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President Obama will lose the 2012 election

From Zero Hedge

There is nothing remotely ideological or personal in my prediction that President Obama will lose the 2012 election. Both parties are equally out of touch with reality in my view, and both support the same things: a global Empire, an increasingly intrusive Savior State, a shadow banking system which is no longer under the control of State institutions (rather, the banks control the institutions), and various crony-capitalist cartels which fund political campaigns and partner with the Central State's bloated, unaccountable fiefdoms. The only visible difference between the two parties is slight variations in the relative growth rates of the most-favored cartels and fiefdoms.

President Obama seems like a nice guy. Many people said the same thing about George W. Bush. While a likable personality is a plus in a media-obsessed society, American elections boil down to this: Americans vote their pocketbook, and their pocketbooks will be a lot lighter by November 2012.

President Obama has several key flaws which have doomed his presidency.

Toxic Dollar: Why Nobody Seems to Want US Currency - CNBC

This is the beginning of the end....

In 10 months, the Dollar Index has lost 14% because the world keeps accumulating dollars it doesn’t want and sells them. Asian central banks are key.

Many Asian central banks have been forced into waging wars to keep their currencies from appreciating because of the influx of investors to emerging markets. They sell waves of their own currencies into the market in an attempt to keep exports competitive.

In return they often receive dollars. But with the Federal Reserve printing dollars and the greenback’s value continually falling, the Asians sell those dollars in order to preserve the value of their reserves.

Toxic Dollar: Why Nobody Seems to Want US Currency - CNBC

Knife in the Back .... again

I’d been planning to go to bed early but stayed awake long enough to catch this:

President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said tonight that lawmakers have agreed on a temporary extension of government funding, averting a government shutdown while Congress considers a longer-term budget agreement.
Boehner made the same announcement during a very brief statement on Capitol Hill, little more than an hour before the midnight expiration of the continuing resolution that is currently funding the government; Boehner said the House will vote on the extension later tonight.

So now I guess I’ll stay up late enough to figure out how many magic beans Boehner got for the family cow.

UPDATE: Knife, back, some assembly required:

House Speaker John Boehner said he had reached agreement with the White House to avert the shutdown with barely more than an hour to spare, officials said.
“I am pleased that Senator Reid and I and the White House have been able to come to an agreement that will in fact cut spending and keep our government open,” he told reporters.
“I expect the House will vote tonight on a short term resolution into next week to allow some time for this agreement to be put together in legislative form and be brought to the floor of the Senate and the House for a vote.” . . .
The overall accord removed what Democrats had characterised as the biggest stumbling block – a Republican-crafted measure stripping federal funding from the Planned Parenthood clinics that provide abortions.

GOP Leaders: Standing Firmly for Our Lack of Principles!

REPORT: Deal Struck, Averts Shutdown (Insert ’30 Pieces of Silver’ Joke Here)

The Brazillian Mass Murderer was a Muslim..Not that any Mainstream Media will tell you

I didn't know this until this morning. I read this.

The terrorist who opened fire at a public elementary school in Rio de Janeiro, killing at least 11 students before killing himself, was a MUSLIM!

FROM ELDER OF ZIYON -Earlier, police said at least 13 people died in the shooting, but Rio state Health Secretary Sergio Cortes said 10 girls and one boy were killed, along with the gunman. The ages of the children were not immediately known.

Officials said the 23-year-old gunman was a former student at the Tasso da Silveira school, located in a working-class neighborhood in western Rio. A motive was not immediately known, but authorities said the man left a rambling and mostly incoherent letter at the scene indicating he wanted to kill himself.

Read the whole thing

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Way over the TOP

It may be laziness, or it may be failure to recognize reality, but the Associated Press’s official tally of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race carried at JSOnline (but note the AP-based URL) still shows Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg with a 204-vote lead over incumbent David Prosser, and hasn’t been updated since Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.

This failure to update has occurred despite the following statement made at the 3:00 mark of the video (HT Hot Air) showing Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus explaining why over 14,000 country votes were not originally reported to the Badger State’s Government Accountability Board (GAB), which oversees state elections, at a late Thursday press conference:

These numbers will be reflected in my official results, canvass report, that was submitted to the Government Accountability Board.

Ms. NIckolaus mixed up tenses, but it seems pretty clear that by using the word “official” she is saying that the GAB now has the results, and that they should be reflected in any official reports.

Accordingly, yours truly has updated the AP’s non-current scoreboard with the Waukesha County correction and a couple of smaller ones:


The Winnebago County difference difference was noted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Thursday afternoon, and at that point changed what had been a 204-vote Kloppenburg lead to a 40-vote Prosser advantage. I picked up the more minor Dane County difference, which if done before the Waukesha County disclosure would have put Kloppenburg back into a temporary 3-vote lead, by going to its official canvass results.

As seen above, when all changes I could identify are incorporated, Prosser leads by 7,559 votes, or a margin of 0.5067%. This is ever so slightly above the threshold where, according to Page 2 of the GAB’s recount manual, Kloppenburg would be required to pay for a recount: “If the difference (in the total votes cast between the leading candidate and those cast for the petitioner) is more than .5% but not more than 2%, the fee is $5 per ward.” In Wisconsin, a ward is apparently the same thing as a precinct.

With the handwriting on the wall, the AP’s Todd Richmond tonight went into conposing what was mostly a Democratic Party consolation piece. His old Kloppenburg margin report was the AP’s stale number from Wednesday, as he failed to take into account Winnebago County known results change. Also note the direct late-paragraph contradiction of Richmond’s earlier assertion that the results represented a “draw” for Governor Scott Walker (bolds are mine):

When a little-known liberal challenged a conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, the once-sleepy race suddenly looked like a backdoor way for Gov. Scott Walker’s opponents to sink his agenda.

Then a clerk discovered 14,000 unrecorded votes that vaulted the incumbent into the lead. Experts said the results represented a draw for the governor: He didn’t lose, but the slim margin means he didn’t win big, either. And the close contest could help ensure Walker’s opponents stay energized for the next round.

The outcome also improves the odds that Walker’s collective bargaining law would survive a legal challenge before the high court. Yet it falls short of a clear public endorsement of the governor’s policy.

The conservative “didn’t win by the margin everyone expected him to win by,” said University of Wisconsin-Green Bay political science professor Michael Kraft. “If I were Walker, I wouldn’t be saying everything is just dandy and people love me.”

… Democrats and Kloppenburg supporters worked to tap into the anger surrounding the measure. They hoped electing Kloppenburg would tilt the state Supreme Court to the left, increasing the chances that the justices might eventually strike down the law.

They attacked Prosser as a Walker clone and sought to tie him to the governor’s aggressive budget-cutting agenda. At first it looked as if the strategy had worked.

Kloppenburg’s campaign surged, and voter turnout in Tuesday’s election shattered expectations. Unofficial returns initially showed Kloppenburg with a 204-vote lead out of 1.5 million votes cast.

(19th paragraph — Ed.) “This is a win for the right over the left. Had Kloppenburg won, it would have been a significant victory” for Walker’s opponents, said University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee political scientist Mordecai Lee, a former Democratic state lawmaker.

Instead of looking for silver linings, Richmond would have been better served if he had remembered a famous saying from the mouth of a rather well-known coach of Wisconsin’s professional football team: “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” And failing to change the scoreboard doesn’t change who wins and loses.

The Kennedys has been a good surprise

I have been tuned into watching the Kennedy's on Reelz channel. It is really good.

I hope you get a chance to see it.

This Good Friday, let’s celebrate Earth Day

Episcopal Church: This Good Friday, let’s celebrate Earth Day

The story is a mostly straightforward report — albeit written in The Daily Caller’s winking, knowing fashion — about how the Episcopal Church’s office of Economic and Environmental Affairs is asking Episcopalians to stay mindful of global warming, recycling and reducing carbon dioxide emissions this Good Friday:

“This year Earth Day falls within Holy Week, specifically on Good Friday, a profound coincidence,” said Mike Schut, a church spokesman. “To fully honor Earth Day, we need to reclaim the theology that knows Earth is ‘very good,’ is holy. When we fully recognize that, our actions just may begin to create a more sustainable, compassionate economy and way of life.”

Christians observe Good Friday, the day reserved to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, on the Friday before Easter, which is not celebrated on a fixed date. First observed on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is celebrated to raise awareness about efforts to protect the environment.

Schut continued: “On Good Friday, the day we mark the crucifixion of Christ, God in the flesh, might we suggest that when Earth is degraded, when species go extinct, that another part of God’s body experiences yet another sort of crucifixion — that another way of seeing and experiencing God is diminished?”

The article is very brief but I wanted to highlight it. For one thing, announcements like the one above are somewhat common on the Episcopal Church news lists. The church ties its liturgical calendar to the secular calendar somewhat frequently.

Major Doofus
ATLANTA (AP) - Former President Jimmy Carter says much of the discrimination and abuse suffered by women around the world is attributable to a belief "that women are inferior in the eyes of God."
Should be no limit at all on some highways
SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - Rocker Sammy Hagar, who once sang I Can't Drive 55, might want to move to Texas. The California-born singer may be able to drive 85 miles per hour in the Lone Star State if a measure

Nancy Pelosi is Keynoting this effort to impose a new world order...just so you know who the enemy is.

This weekend, we get two visions of taxpayer-funded solutions to our global economy and the media sponsored by billionaire George Soros. So why are so many in the news media are too short-sighted to notice this?

The New World Order is about making the world one.

The standard of living of the middle class is being pushed down to third world levels. We are merged into a "global labor pool", and that means the standard of living of all workers all over the world is going to be slowly equalized over time.
Your standard of living and the standard of living of virtually everyone that you know is slated to go way down.
First the Bees and now the Bats. This is not good news and it's another indictment of windpower
Not taking actions to help reduce the national rise in bat mortality could cost the United States billions of dollars.

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Twelve Common Mistakes Young Pastors/Leaders Make

Having started in full-time ministry at the age of 22 and pioneering a local congregation at the age of 25, much of this article comes from the “school of hard knocks.” Either I have made each of the following mistakes or I have observed them made by other pastors in my 30+ years of full-time ministry.

My definition of “young” for this article is somewhere between the ages of 20-40. But, of course, this varies with each person’s degree of maturity or immaturity. There may even be many leaders between the ages of 50-80 who exhibit some of these same qualities!

This is not meant to categorize every young person; it is meant to illustrate some of the most common mistakes. But not every young person makes each of these mistakes. Following are some of the most common mistakes.

Twelve Common Mistakes Young Pastors/Leaders Make

Yesterday's Victory

I am pleased with how things came out yesterday.

I did NOT submit to extortion using the legal system of a really bad man.

I let it go to court. Wasted a day of his life. Did myself some good. Embarrassed him again before the Judge. And it cost me little.

This kind of thing can't go on. It won't if people stand up to the extortion.

I smiled all the way home.

It's NOT about Jobs Jobs Jobs

Everyone keeps talking about Jobs Jobs Jobs, as if they come from the Ozone... The reality is business that can't prosper in our economic and regulatory environment won't hire. So, it's Business, Business, Business...Not Jobs Jobs Jobs. When business is good people are hired. IF it's not...they don't. We need a better business environment and Jobs will follow.

Is this the end as predicted in ‎2 Peter 3:7-13?

2 Peter 3:7-13 (New Living Translation)

7 And by the same word, the present heavens and earth have been stored up for fire. They are being kept for the day of judgment, when ungodly people will be destroyed.

8 But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day. 9 The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. 10 But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief. Then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be found to deserve judgment.[a]

11 Since everything around us is going to be destroyed like this, what holy and godly lives you should live, 12 looking forward to the day of God and hurrying it along. On that day, he will set the heavens on fire, and the elements will melt away in the flames. 13 But we are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness.

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Today is the day in 1933 when FDR by fiat, by executive order confiscated all gold in the USA...can happen again

Tuesday Open Thread: Gold Edition

The Left - Watch What They Do, Not What They Say!: The Global Islamic Cyber-Mob

The Left - Watch What They Do, Not What They Say!: The Global Islamic Cyber-Mob: "By Nicholas Contompasis
"As the global Islamic world becomes more connected, we now see an outcropping of discontent that has been suppressed literally since the beginning of time. The face of this discontent is different within each country, but the theme is the same, "change."

No matter what comes, these permanent residents of the third world have nothing to lose by taking the gamble of a lifetime.

With mobile devices each person has now become "The Mouse That Roared." Setting themselves up with global megaphones like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, they are now able to reach not only their own countrymen but the world.

What becomes of this historic moment in time is still to be determined, but one thing is certain, the global Islamic cyber-mob is growing, angry and wants a piece of your ass."

This description in Red fits a lot of people I know in the USA

Years ago, I picked up a tattered but serviceable edition of the great Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Published in 1910, the twenty-eight-volume monument to human curiosity about the “arts, sciences, literature and general information” is a testament to scholarly industry. Compared to the mealy-mouthed reference works that clutter library shelves today, which typically compete to outdo one another in the exhibition of moral relativism, the Eleventh Edition (the common shorthand by which the work is known) is also a testament to a neglected virtue: robust cultural confidence. For a Westerner, it is refreshing to dip into its unembarrassed pages and savor its masculine prose. Volume I, for example (“A” to “Androphagi”), contains a most illuminating article about that once-far-away mountain fastness, Afghanistan. After a few pages about the history, climate, and geography of this Asiatic byway, the writer introduces us to the people, “handsome and athletic” but treacherous.

The Afghans, inured to bloodshed from childhood, are familiar with death, and audacious in attack, but easily discouraged by failure; excessively turbulent and unsubmissive to law or discipline; apparently frank and affable in manner, especially when they hope to gain some object, but capable of the grossest brutality when that hope ceases. They are unscrupulous in perjury, treacherous, vain and insatiable, passionate in vindictiveness, which they will satisfy at the cost of their own lives and in the most cruel manner.

That’s in 1910. Does any of that need to be emended?

I have been thinking about Afghanistan again because of the riots that broke out this weekend. So far about a dozen people, including U.N. and NATO personnel, have been killed and scores injured. Why? Because Terry Jones, the Florida “pastor” who made headlines last September when he threatened to burn copies of the Koran, finally made good on his promise on March 20th, when he presided over a “trial” and burning of the Koran.


If you ever REALLY wondered who's side the media is on

Unions are exercising thuggery in major ways in Wisconsin. If this was me I would already be in jail.

BUT they get away with it and the press gives them a pass.

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Someone Steps Up....

This will really depress you...MONDAY MONDAY

27 reasons we are in deep weeds

Economic Reality

Ed Driscoll » Scary-Ass Charts of the Day

Horse in FRONT of cart would be good this time

Obama started his 2012 campaign today. Raising money. Seems like THIS TIME, even if I don't actually believe it's a real issue, he should give proof of his eligibility constitutionally or he shouldn't start running. I mean, he is out to raise a BILLION dollars for re election. Wouldn't it be something if he got the whole Billion and then OOPS?

Carter Obama Compared

Thinking about OBAMA and Jimmy Carter....

Divided the Nation....CHECK
Weak Kneed Leadership...CHECK
Cities Collapsing in his term....CHECK
Rebellion all over the Middle East....CHECK
Economic Malaise.....CHECK
OIL Crisis.....CHECK
Nuke Plant Disaster and bad response....CHECK
Inflation takes off...CHECK
Interest Rates rising....CHECK

He is Carter Two....

Let's hope he remains so in 2012

I am going to do my level best to see to it he is a ONE TERMER like Carter....

Shut the Government Down - by Judson Phillips

The liberal messaging has started in the drive by media. First the messaging was that the Tea Party was extreme. Then the message became the Tea Party is fading to irrelevance (Yes, GOP. Just vote with those nice liberals so you can abandon everything you claim to believe in and can destroy your base at the same time).

Now the messaging has changed to the end of the world, as we know it. One of Gannett’s newspapers breathlessly reported that a failure to reach a budget deal would cost jobs. The story said that some federal employees would be furloughed and others would work but it was “unclear” if they would be paid. Translation: We can’t really say they won’t get paid so we will simply say something that makes no sense. Does anyone wonder why Gannett is tanking?

Unfortunately for America, the House GOP leadership, under their newly minted white flag logo is likely to cave sometime before Friday’s deadline. Boehner, who was in DC during the last shut down, probably still has nightmares over this.

For Boehner and the House leadership, the objective is to reach a deal. The objective is not to cut spending, only to reach a deal. That is the problem with DC. They have no clue as to what it is like for real Americans.

Real Americans are facing the prospect of $4 a gallon gas. Obama and his team of retread Marxists want that for America. Boehner and the clueless GOP just sit there with a glazed over look on their faces. Real Americans are facing higher prices, unemployment and losing their homes. The House GOP leadership only seems concerned about spring break and making their tee times.

Someone needs to remind the GOP why they are there. We know the Democrats want to destroy the economy. Avowed socialists now control that entire party. They want to destroy the free market economy, because only then can they impose socialism on America. Real Americans do not want socialism. We want liberty and freedom and we want to be represented by people who are serious about trying to maintain our liberty and freedom.

Yesterday, Paul Ryan rolled out a plan to cut $4 trillion from the budget. On the surface, that might sound good; however, as we pointed out yesterday, it is pretty much a joke, as it still allows the national debt to swell to $28 trillion by 2021.

The good news for America is that if Boehner, Cantor and company do not step up, act like they have some principles and start fighting the battle the American people put them in office to fight, they will be replaced.

There are currently some very specific plans by some very serious people to make sure that both Boehner and Cantor not only have primary opposition in the next election but to also make certain they lose their next primary.

Boehner and Cantor can get serious and start cutting hundreds of billions or even a trillion from the budget or face the electoral consequences.

The message from the Tea Party is simple. Get serious or get another job.

This is worth watching if you want the truth about our economic situation

Is America really broke? Michael Moore (and others) tells us that there are oceans of cash being hoarded by the wealthy. But Iowahawk ( did a little addition, and armed with these statistics Bill and the 'Hawk blow a hole in the "hoarding" lie big enough to fit a documentary fil
I agree with this man, we don't have anything close to revival in this nation
A critical and important message from Chad Taylor on Lamentations 4:4-5: "The children cry for bread, but no one has any to give them. The people who once ate the richest foods now beg in the streets for anything they can get. Those who once wore the finest clothes now search the garbage dumps for food..."

The American church is studied out, preached out and burned out

"Quit studying the Living Water and drink it! The American church is studied out, preached out and burned out. Jesus described what he had to give as water, bread, wine and life abundant. The Spirit poured out on all flesh IS the point of the entire bible"

"Every soul craves spiritual satisfaction. Worldly pleasures prove a poor substitute. Those appetites are never satisfied and the emptiness grows because the real need is spiritual. Ironically, when the soul finds "rest in Thee" life's natural pleasures are better enjoyed because they are in their rightful natural use and not used, abused and twisted to serve a purpose never intended" ~Lance-0f-the-love-letters~

Between eight and twenty people were killed and two beheaded in apparent protests of Terry Jones burning a Koran. To try and tie Jones to these killings is about as non-sequitur as it gets. Yeah, he’s pretty much a jerk on a similar level to the Westboro Baptist Church folks, but he didn’t kill anyo
Why aren't Americans being told the truth about the economy? We're heading in the direction of a double dip -- but you'd never know it if you listened to the upbeat messages coming out of Wall Street and Washington.
Even wahabis are coming to Christ. Praise the lord for his love towards the worst of sinners. Muslims, we love you, but Christ loves you more. Answer his call on your life today. You will never regret it.
Here's a truth. ANY Government Job is a net DRAG on the economy. Someone had to pay for it or we had to borrow the money (Or print it). Certainly we need SOME government employees, but millions fewer than we have. IF a few million were laid off it would be a positive for the economy, not a negative. Time to change the idea of "Working for the Government".
Stephen Moore writes in The Wall Street Journal that more Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.
Wait a second before you buy that "over the hill" cake for your buddy's 40th birthday: Research shows that satisfaction and optimism actually increase after we reach middle age, and peak as... Living News Summaries. | Newser

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Obama's Re Election Advertising Begins

A fictional Account of the Future..I didn't write this... You thought I was

Jerusalem, Israel

"January 21, 2013"

..."The Jerusalem Post".....

Yesterday (Sunday January 20, 2013) In Washington, D.C.
The Newly Elected President Of The United States Of America.
After Her Defeating Of The Obama/Clinton Democratic Party Ticket.
The New Republican Elected, Mrs. Sarah Palin (AKA Sarahcuda/Ex-Governor Of Alaska) Issued Her First Executive Order.

As The First Female President Of The United States.
It Came To No Surprise To Those Of America That Voted For Her (77.7%).
That She Would Keep Her First Promise, To Them, As She Finished Taking Her Oath Of Office With Her Left Hand On The Historical Lincoln Bible And A Copy Of The Constitution In Her Right Hand.
She Swore To Uphold Thus Constitution, And In Saying Those Last Words "So Help Me God".
She Added Her Own Words, "In The Name Of Jesus Christ Our Lord".

The Crowd Of Millions Of All Races Of Americans That Gathered For This Historical Moment In America's History, In Washington, D.C..
Roared With One Voice Of Unity The Universal Word " Hallelujah'.
This Seemed Fitting To This Reporter.
Since It Was Sunday, The American's Normal Day Of Worship Of Their God & Ours.

Then In The Crowd One Lone Mexican/American Woman, A "Naturalized Citizen" Started Chanting, "Senora Sarah...Sarah...Sarah.....Sarah!!!!"
Within Seconds The Mass Of Millions Were Calling Out The Newly Elected President's Name.

This Reporter Never Heard Such A Vocalization As This.
The Only Thing That Can Be Compared To The Noise, Was The Roar Of Niagara Falls, This Reporter Heard Once While Visiting The Site.

With The Motion Of Her Hand She Tried To Quail The Crowd's Attention.
But, They Just Got Louder Due To The Fact That Mrs. Palin Was Holding A Copy Of The Constitution In Her Hand At The Time.

Once Realizing This.
She Handed The Document To The First Woman Vice-President Michelle Bachmann.
Who In Turn Unrolled The Document And Ran From One End Of The Podium To The Next End And Back Several Times With The Document Held Out In Front Of Her Showing The Crowd And Pointing At It With Her Left Index Finger.
Shouting While Quoting The Words,"WE THE PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE !!!".

After About 20 Minutes, This Jubilant Crowd, Finally Gave In To The Waves Of Mrs. Palin's Hands To Calm Down.
She Then Began To Speak These Words.
Pausing At Times, As The Crowd Applauded Her, America And Yelled Praises To God.
As They Hung On To Each And Every Word She Had To Say.
"I Promised You ......... As I Was Running For President Of These United States..........
That I Would Keep My Promises ......... And I Will Do Such......... For The Promises I Made Not Only To You......But, Were Made With An Oath Unto GOD Too...........One Of Those Promises Will Take Effect Immediately..........Of Rounding Up And Deportation Of Those That Have Been A Threat To Our Nation........ Those Of The Illegal Alien Status & Of Islamic Or Any Terroristic Nature Toward Our Nation.
But, There Was One Secret Surprise Promise ........ That I Said I Would Tell You ......After I Took My Oath Of Office As President.........And I Will Sign It As My First Executive Order ........ Signing It Here In Front Of You And Act Upon It Immediately.

At Those Words Mrs. Palin Took A Pen From Mrs. Bachmann And Signed The Document.
Then Handed It Over To The Secretary Of State, Alan Keyes And Told Him.
"Now Go Do Your Job."

The Crowd Was Dumbfounded To What The Order Was.
When President Palin Stepped Up To The Microphone And Said.
"I Just Gave My First Order ....... As Commander-In-Chief To Two Great American Patriots.......Our New Secretary Of State, Allen Keyes & Another Great Patriot We All Have Confidence In, The Head Over Homeland Security ....... The Newly Promoted 5 Star General And Over The All The Armed Forces, General Allen West, To Track Down & Arrest ........ Those Traitors Of These United States .........During The Last 4 Plus Years & Many Years Beyond.

Those Of The Congress, .........The Supreme Court,.........Other Court Systems.......And Some Former Presidents Are Included In This Order......Those Who Sided With The Enemies Of America....... All Will Come Before Our Court Systems In Israel & America......And I Guarantee ........ They Will Be Prosecuted To The Maximum Penalty That Our Two Nations Laws Allow....... Weather It Is Imprisonment Or Death.......
It's My ....... Understanding.........That Word Was Leaked Out ....... And Some Have Fled Our Nation To Mexico & Lands Beyond Our Shores........... But, We Shall Prevail And .......Bring Them To Justice."

Then She Continued, "I Have But Two More Things To Say........Then We Must Leave This Celebration & Get Down To Business......... First...... Hope & Change Stops Here....... This Constitution (Holding Up The Document) Is Just Fine .......The Way Our Forefathers Wrote It Up."

The Crowd Roared.
Then Slowly Began To Calm Down To Hear Every Word Mrs. Palin Had To Say.

"Barack Hussein Obama's Name ........ And All He Did To Our Nation ....... The Lasted Four Years Are Now ....... And Forever Null & Void........ They Will Be Deleted From Our History ...... This Will Be Done !!!"
"My Bloodhounds,.......... Those Of America's Friends In The Nation Of Israel, ...... Are At The Present Moment.......Tracking Him Down In Kenya, To Where He Fled Over A Month Ago."
He Thought He Would Be Safe ........ And Get Away With What He Did To Us ..... All Of Us, In This Great "GOD" Given Nation Of America.......
Well,...... Not When This Hockey Mom ........ Is In Charge Of The Puck. Enjoy Your Nation's Victory.......God Bless America......God Bless Israel........God Bless You."

With That She Turned And Walk With Mrs. Bachmann, At Her Side, To The Limo.
Then On To The White House.
While The People Of The United States Continued The Celebration, Way Past Midnight, Singing The Words Of The Old Songs, "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic", "This Land Is Your Land", "God Bless America" & Many Other Patriotic Songs.
This Reporter Has Never Seen Such Freedom & Jubilee In America's National Capitol As He Has Seen This Day.

This Morning, As The Sun Came Up, In A Village, In Kenya.
Israeli Commandos Captured Barry Soetoro Hiding In A Cave Near His Grandmother's House.
The Former President Gave Up Peacefully With No Resistances.
It Was Said He Started To Cry And Pray To allah.
When One of The Female Commandos Told Him To "Shut His Mouth".
He Then Stopped And Lowered His Head Into His Hands.
A Defeated Man.
He Is In A Israeli Jail In Jerusalem Waiting For Transport To The Newly Restored Gitmo In Cuba.
He Is To Join Others That Are There At The Present.
Including The Recently Captured By The Israeli Defense Force.
The Fugitive Osama Bin Laden And Many Other Of His Cohorts Of The "New World Order" And Other Head Terrorists That Has Been Caught In The Last 6 Months By The I.D.F......

Reported By: Benjamin Davidson, Tele Aviv, Israel

Of Course We All Know This Is Just A Tale.
A Dream Of Many, If Not All, True Patriotic Americans.
And Many In Israel.
But, All I Can Say Is.
We Can Dream, ........... Can't We ???
For Dreams Do Come True.

See More