Saturday, October 24, 2009

I need me one of these

A guy from Northern Minnesota (where else) is arrested for DWI while driving a motorized Lazy Boy Recliner. He was really drunk and hit a parked car.

The whole story is hilarious and typical of the part of the world I grew up in.

Here's the Chair.

Obama, Islam and the New York Times

The New York Times in reporting won't mention that an Islamic terrorist was arrested for plotting to kill people. That he's a terrorist and arrested. But not a peep about his motivation, ISLAM. They believe that if they are NICE to the Muslims that the Muslims will be nice to them. They are wrong but you can read an interesting blog about it all. What is MORE interesting to me are some of the intelligent comments about the whole fiasco.

You must remember that to many on the left, lies, outrageous demands, and a vision of the ‘other’ as evil incarnate, are business as usual. Whether believed or not, these are simply tools to gain power. Without any religious faith themselves, they simply see radical Islam as just another group saying or doing whatever gets them power. It always comes as a surprise to the David Rohde’s of the world that radical Islam sincerely believes everything they say.

The New York Times believes that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Radical Islam believes that the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. Those who share the Times philosophy will die screaming, “This can’t be happening! I don’t understand! We supported you!” Their executioners won’t bother to answer.


There are (rich) idealist and spiritualist people (half psychologist, half interested in esoteric matters), who say Obama to be enlightened (!) man, and “look at those bad other Presidents, just wishing to wage wars and being totally disinterested in environmental matters! They immediately showed their (evil) nature criticizing Obama’s peaceful and social attitude. (…). Himself did not expected to be awarded of the Peace Nobel Prize (”what an humble man”). (…). Maybe he doesn’t really understand the evil of others (Islam), but he is a human being like everyone else: maybe he just doesn’t know or he simply is a good and ingenious man”. And: “look, the World is really changing, a new era is really coming: for the first time the (usually evil and pride/arrogant) United States have a black President!”.

Now: those allegedly extra-intelligent people (psychologists) and extra-sensitive people (interested in aesthetic matters), don’t even take into consideration that one like Obama was endorsed by one like Khadafi; that he achieved nothing extraordinary as “black man” in USA, since USA was a tolerating and open society far before Obama started running for Presidency; that before him there was a BLACK – WOMAN, Condoleeza Rice, occupying a very high place in USA Government; that Obama isn’t even “a black man” but his mother was a white woman and his father a man from Asia, and an Islamic man; that Obama “peaceful talks” since he endorses so called “religion of peace”, being advised about it by an ISLAMIST(Moghaed); that Obama LIES about Islamic History, adulterating it, while belittling Western History and Civilization (which is instead the greatest Civilization – when it comes to human/women’s Rights – among others, even if no one denies it has to still improve); that Obama had his Campaign funded by United Arab Emirates (like the Campaign of Hillary Clinton, shortly, the Democratic Party has been funded by United Arab Emirates); that Obama’s social attitude is based on others’ money, not his own; that one can expect “humanity” and “ingenuity” by a private citizen like “me and you” but not from the President of United States of America; that without a war against Nazi now European were oppressed by the Nazi regime, and USA saved Europe, through an almost necessary WAR, from Hitler and friends; ….

And when it happens to let these “wise” and “enlightened” people reasoning about the above mentioned (realistic) topics about Obama, they will answer: “oh, but me I went not deeper into political matters. I just noticed Obama attitude and liked it, therefore I endorsed him” (well: congratulation for your superficiality! Weren’t you supposed to be a more intelligent and more sensitive person than the average?), and “oh, but you criticize Obama: what about other Presidents, then?” (I never praised other Presidents, I just state that it is crazy to state Obama to be an enlightened person, rather than a corrupted one – like others, if you like!), and “yes, Islam is like European Middle Ages – but what does Obama has to do with it?” (well: obviously “enlightened” people do not even know about their “most loved President’s” roots and speeches) or “Muhammad said women are inferior to men? I can’t believe an enlightened person like Muhammad said that! You must definitely be wrong!” (no comment. Psycho-aesotherical Masters/Fellows obviously do not have a very insightful knowledge of Islam and its boss – they let themselves be fooled by politically correct messages about Islam or Islamist apologetic messages).

Shortly: today being an idealist seems to be very in, while being a realist seems to be very out – I don’t know why an idealist do not get to understand that a realistic point of view doesn’t forbid to be an idealist, too. They should anyway be aware that being an idealist alone, isn’t different than being a child (having a childish and immature personality) and suffering of so called “magic thinking” – this is not enough: History (already) showed how many people had to suffer for one leader’s idealism only.

As Pat Condell said: not to forget, people voted Obama for changing, not for submitting! (journalists should remember this, too).

A list of honor killings by Muslims

I'm sure you know what Honor Killings are. Family members killing their children (mostly) because of some "Dishonor" brought upon the family. Usually for dating a boy who wasn't approved or for "western ways".

There isn't much press on this. It happens all the time. More in Europe and Canada. But in the USA too.

A little girl who became christian has been sent home by a judge in Florida to a Muslim father who will most likely kill her. This has been a cause celeb.

There is much to know about this. But, if you look at the long list and pictures of women who have been "Honor Killed" by Muslims, you will get a flavor of how bad this can be.

Sharia law and Islam is a cruel and evil thing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

This is a bad deal and I hope the ALCU is Ready to go to Work because it will not stand

Hate Crimes Measure Passes

A controversial hate crimes measure that many Christian leaders feared would criminalize preaching against homosexuality has passed.

In a 68-29 vote Thursday, the Senate approved the hate crimes measure, which was attached to a $660 billion defense-spending bill. The law adds sexual orientation to the list of federally protected classes, which previously included race, religion, color and national origin.

The bill also gives states and local jurisdictions federal assistance to prosecute hate crimes, and makes it a federal crime to attack U.S. military personnel because of their service.

The bill now awaits approval from the president, who has expressed support for the hate-crimes law.

The Family Research Council (FRC), which has lobbied against the hate crimes measure for several months, is calling on President Obama to veto the legislation.

FRC President Tony Perkins said attaching the hate crimes measure to the must-pass defense bill is a "slap to the face of our servicemen and women."

"This hate crimes provision is part of a radical social agenda that could ultimately silence Christians and use the force of government to marginalize anyone whose faith is at odds with homosexuality," he said.

"Expanding hate crimes puts America in lock step with the stated agenda of homosexual activists who will turn next to the so-called Employment Non-discrimination Act, followed by the repeal of the ban on homosexuality in the military and then the Defense of Marriage Act."

Although bill supporters said the hate crimes measure criminalizes only violence against homosexuals, several Christian groups worry that pastors would be prosecuted if an attendee of their church commits a crime and blames it on sermons about homosexuality.

"Ultimately, a pastor's sermon concerning religious beliefs and teachings on homosexuality and gender-confused behaviors could be considered to cause violence and will be punished or at least investigated," Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), said in an e-mail alert issued last spring when the original hate crimes bill was being considered by the House Judiciary Committee.

"Once the legal framework is in place, political pressure will be placed on prosecutors to investigate pastors or other religious leaders who quote the Bible or express their long-held beliefs on the morality and appropriateness of homosexuality and other sexual behaviors," she added.

Other evangelical leaders have supported the hate crimes law, including author Tony Campolo, Sojourners founder Jim Wallis and Florida megachurch pastor Joel Hunter.

"I would think that the followers of Jesus would be first in line to protect any group from hate crimes," Hunter said in April when the bill was being considered by the House, which passed the measure as an amendment to the defense-spending bill Oct. 8.

"This bill protects both the rights of conservative religious people to voice passionately their interpretations of their Scriptures and protects their fellow citizens from physical attack," he added.

Republicans largely opposed the bill, complaining that Democrats attached the hate crimes amendment to the defense bill to dare Republicans to oppose it.

"It's a shame that this piece of legislation was added to a bill that's supposed to be about supporting our troops," said Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, according to the Washington Post.

In addition to the hate crimes law, the defense-spending bill authorizes a 3.4 percent pay raise for the military and includes funding for a program to develop an alternative engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Air Force's multimission fighter of the future.

In June, President Obama called the F-35 fighter program a waste of money and threatened to veto the defense bill if it was included. But the president, who has faced increasing criticism from some homosexual activists for not pushing hard enough on gay issues, is still expected to sign the bill into law, the Post reported.

How the Insurance Industry drives Health Care Costs

This one hour program from This American Life examines why and how the Health Insurers have made health care more expensive, less accessible and less about prevention and more about resolving issues that could have been prevented. Our current system has less to do with health care and mostly has to do with disease care.

I don't recommend you listen to this unless you want to have your belief in the best health care system in the world hot air balloon punctured.

The truth is out there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mass Hysteria

A third of the students from our local high school have called in sick. Not coming. Giving in to the flu.

A third.

OK. I was a student once. This is baloney.

I would call it mass hysteria, but the reality is probably opportunism.

This is a rich area I live in and these are kids of Privilege.

So, calling in sick just because is par for the course.

Looks like it will be a nice winter here in the upper midwest

You can thank Mr El Nino out in the Pacific.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"There comes a point in your life when you realize: Who matters...Who never did...Who won't anymore...And who always will. So, don't worry about people from your past there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future"

I shall live and not die

I mentioned that I had a toothache. Today I got pretty sick of it all.

Took Dominion.

I'm much better.


Sometimes you just have to speak to that mountain and tell it to move.

It will.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Obama Care will become law....the right failed to act

I know this is Liberal Public Radio, but it’s worth hearing. Ira Glass’s program has succeeded in explaining the unexplainable often.

He puts into perspective pretty well why the health care crisis will take us into oblivion if we don’t get it right.

I know most won’t listen to this. If you just listen to the first five minutes it will help you. The interview with David Frumm is worth while.

The whole thing is worth listening to.

The truth is: Facts are tough things. Our country's wealth and competitiveness is being consumed by an out of control monopoly of symbiotic forces.

Just the simple calculation this starts with should help clarify the issue. In 2000 as GWB won the election, the cost to insure with a good policy supplied by your employer or purchased by anyone else was $6500. By the end of the Bush Presidency it had ballooned to $13,000. Employers kept trimming and increasing the amount of participation but the real cost of insurance was spiralling out of control. With simple extrapolation the cost will be $38,000 (half of all average incomes) by 2016.

It's due to a complex set of issues that have created this situation. Lawyers, big Pharma, the Medical Community (and greed along with protection medicine), Insurance companies that create difficult situations for an ignorant clientele of the cost and excessive government controls to offset this.

There is no quick answer to fix this. There is no competition. There is no incentive to reform or repair.

The status quo must be dismantled by the only entity able to do so. I hate it but this is a supreme failure of a free market.

The blame of course goes to employer paid health care. IF tomorrow it was illegal for all employers everywhere to buy health-care for their employees and if all insurance companies could deal across state lines and if there were a safety net for the uninsured (my brother died of the Complications of Diabetes some years ago and there is none now) then maybe.

But the political will to do this isn't there.

So, it's leave the mess alone and let it kill us, or kill the beast by government incompetence and then like Britain is doing slowly, Like Germany is already doing, maybe we have a chance to return to sanity in an insane world.

Don't worry about me. I'll be on the government dole in a few months. Big Medicare.

Then I'll be like the guy who's employer furnishes him Grocery Insurance. I'll just go to the store every week, buy Lobsters, high priced meats and wines, Organic veggies and happily go to the till, pay my twenty dollar copay and walk out the door with a thousand bucks worth of groceries most of which I'll never eat and never have a clue as to what they all cost.

That's the system we have now. Someone needs to say NO. There's no incentive now.

I wish we could come up with a free market solution, but there isn't one because there is no free market. It's a monopoly conglomerate combine.

I don't support the health care reform bills of 1500 pages on the table right now. It's a catastrophe. I do support the efforts to reform the Health-care mess. Doing nothing is not an option. And the resistance from the people who have something to lose will be phenomenal. People with Cadillac union insurance plans, People in the insurance biz, in the medical field. They don't want reform. And when Bush signed the big pharma bailout bill in 2006 they became resisters of change.

Solutions? MSA's, Tort Reform and National competition are solutions like killing three fleas on a German shepherd. Helps but unnoticeable. Nearly irrelevant.

I am more and more convinced that the blindness generated by the interests who don't want change are informing the debate. We have been duped.

It sounds sooooo good. Free enterprise, the American flag and all... Except its a scam, a lie.

There is no free market in health care.

And there is no political will to truly fix the health-care mess to return it to the free enterprise model.

So....We will have an Obamacare, it will be horrible, but it might just take the monkey off our backs long enough for real reforms to take place in the Palin administration.

I want you to consider six years from now. President Palin is in office. She has a conservative house and senate. The economy is recovering well. Terrorism is at bay because of her strong arm. The health care mess has morphed into an unmanageable pile of crap. She has the political capital to undo the mess but do so in such a way that the mess we have now is not recreated. She looses the medical establishment. She creates the whipping boys of tort reform. She makes Medical insurance an option but provides for a way indigent and uninsurable to access healthcare without bankruptcy or a lack of service, she removes the benefits of employers supplying health insurance and in fact as McCain wanted to, taxes them at exceptional rates. This goes for all. Unions and government alike. Big Pharm is cut off from the pipe and advertising is prohibited.

Now we are getting somewhere. She will have to have the guts and the capital to get it done. I think she will have it. But the nuts have to be cut off from the predators that control us all first.

How Do Bear-Market Moods Differ from Bull-Market Moods?

The Wall Street Journal's Life & Style pages reported this week that Ralph Lauren's new spring looks hark back to the Dust Bowl -- that's right, his runway models wore outfits that recalled Henry Fonda's tattered overalls and cap from the movie based on John Steinbeck's book, The Grapes of Wrath. The article's subhead said, "Why Old-Timey Fashions–Even Torn Overalls–Offer Reassurance in These Times." Here at Elliott Wave International, are we surprised that fashion reflects social mood? Not at all. Bob Prechter even takes it a step farther to explain how fashion and the financial markets are tied together -- and how bear-market moods differ from bull-market moods.
Excerpted from Prechter's Perspective, published 2004
A reader once sent a letter to Barron's with a hearty "phooey" to your article about popular culture. He accused you of implying that investors should have been reading Women's Wear Daily instead of The Wall Street Journal.
Bob Prechter: That's exactly what I was saying.
What's the difference?
Bob Prechter: There is little difference in what they reveal about the current mood. When Women's Wear Daily is showing frisky fashions, The Wall Street Journal is in a frisky mood, too. The problem is that the Journal also gives opinions on the markets and the economy, and people take them at face value rather than for what they are: an expression of the prevailing mood. … So you're much safer with Women's Wear Daily.
This alternating current of ebullience and conservatism goes back to the most basic Elliott wave idea: Bull markets give way to bear markets, and vice versa. What are the essential ways in which bear market moods differ from those of bull markets?
Bob Prechter: In bull markets, people focus on progress and production; in bear markets, they focus on limits and conservation.
O.K., I can see that. What else?
Bob Prechter: Bull markets result in increased harmony in every aspect of society, including the moral, religious, racial, national, regional, social, financial, political and otherwise. Bear markets bring polarization. With that realization, you can predict increasing cooperation in all those areas in bull markets, and increasing conflict in bear markets.
It's hard to imagine turning bearish when peace breaks out all over or turning bullish on society in the depths of scary times.
Bob Prechter: A scary world is perfect for stocks, and a perfect world is scary for stocks. When the world appears perfect, most investors have their money in the market, and there is little or no buying power left to fuel the uptrend and nowhere to go but down. When it appears scary, stocks are cheap and hold huge upside potential.
So people get it backwards.
Bob Prechter: Exactly, people consider these to be the events that shape their futures, but they only reflect the past trend of social mood.
What is it that people are unprepared for now?
Bob Prechter: The bear market will bring back nationalism, racial exclusion, and perhaps even religious conflict. Thinking technically about events, that is, observing what they reveal about social psychology, prepares you for those changes, whereas trying to predict the future from the events themselves leads you to the opposite, and wrong, conclusion. It cannot be stressed enough, because life-or-death decisions can depend upon your assessment. Notice what marks the major bear-market lows of just the last 200 years – the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II. Those were buying opportunities.

People Who Work After Retiring Enjoy Better Health, According to National Stud

I guess I'm going to be healthy for a long time. .

Report finds those who stay in their original field fare best mentally and those who transition from full-time work into a temporary or part-time job experience fewer major diseases and able to function better on a day-to-day basis.

(Washington, D.C.)—Retirees who transition from full-time work into a temporary or part-time job experience fewer major diseases and are able to function better day-to-day than people who stop working altogether, according to a national study. And the findings were significant even after [figuring in] people's physical and mental health before retirement.

Read the whole thing.

Feeling it

I was laid low by a big time toothache in the last day. Was awake most of the night. These things happen. But, it's so distracting from things I have to do that my compassion for people in pain has increased. I guess that's what happens.

I didn't want to be there or get the teeshirt.

But I am.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What Atheists Believe


One man's Testimony as he dies of Cancer

I have friends with cancer, serious stuff. And they are brave. Brave because they Know Their God. The man in this video knew his God and didn't blame him for the cancer and didn't want others to blame God. God is a Good God and this was his testimony as he took his final breath. All this despite horrible pain and suffering.

I want to step from time into eternity just like this.

Three Videos of the END of LIFE.....Hell, Heaven and Forever

These are the last words of several renouned Atheiests as they died. Dying without Jesus is a horrible thing. They did and as they did they saw the end to come.

In fact here is a report on the last words of a Well Known Satanist as he died. And some word that shows how real Hell is.

And, a video of a man shortly before his death who walked with God and the Peace of God as he steps from time into eternity.

I know where I want to be.... I know where I am.

Do you?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How we really live Acts 6:4 in today's church world

But we will pastors should devote ourselves themselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word to studying the Bible, commentaries, and other books 20+ hours per week in preparation for delivering sermons.”

From Alan Knox

Why I am Not easily taken in by Politically correct Junk Science

There are sooo many junk science concepts that are promoted by the left and the right. Some would be really easy for me to believe. Others, that I WANT to believe just are junk science.

So, I put a magnifying glass up the the whole idea and try very hard to identify the concepts and widely held beliefs that people have as true or bad science. For instance, I WANTED to believe that women that had abortions were prone to get cancer. It was convenient and would have served my side well. But as a person schooled in spotting bad science, despite the idea that it would be good propaganda, it just didn't hold up.

There are many others. I won't list them here.

BUT from the really stupid science department with no good science to back it up are:
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming.... Junk Science, we can do nothing about affecting the weather. We are fleas on a global dog.
  • Solar energy being more than site specific as a source of power.
  • Wind power other than occasional site specific opportunistic use, otherwise junk science, particularly the wind farm concept.
  • Hybrid vehicles are just bad science in every way. They have no long term ecological or economic benefit.
  • Electric plug in vehicles are a good way of harnessing Nuclear Energy for local slow transportation. Like a bicycle. I would have one if I could afford it if it would be just for here.
  • Opposing Nuclear energy for waste disposal issues borders on Junk Science, but nuclear energy as the total answer is Junk Economics.
  • The fact is, much of the carbon control ideas like cap and trade are just Junk Science and only has to do with control.

So, as a service to those not scientifically prone, here are some ways you can be fooled less:

The scientific method's experimental approach is more about questions than answers. Junk scientists rush to the answers without addressing or caring about the questions.

A few good rules to recognize junk science are:
  • * Doubt everything: Be skeptical of scary health news. In science, credibility is earned, not self-evident. You think, therefore you doubt.
  • * The Yoke's on them: The burden of proof is always on the party trying to prove a point. "Better safe than sorry" can be an excuse to push junk science.
  • * Speculation isn't science: Watch out for junk scientists who try to pass off speculation as reasons to hit the panic button. Giveaway terms include "may", "might', "could", "if", "possibly", "perhaps", "potentially", and the like. When uttered by someone with a clear vested interest in promoting a health scare, these words can indicate junk science.
  • * Anecdotes aren't data : Anecdotal data are essentially a single or a few observations. Anecdotes are designed to appeal to your emotions and fears. It's a ruse to get you to put your brain in neutral and overlook the facts.

Dedicated to the three people left that believe in Wind Farms

Eco Imperialism - Articles

Forests of concrete and steel - Many words could describe wind energy and green jobs. “Sustainable” is not one of them
by Paul Driessen

Spain did increase its installed wind power capacity to 10% of its total electricity, although actual energy output is 10-30% of this, or 1-3% of total electricity, because the wind is intermittent and unreliable. However, Spain spent $3.7 billion on the program in 2007 alone, King Juan Carlos University economics professor Gabriel Calzada determined.

It created 50,000 jobs, mostly installing wind turbines, at $73,000 in annual subsidies per job – and 10,000 of these jobs have already been terminated. The subsidies have been slashed, due to Spain’s growing economic problems, putting the remaining 40,000 jobs at risk.

Meanwhile, the cost of subsidized wind energy and carbon dioxide emission permits sent electricity prices soaring for other businesses – causing 2.2 jobs to be lost for every “green” job created, says Calzada. Spain’s unemployment rate is now 17% and rising. That’s hardly the “success” story so often cited by Congress and the Obama Administration.

Across the Channel, Britain’s biggest wind-energy projects are in trouble. Just as the UK government announced its goal of creating 400,000 eco-jobs by 2015, major green energy employer Vestas UK is ending production. All 7,000 turbines that Downing Street just committed to installing over the next decade will be manufactured – not in Britain, but in Germany, Denmark and China.

For businesses, existing global warming policies have added 21% to industrial electricity bills since 2001, and this will rise to 55% by 2020, the UK government admits. Its latest renewable energy strategy will add another 15% – meaning the total impact on British industry will likely be a prohibitive 70% cost increase over two decades. This is the result of the government’s plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions 34% below 1990 levels by 2020, and increase the share of renewables, especially wind, from 6% to 31% of Britain’s electricity.

These cost hikes could make British manufacturers uncompetitive, and send thousands more jobs overseas, the Energy Intensive Users Group reports. English steel mills could become “unable to compete globally, even at current domestic energy prices,” says British journalist Dominic Lawson; “but deliberately to make them uncompetitive is industrial vandalism – and even madness … a futile gesture ... and immoral.”

On this side of the pond, President Obama and anti-hydrocarbon members of Congress are promoting “green” energy and jobs, via new mandates, standards, tax breaks and subsidies. However, the United States would need 180,000 1.5-megawatt wind turbines by 2020, just to generate the 600 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity that compliance with the narrowly passed Waxman-Markey global warming bill would necessitate, retired energy and nuclear engineering professor James Rust calculates.

This would require millions of acres of scenic, habitat and agricultural lands, and 126 million tons of concrete, steel, fiberglass and “rare earth” minerals for the turbines, at 700 tons per turbine; prodigious quantities of concrete, steel, copper and land for new transmission lines; and still more land, fuel and raw materials for backup gas-fired generators. America’s new national forests will apparently be made of concrete and steel.

Read the whole thing at the link above----

This is an excellent article from an excellent Blog. This is an actual scientist who knows stuff. Not like the ALGORE's of the world who babble on about nothing with no understanding at all. Repent, it's not too late to return from the land of the badly deceived.

Obama's Peace Prize is like----

Digging and Hacking

Yesterday I hand dug 18 trees. It required the use of an adz. Hard physical work. Then I had to walk (carry) them out of the field to the truck in high weeds.

I'm not a kid any more. I run hard but this was hard and boy do I feel it today.

BUT, haymaking only happens in the sunshine.

It will be frozen solid a month from now. Gotta go now.

Besides, I might have dug just enough to get my pickup fixed.