Saturday, September 19, 2009

Change of season - Shana Tova

I just returned from a small road trip to Northern MI. Church stuff. Good.

Leaves are turning. Was 48 degrees F last night. No AC needed.

I have a sense that the weather is turning and turning hard.

So, for whatever it is worth, at this turn of the New Year, 5770, Happy Rosh Ha Shanna.

I celebrate almost all of the Jewish Festivals in my own way except Hanukkah. But, today I got better understanding of the meaning of it. I will now start. We need to observe and revere these great festivals established and never abolished by God. How are we so arrogant to thing God has changed his mind. He didn't.

The new year has promise. Shana Tova.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Going Well

Well being is a good thing. BUT sometimes, we need to be aware of the Peace Peace syndrome.

Yet, I am thankful.

Sometimes a plan comes together as it did yesterday morning. In a big meeting with environmental engineers from Milwaukee. I led out in some areas and it felt great to be the big guy again. I used to be more than I am now. But, you never forget how. Put me in a group, and... well, lets just say, democracy is not how that comes out.

On the other hand, on the way home the right rear window regulator on the Buick pooped out. Window fell down. Several hundred to fix it, unless I do it myself, and I think I can.

Good with the bad I guess.

YOUR Burning Bush

The Bible is God’s burning bush. It is there that we encounter him and there that he speaks. How we react is proof of who we are.

As a book, the Bible is in a class of its own, distinct from every other book ever written. It brings God into focus and brims over with his greatness. It is drama, the drama of time, a window through which we see God striding through the centuries with awesome power and majesty.

We must be clear about one thing: that the purpose of Scripture is to show us God and inspire our trust in him. The Bible is a manual of faith in God that has been given to us “so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:17). It is God’s voice in the burning bush calling out to us as he called out to Moses – urging us to surrender our questions and doubts, abandon our misgivings and go forward with him. The path will open up as we walk, just as the sea opened up before Moses.

Moses’ encounter with God in the burning bush launched him on a vast, ridiculously impossible and hair-raising mission; armed with no more than a shepherd’s crook he was pitted against the world’s greatest military power. Hand in hand with the Lord, he set out on that daunting task and became the greatest name in the ancient world.

History, as recorded by human authors, naturally reflects their outlook on life. The Bible is God’s summary of events; it presents the divine view of things. It is utterly dependable; as Psalm 119:160 says, “all [God’s] words are true”. The Bible begins with an end and ends with a beginning, God ending the work of creation and beginning a new heaven and a new earth.

Scripture is not there to make us think but to make us act. It is neither an academic treatise nor an encyclopaedia full of explanations for anything and everything. It does not offer mere information to satisfy human curiosity, nor set out to crack riddles. Faith is a flashlight. Switch it on and darkness is no problem!

This is just a very short overview, but I trust it highlights key-points in your heart. Blessed? Please let me know. REINHARD BONNKE.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heavenly Connections by REINHARD BONNKE.

1. Tongues of fire on their head connected with the tongue of flesh in their mouth. What a connection! Heaven had connected with earth, the supernatural with the natural and the Holy Spirit with the human spirit. (Acts 2:3) That is one of the connections Jesus brought about by sending the Holy Spirit. It changed these men and women totally. After the resurrection the disciples could still doubt and quarrel, but after Pentecost “they went forth” (Mark 16,20).

2. “…and they began to speak in other languages as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance.” “Other languages”. If they had only prayed in Hebrew, I would have been highly disappointed. I would have said “the Holy Spirit has only come for the Jews.” But they prayed in the languages of the world, which proves the ethnic interest of the Holy Spirit. It’s Indonesian and English, it’s Mandarin and Russian… The Holy Spirit connects with the Great Commission of Christ. “All the world…for all people.” Please let me know if you are as happy as I am about these divine facts. Be blessed, REINHARD BONNKE.

When the Church becomes a Family Business

From Alan Knox, Very thought Provking. You will want to read it all, if you care about the health of the church.

Something strange happens when a family goes into business together. Relationships change. Priorities change. Goals change.

Relationships, priorities, goals, and other things also change when the church (a family) begins to act as a business.

Jeff at “Losing My Religion: Re-Thinking Church” has written a very thought-provoking series about this topic. Here are links to his posts:

1. Church as Business (part 1–A Rose By Any Other Name)

2. Church as Business (part2–The Bottom Line)

3. Church as Business (part3–The Alternative)

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Earth Lovers are Weird

The Plow, The Surplus and The Idiot

Civilization began in the great river valleys in Africa, Asia, and Mesopotamia. Every year the waters would rise and fall, refreshing the soil, irrigating the land.

But it wasn't until we began to farm that we stayed in one place to harvest and plant again. And it wasn;t until we developed tools like the plow that our nascent nations were able to produce a surplus of food, and allow some of the population to spend time not hunting or growing food.

The creation of the plow allows priests, merchants etc. to genuinely emerge and flourish.

I told you that so I could ask you this:

The following comes from a Vegan Roomate Wanted ad on Craigslist (Best Of). Do you believe, as I do, that our western Democracies must have an amazing amount of surplus production to allow this sort of person to appear?:
Vegan household only. No animal products in the house; no new leather shoes (I am not going to shun you for an old pair of hiking shoes. I am an avid dumpster diver and may have old stuff in my life too that is on its last round), no honey, no bee pollen, no wool, no down comforters. I am a liberationist animal rights person who has a total commitment to veganism. It is a defining feature in my life.

I take care of inside-only cats. It is important to be aware of the cats when opening the door, because they are inside only,but they are older and mostly you do not have to worry about escapees, just when bringing in groceries or something like that. I scoop the cat litter everyday and vacuum very often. I am very clean about the cats. They have been with me for a decade and are the sweetest older cats ever. I do not support the domestication of animals, they are rescue kitties from the streets. Their names are Mulder, Bromden, Theo, and Zen Mama.

It is important for me to live in a straight-edge environment. Please, no alcohol or pot or anything else in the house. Please be sober in the house, even if it is not your lifestyle.

I am an environmentally aware person. I do not have an air conditioning unit, I use the heat on low in the winter (lots of layers). I shop at People's coop and Food Fight!, I recycle, reuse, reduce. I am very DIY. I do not have a garden (there is hardly a yard here). But you can bring compost waste to various places around town if you like. I am childless by choice and do not want any kids living here, sorry parents.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jimmy Carter once again demonstrates why he is the worst president this country ever had

The dope says that Wilson's outburst was Racist.

This is a very stupid person.

And he gets more stupid by the hour.

I have no respect for him whatsoever.

Foolproof Recipe for Victory- REINHARD BONNKE.

This is how my parable begins. Let me call him John. John had a double story house, five plus five rooms. One day there was a gentle knock on the front door. When John opened it was the Lord Jesus. “Please come in”, John pleaded, “I will give you the best room in my house – it is upstairs. Well, Jesus is a gentleman and said “thank you”.

The next morning someone hammered against the front door. When John opened it who was there? The devil. “No” shouted John, “I don’t want you here” But the devil said “I’m already in” – and a big fight started. Satan poured filthy temptation on him, it was horrible. By the evening John somehow got the victory and threw the devil out. Then he said “wait a minute”. I gave Jesus the best room in the house, why didn’t he come to my rescue?” Jesus said to John “Look, you gave me one of the ten rooms…” John was on his knees and said “I can see my mistake. Sorry, Lord. Let’s make 50/50.” Jesus is a gentleman and accepted.

The next day was a repeat of the day before. Somehow the devil got in and out and John was totally exhausted. “Why didn’t Jesus come to my rescue today? I need to go and ask.” The Lord said “My son, why don’t you give me all 10 rooms and then, instead of me staying with you, you stay with me?” John broke down. He pulled the key of the front-door from his pocket and handed it to Jesus. Now, he had given it all.

The next morning, it was still dark, when someone was knocking at the front door so hard that the whole building shook. John jumped frightened and shaken out of bed crying “O, it’s the devil again”, when suddenly he heard footsteps – but this time inside the house. Jesus was marching in majesty and power towards the front door. He had the key. It now was His duty to answer the door. John was wondering what would happen and stood right behind Jesus when the Lord opened the door wide. Who was it? The devil of course. But when the devil saw Jesus standing in the door he bowed low, very low indeed, and said “Sorry Sir, I knocked on the wrong door!”

Some have given 9 rooms to Jesus and on the door of room number 10 they have written “Strictly Private”. It is there where they have their secret sins and live their double life. But Jesus cannot be cheated. C’mon. Let’s sing it together from the bottom of our hearts “Unto Jesus I surrender, unto Him I freely give….I surrender ALL, unto thee my God and Savior, I surrender all.” This is my foolproof recipe for victory! Does it speak to you? Please let me know. With all my love, REINHARD BONNKE.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghost Ships

From the Daily Mail.

The biggest and most secretive gathering of ships in maritime history lies at anchor east of Singapore. Never before photographed, it is bigger than the U.S. and British navies combined but has no crew, no cargo and no destination – and is why your Christmas stocking may be on the light side this year.

It is so far off the beaten track that nobody ever really comes close, which is why these ships are here. The world’s ship owners and government economists would prefer you not to see this symbol of the depths of the plague still crippling the world’s economies. So they have been quietly retired to this equatorial backwater, to be maintained only by a handful of bored sailors. The skeleton crews are left alone to fend off the ever-present threats of piracy and collisions in the congested waters as the hulls gather rust and seaweed at what should be their busiest time of year.

Ghost Fleet

Empty Container Ships

Ghost Fleet at Night

The Lying Demon we are at WAR with

This is not overstatement. We are now in a state of war with an evil force. It’s a lying demon. It’s trying to take away your life as you knew it.

Over the last couple weeks there have been brief skirmishes. Van Jones was exposed and resigned. The enemy would not recognize it for what it was.

Acorn was exposed for the evil it is. The enemy is unwilling to acknowledge that there is a problem and even accuses the people who exposed the evil of being troublemakers.

But, the shot heard round the world, the bunker hill experience, the north Bridge being crossed is yesterday’s outright lies regarding the 9-12 tea party in Washington DC.

This is not light loving. This isn’t an error. This isn’t some misunderestimation. This is outright lying. Propaganda. Misinformation.

We have an enemy in the land, they are in cooperation with a subversive force who is trying to overturn our country. The combine wants to silence talk radio, silence dissent, silence blogs. Charge for use of information.

If you think I’m being over the top, ask yourself, is it war when someone is trying to crush you. Even Daniel Pipes calls the mainstream media an enenemy, a complicit partner in subversion.

What punishment did Tokyo Rose get? Or Mata Hari. Or Axis Sally. They were all convicted of black propaganda.

When you get information on the Radio and TV and in your newspapers, remember it’s all lies. They are not your friend. They are deceivers. They want to convince you that what you know to be true is not. Cognitive Dissonance is their goal.

Don’t believe them. They are pure and simply enemy propagandists. And they have attacked at Bunker Hill. THE WAR IS ON.

If you want to understand it, and if you want to comprehend the nature of the propagandists who come even to this blog, you will want to read this WIKI article on Propaganda.

The time for NICE is over. There is no compromise possible with these people.

By the way, in our local newspaper published last night NO MENTION of the 9-12 event was made. It never happened.

We do not have an option except to expose the evil that is alive and well in this country. The lying demon that has become a full on opposition to what most readers of this blog believe.

So, Tea Party, Blog, Facebook, do what it takes. Run to the battle against the lies and liars in our country, if in office or as part of the propaganda arm of our government.

This is now moved from a disagreement to WAR.

We must take our country back or we will lose it for decades. Is this the country you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We really never went to the moon, it was all filmed in Nevada

The Government blew up the Twin Towers

Dick Cheney blew holes in the Dikes after Katrina

President Kennedy is still alive and lives with Elvis (I saw the movie Bubba Ho Tek)

There was a gunnman on the Grassy Knoll

There were a million men at the million man march


There were only 75,000 all white all angry men in Washington DC yesterday

I guess for some people truth is just too hard to take.


Now about that Birth Certificate - I’ll see you and raise you a million people.