Saturday, April 26, 2008

For all you Global Warming Fans Out there - it's April 26 and we should be planting wheat

Read the whole thing and then sing the song along with Elmer.

$ Gasoline for Sale - $2.50 per Gallon or Less $

I think among all the gloom and doom about the price of gasoline you'd enjoy a contrary opinion.

I think this guy is still too high.

Michael Lynch thinks the real value should be About $2.00 per gallon or less.

"The fundamentals don't justify anywhere near these prices, even when you factor in geopolitical problems," said Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass.

He expects prices to fall as low as $80 this year and perhaps as low as $50 in the next three or four years as more global supply comes on line.

I love the smell of a good bubble popping in the afternoon. All this pain is temporary. Don't believe the doomsayers.

Viruses and Bacterium

I went to see the Doc last night.  I'm really tired of this.  I don't  often go to the doctor but some years ago almost died of Pneumonia.  So, if I get the flu (virus) I'm likely to just tough it out.
If it becomes Pneumonia then I must deal with it quickly.
So, I went to see the doc.  I wanted to kick the Bacteria in the butt.  He gave me "Schedule Z" whatever that means. 
Also an inhaler.  And some other advice I'm sort of taking.  I don't like medication so I'm a little selective.  I had NOT taken antihistamines in this bout.  Doc tells me that was a big mistake.  Sudafed, where are you?
He is an Indian Doctor.  Aren't they all? But very competent.  I liked him at once.  I'll go back.  I'm supposed to be at the Church helping this morning but I'm laying low.  I might make a quick trip to see what's up but right now I'm trying to NOT DIE.
The coughing is down to a once in a while now rather than every minute as was in the past.
Being Human stinks.  I want that divine health and my glorified body right now.   No wait I gotta die to get that. 

OK one more round of Antibiotics.

I got this from Don this morning, I can put you in touch if you want these tickets

Subject: Free Tickets

I have 4 extra tickets for the Robbie Knievel event at the Maricopa County Fairgrounds this weekend if anybody wants them.

He's going to try to jump All House and Senate Democrats from DC assembled in one place with a bulldozer. Should be a good time...

Why Obama needs to Drop out Now

We'll always have 2012 you can be President for Life then.

How to NOT be an enabler

I was once rebuked by a Prophet for being Soft Headed when it came to money.

To this day, I don't find myself very prone to being involved in soup kitchens or homeless shelters unless they are run with huge discernment.

Most aren't.

I almost NEVER EVER give money to beggars on the street. Oh, I have, and later realized I had been had. It's not about my money. They can have it all. It's about sanctioning and enabling negative behavior in others. It's equivalent to taking crack cocaine to the hood and out of pity on the poor folks who can't afford it, giving it away to all who say they need some for free. It's exactly the same.

This story will break your heart. You must watch the whole thing. It's people like Megan who ruin it for the truly needy.

Run for your Life Algore, they are out to get you

Al Gore is hiding out. There's a mob after him. A posse is being formed.

They want him arrested and thrown at the bar of the world court.

If it weren't for Al Gore we wouldn't have the Ethanol Debacle, If it weren't for Al Gore we wouldn't have the whole world crushing global warming scam.

If it weren't for Al Gore we would have peace and safety, birds would sing, Jimmy Carter would shut up, flowers would bloom and gasoline would be a buck a gallon. It's all Al Gores fault.

On the other hand we wouldn't have the Internet he invented that you are reading this on.

Run little Allie, Run for your life. They're out to get you.

On the other hand, maybe this is all about Algae. Have you ever thought how similar ALGORE AND ALGAE are when written? Flip an A for an O and you have it.

I have only been touting this for two years, but to ME it looks like Algae is the answer. Makes a ton of sense. We can tear down those stupid windmills, start growing crops on that land, quite growing corn for fuel and produce food again. Get government out of the biz of picking winners.

Take the whole carbon reduction scam out of the equation and we have everything we need.

Ancient hydrocarbons will not compete with production systems that make the difference Algae can. The solution to high prices is high prices.

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of fun here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Former Greenpeace Founder Weighs in on the Group's Non-Scientific Agendas on Earth Day

I have great suspicion of all the quasi science promoted by liberal politicians. This includes Anthropogenic Global Warming, Evolution, DDT Malaria and a large number of other junk science issues held by a misinformed left. What this guy says need to be said again.

After six years as one of five directors of Greenpeace International, I observed that none of my fellow directors had any formal science education. They were either political activists or environmental entrepreneurs. Ultimately, a trend toward abandoning scientific objectivity in favor of political agendas forced me to leave Greenpeace in 1986.

Patrick MooreIn an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal on Earth Day, Patrick Moore, the former co-founder and leader of the environmental group Greenpeace, explains why he left that organization, giving a sober assessment of current issues he feels are being hyped for political profit at the expense of scientific fact. (Photo: AP)

"After six years as one of five directors of Greenpeace International, I observed that none of my fellow directors had any formal science education," he notes, "The breaking point was a Greenpeace decision to support a worldwide ban on chlorine. Science shows that adding chlorine to drinking water was the biggest advance in the history of public health, virtually eradicating water-borne diseases such as cholera. And the majority of our pharmaceuticals are based on chlorine chemistry. Simply put, chlorine is essential for our health."

"Phthalates are the new bogeyman," he adds. "These chemicals make easy targets since they are hard to understand and difficult to pronounce. Commonly used phthalates, such as diisononyl phthalate (DINP), have been used in everyday products for decades with no evidence of human harm. DINP is the primary plasticizer used in toys. It has been tested by multiple government and independent evaluators, and found to be safe. None of the potential replacement chemicals have been tested and found safe to the degree that DINP has."

In addition, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently cautioned, "If DINP is to be replaced in children's products…the potential risks of substitutes must be considered. Weaker or more brittle plastics might break and result in a choking hazard. Other plasticizers might not be as well studied as DINP."

"We all have a responsibility to be environmental stewards," Moore concludes, "but that stewardship requires that science, not political agendas, drive our public policy."

Read this opinion piece in its entirety by following the link provided.

Source: Patrick Moore - The Wall Street Journal

Anti Second Hand Smoker Rethinks

Yesterday I was in a Nursery way north in WI.  Nothing exceptional except, there were smokers everywhere. They don't have smoking ban in all buildings as we do in IL.
I have been against it.  Vocally.  Anti smoking Nazis.  I call  everyone who doesn't see things my way Nazis.  It makes for good dialogue.
But yesterday with this cold and a deep hacking cough I could barely keep my cookies down in hacking away with smokers in the Building.
This has never bothered me before. 
I might be changing my mind.  If this is what it's like for a person with asthma it's a pretty difficult situation.
There, despite my claims at knowing almost everything, I can change my mind.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not from MY Bible, Maybe from the Pagan Earth Worship Bible

Read this:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is fond of quoting a particular passage of Scripture. The quote, however, does not appear in the Bible and is "fictional," according to biblical scholars.

In her April 22 Earth Day news release, Pelosi said, "The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, 'To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.' On this Earth Day, and every day, let us pledge to our children, and our children's children, that they will have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature."

Of course I'm for clean air and water. I just wish MS Pelosi would not try to quote from a book she knows nothing about. Try actually reading it, you might find it enlightening.

I'm just saying

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep this up

Yesterday in loading the truck and trailer we had to haul some big trees. Maybe 100 pounds each.

I had some guy helping me. Older.

I looked at him as he wheezed and hacked his way up the bed with another tree over his back of the 75 we loaded and he complained. Of course, I said nothing and grabbed another.

I said I'll bet it's tough to get old and not work like you used to. He commiserated.

Then I dropped by favorite bombshell. I said, I'm guessing I'm older than you are. He looked at me funny. I told him I'm 63. He was 53.

I particularly like it when I have college kids to work with. They have no stamina. Even if they work out, they only develop muscle but not endurance.

I would rather die than stop till I get to hear them say,
"you're killing us here man".

I know this is so much macho baloney. I know that. But I enjoy it. I just don't know how many more years I will get to do this.

Time to expell the unwanted occupants

The flu bug is run its course with me. I have had no bed rest, taken no fluids or aspirin and worked thru it every day.

Not smart but reality.

Now I have those little fat guys in the lungs like the commercial shows. Taken up residence. Sitting in their lounge chairs. Watching phlegm TV.

Time to get rid of them.

Hopefully today. I'm tired of this.

Steve calls it right - Texas' Biggest Kidnapping Story

Steve Scott calls it right. The whole mess in the FLDS kidnapping in Texas has turned out to demonstrate incompetence and over force by a military police force.

Waco comes to mind.

Turns out that no girls under 16 were married off, turns out that 16 is the legal age for marriage in Texas.

This is a horrible story of horrible people doing horrible things to people different from themselves.

We used to call that Genocide.

I don't know how you unring the bell of having nursing babies ripped from their mothers breasts and hauled away to a foster home for no good reason. Of course the Mothers and Fathers don't trust the authorities.

I wouldn't. Would you?

I'm not happy about this.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If you have the guts, here's the REAL TRUTH on Oil and Gas Prices

I have been a bear on oil and gas.

I still am.

This pretty comprehensive analysis shows why if you have to energy to read it all.

Sufficient to say, Ethanol is going away, Gas will go up a bit more, consumption is falling, If oil's pricey here it's pricey in China and India. Demand is much more elastic there.

Elasticity is taking hold here. Cure for high prices is high prices. Every day new production is coming on line. We might be a little ways from it, but get the dollar back to 2002 levels, get gold and the euro back to 300 and .90 and a few other tweaks and look out.

There is much to be optimistic about.

Relax. Pay for this oil for now, It can't last. Read the whole article and look at all the charts. It will tell you far more than I can.

Adult Video Game??

I don't and really haven't ever actually played a video game. Oh sure, pong, space invaders. Got bored quickly.

Not my style I guess.

Sitting to my right is our Adoptive Grandkid, 9 yrs old. Playing a video game.
I don't know what it is. He seems to be interested. I'm not.

But then I'm blogging, I've looked at a couple you tube videos (I'm trying to learn a new song and use them to do so) wrote a couple emails and looked at a dozen or so blogs I watch, caught up on the news of the day and now I'm going to bed. It's been a really really long day. So will tomorrow be.

Is my sitting here writing what I am thinking about right now any different from a video game or not? I don't know.

I don't get it, and I don't know if it matters

I will not link to it, I will not refer to it, if you saw it you will know it was there and now isn't.

It was an excellent article regarding economic theory.

The author told me I was violating Copyright. I guess he would be on the money if I had claimed to have written it or if I were making money on this blog. Neither is the case. I just thought it was a good well written article.

But, I took it down at the authors request even though I had given full attribution.

I'm a bit fuzzy on what is or is not permissible in blogging.

I guess I should be aware. But I'm not. I have readers who tell me they never follow links. If I DON'T post the whole thing they won't read it.

So it is. I guess not getting read with attribution is more important than being read and getting credit for good writing.

I don't get it.

I hates them virisees to peecies

Slept badly.

Coughed much.



Sore Throat.

Other than that I'm fine. And I have a pickup to make in Iowa.

This makes no sense at all, unless I want to eat.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bush One of the Greatest Presidents Ever

Bush a Master Diplomat Strengthening U.S. Relations All Over

Photo of Noel Sheppard.
By Noel Sheppard | April 21, 2008 - 12:17 ET

In the past several years, on any given day -- including holidays, mind you! -- you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a media member complaining about how America's respect within the international community had declined under George W. Bush.

This makes Friday evening's editorial in Investor's Business Daily all the more astounding.

Readers are strongly advised to prepare themselves for an alternate state of reality before proceeding any further (emphasis added, h/t NB reader Andrew Gill):

Democrats have hammered the Bush administration for supposedly losing allies and global standing. But a look at U.S. ties shows Bush to be a master diplomat who is strengthening U.S. relations all over.

"The world owes President Bush a debt of gratitude in leading the world in our determination to root out terrorism," said British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a man whose recent elevation to office was supposed to denote a "cooling" of relations with the U.S. and a tilt toward Europe.

But Europe isn't really "cooling," either.

France is now led by a man elected as "le Americain." Like Brown, President Nicolas Sarkozy had nothing but good things to say about Bush. [...]

In Italy, all we can find is another enthusiastically pro-Bush prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who won high office this week in a landslide. "What I did counted in my relationship with Bush," he said this month in his campaign.

In Germany, led by conservative and U.S.-friendly Chancellor Angela Merkel, the sentiment has also gone pro-American, as it has in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Canada.

Outside of Western Europe, the reviews are even warmer because there's a focus not just on terror-fighting but standing up for democracy— as ties with Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Albania show. [...]

No president in U.S. history has signed as many free-trade deals as Bush, which has deepened our alliances well beyond trade.

Bush signed off on 10 free-trade agreements, many with Arab states vulnerable to terrorism such as Morocco, Jordan, and Persian Gulf state Bahrain — which is now a "major non-NATO ally." [...]

Bush has also boosted ties with strategic Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore, and broken new ground with some very big players globally, like Brazil and India, both of whose leaders have the most cordial of relations. [...]

So what was that again about Bush alienating the world?

Great question.

On this Earth Day here's what Americans are really worried about

PRINCETON, NJ -- When Americans are asked to rate their level of worry about each of 12 environmental concerns, their top four concerns relate to water quality, with pollution of drinking water the top overall concern.

Gallup's annual Environment survey was conducted March 6-9, just before a widely publicized Associated Press investigation reported that drinking water is not necessarily as pure as people think. While it is safe to drink, the report stated that drinking water in a number of major U.S. cities has been found to contain trace elements of pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, the report was released at a time when concern about drinking water was already at a relatively high level.

Prior to the release of the AP story, Gallup found no notable increase over the past 12 months in concern on any of the water-related items. In fact, for all 10 of the environmental items asked in both 2007 and 2008, the percentage who report worrying "a great deal" about the problem is lower now. Ironically, the largest decline in reported worry was with respect to the safety of drinking water.

The rank-ordering of the items, with water-related issues including polluted drinking water, polluted bodies of water, maintenance of the nation's water supply, and contamination of water and soil, is typical of what Gallup has found since 1989, when it first measured concern about various environmental problems. The list includes global warming -- arguably the most discussed environmental issue these days. Water quality is probably a more immediate concern to Americans, while global warming may seem like a somewhat more remote issue.

The accompanying table shows the top overall concern each time Gallup has asked Americans to rate their level of worry about environmental threats. Polluted drinking water has topped the list every time it has been included. When it hasn't been asked, as in May 1989, another concern about water safety finished first.

Even so, concerns about water safety are generally reduced now compared to what they were in the late 1980s and 1990s, and down from where they were in 2000, the first year of Gallup's annual Environment poll. The one exception to that general pattern is maintaining the nation's supply of fresh water for household needs, concern about which increased in 2002 and has been steady since then.


Over the years, Americans have shown greater concern about environmental problems that touch on water than on any other environmental issue. The attention the AP report has generated makes sense in this light. It is unclear at this early stage whether Americans' concerns will increase following this report, and whether that might lead to public pressure to try to make drinking water purer.

Survey Methods

Results are based on telephone interviews with 1,012 national adults, aged 18 and older, conducted March 6-9, 2008. For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

Interviews are conducted with respondents on land-line telephones (for respondents with a land-line telephone) and cellular phones (for respondents who are cell-phone only).

In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.


By the way, those are MY concerns about the environment. I guess I'm not in the minority after all.

I can't prove this but......

I hear a lot about the idea that we need to spend less than we earn.

That's good common sense. It also can be defeating.

What I don't hear much of is, earn more than you spend.

How? Oh, I don't know,
  • Start a business
  • Get a better Job
  • Develop better marketable skills
  • Make investments that make good money
  • Learn to make money from people who make money and quit hanging out with people who live paycheck to paycheck

I heard a guy say this 40 years ago and it still rings true today.

Earn more than you spend.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Religious Holiday I won't Participate In

Pagan Worship of Gaia, earth mother takes place on Tuesday the 22nd.   They call it earth day, but it is simply a Pagan holiday worshiping the earth. 
The Pagan holiday has sacraments, Vegan, has tributes, Carbon Credits instead of Indulgences.  This is simply an unchristian holiday foisted on us. 
Look at this indoctrination by the toymakers to suck kids into earth mother worship.
And, what we don't understand is that the sale of the Harry Potter books have promulgated an evil interest in witchcraft.  Witchcraft is now strong in Great Britain.  That has been stirred by Harry Potter.
This stuff is not harmless, we need as Christians to come against the evil that is being indoctrinated in our schools and culture.
In Schools where Christmas Carols can't be sung, the earth day pagan worship is embraced.
How dumb can we be and still breath.

Our Worst President get's Worse

The Real Jimmy Carter

As former President Jimmy Carter met with Hamas leaders and laid a wreath at the tomb of terrorist Yasser Arafat, Americans were wondering who Carter really is.

Carter came into office portraying himself as a man of the people, a peanut farmer who cares about the problems of working class Americans. But Secret Service agents, Air Force One stewards, and White House residence staff saw an entirely different picture.

While Richard Nixon was known to the Secret Service as the strangest modern president, Carter was known as the least likeable. If the true measure of a man is how he treats the little people, Carter flunked the test. Inside the White House, Carter treated those who helped and protected him with contempt.

“When Carter first came there, he didn’t want the police officers and agents looking at him or speaking to him when he went to the office,” Nelson Pierce, an assistant White House usher, told me for my book "Inside the White House: The Hidden Lives of the Modern Presidents and the Secrets of the World's Most Powerful Institutions." “He didn’t want them to pay attention to him going by. I never could understand why. He was not going to the Oval Office without shoes or a robe.” [Editor's Note: Get Ron Kessler's book. Go here now.]

“We never spoke unless spoken to,” said Fred Walzel, who was chief of the White House branch of the Secret Service Uniformed Division. “Carter complained that he didn’t want them [the officers] to say hello.”

“Carter came into the cockpit once in the two years I was on with him,” James A. Buzzelli, an Air Force One flight engineer, told me. “But [Ronald] Reagan never got on or off without sticking his head in the cockpit and saying, ‘Thanks, fellas,’ or ‘Have a nice day.’ He [Reagan] was just as personable in person as he came across to the public.”

Meanwhile, Carter refused to carry out the most important responsibility a president has — to be available to take action in case of nuclear attack. When he went on vacation, “Carter did not want the 'nuclear football' at Plains,” a Secret Service agent said (the "nuclear football" is a briefcase used by the president to authorize the use of nuclear weapons when away from fixed command centers). “There was no place to stay in Plains. The military wanted a trailer there. He didn’t want that. So the military aide who carries the football had to stay in Americus,” 10 miles away from Carter’s home in Georgia.

Because of the agreed-upon protocols, in the event of a nuclear attack, Carter could not have launched a counterattack by calling the aide in Americus.

“He would have had to drive 10 miles,” the agent said. “Carter didn't want anyone bothering him on his property. He wanted his privacy. He was really different.”

Through his lawyer, Terrence B. Adamson, Carter denied that he refused to keep the nuclear football near him in Plains and that he instructed uniformed officers not to say hello to him in the White House.

But Bill Gulley, who, as director of the White House military office, was in charge of the operation, confirmed that Carter refused to let the military aide stay near his residence.

“We tried to put a trailer in Plains near the residence for the doctor [who travels with the president] and the aide with the football,” Gulley said. “But Carter wouldn’t permit that. Carter didn’t care at all.”

Carter — codenamed Deacon by the Secret Service — was moody and mistrustful.

“When he was in a bad mood, you didn’t want to bring him anything,” a former Secret Service agent said. “It was this hunkered down attitude: ‘I’m running the show.’ It was as if he didn’t trust anyone around him. He had that big smile, but when he was in the White House, it was a different story.”

“Carter said, ‘I’m in charge,’” a former Secret Service agent said. “‘Everything is my way.’ He tried to micromanage everything. You had to go to him about playing on the tennis court. It was ridiculous.”

One day, Carter noticed water gushing out of a grate outside the White House.

“It was the emergency generating system,” said William Cuff, an assistant chief of the White House military office. “Carter got interested in that and micromanaged it. He would zoom in on an area and manage the hell out of it. He asked questions of the chief usher every day. ‘How much does this cost?’ ‘Which part is needed?’ ‘When is it coming?’ ‘Which bolt ties to which flange?’”

At a press conference, Carter denied reports that White House aides had to ask him for permission to use the tennis courts. But that was more dissembling. In fact, even when he was traveling on Air Force One, Carter insisted that aides ask him for permission to play on the courts.

“It is a true story about the tennis courts,” said Charles Palmer, who was chief of the Air Force One stewards. Because other aides were afraid to give Carter the messages asking for permission, Palmer often wound up doing it.

“He [Carter] approved who played from on the plane,” Palmer said. “Mostly people used them when he was out of town. If the president was in a bad mood, the aides said, ‘You carry the message in.’ On the bad days when we were having problems, no one wanted to talk to the president. It was always, ‘I have a note to deliver to the president. I don’t want him hollering at me.’”

Palmer said Carter seemed to relish the power. At times, Carter would delay his response, smugly saying, “I’ll let them know,” Palmer said. “Other times, he would look at me and smile and say, ‘Tell them yes.’ I felt he felt it was a big deal. I didn’t understand why that had to happen.”

Early in his presidency, Carter proclaimed that the White House would be “dry.” Each time a state dinner was held, the White House made a point of telling reporters that no liquor — only wine — would be served.

“The Carters were the biggest liars in the world,” Gulley said. “The word was passed to get rid of all the booze. There can’t be any on Air Force One, in Camp David, or in the White House. This was coming from close associates of the Carter family. I said to our White House military people, ‘Hide the booze, and let’s find out what happens.’ The first Sunday they are in the White House, I get a call from the mess saying, ‘They want bloody marys before going to church. What should I do?’ I said, ‘Find some booze and take it up to them.’”

“We never cut out liquor under Carter,” said Palmer, the chief of the Air Force One stewards. “Occasionally, Carter had a martini,” Palmer said. He also had a Michelob lite. “Rosalynn may have had a drink . . . She had a screwdriver.”

Towards the end of his term, Carter became suspicious that people were stealing things and listening to his conversations in the Oval Office.

“They were becoming very paranoid,” said a General Services Administration (GSA) building manager in charge of maintenance of the west wing. “They thought GSA or the Secret Service were listening in.”

One afternoon, Susan Clough, Carter’s secretary, insisted that some of the crude oil in a vial had been stolen from the Oval Office. The vial was a gift to Carter from an Arab leader.

“Susan Clough swore up and down that someone poured some of it out,” a GSA manager said. Even though the vial was sealed, “There was a big fuss over it. The Secret Service photographs everything in the president’s suite. They photographed it [again], and it hadn’t been touched. It shows the paranoia.”

After Reagan was inaugurated, GSA discovered that the Carter staff had left garbage in the White House and had trashed furniture in the old Executive Office Building, much as Bill Clinton’s staff trashed the White House before President Bush moved in.

GSA saw “furniture, desks, and file cabinets turned over,” a GSA building manager said. “They shoved over desks. We had to straighten it out. It was 15 or 20 desks in one area. It was enough to look like a cyclone had hit.”

After he was voted out of office, Carter occasionally stayed in the townhouse GSA maintains for former presidents at 1716 Jackson Place. On the walls of the townhouse are photos of former presidents. GSA managers had to check on the premises and found that while Carter was there, Carter would remove the photos of Republican presidents Ford and Nixon and decorate the townhouse with another half-dozen 16-inch by 24-inch photos of himself.

Each time, Charles B. (Buddy) Respass, then the GSA manager over the White House, became irate because GSA had to find the old photos and hang them up again.

Carter, through Adamson, denied this. He also denied that he thought people were listening to his conversations in the Oval Office. But Lucille Price, the GSA manager who then reported to Respass, said, “Carter changed the photos . . . He didn’t like them [Ford and Nixon] looking down at him. We would find out he would put photos of himself up,” Price said. “Then he would take the photos of himself back with him,” she said. “He was a wimp.”

In telling Iran-supported Hamas that it should stop its rocket attacks on Israel, Carter no doubt thought he was still sitting on Air Force One, savoring the power of letting aides know when they could use the tennis courts.