Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We just went thru this exercise. Fear about Finance is a Demonic Effort Reinforced by TV and Radio commercials about how no one is ready for retirment. It's all FEARMONGERING

 I don't know if you can use this calculator from the blog, but the one at the link works fine

What are you worth?

Periodically calculating your net worth -- the value of your assets minus your liabilities -- is the best way to measure and track your financial well-being.

Stocks and stock funds:
Bonds and bond funds:
Cash (Savings accounts, CDs, money-market funds):
Retirement accounts (401(k), IRAs, SEPs):
Variable annuities
Value of primary residence:
Vacation property / second home:
Art, collectibles, jewelry, furnishings:
Total assets:
Home-equity loan:
Student loan:
Credit cards:
Total debts:

Breakdown of households by net worth:

Median household net worth: $100,894

Source: Claritas, December 2003 data


spiritual authority
The seats of governing authority, the high places, have been the scene of many battles throughout biblical history. Such was the case in Gideon’s day. Gideon knew of Israel’s mighty deliverance from the evil bondages of Pharaoh in Egypt. Unfortunately, that historic liberty from economic slavery and a demonic government was progressively polluted and the greatness of Jehovah had drifted from the national persona.
  Those in Gideon’s generation were plundered by Midianites and Amalekites that invaded their lands yearly stealing their crops and “destroying their increase.” As Gideon sat pondering his nation’s fate in the light of God’s promises he had an encounter with the angel of the Lord. During that meeting, the Lord called Gideon “a mighty man of valor.” This experience brought an awakening in the spirit of Gideon and he saw that apathetic equanimity was not enough—something could be done to free his nation from demonic marauders and restore it back to prominence.

Christians are inspired by this testimony of Gideon, but one must ask how his nation drifted so far from the God of their deliverance? Could it be possible there was a fifth column within the country that slowly weakened the biblical fabric of their nation? Did the “rulers of the darkness of this world” seize the high places of Israel? Today we could refer to those same high places as the “commanding heights” of governing authority over our nation. Because those are places of governing authority they are highly sought after by the enemy who wants to create a new America, one free from the God of their founding fathers. Creating a new America requires occupying the commanding heights.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Time to give up smoking Dope Shorty

Boys who smoke cannabis ‘are four inches shorter’

New study finds that youngsters who regularly smoked marijuana are far shorter than their non-smoking peers







Smoking cannabis regularly stunts growth in prepubescent boys, scientists have found
Boys who smoke cannabis before puberty could be stunting their growth by more than four inches, a new study suggests.
Researchers found that youngsters who were addicted to the drug were far shorter than their non-smoking peers.
And they also discovered that rather than being a relaxing pass time, smoking dope actually makes the body more stressed in the long term.
(Picture: Corbis)
"Marijuana use may provoke a stress response that stimulates onset of puberty but suppresses growth rate,” said study leader Dr Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi, of the Agriculture University Rawalpindi in Pakistan.
Scientists at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Agriculture University Rawalpindi in Pakistan studied the levels of certain hormones involved in growth and puberty in the blood of 220 non-smoking and 217 cannabis-addicted boys.
Levels of puberty-related hormones such as testosterone and luteinising hormone (LH) were increased in the cannabis smokers. In contrast, growth hormone levels in the group were decreased.

MEN with strong upper body strength are more likely to vote conservatively while physically weaker males have a greater tendency towards left-leaning views.

Why I am not a democrat

and I quote
"I repeat; atheist, treasonist, baby-killing, race-baiting, lying, cheating, thieving, hypocritical, mentally unbalanced, perverse, America hating, Israel hating, Christian and Jew hating, socialist, communist, islamic, muslim freaks of nature and disciples of satan! That's right; I'm referring to demoncrats and their rino operatives in the GOP. Wake up America !! These sub-human, blood-thirsty monsters are the most dangerous enemies the United States and world will ever confront. This is just more proof that demoncrats are working diligently with our enemies against the United States and we have every demoncrat in America to thank for this."


School System Votes to Teach Students to Determine Their Own Gender

“Why Pamela Geller may be the most hated person in America right now” AFDI Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest Free Speech Freedom