, the coal-fired power plant in Glen Lyn, Va., has been churning out electricity and contributing to local prosperity. Of late, it has generated nearly a quarter of the revenue for the $1 million budget of the town.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Levels of Team Unity....Essential Reading for Leaders

If you are going to be effective as a leader, it is important for you to be able to discern the difference. There are actually three levels of unity:

  • Acceptance. This is the first and lowest level of unity. People acquiesce to your leadership without protest. They may or may not agree, but they decide to go along because the cost of objecting—whether real or perceived—is too great.
  • Agreement. This is the second level of unity. People agree with your direction and generally support it. But they are not personally invested or committed to making it happen. You have their minds but not their hearts. This is why you may not experience resistance, but you can’t seem to make things happen.
  • Alignment. This is the third and ultimate level of unity. People are with you. They are fully committed to making your common vision a reality. They also have your back and the backs of their teammates. They voice their support in public and their concerns in private.
By the way, you should know that your teammates can be aligned without being in agreement.
How to Create the Kind of Team Unity That Drives Results | Michael Hyatt

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes and Goofs

1. “The Bomb” that fell on Pearl Harbor
2. “The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.”
3. 10,000 People (A Whole Town!) Died in Kansas ~ Oops..., Overstated by 9,988
4. Admits His Plan would Necessarily Cause Energy Prices to Skyrocket
5. Air Raiding Villages a la Yankee Air Pirates: Destroys Whole Afghan Villages!
6. Another Senior Moment
7. ATMs Cause Unemployment
8. Blames Hugo Chavez’s Election on (ta da) BUSH! Oops.
9. Blows off the Salute To Heroes (MOH) Inaugural Ball
10. Botched Toast ~ Babbles over “God Save The Queen”
11. Bowls like a Special Olympian
12. Bows to the Chicom President
13. Bows to the Emperor of Japan
14. Bows to the Mayor of Tampa
15. Bows to the Saudi King
16. Burns up 9,000 gallons of Jet Fuel on Earth Day
17. Can’t Keep MOH Recipients Straight
18. Can’t Remember His Own Wife’s Name
19. Celebrates the Fifth of the Fourth
20. Claims to be the only President in History to Try to Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations
21. Confuses “his” Christianity for “his Muslim faith”
22. Congratulates the FBI’s First Hundred Days
23. Constitutional Principles on Judiciary Written 20 Centuries Ago
24. Cops Acted Stupidly (@ 1:30)
25. Date Nights at a Quarter of a Million a Pop
26. Did He REALLY just call Palin a “Pig”??????
27. Disrespects the Flag and the National Anthem
28. Dr. Obama on the Causes of Autism
29. Doesn’t Know How Old His Daughter Is
30. Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Great Britain and England
31. Exaggerates about Military Small Unit Methods, Weapons, and Tactics in Afghanistan
32. Expects to be President for “Eight to Ten Years”
33. Faux White Sox Fan Can’t Name Favorite Players, Loves “Cominskey” Park
34. Flippantly Answers the “When Does Life Begin” Question ~ Above His Pay Grade
35. Flips Off Her Royal Clinton
36. Flips Off John McCain
37. Flubs Town Hall Hosts’ Name
38. Forgot to Duck ~ Too Busy Waving
39. Geographic Genius, NOT! Hawaii is Now In Asia. (note WH transcript from Hawaii, Obama thinks he’s “here in Asia”) para 13 from bottom
40. Geographic Genius, NOT! Redux. Kansas isn’t Texas, Barry.
41. Get Yer Keys On!
42. Gins up the Reason for his Birth In Selma (Bonus…Jive Accent)
43. Gives a Shout out to MOH who Isn’t
44. Gives the Queen an iPod
45. Gives Thoughtless Gifts to Brit PM Brown and his Children
46. Had an Imaginary Assignment to the Senate Banking Committee
47. Had an Uncle who Liberated Auschwitz
48. Har, Har, Har, $800 BN Wasn’t As Shovel Ready as We Thought ~ Hilarious!!!!!
49. Has Visited 57 States
50. Harvard Degree ~ Mechanical Engineering? No, Definitely NOT!
51. Hates Old People
52. How to Keep All Those Wars Straight?
53. Identifies a Whole New State (Eau Claire)
54. If I Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, I’ll Baffle ‘em With BS
55. If Asking A Billionaire to Pay the Same Tax Rate as a Jew ~ Anti Semitic? (Shrink friend calls it the Amytal Interview)
56. (a) through (m) I’m Just Freakin’ Perfect Every Day, In Every Way. If You Don’t Believe it, ASK ME!!!!
57. Inappropriate “Shout-Out” Before Addressing Fort Hood Shooting (linked video removed but another is HERE).
58. Inhaled Frequently. That was the Point.
59. Insults French President Sarkozy ~ “Hope Your New Kid Isn’t Ugly Like You”
60. Israel is a Strong Friend of Israel’s ~ Whilst being Perfectly Clear
61. Makes a Nasty Joke about Nancy Reagan and Seances
62. Medical Genius (Off Prompter)
63. Mistakes a Window for a Door
64. Mocks Joe the Plumber
65. Navy Corpse Man
66. Oaf of Office
67. Ogles La Derriere Like a Frenchman
68. Oh Wait…Robots Create Jobs with Unions (@ 1:35)
69. Omits God from Thanksgiving Day Address (Lucky Lady Apparently Blesses The Won’s House)
70. Panders to Hispanics…Rewrites History Again
71. Pesky Infrastructure Terms Like “Intercontinental” Trip Him Up
72. Pitches Like a Girl Whilst Wearing Mom Jeans….Wheeeee!!!!!
73. Proclaims Himself Commander AND Chief
74. Promotes Canada’s Prime Minister to a President
75. Refused to Visit the Troops Because No Media Was Allowed
76. Reporters with Foreign Policy Questions are SOOO Annoying!
77. Scares the Crap out of New Yorkers
78. Scares a Marine Guard by Shaking His Hand
79. Screw Our Allies ~ I’m going with Hugo and Ortega on This One
80. Seeks Greater Inefficiencies in the Health Care System via Obamacare
81. Sees Dead People
82. Shankopotomus (watch the Crackberry go flying)
83. Signs the Wrong Year in Guest Book at Westminster Abbey
84. Snubs Brits by Returning the Bust of Winston Churchill
85. Someone Waging a KMA can’t Spell “Libya” (h/t our own Warner Todd Houston)
86. Staff Incompetence ~ Obama’s Limo Gets Stuck
87. Staff Incompetence Part Deux ~ Obama’s Ignorance of Geography is Apparently Virulent
88. The Time has Changed for Come
89. Thinks “Victory” is a 4 Letter Word
90. Thinks Austrian is a Language
91. Thinks Europe is a Country
92. Throws Out the Honored Guest with the Trash
93. Two Words to Define Campain 2012? ~ “Our Vision For The Future. That’s three words. Four.” (last 2 paras).
94. Wants to Halt the Rise of Privacy
95. Waves Like Alfred E. Neuman (h/t El Rushbo)
96. Waves Again ~ Speak to the Hand Part Deux
97. Waves Yet AGAIN ~ Speak to the Hand Part Trois
98. We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For
99. We Can’t Balance The Budget…w/o Tax Increases ~ Um, Bernanke Disagrees
100. “We never need an excuse for a good party.” ~ Now Let’s Fire this Baby Up! (Obama Prematurely Celebrates Hanukkha)
101. When in Ireland, Do as the Irish Do….NO WAIT….BYOB (non-alcoholic)
102. Will Halt The Rise of the Oceans
103. Wouldn’t “Punish” His Daughters with a Baby AND Equates Pregnancy to an STD
104. WTF of the Day
105. You Might be a Filthy Rich Cretin If….Oh Never Mind, the Math Doesn’t Really Work
At the name of Jesus Demons will manifest, but even the demonized Bill Press will bow the knee someday
Liberal radio pundit and former CNN host Bill Press has a message for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow: “S-T-F-U” about Jesus. The leftist commentator used this acronym (which stands for “shut the f**k up”) while speaking on his radio show this morning about his dislike for Tebow’s “in-your face...
They are little better than animals... Have you ever seen a gang of dogs descend on a weak one and kill it? I have. This is that.
Video has surfaced of a group of more than a dozen Arabs appearing to surround and beat a Jewish man in Israel with rocks, sticks and other implements before he is able to get away, Israeli news site Arutz Sheva reported. The 38-second video, uploaded to YouTube and titled “Hit the settlers in the v...
Federal Government out of control...the coming police state
It's time for Democrats to start a Draft Hillary campaign for the 2012 election, beginning with a write-in campaign in New Hampshire, write two Democratic pollsters on Politico . Patrick Caddell... Politics News Summaries.
Florida Republican Rep. Allen West told The Daily Caller on Monday that Attorney General Eric Holder’s use of the race card as a way to attack those who are criticizing him is “reprehensible.”
The late, great Kim Jong-il achieved more things than any human could count, except perhaps Kim Jong-il --- if he was a human, which he of course most certainly was not. Here are the Dear Leader's top
The problem
Illinois residents are fleeing the state. When people leave, they take their purchasing power, entrepreneurial activity and taxable income with them. For more than 15 years, residents have left Illinois at a rate of one person every 10 minutes.

Recent data from the Internal Revenue Service shows that, in 2009, Illinois netted a loss of people to 43 states, including each of its neighb...ors – Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Iowa. Over the course of the entire year, the state saw a net of 40,000 people leave Illinois for another state.

The data reflects a continuation of a trend of out-migration from Illinois that has lasted more than a decade. Between 1995 and 2009, the state lost on a net basis more than 806,000 people to out-migration.

When people leave, they take their income and their talent with them. In 2009 alone, Illinois lost residents who took with them a net of $1.5 billion in taxable income. From 1995 to 2009, Illinois lost out on a net of $26 billio...
See More