Friday, October 22, 2010

A Viewpoint...worth watching

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This is why the Citizens United Case was wrongly decided

I know many of my conservative friends were happy that the case came out as it did. Money has been able to flow into the election cycle of 2010 unabated. It's not a good thing. Corporations and unions don't vote, serve on juries or join the military. They can't. They aren't people. Unions and corporations shouldn't be able to give money like people can. PAC's will always exist. Some limits should be in place as to the source. A corporation or a union may give money to a cause in spite of the fact that I as a stockholder or member might object to the contribution. I also don't think corporations nor unions should give money to charity for the same reason.

Planned Parenthood lives on corporate and union money. Citizens United was a poor decision and it will be overturned. Look at the amount of money wasted by unions that should be going to HELP it's members. It dwarfs the amount the largest PAC has injected. This must stop.