Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Like Pirates

I am looking forward to seeing the new pirate movie "Dead Man's Chest" starring Johnny Depp.  What's weird is I didn't see the first one.  I think I may rent it tonight.  I was told I should rent and see that before I see the second.
I know pirates were horrid people.  But there is something very alluring about HARRR, a parrot on the shoulder and an earring.  So, Mrs R and I will off to the cine just as soon as I have viewed the prerequisite.
A person who is a major lover and critic of movies tells me I will love this.  Apparently the second is a huge already success.
I'm on board.  I'm such a trend follower. 

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Solution to the Energy Crisis - Drive a Buick

So, Mrs. R and I just returned from Dakotaville. Long Long ago, far far away.
With all the driving around we put on about 2000 miles.

These are always good times to calculate fuel costs and such. Last year I did the same.

Average price paid for gasoline ~ $3.00/gal.

The James Valley Grain Company Electronic scale is always on in Oakes. I weighed the mighty LeSabre. With all our stuff and Peggy and Me and a full tank of Gas we registered about 4300 pounds. That's about 2 tons and a quarter for those of you who flunked HS math.

We averaged about 80 mph on the highway. If you drive slower you are given a one finger salute accompanied by light blinks and horn honks. Really abuse the privilege and you end up with tire tracks up over the back end of the car.

So we drove 80 more or less. Two tons of steel and plastic in tow. Lots of room to stretch out in.

Our mileage average? 30.5 MPG. That's on a Buick with 125,000 miles on it.

So, do the math: (Liars figure, figure's lie etc) If everyone in America drove a Buick we have more gasoline then we can ever use.

And, a less/more interesting thought. 2000 miles divided by 30 miles per gallon. 67 gallons. Times $3 per gallon $201. If gasoline were $2.50 it would have been $34 cheaper. So, for all you who say you can't afford to come see me, I'll send you the $34. Or is there another reason ;-)?

If the whole world drove Buicks........Big Safe Fast Roomy Fuel Efficient Cars. American Made (even if it is in Mexico) life would be better..

On the other hand, those of the Church of ALGORE want us to drive hybrid Yugos. Unsafe little uncomfortable cars that cost more and get about 30 miles per gallon. But you feel so darn ecological and environmentally friendly. NO, DRIVE A BUICK ECOBOY!! Or better get a very large SUV. I'll keep the Buick thanks.

Of course as my socialist friend Barry says, $3 gas taxes solves everything. I'm glad I'm back home to pull him back from the brink of liberalism. When I disappear he drifts so badly.