Saturday, September 17, 2011

If you had an efficacious treatment for cancer, it worked every time it was tried, you could go to cancer wards and clean them out of sick people, what would you do? Try to get the institutional approvals from the Cancer Industry or just start curing people and hoping the world would catch on. If you had a cure for cancer, would you survive a week before being incarcerated or assassinated? Sometimes my conspiracy itch manifests.
Abbas: Palestinians want full UN membership --- WAIT, if they get full membership, I want full membership for Geneland. You know that place of independence and freedom in St Charles. ;>p
News: Against backdrop of American, European pressure to forego or water down unilateral statehood bid, Palestinian President Abbas to deliver speech, present his position on peace talks. Ynet to carry address live
When Franklin Roosevelt created Social Security, choosing 65 as the eligibility age, life expectancy was 62. Today it is almost 80. FDR wanted to prevent the aged few from suffering destitution in their last remaining years. Social Security was not meant to provide two decades of greens fees for baby boomers.
The political chatter misses the bigger picture.
It would be as if the government prohibited us from buying cars unless they were Lexus SUVs, fully loaded with every possible option.
Obama campaigned for his national health care bill with a sad story about a campaign supporter who died of breast cancer soon after his election because — he said — she couldn’t afford health insurance, so she didn’t get a breast cancer scan in time to stop the disease.
Great moments in the bluest of blue states, IL, Dem Gov, Dem House, Dem Senate. Working well and now we have exported this fine record to Washington.

CHAMPAIGN — Illinois' unemployment rate shot up almost half a percentage point in August to 9.9 percent. It was a fourth straight month of diminishing job prospects that state officials blame on weak consumer confidence and the struggles of the national economy.
remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world. Ephesians 2:12
Consumer sentiment inched up in early September, but Americans remained gloomy about the future with a gauge of expectations falling to the lowest level since 1980, a survey showed.
Just in case you believe that radical Islam will ever consent to living in peace side by side with Israel or the Jews at any level, watch this:
Egyptian Author and Journalist Muhammad Abbas: "If You Tell Me that Ten Million Egyptians Will Be Martyred in Return for the Destruction of Israel - I Am All For It"
Statehood for Palestine is on the line next week. That is equivalent to statehood for the Mexican Drug Gangs who behead and hang people daily.
The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) group sounded the alarm Thursday about new media outlets such as Facebook, Google and Apple, which they say have written policies that violate the fundamental rules of free expression, particularly concerning religious free speech.
There is certainly good reason to be deeply concerned about employment in black America. Total employment in this community is 17 percent lower now than it was ten years ago.

If Waters and her colleagues manage a sober moment to reflect during their festivities, they should consider a concept that could provide targeted help for their communities, proposed last week by economist Arthur Laffer in the Wall Street Journal.
When it comes to government borrowing and spending as a way to “create” jobs, the Black Caucus is possibly the last vestige of the triumph of hope over experience. Or in Einstein’s famous definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
The comments section below this article are most interesting. I feel bad for Pat. Methinks he failed to read the good till date. Even Billy Graham stepped out of the spotlight when the EXP said to.
Pat Robertson, host of The 700 Club, shocked viewers this week when he said Alzheimer's disease is a kind of death, and is grounds for acceptable divorce. Read to find out if you agree with Robertson's controversial advice.
The new economy is generating a new economic model that businesses, especially banks, are having a difficult time functioning under. The old model, Industrial Age, had assets as physical building, equipment, etc. The new model has different assets. The new asset is becoming the worker/person that has skills beyond reproduction. And, the primary differentiater is gifting or knowledge. This makes for an extremely good time to be a Christian who believes in the gifts!
Delegation of Islamists come to Gaza from Sudan to scream "Allah Akbar" and "Death to Jews".

Ezekiel 38 says, "Persia, Cush and Put will be with them." Persia is Iran, Put is Libya, and Cush includes the modern day lands of Sudan.

The enemies of God are gathering. What's going to happen once they are fully gathered and getting ready to pounce on Israel? Ezekiel 38-39? Isn't this script of future history we have in our hands?
Reflection of Bob Larimer: so many detailed articles about the 9/11 commemorations without once mentioning the words, Muslim, Jihad or Islam.

A visitor from another planet could have read them and assumed that the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93 all suffered some form of spontaneous self-destruction.


Prissy, appeasing, politically correct, liberal, secular progressive ideology can make for very careful censorship.
To succeed today, many young people need to recognize that no job will be waiting for them when they finish studying. They are going to have to create their own opportunities. It is a good time for creative entrepreneurs. My generation is going to impoverish those following. Time to stand up against this.
The war on the young is led “by cadres of elderly men, content to manage decline” and exacerbated by younger generations, who don’t seem to know what’s going on or understand the gravity of the financial situation that will hit them in the future. Luke Johnson, writing in the FT, describes the Itali...
I don't know what's so hard about this. 3 day a week first class mail. 1/2 the work force. Sub contract all small post offices. $1 for a letter. UPS rates for all express mail overnight letters. Bulk Mail by bid. Make it open to any vendor. The post office worked fine up until 1970. This isn't rocket science.
The current mail system of the United States is no longer financially sustainable, and the U. S.

Friday, September 16, 2011

How to cure unemployment in one fell swoop - if we had the courage

I’m about to perform a healing. For those non-believers out there… like magic, it will terrify and then delight you. Maybe it’ll scare the jesus into you.

I warn even the staunchest Christian; this will test your mettle. It will clench your teeth and stiffen your spine. But, Tea Party babies, I love you! Have faith! This idea will end unemployment, and the Fed will never be allowed to print money again. In God We Trust.

And God wants us to provide every unemployed American citizen a Guaranteed Income of $36,000 per year.

Fifteen million Americans are unemployed. Even if this program INCREASES the number of people calling themselves unemployed, I want to guarantee all of them, as long as they choose to stay in the program, a check from the Government for $692 per week.

But, there’s a catch. God’s in the details…

Instead of 99 weeks, Unemployment Insurance will end at three months. After it runs out, the unemployed will be allowed to enter our new Guaranteed Income system:

1. There’s no more minimum wage.
2. They have to take any job offered no matter what it is. ANY JOB.
3. If they slack off at work and they keep getting fired (5X and out), they are out of the program back on the street no appeal.
4. Payments decrease to zero as they earn towards $15 per hour– but on a schedule that still creates an incentive to earn more.

Once someone is in the Guaranteed Income program, their resume goes into the G/I website, and if someone offers them $2 per hour to pick up dog poop in your yard, they pick up dog poop. If a call center offers them $3 per hour for forty hours, they earn an extra $120 per week.

Poof! There’s no more unemployment.

When there’s no lower limit on what an idle worker can be paid, every available hand will be viewed by every other person in society as a cheap way to get some extra work done. We’ll go looking for layabouts. And the market will figure itself out. The streets will be clean, the grass mown, the streets swept. Children will be taken care of. Cars washed.

Imagine the millions of low cost economies that are now possible.

My favorite example is childcare. Under the new model, a hypothetical entrepreneur starts a large scale low cost DayCare center for kids. She combs through GI database looking for loving stay-at-home mommies who joined the Guaranteed Income program for the extra cash, and offers them $3 per hour, minus $1 per hour for each child they bring to work with them.

Now a mommy at work with her two kids is receiving $692 from the government and $40 from her employer every week, and she’s working full time.

The entrepreneur can now offer families DayCare that costs half of what it costs today.

This means it is less expensive to get your house cleaned, your yard picked up, and your clothes laundered. Low cost labor frees all of us to be more productive.

Tea partiers, I KNOW this is hard, but we OWE IT to fellow citizens to put an end to idleness once and for all. This is the Christian solution.

When our government created the Minimum Wage, we created a massive class of unemployable workers. The fact is many millions of people are not worth $7.25 per hour. This means that no matter how crafty the entrepreneur, he will not be able to make a profit off their labor; and if profit is impossible from their labor, the unskilled will be idle.

Progressives and evil economists like to talk about “excess capacity” and “aggregate demand”, but when we didn’t have Minimum Wage, we never had excess capacity… everyone worked, or they starved.

The Protestant work ethic all but implies that idleness is immoral. A Guaranteed Income system makes idleness almost IMPOSSIBLE. What’s more, a Guaranteed Income system allows ALL of us to be more productive because we pay less for the jobs we normally do ourselves.

Now watch this miracle. Currently our Federal Reserve is tasked with fighting inflation and unemployment. So when we have 9.5% unemployment, the Fed is legally justified in printing money. Right now we are dealing with another $600 BILLION in Quantitative Easing. Gas prices are up. Food prices are up.

But, with Guaranteed Income, we have no unemployment, so the Fed has one rule: don’t print money. This means our future prices grow much more slowly.

The costs are negligible.

Assuming this program is wildly popular and another 5 MILLION people claim to be unemployed, then we will have 20 MILLION in our Guaranteed Income system. The cost? $208 BILLION.

It is only $58 BILLION more than we spend on Unemployment Insurance ($150BILLION). This is less than a tenth of Medicare, Social Security, or Defense. $58 BILLION is less than five percent (5%) of Obama’s stimulus during the toughest of times.

And this assumes all 20MILLION are working for $3 per hour. If they make more than $3 per hour, the government pays less than $58BILLION.

What is it worth in tax revenue to put 20 Million idle bodies to work?

What is it worth to your savings to have 2% less inflation per year over the next ten years?

What is it worth to get low cost services and be more productive with your own time?

What is it worth to never hear the word “stimulus” again?

It is worth $58 BILLION? We are not heartless.

Tea Party babies! I know there are some of you that will gruffly say, “NO!” You will insist we should not even have a Minimum Wage. And you are right. But we cannot let perfect be the enemy of the good. When Tea Party politicians call for Guaranteed Income to replace Minimum Wage and Unemployment Insurance, progressives will be smote; they will be forced to argue nakedly for laziness.

This is a winning political issue. This is the loaves and fishes. It will give and give and give.

Minimum Wage truly is the “Devil’s tool.” They say God works in mysterious ways. Guaranteed Income works in an obvious way: it ensures there are no idle hands.

The BIG Lie

THE NEW BIG LIE … a lie that has been embedded into the conventional wisdom for almost a century. I refer to it as the Biggest Lie of All:

All you need to do is show up for work; we have experts who have the answers to your housing needs, your health care needs, your financial needs … no need to plan for your future or actively manage your career, since we can do a better job than you can; just trust us to solve those problems FOR you.

All my fifty-plus years (and many before that), we have been told this lie, in one form or another, by our economic, political and cultural elites. We have been told that others will take care of our challenges FOR us … and that we can’t do it better than they can … so why bother? Just let us “help”.

As a result of our belief in this lie, we have made the notion that one should be able to work at the same job, doing much the same thing, from school until retirement … all the while getting more and more as compensation and benefit … part of our conventional wisdom.

And in turn, millions have not kept their heads in the game — not working to keep their options open and/or prepare for hard times, by managing their careers and finances in ways that maintain their flexibility to respond to changing socio-economic conditions. They are at the tender mercies of the few at the top, and have to hope that they do right by the “little guy”.

Those at the top AREN’T getting it right, though … that is becoming more and more evident. What is not so evident, however, is that there was never any chance they could get it right for EACH and EVERY one of us, regardless of the purity of their intent!

The idea that a few experts in our government can manage myriad details of 300 million lifetimes from the top down, effectively and efficiently, makes going to the moon — a task that took tens of billions of dollars, tens of millions of man-hours, and tens of thousands of technical experts to put TWELVE men on the moon for a FEW DAYS each time — look, by comparison, like a mere exercise in LEGO(TM) assembly.

But what makes it impossible, is that a government that honors equal protection under the law and the protection of our civil liberties lacks the precision and insight to deal with every aspect of the problems we face. It can’t adequately discriminate between the truly needy and the slacker … and it can’t deal with the highly-individualized behavioral/educational/ethical choices that impact our finances and productivity.

Effectively, the experts of government have only two tools in their tool box … a bag of money, and a set of handcuffs. But because of the Biggest Lie of All, we have been led to believe that the “powerful” have the omniscience to solve our problems FOR us and save us from ourselves with only these tools.

What we should have been, and still be, doing … and some of us have … is instead of subordinating our careers and finances to the “wisdom” of our Best and Brightest, we take your advice at the end of this article, and think like businessmen ourselves … actively managing career and finances to optimize our value to the marketplace, and building support mechanisms to help us deal with hard times (because unlike the officers of a corporation, we can’t just walk away from a failure to support ourselves).

This is the entrepreneurial thinking you refer to above … and as you parenthetically state, it is not limited to the self-employed. Even employees (like myself) need to think like businessmen — even to the point of taking our services to a better employer, or place to live, if the earning potential, finances, and opportunities to enhance one’s market value are greater than where we’re at presently.

It means steering your education into a balance between how much you want to love your work, and how well you want to eat (realizing that the tasks you love might not have to involve full-time employment, but you need something to pay the grocery bill).

It means putting saving up an emergency fund, then saving for retirement, and buying health insurance at a higher priority in budgeting than iPhones and Starbucks … or getting into a McMansion in the right neighborhood, instead of renting until home ownership is a viable option (which for some people in mobile careers, may be “never”).

It means not looking for something for nothing, or to have others take from your fellow entrepreneurs in order to give you “what you deserve” … lest you have what you have advocated doing to others, be done to you later.

It means turning a listening ear to those with expertise — while retaining the decision-making authority, and control of resources, for yourself when it comes to the choice of implementing what the experts say.

It basically means taking responsibility for you and yours, instead of outsourcing it to a few Best and Brightest … who too often reveal themselves, once the decisions are made and the consequences become evident, to be (regardless of their credentials or resume) Dim Bulbs.

This is uncanny

Back in 1980 Richard Pryor portrayed himself as the first Black President in a comedy skit. It is hilarious. And uncanny. His portrayal is hauntingly today. I wish it weren't. Watch it here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have been of Wind Power. Now they are going bankrupt in IL. Farmers are not being paid. They are becoming the Solyndra of the prairie. These government supported schemes don't make sense. Now the question is being asked, who is going to clean up these useless piles of scrap steel and concrete littering the landscape? It's a crime.
It becomes clearer with each passing day that utility and environmental lobbyists in pursuit of taxpayer dollars have become more vital to the green energy sector's future than scientists and engineers.
This is horrible and you know this is the result of the attitude towards life from Abortion
In citing Canada’s abortion laws, an Edmonton appeal court ruled that an Alberta woman who strangled her son with her underwear after secretly giving birth in 2005, will face no guaranteed jail time. Katrina Effert was sentenced Friday for killing her newborn and then throwing the body over a fence ...
Wouldn't it be nice to tell the Arabs to take a hike?
About time sanity returns on this issue
Nobel Laureate Dr. Ivar Giaever: 'The temperature (of the Earth) has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this 'warming' period.' -- Environmental news and analysis.
How much money did we spend in Libya supporting this?
All too predictable. via Libya: New 'leader' Mustafa Abdel Jalil says Sharia law will be used after Gaddafi regime
Somehow I see a pattern. Read this and the first comment, then ask yourself a question. Are we being rushed into a bad idea ...... again?
POLITICO44 is a new and innovative way to cover the Obama presidency, minute-by-minute. Powered by the largest White House staff around, it will be the go-to place for news and analysis about the president, the staff, the first lady, the vice president, and the new administration.

Solyndra got $535 million from the government. It has since failed. The Washingt...on Post says White House officials asked repeatedly how soon its loan would be OK'd. The White House says it expressed "active interest," but didn't pressure reviewers.

“I have to tell you this: I am a huge fan of Sarah Palin,” the former Fugee said. “Cause she’s rad. She’s shrewd. She’s cool. Because at the end of the day, I’m for the people, because this is the United States of America...this is what America’s really about. Anyone should have the right to say, ‘Look I can do the job and this is what qualifies me to do the job.’….Now my wife probably will debate and disagree with me.”
The former Fugee spoke in favor of the Republican politician at Donna Karan's after party in the West Village on Monday night.
Why education is failing our kids - Teachers Unions
It boils down to one thing, says educator Steve Perry: teachers' unions.
Don't we still have 3 co equal branches of government. Did someone become King without my knowledge? ??????
Facing growing opposition to his economic proposals and dimming prospects that Congress will pass other parts of his agenda, President Obama told a Hispanic group in Washington Wednesday that when it comes to the issue of immigration, "I'd like to work my way around Congress."
Robert Zubrin writes on NRO: Republican presidential contender Michele Bachman has said that if she is elected, gas prices will fall to $2 per gallon. Such promises have understandably been greeted with considerable skepticism. But $2 gas is exactly what America needs. The question is, how can we ge...
I keep posting and writing about the future of work. The Detroit model is gone. You will now have to be your own nation, YOU INC, and you will be competing with people better than you. It's time to face facts. Jobs are about to disappear and never return. Read this if you have the courage. It's about your future.
Jim Manzi writes on NRO: Megan McArdle and Arnold Kling (two bloggers who are very helpful in understanding the actual economy where we now live, by the way) make the point that life can be good when you have a comfortable job, but it’s dangerous, because it is likely to go away. Here’s Kling: A job...

Why President Obama is Failing - He doesn't know how to fail

President Obama;s biggest problem is that his life experience hasn't prepared him with the mechanisms for dealing with failure. Most people who reach the age of 50 have the benefit of scraping their knees on the hard realities of life. Most people learn not to take those things personally, but to recognize a failure when we see it, and do something about it (first step – admit you have a problem!). Our President hasn't had the benefit of these character building events.

Before being President, he hadn't experienced failure. both of his autobiographies make it clear, that this is the mercurial career and life of a man in a hurry. The result of life pattern is that we now have a man who mistakes failures for personal attacks by his opponents. Rather than take corrective steps ( sometimes called in military strategy a ‘retreat’) he doubles down, because he cant accept the idea of the “other side winning”.

Where that puts us as a society is that we are in the position of being led by someone who simply can't back away from a bad idea because if he did, then someone might notice that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and we simply can't have that now can we?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The disappearance of the permanent job and YOU

The new normal in the days to come may be where all employment in the form of a permanent job disappears. A world where EVERYONE is an independent contractor (businessman) who can be terminated at any moment. No benefits. No pension. No security. No seniority. You are 1099d at the end of the year.

You have to live by your wits, ability and skill. Your income is directly reflected in your perceived value to those paying you right now. How will you prosper in that day? I ask because I believe this is the world we are entering and people are going to be shocked when it happens.

I have lived like this nearly my whole life. It's not that bad. You need to prove your value to those who employ you every day. It's as it should be.

If you have a job and you aren't living like this, start now, get used to being valuable.

It's a future you will live in someday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This is the union led by the Thug that sat next to Michelle Obama during the Speech last night. I guess if you are a union thug, taking hostages, destroying property and threats against the police don't count. Didn't for the brownshirts in Germany either. There is no difference. EVIL Among us.
Here’s a big news item that may have slipped under your radar. It involves several things that the mainstream media normally loves to talk about: sabotage; hostage drama; threats against police and civilians. It also involves something they don’t like to talk about: union violence.
This is why government should NOT be in the business of charity.
Government officials in Bethesda, Maryland, have decided to spent $4 million dollars to provide housing for 12 homeless people for one year. That’s right. The taxpayer will be providing free housing to a dozen folks in Maryland at the rate of $330,000 per person a year. This should raise some eyebro...
When you look at the increase in Regulations since Obama became Prez...I wonder if there is any relationship between that and the lack of jobs or economic growth. NAAAAH.
Look at the spending since the Inauguration of Pres Obama. Off the charts. I'm sure this nothing whatever to do with the economic conditions in the USA
This is so inspiring on this somber weekend. Read it.
Opinion: Mark Steyn: From ‘Let’s roll,’ to ‘Let’s roll over’ | roll, let, mark, steyn
That Pink Line is our current trend. We are NOT in on a good course
‎"By 1970, the governments of the wealthy countries began to take it for granted that they had truly discovered the secret of cornucopia. Politicians of left and right alike believed that modern economic policy was able to keep economies expanding very fast -- and endlessly. That left only the congen...
Dana Milbank was locked out of the White House under George W Bush's term because of how hard he was on Bush. Now he is going to be in big trouble with Barack Obama. This is a cutting article. I'm afraid he's right. The President seems to be doing everything he knows to do to insure he is a one term President.
Lawmakers treat Obama speech as a joke.
To demonstrate how ignorant I am of pop culture, I looked at this list of 22 scientologists and knew 7. I don't watch enough TV I guess.
With Janet Reitman's new book "Inside Scientology: The Story of America's Most Secretive Religion," building up steam, take a look at some of the most well-known, and most surprising, celebrity Scientologists.
I have been preaching this for quite a while. Jobs may soon become obsolete. You will need to figure out a way to make money without a job per se. Its coming.
The linked article makes a strong case, one that I’ve explored both here and at the Speculist, and which featured in one of our recent World Transformed podcasts. Here’s the summary:
The Tea Party person calls his political opponents obscene names, then tells the reporter to leave the area (again using obscene language) and man-handles the cameraman. The Tea Party person also threatens further violence and damage to private property. The Tea Party member also makes obscene ges...
Two years ago when I began to bring the word of the Lord on the economy I shared this reality. Most people thought I was overstating. Nope. I take no pleasure in seeing a worldly analyst reinforce the truth. Prepare.
The recent gyrations in global stock markets are just the beginning, says U.S.-based economist and author Harry Dent, who believes the Dow will fall below 10,000 in the near term before crashing to around 3,000 in 2013.
Sorry Mr President, We aren't going to buy the rush job again. Got burned badly on the stimulus and the Obamacare bills. IF this bill is for real, for the FIRST TIME in a LONG TIME we are going to read it. It might be great. But no more pigs in a poke. We have enough pork to last a lifetime. That's my message to my congressman.
President Obama took to the Rose Garden today, flanked by a crowd of teachers, veterans, cops, firefighters, construction workers, and small-business owners to tout his new jobs bill , arguing that politics...
Those darn Norwegians in MN are always big trouble
A series of fights broke out after a teen dance party in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday night, causing wild...
I guess when I thought Glenn was a little crazy for going off FOX...I might have been wrong
Many people thought Glenn Beck might have been a little bit crazy (little bit?) to leave the safety and support of traditional cable television to launch his internet-based GBTV enterprise. But the news from the Wall Street Journal today may cause even the critics some pause. Beck’s GBTV broadcast ...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner is an Idiot...or worse

I can't believe how vile and evil a man like Paul Krugman is. Read what he wrote:

What happened after 9/11 — and I think even people on the right know this, whether they admit it or not — was deeply shameful. Te atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons.