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My brother in Christ from Nigeria who is currently touring and preaching in England wrote this cautionary and encouraging thesis. We must be careful of people who come as Angels of Light, so called Apostles He called them. This is good teaching:


2Corinthians 11:13-15
13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

God in His infinite mercy does not want to leave His children desolate or lonely. That is why He sent to us another Comforter, the Holy Spirit to stand with us and guide us in the journey of life. It is absolutely impossible for anybody to enter into His ultimate season and fulfilment without the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps by enabling us to discern the times and seasons and also to respond to the call of destiny. He is the power that works in us. Halleluyah!

One of the key areas where we urgently require the help of the Holy Spirit in our life is in our relationships with others. We truly cannot do without other people, by any means in our life. We may either need somebody or somebody needs us. However, the challenge we face is that not all that come our way are true and real. Camouflage, hypocrisy and deception are daily living with us. There are a lot of pretenders and liars among the supposed people of God who so much enjoy illusion with all relish. In fact some people seem to thrive and flourish upon deception. But unfortunately, their joy will be short-lived.

How do we avoid the danger of placing our trust, confidence and partnership with liars and deceivers? In what way shall we be able to counteract the ominous torrents of grand deception among those who seem to be so religious. We seem to have less problem today with sinners and unbelievers, but with those who claim to know the Book. First of all we need to understand the origin of this evil deception.

Let us take a careful look at our text again:

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, TRANSFORMING themselves into the apostles of Christ.
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is TRANSFORMED into an angel of light.
15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be TRANSFORMED as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. 2Corinthians 11:13-15

Negative transformations do take place among men, even when they fail to discover them, and ultimately fail to nip them in the bud. We are not in any wise helped when we lack discernment. This could be a very costly disadvantage that we should detest. First, we can see in this Scriptural passage that false apostles, fake ‘Christian leaders’ can actually transform or change so that they may look in every way like the true ones. Secondly Satan himself, the very chief master-minder of evil has the ability to do this transformation also so much so that he may appear like an angel of light. Thirdly, ministers of Satan can also be transformed negatively to look every bit like ministers of righteousness.

This third level of satanic transformation is the most tricky and critical in the sense that an actual minister of Satan can become a ‘minister of righteousness’. The Lord taught me some few years ago that what a preacher seems to be preaching or ministering is not enough to determine his status. Ministering righteousness seems to be all important and absolute, but the truth is that it is possible for a man to be saying the truth, emphasising what is right without living right. It is possible that an actually wicked person can be used of God to say what is right and even minister and be a blessing to other people and yet be unapproved by God. A lot of deception has overwhelmed this generation to the extent that every one who seems to be preaching or teaching from the Bible may not have the Spirit of God. They can be full of letters and have not the Spirit. They themselves can be slaves of sin and yet be preaching against sin. They can even be so much sold out to hypocrisy and lust that they eventually lose every sense of guilt or scruples.

Another danger is that it seems some people have grown and learnt over the years the attitudes of religion, religious mannerism and languages that we become easily deceived to believe that they are of God. Unfortunately, they are mere actors who are only playing a role and using a script, they don’t really mean what they say. It may even take a very long time to discover such, because they must have been wielding a lot of influence and impact in the Church and so many unwary crowd of followers troop after them and have been ‘greatly blessed’ through their ‘ministry’. ‘As an angel of light’ such men are first of all angels. They have the appearance of purity and sanctimony; they are also ‘of light’ in the sense that they may be using Scriptures skilfully , quoting the Word copiously….But don’t be deceived.

God is never deceived. No one can successfully hoodwink or cajole Him! He looks into the heart while men judge only by what they see in the natural. We are living at time when Satan, the great deceiver has diligently perfected is strategy over the ages and we now have sophisticated and experienced ministers of the evil one. Bless God, it is not really difficult to discover such intricate men of dual personality: by their fruits they shall be known. They may not be hidden forever. God Himself reserves the power to disgrace them and disclose their nakedness before all.

Therefore, let us make ourselves open before God and make a determination to not live a double life. Let us be truly, single-heartedly and wholly given to the Lord for He is worthy of all of our devotion. Hence, we shall have no place in our lives for the service of any other god and so give no place to Satan. Our God will keep us to the very end and we shall not fail in Jesus’ name.

Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. {to the...: or, evermore} Heb 7:25

Therefore, let us rejoice, our God is up to the task, even as we come to Him with a true heart and love unfeigned. He can never fail. Shalom.

How the War in Iraq was Won (no thanks to traitor Murtha)

From Baghdad. You read it yourself. We won.

The Left is in denial.

They are always decades behind.

They still believe in Jimmy Carter.

A Movie Every Liberal Atheist will Want to See

Trend to Watch, Big discretionary donors are not giving money to Churches

I can't tell you all I know about this. I can tell you this is a trend that two years from now George Barna will report on.

I just thought you would want to know about it ahead of time. I am tapped into the inner circle of some international ministries. And some Churches. I keep my ear to the ground and have spotted a trend that could be troubling particularly if you lead a Church.

Big Money has become discouraged with the Church in America. It no longer believes the Church has the ability to get things done. Big Money has decided that it will find strategic spiritual movers and shakers to take the money they want to invest in building the kingdom of God and fulfilling the great commission. They want more bang for their buck than they are currently getting from the Church.

Oh, they will support their local church. But when they want impact they are investing their money elsewhere.

An early harbinger of this was Joan Kroc's gift of a Billion Dollars to the Salvation Army. Then we saw Warren Buffett give most of his money to the Gates Foundation for distributional effectiveness. Big Givers no longer believe in the effectiveness of the Local Church.

The idea of creating a foundation to survive you and perpetuate your giving has fallen on disrepute. The Tribune's McCormick foundation has become a liberal pro abortion, pro gay rights, anti American foundation that must send conservative McCormick spinning at 5000 rpms in the grave.

IF you are a person of means, morals and a conservative who is still alive and in control of billions of dollars, you may want to find a way to have an effective answer to the strident atheism and liberal trends in America as a legacy . If you wanted to fund an evangelical witness to stand against the encroaching global Islamic expansion around the world where would YOU put your money? In First Baptiluthercostal Church or in some more focused ministry.

I mention that because in the last 7 days I have received information from very large ministries on a back channel that huge money is being offered to them right now. Just come up with an effective strategy to use it for the kingdom (which doesn't include bigger buildings, larger salaries or a Rolls for the Pastor) and they are ready to fund it.

One man, local to Chicagoland told me personally, "Gene, We've just been offered hundreds of millions of dollars if we can just demonstrate a plan that would help get the job done". Another friend of mine said, "they just came in and gave me a Hundred Thousand dollars and said, use it well, and there's lots more where that came from". The hundred grand was a test.

Trust me, they are and they will. I know these men. They get things done.
The world, even the nominal Christian world, sees the threat of a takeover of our culture by Islam in America and Europe as a threat, not only to our future but the the economic well being of the Globe. They also see the continued decline of morals and standards in America and see a church impotent against them.

The claims of Islam are unanswered by the Church of Jesus. Amoral leaders stand and mock God openly. Look at San Francisco a few weeks ago. The Leather Last Supper.

This is a time of tremendous opportunity for those with wisdom. This will become a time of financial drought for those without vision. Ministries and churches judged as ineffective are about to find it's going to get harder and harder to make it. I mentioned a few days ago that there were ministries and churches I would never give a dime to. I a few cases I hope they close up shop. There are others who in my opinion do great and wonderful things. I'm small potatoes compared to the Wal-Mart Heirs for example. They have money in amounts that invested with the right ministry outreach could make a real difference globally. Their survival as a people and even as a corporation depends on continued freedom, not Sharia law.

The church may survive but it is slowly perishing for a lack of vision. The great commission has been forgotten to create the Sunday Morning Great Convention. This is Judgment beginning in the House of the Lord. Evenso, come Lord Jesus.

Vioxx, Merck and McDonalds

The big headline in the business news today is that Merck company has settled with 47,000 plaintiffs regarding it's Vioxx which according to the plaintiffs caused heart attacks. That at first blush seems to mean that the 47,000 who were awarded a total of 4.85 billion according to my math should be getting a check in the mail for say, a hundred thousand dollars each. You'd think that but then you wouldn't understand how these deals really work.

I'm not discussing the merit or lack of in this case. I am discussing the injustice system that allows lawyers to take all the money without a gun or mask. I have personally known these lawyers who chase down and mug big companies. One was a big time lawyer in Florida who was a key lawyer in the Tobacco settlement of some years ago. He became an incredibly rich man overnight as a result of this settlement. It's all a scam to enrich the legal trade.

This wasn't a class action suit like tobacco exactly, but it acted like one. The plaintiffs "Won" $4,850,000,000. Sounds like a lots doesn't it.

Hold on, Have you EVER been part of one of these mass settlement cases? I have. Class action. Three times.

The one that was the most discouraging was after the settlement, I got a letter from the class action attorneys that said in essence, "here's the settlement, here's how much money we took, and here's what you get".

I got enclosed in the envelope, and this is no lie, a coupon to get a discount on McDonalds hamburgers amounting to about ten bucks. The settlement was for billions. In all three class action suits the biggest I ever got was a check for $18.
So, let's see how this goes.

$4,850,000,000 ( a little over a hundred grand per plaintiff average)
  • Lawyers get about a third off the top
  • minus Administrative expenses
  • minus Costs to Distribute the Money (the settlement is paid into a fund)
  • Then is comes to you, it comes as a structured settlement, that means over time, like winning a million dollars at a dollar a year for a million years
  • and there will be rules on who and how the payouts happen.
The average payout is expected to be between $10-40,000 paid over several years. What happened to the Million each. The lawyers got most of it. Oh, there will be a half dozen instant millionaire stories as fodder for the press that will make everyone think everything worked out. It didn't.

Merck made a good deal,

The lawyers made a better one.

Only the plaintiffs got screwed. The Understatement of the year is from this story:
"I think many individual plaintiffs are going to be disappointed with the amounts."


I hope they don't eat up all their hamburger discounts at one time, that might cause a heart attack and then we'd have to sue McDonalds. Wait, I take that back, I'll bet right now some lawyer is punching up his spreadsheet to see how much money he could skim off a deal like that.

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As heard on Paul Harvey today

I have been in this fix and this desperate.

Of course that was long ago.

Still in all.......

Hello, 911?

Understanding the Church, The Body of Christ and The Kingdom of God, you must first understand the nature of prophet and apostle in God's Government

In a family, when a family is well ordered, there is a mother and a father . There is a hierarchy but it is based in love, honor, respect and is under the headship of Jesus.

In a church or any other organization of the kingdom the same is true.

When the Bible says there is order in the Church when it is built upon the Apostles and Prophets, if you read the whole passage in context you "Get" it.

As my friend Barry's Friend Harry says, "READ THE TEXT"

"Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the Chief Cornerstone. In Him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit." Ephesians 2:19-22

My grief last Sunday was about the fact that many churches are single parent families. Or in some cases Foster Homes without neither parent (as the passage says), neither Apostle nor Prophet present. A nanny charged with homeless waifs being housed for a brief time or until the money runs out is what many churches look like in the Spirit.

Read the text again. In the Gene Revised Version it would say,

You aren't strangers in a strange land any more, you are a full member of the family. You are a "God's Man or Woman". We are family. Our family is nurtured by two parents who direct and administer the uncertainties in our lives. They daddy Apostle and mother Prophet. As they work together to unite us under the Lordship of Jesus, you and I become a supernatural building where God comes and dwells. Our unity as a family on this foundation of Apostles and Prophets is creating Heaven right here on earth as His Spirit comes and dwells among us.

If you ever had a doubt as why both the Apostolic and Prophetic are essential to a healthy family, take a look at the mess our culture is in with all the single moms or dads trying to raise productive children to go out and start their own families.

What is going on in the natural right now is going on in the church right now.

We have too many foster homes and too many single parent households of faith.

Let's restore the two parent household.

Norwegian Terrorists

Because it is somehow not PC to admit there are radical terrorists of a certain religion because a percentage of them are "moderate" we must couch our terminology to reflect sensitivity.

This article about one of those Horrible World Domination Bent Norwegians who writes poetry is pretty good reason for all of us to think seriously the magnitude of the threat posed by the Norwegians among us.

Just to show you what kind of poetry comes from those terror minded bards of Norway here are a couple examples for you to mull over:

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Pastor's Batterson and Houston Wisdom

I don't personally know Brian Houston, I do personally know Mark Batterson. The two of them are very effective and successful pastors of two world changing Churches.

Brian Houston is Pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia. You may have heard of them.

Mark is Pastor of several churches in Washington DC.

They were together at a conference in California where they are trying to help Pastors of Churches needing a breakthrough. I know churches needing a breakthrough. So, in the interest of those good men of God, here's what Brian Houston of Hillsong said that meant something to Mark:

"Don't worry about the periphery. Focus on the core. Every church has a soul. And the soul of the church will determine its destiny."

an agenda--wrong motivations--will keep you out of the core."

"There are just some things you won't be able to do in a few months or a few years.
You need a long-term committed to pastoring."

Brian talked some about the pattern principle in II Timothy 1:13: "Hold on to the pattern of right teaching you learned from me."

Every church has a pattern--a pattern of negativity or positivity, a pattern of responsibility or inconsistency, a pattern of complacency or conviction. What pattern are you perpetuating?

A few more

"Your accent won't make you a foreigner here. Your attitude will."

"Meditate. Think concepts through. The best messages come out of meditation."

My biggest enemy is busyness. I'm trying to unbusy myself."

Stay normal."

Mark Spoke to this Conference as well and had these "10 most important things I have learned in the last 10 years of Ministry".
1) Pray ridiculous prayers
2) Be Yourself
3) Put Your Family First
4) Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective
5) Leaders are Readers
6) Everything is an Experiment
7) 1% of What You Do Makes 99% of the Difference
8) Church is a tag-team sport
9) The Most Important and Most Difficult Job of a leader is creating culture
10) Market Internally
Color highlights are mine and are there for emphasis. Let those with ears to hear, hear. I will not comment on what Brian and Mark said. I could, but those things speak for themselves. Sometimes going to school on what others do that make it work better than we do is wise.

You're welcome.

The Spirit of FEAR

I mentioned a couple days ago of the spirit of fear that the enemy is putting on the world. It's being put on God's people too.

The good news is Prophets were released in declaring the neutralization of this spirit by the power of God in Churches open to the prophetic word.

Here's a partial list of things the devil wants us to be afraid of:
  • High gas prices
  • Inflation
  • Deflation
  • War in Iran
  • Nuclear weapons in the hands of the Taliban in Pakistan
  • Falling value of the Dollar
  • Shrinking Middle Class
  • Terrorism in Malls in America
  • Comets blowing up in the Sky
  • Islam taking over the world
  • Dirty Bombs
  • Nuclear War
  • Turkey invading Iraq
  • Drought in the Southeast
  • Wildfires in California
  • Stock Market Falling
  • Housing Crisis
  • Credit Collapse
  • Political Division
  • Deficits
  • Disaster
  • Discouragement
That's a pretty long list. You may be able to add to it.

Now, here's the question. You could find yourself wrapped up in fear about any or all of these. Which of these can you do ANYTHING about today? Tomorrow? If by worry can you add one year, one month, one week, one day, one minute to your span of life? NO. Matthew 6:27 "Which of you, by being anxious, can add one moment to his lifespan?

So all your worry has no effect except to sap you of your victory. More important than that, all your worry can make you ILL. It can so possess you that you will become inert and useless to the Kingdom of God. God did NOT give you a spirit of fear, but of Love, Joy and a Sound Mind.

This is a concerted attack on the spirit of a nation. An attack to cause you to give up. An attack to cause you to ask, "where's God in all this".

Here's what the Lord has to say:
I didn't send this fear, but I am using the fear sent by the enemy of your souls to help you cleave only to ME. I am your hiding place. Enjoy your life. Trust me. Know I am for you and not against you. This is a new day. Things are shaking all around you, don't fear, I am still God of all the universe and of your lives.

You can trust in me, I will never ever leave you or forsake you. You will have victory even when your circumstances seem to scream otherwise.

Fear Not. I say again, Fear Not. The shaking that is going on will produce much good fruit. Look up, your redemption draws nigh.
And, that was the prophetic word that God brought on Sunday last. Corey Pelly had one nuance, he said, start your Christmas shopping early, enjoy the season. Sing Carols, drink punch. Relax, it's a new beginning. (2008) 8 is the number of new beginnings. It's also the Jewish Year 5758. New Beginnings. We're already in it.


Human Cause Global Warming is a SCAM

I didn't say that. The founder of the Weather Channel said it.

In time, a decade or two, the outrageous scam will be obvious. As the temperature rises, polar ice cap melting, coastal flooding and super storm pattern all fail to occur as predicted everyone will come to realize we have been duped. The sky is not falling. And, natural cycles and drifts in climate are as much if not more responsible for any climate changes underway. I strongly believe that the next twenty years are equally as likely to see a cooling trend as they are to see a warming trend.

What's interesting are the names of all the real scientists and meteorologists who are a part of a climate change think tank. I mean honest to good people who know what they are talking about, not some boring guy who makes a slide show and scams the world out of a Nobel Prize.

Someday we will be astounded at what dupes we really were.

Tarry in Jerusalem

Right now in America one of the major Pentecostal Denominations has changed it's standard for ordination.
If you desired to be ordained in this Pentecostal organization up till very recently one of the requirements is that you would have to be, well, Pentecostal.  That would mean you embrace and practice all 9 of the gifts in 1 Corinthians 12.   That includes the gateway gift that if you don't practice it, calls into question the function of any of the rest.  In other words, if you don't know how to open the door on the car you probably won't be able to drive.
There are "Pentecostal" denominations ordaining ministers who are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues. 
If you don't speak in Tongues, I don't believe you are filled with the Holy Ghost.  I don't think you can split out the two like a bad buffet meal.  It's part of the package. 
I used to believe that in a politically correct way I would answer people who would ask me, "can a person be baptized in the Holy Ghost and not speak in tongues?"
The root of their question was, "I have prayed to receive the Holy Ghost and believe I have, yet I don't speak in Tongues". 
I didn't answer as clearly then as I would now.  I do NOT believe that a person who is filled with the Holy Ghost as Jesus commanded us to be can be filled and NOT speak in Tongues. 
There is no scriptural evidence that anyone after Pentecost in the Bible ever received the Holy Spirit and didn't speak with new Tongues.
Here's the Conclusions I Come To:
  • No one should be ordained in a Pentecostal Organization without speaking in Tongues. 
  • We should quit giving people a pass, when a person really receives the Holy Ghost it so changes their lives they are revolutionized in faith and action, why wouldn't you want to.
  • Everyone I have ever known who claimed to be filled with the Holy Ghost but DIDN'T speak in tongues either fell away or struggled in faith to this day.
  • Any person who is a minister, elder or leader in any church who is NOT filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in Tongues is not truly biblically qualified for the position they hold.
I would enjoy argument, but I suspect I'll get none.  You know that according to the word of God all of what I have just said is true.  If you are a Pentecostal leader or even a denominational leader and you allow people who are not full of the Spirit of the Living God to stand in leadership you are violating the principles for church leadership as laid out in the Bible. 
That is causing all kinds of problems and confusion leading to liberalism, homosexuals in the pulpit, gay marriage and abortion right in the Church of Jesus.
I speak particularly to Pentecostal Leaders.  I don't care what the other guys are doing, if you even think about putting anyone in a leadership position, particularly ordaining them, without the fullness of the Gospel, Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in Tongues you are sinning against the mandates of the Living God. 
Repent.  Be Baptized in the Holy Ghost!
Or drift into apostasy and lukewarm inert toothless Christianity in name only. 
At least take the word Pentecostal out of your mission statement.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

God Uses Assyria Once Again

I haven't heard it yet, but I'm sure cries of lies and persecution will come from some of my favorite people in all the world. TV Evangelists. Particularly the ones just send a letter from Charles Grassley of Iowa.

  • Benny Hinn, Great teacher, he releases the power of God and pushes back against the devil in so many good ways.
  • Joyce Meyer from whom I have grasped some great life confirming and spirit releasing truth.
  • Ken and Gloria Copeland who were and are recipients of gifts financial and otherwise from us. I use Gloria's faith to faith devotional. My email is Cfaith. That C stands for Copeland. I know all about the excesses. I'm not a slave. But in this case to me the oxen is worthy of his hire.
  • Eddie Long who is a leader extraordinary. He is apostolic in every way. I respect him but know little about him.
  • Creflo Dollar who is one of the better Bible Preachers on the planet. If I lived in his area i might be a member of his church.
  • And, Randy and Paula White who I really know nothing about so i have no comment.

ALL are under the gun right now. God sent out a whistle and here
come the Assyrians from the hills. This is not punishment, this is not false accusation, this is the discipline of God. No one loves discipline while it is happening but it's essential and will cause them to be better or crush them.

Some ministries fail after these investigations. Some heal up. Some prosper afterwards. When the pressure is turned up what's inside comes out.

Creflo, Copelands, Meyer and Hinn will survive. Long and the Whites, I don't know.

Everyone needs this kind of pressure from time to time to keep them right. You do. I do. It's how we respond to the Rod of God coming down from the hills that reveals our heart.

I'll pray for you brethren, that you will be refined as by fire. I hope if you are a minister you don't take much pleasure in this situation. Except for the grace of God, it's YOU. God will deal with you as well.

The United Islamic Republic of America

Hyperbole? I don't think we can assume so. Maybe we should look at what is really in store for you, me, our children and grandchildren if we "Lose" the war on terror and the Islamists take over as they hope to in the USA. We have a dire future. They nearly have Europe on the ropes. It may be too late for England. This from a new book, "Schmoozing with Terrorists" featured on WMD.

Madonna and Britney Spears stoned to death? Bars and clubs closed down? Church bells banned? That's just a taste of what Americans have to look forward to if terrorists ever took over the U.S. and imposed Islamic law, according to a new book.

In one chapter of the recently released "Schmoozing with Terrorists: From Hollywood to the Holy Land, JIhadists Reveal their Global Plans – to a Jew!" author and WND Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein petitioned Mideast terror leaders to describe day-to-day life in the U.S. if al-Qaida won the war on terror.

"Once Islam dominates, anyone living inside the Islamic state must abide by our rules. There is no choice. You will abide or face the punishment," said Muhammad Abdel-El, the spokesman and a senior leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror organization.

Sheik Abu Saqer, a prominent Gaza-based preacher, a founder of the Sword of Islam terror group and a subscriber to the ideology of al-Qaida, explained if Islam controls the U.S., all American women, whether Muslim or not, must cover their hair.

"This is the demand of our religion. Being and walking naked doesn't mean that you are enjoying more freedom; it means that you are going against Allah's laws and you are serving the enemies of Islam who want to empty our Islamic society from its values. Uncovered heads is a form of nudity."

Yasser Hamad, a cleric and a Hamas leader in the northern West Bank, explained in "Schmoozing" Islamic law enforcers would at first try to persuade American woman to cover their heads, but eventually females would be forced. Those women who refuse may be stoned.

Asked by Klein whether stoning was too harsh a punishment, Hamad replied:

"If you don't respect the local law in America, if you don't pay taxes, if you drive on a red light, aren't there sanctions used against you by your government? Of course there are and it's okay with you. Why is there a problem when it comes to the Islamic state that wants to impose its rules?"

Hamad and other terror leaders stated all Jews and Christians living in the U.S. once Islam takes over would need to pay the jizya – a special protection tax – and other special taxes for non-Muslims, including one for the right to cultivate land. Non-Muslims cannot own land themselves.

Saqer said no new synagogues or churches can be built in the Islamic state. Existing houses of worship may remain, but services cannot be conducted loudly or in any public fashion. The ringing of church bells or blowing of the ceremonial Jewish shofar would be forbidden, the terror leaders said.

Asked about crime and punishment, Hamad explained, "For every sin and crime there is a sanction:"

"Prostitution: one hundred whippings; if the prostitute was married, he or she will be stoned until death; for a thief, his hand will be cut. But before enjoying the primitive nature of Islam and before you express how much you are shocked by our rules, I must say that these are not immediate sanctions, but they are used only if the person was warned."

Hamad explained prostitution doesn't mean selling sex; he said the Islamic definition applies the term to all extramarital sexual relations. But he boasted Islam's allowing men to marry many women was a perfect remedy for prostitution.

"In order to prevent prostitution and before reaching the sanctions of stoning or whipping, we will marry all our unmarried young. By the way, Islam allows the man to marry four women, so if he or she keeps practicing sex outside marriage and prostitution, in this case the sanctions mentioned in Quran will be used."

The terror leaders all said alcohol would be banned and American movies and television would be shut down.

"American culture is very cheap and very corrupting. Your American culture is based on capitalism, on democracy, sex, and other principles that go against the nature of human beings as Allah created. We will fight all that this culture represents and promotes," said sheik Saleh Faraj, one of the main leaders of the Islamic Liberation Party in the West Bank.

What about freedom of the press in the American Islamic state? The terrorists said once Islam rules us, American media outlets that don't conform to disseminating Islamic messages will be closed. They said the NY Times, CNN, the Washington Post would all be banned.

"The media will be closed not because there will be no freedom but because what is the logic of allowing the activity of media that can endanger the political and social stability of our state?" said Nasser Abu Aziz, no. 2 of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the northern West Bank.

The terrorists took particular offense at the FOX News Channel, which some called a "network of evil."

Abu Abdullah said, "The evil FOX encourages a lack of respect to Islam and resistance movements and will cause moral confusion and negative political influence."

There is a possibility American music may be altogether banned if Islam takes over. Saqer explained in "Schmoozing," some Islamic experts and sages, including those of the school of Egyptian scholar Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, allow music; while others, like those belonging to the Islamic Salafite school, forbid music.

Asked about American pop music icons, multiple terror leaders had never heard of many top singers but Klein said they were all familiar with Madonna and Britney Spears.

"Unfortunately, I heard the names of Madonna and Spears on [Arab] television when parents complain that their children neglect their studies and their values because they are influenced by your cheap American music that you call culture," said Saqer.

Hamas's Abu Abdullah said,
"At the beginning, we will try to convince Madonna and Britney Spears to follow Allah's way. But I honestly don't think they will follow. If they persist with their whoring music, we will prevent them by force. I don't think that I can be in the same place with these singers. They might be killed if they do not respect our laws."

The Committee's Abdel-El, whose group previously bombed Americans, said,
"Their music video clips will be forbidden and these whores Madonna and Spears will be thrown in jail until they admit they made sins and return to the moral way. If they don't, they will be stoned to death or eighty times hit with a belt."

Abdel-El said even before Islam takes over America, he would personally kill Madonna and Spears if he ran into them.

"If I meet these whores I will have the honor – I repeat, I will have the honor – to be the first one to cut the heads of Madonna and Britney Spears."

In "Schmoozing," the terrorists stress repeatedly their goal is a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

"We see already in America a nucleus of Islam, a base for Islam. This will become bigger, stronger, more important, until Islam will take control and will seize the power in America and the world," said Faraj.

Abdel-El affirmed, "America will be overthrown. We are seeing more and more signs that prove that the process had already started."

Among the highlights of "Schmoozing with Terrorists":

* Terror leaders dish on loudmouth, anti-war celebrities such as Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda and Richard Gere and even sound off about American talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

* Jihadists list their U.S. election favorites, mouth off about politicians and even threaten to kill one 2008 presidential candidate.

* Klein and friends confront well-armed senior terrorists about whether suicide bombers really get 72 virgins after their deadly operation.

* Terror groups funded, trained and armed by the U.S.? American tax dollars donated to schools that double as terror training zones and jihadist recruitment grounds? A shocking expose on how your tax dollars fund terrorism!

* Bibles used as toilet paper, synagogues as rocket launching zones? Meet the leaders of the most notorious holy site desecrations in history.

* The under-reported story of Christian persecution in the Middle East as told by the antagonists and victims

* Terrorists even offer tips on how to win the war on terror!

This is Gene again. I have been combative with Ron McKinzie regarding the war on terror. As much as I hate to admit it and let me be clear I'm not really "admitting it" yet, the idea of bombing Islam into submission may have been a flawed strategy. I will tell you far less than I know. Major policy and financial influence has shifted very recently to focus on the conversion of Muslims to defang the threat.

Oh, there will be those who think if we were all Buddhists, or were kabballists or atheists there would not be such a situation.

Not true. There's nothing in it.

Jesus is the only answer for the world today. HMMM sounds like a song.

But, if we are going to save the USA we will have to turn the hearts of people that hate us and change the hearts of those who live here. There is a major shift going on.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Anatomy of a Prophetic Download

If you wonder how it all works, I'm about to pull aside the veil.

God had a message for his people last week. It had to do with not fearing all the things going on in the world right now. I won't give the prophecy here. It's important, but later.

Sunday Morning about 2AM I was awakened. I got a message from the throne room. A download. At first I thought it was just for me. But in a little while I realized I was getting a message for others.

I heard as a foundation that the enemy has made a concerted effort to put fear in the world. Heart failing fear. Faith blinding fear.

I then knew that this word was for the people of God for whom I as a prophet am responsible.

I didn't go to church in the morning. I knew that there would be no outlet to the prophetic warning I had received. I didn't need the frustration of carrying a critical word and not deliver it. Those people in that church did not get what God hoped he could have given them.

That afternoon I gave the full prophetic download to the congregation in Berwyn. They heard what God had to say to his people. They were set free.

They are armed and ready to face the attack of the enemy.

That night we made the trip to Rockford. I wondered if God would have me give the prophetic utterance as I had that afternoon. I waited to see what the spirit of the Lord would say. During worship Corey said, "The enemy is coming against God's people with fear, don't fear, have faith". It went on.

Then, a bit later Pastor Lyon gave the message he had just received that afternoon. Guess what the word was. "Fear not. Don't fall for the enemy's scheme".

After the sermon, a message in Tongues came. Guess what the interpretation was. Don't be afraid. Don't look at circumstances around you. The fear is not from ME (God).

Coincidence? Not on your life. That's what God is doing. In churches and meetings all across the USA that same message was brought to any churches open to the prophetic. In churches where the prophetic word is hidden the people left in the same fear and trepidation they walked in with. The word of freedom and victory was never heard. The truth that sets people free was never given.

How do I know? I have already spoken to other pastors and they in fact were bringing this same message thinking that it was something that "Just occurred to them". This is a fabulous thing God does now. He has enough prophets in place to bring in real time a message he wants to bring.

When Pastor Dan was alive we never knew what he might say. Even if he had a series he was preaching he would depart and give a word that he might have just received if it didn't come forth from the congregation in open prophetic utterance.

That's the way God intended his Church to operate. Read 1 Corinthians 14.

I am of he opinion that unless the denominational church begins to embrace the prophetic it will die. How can God communicate with his people when he has something he wants to say something that is an Issachar moment? We don't need more teaching, we don't need more preaching. We need the Prophetic word of God and the Apostolic declaration that releases it.

Or we will continue to be like the years between Malachi and Matthew. Or the days before Samuel became the Prophet.

“The boy Samuel ministered before the LORD under Eli. In those days the Word of the LORD was rare; there were not many visions”(I Sam. 3:1).

Then hear the prophecy of Amos . . .

“Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord God, “When I will send a famine on the land, not a famine for bread, or a thirst for water, but rather for hearing the words of the Lord” (Amos 8:11).

No vision is followed by, as Amos prophecies, “ . . . a famine of hearing the words of the Lord.” Could it be that this prophecy is coming to fulfillment in our day? One writer said, “The absence of God’s revelation leads to the loss of controls and disciplined living.” You see, my friends, according to the first part of Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no revelation (no vision, no understanding), the people cast off restraint (lose control).

We are living in those days right now. God isn't happy about all this foolishness. He wants to speak to his people. Let me be clear. He will speak to his people and will bring down every wall of separation between him and his people, even if it's a denomination, a church or a pastor.

Choose this day who you will serve. God or Mammon?

What is takes to Reap the Harvest of Souls Jesus sees

If the fields are ripe, and they are, why are we so bad at soul harvesting. Luke 10:2-3

I have a friend who was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost about the time I was in the early 1980's. We went to the same church. We encouraged each other and grew in faith. Those were amazing times. I have written of this in the past.

His name is Peter Mehl. His ministry is Russian Harvest Ministries. They have planted thousands of churches and thousands have come to Christ for real under his ministry. He is sold out and passionate.

He is an apostolic preacher. Here are some notes from some of his sermons. They are not for the faint of heart.

He makes the Bible come alive by pronouncing that the very Molecules of God are in the Word.

The Bible is not a book about God – it actually contains God.

  • His breath, His Spirit, His life is within it.

In another sermon he says, we are created for war.

Heroism does not have gender or color. Heroes come from all walks of life.
  • The greatness of Christianity is that every person has a unique gift and calling.
  • Every Christian counts.
  • Every believer has an assignment.
  • Everyone has been allocated a piece of God’s plan.
  • Even people who have never surrendered to Jesus believe there is a reason for them being born.
In a sermon called Advancing upon the Gates of Hell he says:

Will it be with most ardent zeal and intense exertion or “Ho-Hum” run of the mill Christianity prevalent in way to many churches? How will you respond as a church and as individuals?

· We Pentecostals get saved and then camp out looking forward to the Rapture. We think we have it all but in reality we have only the foundation which to build on and we do not press into all that God has for us.

But we have Almighty God! A living God that saves redeems, delivers from bondage, from Hell, and this God is calling you “today” to be filled with zeal and intensity to see the Kingdom of God expand into the earth.

One talk he gave was Passion for Souls. Every Church and Every Ministry claims to have a passion for souls, few really do. They are weak and hopeless.

Gouging out the right eye makes a man useless in war.

That’s what the devil has done too much of the church. Destroyed there purpose and usefulness by plucking out their right eye of militant and revolutionary evangelism.

In verse 4 we read that “All the people lifted up their voices, and wept.” The best and most sincere prayers and preaching comes from people who are desperate. The Bible says in James 5:16b, “…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

“Effectual” = zeal or hot.

We need the zealous, hot, anointed preaching of days of old to flow through the lips of modern day preachers. We need to back away from this “Bless the body of Christ” preaching and turn our zeal, efforts, time, and money toward the lost. Why? Because they are perishing and heading toward eternal damnation. The church of the 21st century needs a passion for souls.

Now, if we only desire to get decisions then we can get them.

· Story of Moscow 1992, 5,000 people, 4,500 decision…no church today…

· CBN’s 10+ million response cards…very few converts

Pete has the same Spiritual DNA I do. He is far harder on the Church of Jesus than I could ever be. Particularly what much of the Pentecostal Church has become.

His most recent Newsletter just came. Here's what is on the front cover:

Dear Co Laborers:
The cry of this ministry is to never waiver in our New Testament faith and never bow to the seduction that has invaded much of the Church in these last days. WE, on the other hand, want more of HIM. More power! More Glory! More of the manifestation that were the hallmarks in the First Century Church.

We remain amazed at the influence that has invade the Pentecostal movement and is causing a dumbing down of the message of sin, repentance and especially the gifts and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It is nothing more than falling into the great deception and believing doctrines of devils. It is the Holy Spirit alone that imparts significance. Without him we are powerless. We are clouds without rain, trees without fruit. With out Him our words preached are just thunder without sound, dead and Rootless. people may have grand talents and great gifts but without God's Holy Spirit we are useless.

I know there will never be revival until someone makes efforts toward that end. Preachers must be willing jeopardize their fame, income , fortune and lives for this end. It is our duty to revive saints and convert sinners without which there can be no true revival. This is the fact we must never forget - lukewarm Christians will never change the world. On the other hand, in Romans 12:11 Paul commands us to be" fervent in spirit". The Greek word is ZEO and means" to be like a hot liquid or glowing like hot metal".

Friends, this type of zeal does not come by accident. You do not stumble upon it. It is not captures by a lazy person's yawn. It is out responsibility to fan the flames - it is out choice. We encourage you to do just that. Begin a quest to ignite that Holy Ghost passion and step back into your God Given Dream. In short - Finish Strong.

This pierced my heart. I needed to hear this. The Dream of God in Me has been dormant too long. Nor very politically correct. I'll bet some of his supporters were offended. Offense is the first sign of Spiritual impact. Tell a person they are headed for hell and they are offended.

I would recommend that you consider supporting Russian Harvest Ministries. There are a lot of really worthless so-called ministries. There are some I will never give any money to. NEVER. I won't list them here, but you need to be careful where you invest your offering dollars.

Pete is making a global impact for the kingdom. I hope I can do the same. I can only hope to finish well. Send him some money, he will invest it in the kingdom for you and you will be able to enjoy it when you get over there.

Barking at the Moon

A couple of stories demonstrates the results of a Godless life. Life without meaning.

I love the reality of Heaven but I have a burning desire to help people see heaven and eternal life as reality on this side of the veil. To sense the glory of it all. To have a taste of what it means to live in and have Him living in you.

In Japan among many there is not such hope, there is no such sense of the destiny each of us has. Their almost atheistic religion has robbed people of a future they can believe in.

  • Two Women in a suicide pact in early 20s gas themselves to death.
  • A 23 year old woman Jumps from a roof killing herself and injuring a bystander,
  • 4 People including 2 young women under 20 kill themselves in a suicide pact
  • 35 year old man with a mean boss kills himself

If you follow this kind of news, you will see that in Japan this is nearly a daily occurrence. In the USA we don't kill ourselves in hopelessness, we feed addictions to sports, drugs, Shopping, sex, alcohol, movies, even work. It's just as deadly and pain numbing but not nearly as terminal.

But it's all suicide. Terminal. Pain avoidance.

Somehow we in ministry don't understand what people really need. They need to KNOW they matter, they are essential, they have hope, they have a destiny. Much more than heaven. Right here, right now.

How do we quit barking like dogs at the moon and start chasing away the real marauders
stalking the sheep.

What Writers Strike? What about those who write for FREE?

I see that the Daily Show, The Tonight Show, The Colbert Report, Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live, Conan O'Brien, and lots of other shows are shut down because of a lack of writers.  It's rerunville all over TV.
And you thought John Stewart was creative and funny.  He just has good writers.  In real life he's a bore.
It is interesting that the political bent of most of the people who write for these shows are left and in some cases way left of center.  George Bush is their favorite whipping boy.  
In the same universe at the other end of the political spectrum are clever writers who write for the pure joy of it all.  FOR FREE.  Bloggers.  Clever People who comment for free.
So, I've been thinking of some of my favorite blog authors and what shows they should start writing for at once.  We don't need no steenking writers in Hollywood.
I'm guessing they would be funnier, have a sharper edge and be more balanced politically.
  • The Colbert Report 
  • The Daily Show 
  • The Tonight Show
  • Conan O'Brien
  • Jimmy Kimmel   
  • Saturday Night Live 
I have my own list, but I wonder if there is anyone who would like to nominate their favorite and why.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pay for performance programs shake up churches

THORNTON, Colo. — Last month, the people of Big Valley Church noticed their pastor dressing nicer, giving more passionate altar calls and making more frequent appeals for volunteers.

What they didn’t know was that the church board had quietly begun using PayPerform, a program that determines how well a pastor is performing in ministry, how much he should be paid, and at what point he should be fired.

"Carrying out the Great Commission is a quantifiable activity," says PayPerform creator Kevin Dolan. "Public companies don’t tolerate sub-par performance. They oust bad CEOs and reward good ones. Why should churches be any different? Our mission is vastly more important."

Programs like the PayPerform Accountability System use in-depth demographic studies to set targets for a specific church’s attendance, conversions and "capture and retention" rates of visitors. It even determines what the average tithe level should be, based on local giving rates.
"We love it," says one church board member. "It gives us something to stand on instead of the soft and mushy goals we used to make up every year out of thin air."

Though Dolan says PayPerform was created to replace "scattershot efforts at evangelism" with hard data and give people a sense of confidence in their mission, PayPerform has hit some churches hard. Pastors don’t like being monitored so closely. Some say it promotes numbers over discipleship, and that the conversion targets are too aggressive.

Some pastors won’t even interview at a church that uses PayPerform.

"How can you build community when you’re looking at everyone as a number and every visitor as a bonus on your next paycheck?" asks one pastor.

Like many pastors, he hasn’t made a public fuss because "it looks bad to oppose accountability." He also admits that he is more deliberate about winning converts and discipling believers than in the past. "It’s like having the sword of Damocles hanging there," he says. "Save people or die."

Jerry Rolloway, pastor of Glen Ridge Church in Leavenworth, Kansas, for the past 13 years, says it was "a little scary when the board adopted a PayPerform system. I thought the targets were too high."

But, desperate to keep his job, he started a new evangelism effort to nearby neighborhoods. Now "I kind of appreciate it," he says. "It lit a fire under me."

PayPerform will soon offer a new program for youth pastors, associate pastors and worship leaders. It will show churches "which staff members add value and which don’t," says Dolan. "People probably will be surprised."

Satire courtesy of Lark News.


Sometime back I had taught that there are three levels of being a Christian. I maintained that any leader at any level could only bring people to his or her level. That people in a church only rise as high as the leadership of that church.

John Paul Jackson has spoken and written on this recently. I can't link to it because I can't find it but I heard him say it and know he is on the money. AND, he agrees with me.

So that settles it. ;-))

The Three Levels of Christianity:

Level One - Saved and
We have confidence in heaven. Many Christians live at this level and are very happy. They fight with sin. They find themselves in a battle with the enemy and feeling defeated. When there's an altar call they respond. It's
OK but they are kept somewhat inert because they can't get past the level of their own personal salvation. I work as a minister with some of these people. I want them to get out of and get over the whole idea of just being saved. Not that it's a bad thing, but churches that focus almost exclusively on salivations build churches of very saved people. Happy to be saved but sometimes insecure. Traditions and sacraments are used to help people feel forgiven and secure spiritually. It is a brief palliative effort but in the end people keep coming back after struggling spiritually.

Level Two - Saved and In Christ.
This is the level we try to get people to once we have them convinced of their salvation so their spirit man no longer is ill at ease. They need to be confident that they are going to Heaven and confident that they are living in Christ. We see all kinds of Biblical New Testament referral to being in Christ. Churches built on the in Christ alone leadership will have a lot of ministries. Hands of Christ. The
WWJD bracelet is worn. Moral codes are external to who they really are. They look to Jesus and his Word for information about how they should live or operate in their lives. This is all accurate just as being saved is accurate but it becomes 7 principles for living a better life rather than the upward call of God. Most good reformed conservative churches live in this realm. Much of Christian Programming on TV or Radio have to do with living a better life in Christ. It's all very good but it's flowing out of Soul and Spirit connections. They all live as imitators of each other and not from the Spirit of God who wants to move in them. It's not where God intends his church to be. He wants us alive and new every morning. Not parroting what others are doing and saying. Level two is good but far below the upward call of God.

Level Three
Saved , In Christ, and He's alive overflowing out of you.
level one the moment you or I were saved Jesus came and lived in you. When you are in Christ he is also in you. All that's true. But at level Three a Christian exudes the very presence of God. When you are around this person you know there is something different about them. When they encounter other people there never has to be an explanation about who they are. In fact people say, there's something different about you. They lean toward the anointing of God the Level Three Christian carries. On a plane, in a restaurant, in the airport, in a meeting, anyplace people encounter a level three Christian they are anxious to engage with them. They are hungry for what is in them. This is the level of Jesus in a man or woman that is so big it's unable to be hidden. His Spirit is alive flowing exuding almost glowing or shining out of one's very being. This is not about externals - No fish on the bumper, no cross around the neck, no sweat shirts with clever Jesus stuff on them, no big boomer Bible under the arm to announce it all. Just the very presence of God contained in a man is enough to announce who this person is. Jesus had it. When his fullness lives in you in full overflow, you will have it too. My goal in ministry is to help people reach this level. It won't happen because they take a course, read a book, hear a sermon or even are prayed for. It can only happen if a person submits themselves to everything Jesus has for them and becomes the man or woman of God he created them to be by having HIM so big in them that they become invisible except for the glory of God shining out from them. It's not them in Christ any more, it's Christ in them, The hope of Glory!

I know many men and women of God like this. But fewer than I should. I am saddened by the reality that most
Christians I know live at level two. I don't believe it's possible to live at level three without the fullness of the Holy Ghost and all the giftedness in overflow. I know and love a few people without the fullness of the Holy Ghost who are wonderful people, love God, theologically sound, good ministers but stuck at level two. The attitude they have is, "If God wants me to have the Holy Spirit and Speak in Tongues, Prophesy, Give Supernatural Words of Wisdom and Knowledge, Lay hands on the sick and they DO recover, exact Miracles from Creation and all the other 1 Corinthians 12 gifts then he will have to cause me to do it." I have really bad news for them. They will NEVER EVER speak with tongues, have supernatural wisdom, knowledge, prophesy, heal or anything else at the level God intended without the fullness of the Spirit. They are Level Two pretending they are level Three and like the Seven Sons of Sceva are kicked and knocked down. I'm not even certain that there isn't a God imposed Spiritual penalty for knowing the truth and not responding. In reading the first Chapter of Romans, if you know to do what you should do and you don't you are resisting the Holy Spirit. Not a good thing. It may be sin.

I only know this. A long time ago the Churches just worked at getting people saved and forgiven
thru traditions and sacraments. Eventually they became inert and toothless. Level One Churches.

Level Two Churches after the Reformation were vital and helped people enter into more of God. But now they became old and haggard trying to do things as they always had been done. Now they have little or no life left in them. Most are dead or dying with dead and dying people in them. Chronologically and spiritually. They try to help people get saved and live in Christ but leave people wandering around hungry for more. Saved people come and go from their churches feeling there just has to be more.

If you went to the local
Morgue and found an old haggard street person, female, toothless and took her out to renew her you have a big job on your hands. You can put lipstick on that corpse. Get her hair done up. New clothes. Excellent Makeup. Sit her up and spend big money making her look good with the best special effects people from Hollywood can provide. She will look alive to a casual observer but she's still a cold dead toothless hag. That's what much of Christian Religion has become in North America and Europe today.

Morticians do this all the time. I won't give examples but you know it. Some poor soul is in the hospital or nursing home for a long time and dies looking terrible. When the mortuary gets done with her she looks pretty good in the casket.

But, that old no matter how much you spend on her, she is inert, toothless, dead and cold. It's over except for the ceremony to bury her. Spiritually that's what has happened to Christianity in the west. Old, Dead, Toothless, Cold, Inert. No life left in her.

One of the oldest Churches (150 years) in the
Chicagoland area of the Dutch Reformed Faith is about to close. They have held on to their traditions carefully. They are faithful to the truth and true to the faith they grew up with. They are as a Church, IN CHRIST. Dutch Reformed and in Christ. All good but, inert, toothless.

Christ doesn't flow out of them. I feel bad for them. I wish I could help them. They will die and go to heaven never knowing the great plans God had for them and their fellowship if they would have shuffled off the old wineskins and moved ahead in God.

You can't fake this. Either you have it or you don't. And the key question any believer must ask themselves before they say they are or are not a Level Three Christian is the one the Apostle Paul asked in Acts 19. When they responded they received the fullness of the Holy Spirit and spoke with other
tongues. If you think I am being hard read this article.

The survival of the Church in North America and Europe depends on this Third Level empowering. Today if your child reaches the age of 20 without becoming a Christian there is an even chance that they will become a Muslim within 20 years. That's how strong the influence of that false religion is. And there are many others including atheism and new age. People are going to believe in something. The bad taste in their mouths from the taste of the cold dead meat of religion keeps them away from our doors. The church in America fights by pushing some phony baloney religious tradition that is toothless and inert dressed in Robes, titles and degrees.
Jesus had a Robe, he is the Christ and he is God which is the highest degree you can achieve. If he is in YOU, you need nothing else.

Let's get people to level Three and impact the world for Jesus. Everything else we think we are going to do is useless.

Let's bury the old hag of cold dead toothless inert religion and raise up a living breathing Body of Christ alive on the earth in power and might. I'm angry at the devil for deceiving so many well meaning men who long ago were called into the ministry but now are spinning their wheels as neither fish nor fowl. Too timid to go hard after all God has for them, too scared of the financial difficulties and professional risk that might follow an all out plunge into everything God into everything God is calling them into.

They stand on the edge of the pool, shaking in their spiritual boots, wanting to go in but fearful of the consequence.

Push them in Lord. Get them into deep water. There is no retreat. Do what you have to do Lord. If you have to kill off some human roadblocks - do it. They will go to heaven anyway. If you have to bankrupt some denominations and close many churches do it. It's false security thinking you are being a faithful witness in the earth if you are just treading water without impact. Game playing is over. Let's get serious about this thing. God is going to hold you, me and every minister of the Gospel accountable for the souls we allowed to slip away because of our lack of passion, commitment or willingness to take real risks for. This isn't about better techniques. You can't take what works at some other Church and import it. It must come from who you are at the core. If it's not who you are you will never be able to make this work. You can't teach a pig to sing. You annoy the pig and waste your time.

I'm done being a Pastor to the Porcine. Jesus warned against this.

"Give not that which is holy to the dogs, nor throw your pearls to the swine; otherwise they will trample them under their feet and then turn and attack you".
Matthew 7:6

I didn't listen. Sorry Lord. No more pearls will be wasted.