Saturday, January 21, 2006

Two Anniversaries and a Funeral

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Inauguration of Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Renauldus Maxima 


We have enjoyed a quarter century of prosperity and relative peace because of his greatness in just 8 years.


I believe George W. Bush may be in history’s rear view mirror ranked very close to the Maxima’s greatness. 


This is also the 33rd anniversary of the death of the moral compass in America.  The anniversary of Roe V Wade.  This day will stand in the future as one of America’s worst times.  I’m thankful and confident that in the not so distant future we will see the end of this horror on a national basis.  There may be states where it is practiced.  I don’t with that, but prostitution is practiced in some states.


This is also the anniversary of the end of one of the worst Presidencies in the history of the Union.  Jimmy Carter, a good man but a terrible president was put out of office.  History continues to demonstrate him as weaker and ineffective.  Iran that you see today is because of Jimmy Carter. 


So, I’m hopeful.


Hopeful that our President will do the right thing, hopeful the new court will get rid of the horror of national abortion, and hopeful the memory of a bad president as played out in Iran today will end soon.


Happy not so happy sad anniversaries.


Iran - Long Oil Futures?

I’m suspicious.  When I see the kind of rhetoric coming out of Iran about cutting off world oil, I just wonder one thing.  What if:  The President of Iran has taken long positions in the oil futures market at $60, hopes to rattle sabers, run it to $100, then sell, pocket the cash and quiet down.


Probably not, but what a great scheme.  He, all by himself has the ability to do this.  And he controls the politics and global economic mood by his comments and actions. 


I’m just suspicious.  And I heard a prophecy to that effect.


Or it’s the topic of a great book or made for TV movie.



Can't Pass the Acid Test

I read an automotive column in the Wall Street Journal’s personal section on Thursday written by a supposed expert.




He gave advice on a discharged lead acid battery in a person's car.


He said:

A deep discharge of the battery would ruin the battery.

The car was not able on it’s own to recharge the battery.

That Batteries were not meant to be radically discharged because it would shorten the life of the battery.


We’re talking lead acid here.  Car Battery.


He couldn’t be more wrong:

An occasional discharge is GOOD for the battery.  It cleanses the lead plates of accumulations of lead oxide deposits as a result of long-term shallow charge usages.


The Car’s electrical system is well able to recharge the battery from near zero.  Not every day of course but on an occasional basis no problem.  Alternator diode voltage regulators know what to do. 


A deep discharge is part of the life cycle of a good battery and will not ruin it.


I blame this on bad science education.  Schools. 

No Sympathy for the Devils

I just returned from doing a trade show at McCormick place in Chicago.  It was a good show but the move in was terrible.  And it was all a problem caused by one thing. 




The no-work-short-hours union.


And the “if we don’t have wheels beneath us we do nothing” union.


I say this because I never saw any union employee do any actual work other than drive around.


I am pretty sympathetic to unions sometimes.  But when they act like they did this week, I have no sympathy for them.


I hope they get new jobs real soon.  They are inviting replacement by a non union shop because of their actions or lack of them.




 If you want to set me off, and I’m your customer and you say:


For your Convenience

            Means we changed policy and you’re screwed so lump it

For your Safety

            Means we don’t want to have to work that hard

For your security

            Means we have incompetent people working here  

For Better Service (your call to be taken in 10 min) or we’re taking care of other customers

            Means we are too darn cheap and don’t give a rip about you


If you say those things to me, you automatically put my radar on “look for another supplier quick” mode.


Thought you’d want to know, this is for your convenience and safety.


Keeping Kids Komotose

This is a true story.  Only the names are changed to protect the innocent child. 


I have friends whose little boy and little girl are rambunctious.  Energetic. Can be difficult.  I like having them around.  They are fun.  They are active.  They come to stay with Peggy and me from time to time.  They are like surrogate grandkids.


But, fun doesn’t fly in public elementary education.  Fun is a problem.  Fun is difficult for teachers.  So, the little girl and the little boy were sent home from time to time for behavior issues.  Behavior like they talked in class.  Behavior like they had a hard time sitting in their seats.


So, the school at first quietly and then more insistently recommended Ritalin.  They had a doctor that would prescribe it.  The option was they didn’t want their kids in the school any more and they would have to go to a private school. 


I advised that might be a good thing.  But the school won.  First the little girl (8) was drugged; Then a year later her little brother (7) was rendered comatose.  Oh they’re behaved now.  Like zombies.  The little girl is on drugs for over a year, he’s just begun.


The school doesn’t have any more problems.  There are several kids in the class who are doped up so the teacher doesn’t have to do any actual work.  Class size?  Little girls has 22, little boys, 28.  Boy that’s tough odds.


I am angry, frustrated, and will do everything in my power what little I have to see to it public education is abolished in the USA. 


That way the drug pushers will be put out of business.  Read this article about the abuse inflicted on our kids by the schools of America by the drug pushing teachers.


I should blame the parents, I should blame the pediatrician, but I blame the school.  It all started there.


Abolish public education.  Nationwide Vouchers.  Make having kids as customers instead of a nuisance a reality.


The Long Grudge

I just returned from the Mid Am trade show.


It was a huge success.  I sold stuff.  It worked well.


But I ran into a guy who could have sold me $30,000 worth of goods for me to resell.  He complained about a deal that happened years ago and how he couldn’t forgive me for it.  I don’t recall the whole thing.  It was small potatoes.


He proved that the price of a grudge is huge indeed.  He lost.


On the other hand I ran into a guy who stiffed me out of several hundred bucks a couple months ago.  I could now sell him $6000 worth of goods.  I am going to go ahead but make it all back in one fell swoop.


That’s how to keep grudges short and settled.

Food or Fuel at $70

 We are getting close to the place where agriculture is going to start making decisions to grow food or fuel.  This doesn’t auger well.  We will pay at the pump or pay at the grocer.  Competition for land and production inputs will make he decision where.


This is good short run for agriculture.  Long run it’s bad. 


We need to rethink this.  There are alternatives. 


Let’s not make the Hobson’s choice of food or fuel.  Food will lose and so will we.


ON the other hand, I stood on a scale today. Maybe that’s not a bad thing.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Movie Test:

How to score:

Give yourself a

        1 if you've never heard of this movie

        2 if you've heard of it but not seen it

        3 if you've actually seen it.

  1. Brokeback Mountain
  2. Transamerica
  3. Capote
  4. Walk the Line
  5. The Constant Gardener
  6. Syriana
  7. Paradise Now, Palestine
  8. Memoirs of a Geisha
  9. Good Night, and Good Luck
  10. The History of Violence

15 or less, you need to get out more.

16-20 You live a life of interest particularly to the NSA

21-25 Busy little Bee aren't you

26-30 Your liberal indoctrination is now complete

These were all movies honored at the Golden Globes last night. And Hollywood wonders why we all stay away in droves.

I'm sheltered.  I get a 14.



Monday, January 16, 2006

Rent - a - Negro

LeShawn Barber has a great post on a new service. Read her take on the new RENT A NEGRO business. You can give Tokens as fabulous gifts.

Since slavery has been outlawed LeShawn has brought to notice this useful service, particularly to white liberals who give lip service but do not actually KNOW any black folks. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

It's time for this kind of piercing of the veil. Way to go.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why Church Workers Shouldn't have a Spell Checker in their Computer

Church Bulletin Bloopers 2006
* Several members who have been in the hospital are not on their way to recovery, for which we are thankful.
* The Jack and Kill Daycare is looking for someone to help part time on Saturdays.
* We'll kick off the Christmas season this morning with our first hymn, "The First Nowell"
* Our Wednesday Night Family Cafeteria meal will feature a variety of Chinese dishes including One Ton Soup.
* Events: December 9th, Christmas Caroling at the Parkview Nursing Home 7:00 p.m., December 10th, Breakfast with Satan
6:00 to 9:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
* Saturday the Youth Group will Serenade a number of our Seniors with Christmas Thongs.
* Last Saturday the Men's Group had a great fellowship that included good conversation and delicious coffee.  Special thanks to Kate Michels for providing teats.
* The Youth Group had a scavenger hunt, did face painting, and played a game called, "Find the gun."  They had a great time.
* The Pastor's Corner: A Personal Massage from Jesus.
* Don't forget to make some New Year's Resolutions.  It's a great way to start off with a new ear.
* Due to Construction on the North side of the parking lot, we will soon be changing entrances.  Please exit the new driveway which is the one in between the old entrance and the old exit.  Please exit from the new exit which is the old entrance.
* What are you doing for Lunch Tuesday?  Local Funeral Director Barry Gilbert will talk about the benefits of cremation.
* The Riegieman Chiropractic Center will host Kid's Day this Saturday.  They'll be treating the youth group to spinal exams, backpack checks, I.D. Cards, etc.
Gene Redlin
St Charles IL

The Rhino Principle

I received my Forbes Magazine over the weekend.  I am signed up to get that magazine until I’m 70 years old I think.  For a long time every time I got a call from the renewal department, I re-upd. 


But sometimes I read something that knocks me for a loop.  This commentary titled the Rhino Principle is one of the best.  It is so motivational.  I have to confess there are some things I am not getting done that this caused me to take another look at.


Paul Johnson says:


This principle can be applied to many other things, particularly business. When an entrepreneur has an object in his line of vision, he should dismiss all other considerations from his mind, abandon all other activities and charge directly at that object, continuing to charge until the object has been secured. All kinds of qualities are needed to make a great businessman. But aggressive single-mindedness is by far the most important. Indeed, it is indispensable.


I found it encouraging.  I hope you will too.


Read the whole thing here.