Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Is it any wonder that Americans are no longer able to take the crackpot liberals in the democrat party seriously. Not that they won't still vote them in... or at least their dead relatives will. LOL

No Other Cards in the Deck

Get ready for the race wars... all of the cards in the Democrat party's deck this fall will have the same value. RACE. The Race card is all they have left. So the whole deck they are playing with is race X 52. Nothing else they have works anymore, so they go to the lowest common denominator and try to rile up the few low information voters they can... with RACE. They aren't just playing the race card, they have no other cards.

Liberals love this kind of quote... till they kill you

When will the West accept the truth about radical Islam?

Our Education system is a mess

I visited a friend yesterday. A fellow Nurseryman. In ill health. Older man. At odds in his family. Widower. He has a large garden center (12 acres). He is wealthy. He wants to open up for business this spring. He could pay an excellent wage for the man or woman capable of operating a multimillion dollar facility, managing 30 people, keeping accounts, buying right, selling well, merchandising. Knowing horticulture well. All the things entrepreneurs need to do. Hustle and flow. The good news for the right person, he would finance the whole thing. No risk.

Here's the rub. Our education system and our security minded culture has driven the core ability to do this out of the men and women who should be right now 30-50 years old and ready to step into this role. That man or woman doesn't exist. They want a paycheck but then they want someone to tell them what to do. NO.... it doesn't work that way.

It's a crime. It's also an opportunity. If you can be delivered of everything you ever learned and the culture has taught you, if you can start to look at the potential and not the right now... you might be able to become wealthy.

WE can't create jobs in this country without people able to be the boss.. and few really are.

Don't you think there should be a sanity and literacy test to vote?

This was funny for a while and then it became painful to read. What is more disheartening is some of these people will actually be allowed to vote someday.
This Is Why Some People Should Not Be Allowed On Facebook
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Very Clever and True

these obscure real estate laws should be redone

U.S. Army Spc Michael Sharkey and his wife are locked in a fight with convicted drug dealer and his girlfriend, who moved into their New Port...
Daily Mail

this is pretty neat but not cheap


Chopping wood is hard, but it’s something modern society has largely freed us from as a daily activity. That’s nice, but consequently, if you ever do have to chop wood, you’re more than [...]

Amazing engineering

Craziest furniture on the planet! Enjoy and Share!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Where the Jobs are

North Dakota's March Unemployment Rate: 2.6%, Down From 3% A Year Ago - Say Anything
No surprises in the latest job...

This is very stupid.

 I know the kid that did the deal was dense... but to dump 38 million gallons of water when birds fly over, settle in it.. insects, flies, and who knows if there are fish in there. Even if he DID... that's just stupid. I mean we are talking a quart against 38 million gallons... DUMB
Teen's Urine Ruins 38M Gallons of Portland's Water
Rest assured, Portland, Oregon: The water you drink is very, very clean. How sanitary? This...

How NOT to win friends and influence people.... I would double down...never agree to anything he comes up with for the rest of his term. INSULT IS AS INSULT DOES.

Obama offers new insults, then laments gridlock
President Barack Obama used his Thursday press conference to diagnose Republicans as...

I guess when you lie all the time people stop listening

MSNBC Slips to Lowest Weekly Prime Time Demo Rating Since 2007 | Mediaite
For the week of April 7th-13th, MSNBC averaged just 147K in...

really weird

Atheists Converge on Mormon Country
Leaders of a national atheist group say the best spot to find a nonbeliever is in a place of faith....

Lets do it for the children

Bloom is off the rose

1,200 HS students sign petition to BLOCK Mrs. Obama graduation speech
Taylor Gifford, 18, a student at Topeka High School in Kansas...

My mom and dad did

Ohio couple married 70 years die 15 hours apart
It was a love story that spanned decades.

If a lib like Brooks says this that is really something. He has been a worshiper at the altar of BHO for a long time.

New York Times Columnist: Obama Has a ‘Manhood Problem’ in the Middle East
New York Times columnist David Brooks said Sunday

A Canadian pizza chain has created a “Pizza Cake”, a horrifying layered pizza monstrosity



The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain