Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steven was Right

This is a little known scheme Hospitals are using to avoid medicare. You could be out a LOT of money if you don't know about this. If you think Obama and his cronies are looking out for you...forget it. Medicare is collapsing along with our whole healthcare system. I know this is going to be hard to understand.. but if you are on Medicare or have parents on Medicare... they ARE out to get you.

Public School as Child Abuse - OH and this is in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!

Now the administration is going to try to remove our charitable giving deductions.

50% of NFL players smoke weed according to this.

This seems creepy, but YESTERDAY the USA took the FIRST STEP to doing this.

 Remember the internet? Well it will soon no longer. People don't even know this happened her in the USA. The government will control what you can and cannot see.
One of the new "laws" passed yesterday in Ukraine:

The decision to limit a user’s access to the Internet …is made based on expert opinion, reckoning the information provided by a certain online source is contrary to the law… reads the Draft Law #3879.

Under the Draft Law, the authorities have the right to oblige Internet providers to limit their subscribers’ access to the Internet sources, which disseminate information contrary to the adopted law, or to online news agencies lacking state registration. Providers’ failure to comply with the new rules will result in them being fined (200-400 tax-exempted minimums).

In addition, telecommunications operators and Internet service providers will be required at their own expense to procure and install equipment for “investigative operations”, maintain such equipment and facilitate said “operations” when ordered. Special licensing for providers is also required by the law-to-be.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: This generation of kids will never know the pain of a Blockbuster/Movie Rental Store late fee!

The Catcher IS the quarterback of the baseball team.

Tom Brady was a Catcher.  The pitcher HIKES the ball to him. Think about it. How often to you replace a catcher during a game?

Big comedown. A few years ago he was the Messiah. Now simply an earthbound Apostle. Must be hard. SMH

Sunday, January 12, 2014

When Spiritual Maturity Comes

This is from John Garfield of RELEASING KINGS. 

Here's a portion of what he says.  It's worth reading.

Our dreams are very much a part of our personal identity and self-worth. When we contend for our land in the Kingdom, we also sign up for the warfare that comes in the form of resistance from other people or circumstances, and it feels very much like rejection.
“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” Acts 14:22 NIV
When our heart’s desires are unrealized, it’s often because there is a Kingdom ingredient in what God writes in our hearts, and it naturally draws opposition. It can be from religion, church, work, family or friends. As Christians, we can even blame God for the feeling that what is most precious in our hearts is dismissed by others or even by Him. It is wounding and heart breaking.
Symptoms – The feeling of rejection is same hopeless resignation whether we are saved or not.
Justification – the first symptom is that we retreat into theories to explain to ourselves why our dreams have passed us by. We can become entrenched in a negative view of life and close our hearts for protection. We become opinionated, deaf to the hearts of others, unbending, unreasonable, stubborn, self-righteous and self-centered. Our pessimism easily identifies the bad in people on the opposing team. We subscribe to the fear of conspiracy theories more easily, and a false prophetic anointing is prone to express the will of the enemy instead of the will of God.
Contentious issues in politics, religion or theology are defended with irrational and unloving zeal (as opposed to Godly zeal). They are really just rallying points for a militant fellowship around shared issues of rejection… among people who are out of touch with their personal Kingdom purpose.
Projection – Our dream is still with us, but instead of working on it, we impose our concept of how things should be on others, especially those from whom we feel rejection. The church is a favorite target, but the same projections can target work institutions, the government – any entity that represents the source of our rejection. We project / preach the theory of our imaginary utopia instead of living the example and demonstrating the fruit that naturally flows from a healthy heart. We become enforcers of our own law. The problem is there is no ministry of “sheriff” in the Kingdom.
Countertrends – Our heart is continually longing to prove itself right, and everyone else wrong, so we naturally gravitate to counter-culture movements. We’re trying to correct the imperfections in the institutions that wounded us – out of our own dysfunction. In day trading, it is a diagnosable tendency to trade against the trend and take huge losses. It’s the same way in life… the more we try to counter the rejection we feel in our hearts, the more rejection and defeat we experience.