Friday, November 14, 2014

I hate when I hear people say this.

 I can't handle it, but HE can. On that I can rely... yet the pain is real
The past three weeks have been the most difficult I have ever gone through. These three weeks have been filled with illness, the terrible-three's (the terrible-two's are an out-and-out lie), a friend...|By Nate Pyle

Finally she comes out of hiding. PREACH IT!!


Condoleezza Rice: The True Racists Are Liberals Who Support Teachers' Unions

Cops as Crooks

Two men contend Iowa officers violated their constitutional rights by taking their money during a traffic stop.


I don't even argue any more. The mental disorder called liberalism isn't to be argued with, only pitied.
If many liberals seem unconcerned about their party’s future, it’s only because they’ve coalesced around a comforting notion: History belongs to us.

Spending on Experences matters

This is interesting. If you buy a new pair of shoes or a hat, you make a good buy, you are glad you did. That's it. That's as good as it gets. BUT if you spend money on a satisfying experience, a vacation, a concert, a ball game, a family reunion or something else, it GROWS in satisfaction. That makes it worthwhile.. So the take away is don't buy stuff.…/can-money-buy-happiness-heres-what-…

Four Things that Could Happen and tip us OVER

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 taught us that not even the great USA is immune to confusion and mass chaos. Bishop Joseph Mattera sounds the alarm.|By Joseph Mattera

You knew this... Meet a long time doper and see what I mean

With even more people smoking marijuana, there has been an uptick in scientific research about the effect the drug has on a user's mind and body. One such study took a longer-term look at what chronic pot smoking does to the brain and found it actually shrunk part of...

How it looks to me



Baiting for Impeachment

Just so you are aware President Obama has zero constitutional authority to make or sign any treaties with any foreign government without the direct authorization and ratification of the US Senate. What he did today is completely unconstitutional and if he pursues it would be grounds for impeachment. I think that's what he wants. He is goading the Republicans into beginning impeachment proceedings. We are in a very bad place in this country. Our Senate and House do not want to go through impeachment. The ripping apart of this nation would be a death march. It's like he is saying I dare you. He is playing with fire. We have a reckless man as a President. There is no option but to stop him and if that requires impeachment he is bringing it on himself intentionally.
— feeling sad.
This is what Obama has done that is unconstitutional read the whole article and you will see what I mean
The United States and China -- the world's two largest polluters -- re-set efforts to obtain to a global climate change agreement, and re-kindled a dispute with the the incoming Republican Congress. During

Interesting article.

Since Obamacare is going to go down the drain, and those who voted for it were too stupid to need to know what was in it, here's a practical solution that will fix all that was wrong with health care in the USA. Go back to a free market pattern. If you want to have insurgence, buy it. Let them all compete across state lines like car insurance companies do.

Then: The government picks up 100 percent of health-care costs above 20 percent of adjusted gross income. For people below 150 percent of the poverty line, there's Medicaid, which picks up basically all your costs. Hard to game, preserves consumer incentives to shop for prices and keeps people out of bankruptcy.

It's not that hard to fix. What we had before was not great but we can pick the good out of it and spit out the bad. Obamacare was a disaster.. and needs to go away.
Read the whole thing:…/a-cheaper-simpler-obamacare-…
As a frequent critic of Obamacare, I'm often asked, "Well, how would you solve the problem? Huh?" The implication is that if I don't have a solution, I should shut up. This is not sound policy thinking.

Stupid liberals

This is not making our country better Morale among officers at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, already low, has reached a new bottom as illegal immigrants expecting amnesty from President Obama taunt and ridicule the overworked officers, according to a new report.
”Working for ICE 'is hell right now,' as Obama plans amnesty for illegals

I understand civil disobedience.

 I read the book. YET.. what part in this should the authorities play? What should they reasonably do?
CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - Protestors are making plans to shut down Clayton while they await the grand jury decision in the police shooting of Michael Brown. They...


Some parents are expressing their outrage after a Michigan elementary and middle school reportedly removed images of well-known and revered historical figures...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Valerie Jarrett, The Obama Whisperer | New Republic

I used to subscribe to New Republic.  It's pretty left wing.  This is a scary article.  ONE WOMAN seems to pull the strings at the White House.  It's pretty long.. but worth reading.  WOW


 Valerie Jarrett, The Obama Whisperer

 Even at this late date in the Obama
presidency, there is no surer way to elicit paranoid whispers or
armchair psychoanalysis from Democrats than to mention the name Valerie
Jarrett. Party operatives, administration officialsthey
are shocked by her sheer longevity and marvel at her influence. When I
asked a longtime source who left the Obama White House years ago for his
impressions of Jarrett, he confessed that he was too fearful to speak
with me, even off the record.

is not as irrational as it sounds. Obama has said he consults Jarrett
on every major decision, something current and former aides corroborate.
“Her role since she has been at the White House is one of the broadest
and most expansive roles that I think has ever existed in the West
Wing,” says Anita Dunn, Obama’s former communications director. Broader,
even, than the role of running the West Wing.
This summer, the call to send Attorney General Eric Holder on a risky
visit to Ferguson, Missouri, was made by exactly three people: Holder
himself, the president, and Jarrett, who were vacationing together on
Martha’s Vineyard. When I asked Holder if Denis McDonough, the chief of
staff, was part of the conversation, he thought for a moment and said,
“He was not there.” (Holder hastened to add that “someone had spoken to

holds a key vote on Cabinet picks (she opposed Larry Summers at
Treasury and was among the first Obama aides to come around on Hillary
Clinton at State) and has an outsize say on ambassadorships and
judgeships. She helps determine who gets invited to the First Lady’s Box
for the State of the Union, who attends state dinners and bill-signing
ceremonies, and who sits where at any of the above. She has placed
friends and former employees in important positions across the
administration“you can be my person over there,” is a common refrain.

Valerie Jarrett, The Obama Whisperer | New Republic

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Rolling Back President Obama's "Accomplishments" is the task of the new majority

The last 6 years have been tumultuous. Really since the Democrats took control of the House and Senate in 2006 it has been a disaster in Washington DC it has been a downward spiral.

There have been a few worthy accomplishments of President Obama. Fewer than a recent list I saw that had 269 on it. They were nearly all smoke and mirror symbolism over substance kinds of things. A panel for this, a study for that. Blah Blah Blah. You can find it by googling it.

It's the big stuff that matters here. Here is what the Majority needs change at once:

FIX Obamacare by stopping it. Saving the village means destroying it. (an old Vietnam era idea). There is ONE good news thing that happened because of the Obamacare debacle. We now know healthcare access and usability (that means money) is critical. So the result of a good alternative is essential. It need to be free market. It needs to be competitive. It needs to protect the most vulnerable, but that number must be smaller and it needs to be affordable. It never was an accomplishment and every honest person knows it. Medical device tax et all.. throw it all in trash and start over.

Get government off the backs of energy development. Repeal the oil depletion deduction. Keystone pipeline construction. I believe President Obama will go for this. We can make the world our oyster by doing this.

Reduce regulation that makes crony capitalists thrive at the expense of the free market. The recent solar farm in Nevada is a prime example. Stop subsidizing failure. No more Solyndras. Do intense investigation into every failure and hole people accountable. No outs for big money.

Make Big Banks smaller. No more Goldman Sachs bailouts. Too big to fail was a failure. Dodd Frank has frozen credit. Money no matter how cheap is worthless if you can't get any. Business cannot borrow today. Home mortgage for a self employed person is out of the question. Time to dial back the stupid rules.

Restore effective education. No more common core nonsense. Make education the job of educators. Top down doesn't work. Use vouchers for funding schools and watch them get real good at meeting demand. Disband teacher unions. AND by the way dump out of the unelected Michelle Obama stupid school lunches.

Allow for NON union work on public infrastructure projects. We are wasting the public's money subsidizing unions. IF I bid on a project as a non union shop I can figure $25 per hour for labor and pass it along to get the bid. If I have to do union wages I have to figure $65 per hour. That doesn't come out of my profits. That comes out of the taxpayer pocket. Bad stewardship. This is one of the most egregious things Obama has done, the GM Union deal was terrible.

Leave minimum wages to the states. If a state wants to implement more, go ahead.. let them compete with the state next to them. Make minimum wages age defendant. Let a kid get a job for $5 an hour to start. He will learn to work. Learn to save. Nobody is going to hire some 16 year old kid for ten buck an hour. Our unemployed youth is a crisis. Minimum wages aggregates that. Roll back the minimum wage requirements Obama put in place.

Much deeper scrutiny of new appointments. Obama has put some liberal tyrannical judges on the bench the past several years. They have overruled the voters by implementing same sex marriage where there was no support from the electorate.

Reduce the highest corporate income tax in the world. In truth is should be zero. No tax. Corporations don't pay taxes. People do. And by the way make it possible to bring money back to the USA that is stashed around the world because of our crazy income tax on corporations. If Democrats believe they can reverse economic pressures simply by raising taxes on the rich and redistributing to everyone else, they are mistaken. I didn't say that last line, that comes from Robert Reich... Former Clinton Economic guy. He's right..

Lower the barriers to citizenship, but not amnesty. Let's bring the best and brightest to our shores. If an applicant comes, judge him not by his minority status, his religion, his ethnic background but what he ADDS to the melting pot. Not just money. You must Qualify to become an American. Those who are already here get first hearing, but the bar is higher than they think. If they are guilty of serious crime, if they are not contributor and living off government largess, if they are scamming the system, let's get them a ticket back to the hellhole from which they came. Being an American is a privilege, not a right by squatting (you made it across the border). No blanket amnesty. No wholesale democrat voter creation. We can patrol our borders.. It's a matter of will..and right now the administration doesn't have any will to do this.

Stop the foolish foreign policies of this administration. The world had gone to pieces because of Pres Obama's fumbling and bungling. While we are not the policemen of the world, the world looks to the USA as a plumb line of sanity.. and to date we haven't got that. Strong defense, strong military, strong opposition to the bad people in the world. And if we aren't sure who is good or bad, stay out. Syria is one such we should have stayed out of. God will sort them out.

I don't see many so called accomplishments that need to be preserved. Certainly not the ones that all Christians stand against. Euthanasia, more open abortion, open homosex in the military, gay marriage and a host of other pagan evil sanctioned things this administration has brought upon us.

I am open to hearing from anyone what they might be. Progress isn't really the byproduct of this administration. But I'm willing to hear.

The new majority needs to take a stand.. I don't know if they will. They are pretty weak too. Yet, with enough fire they might.. maybe. I can only hope.. and I hope it's not false hope.