Sunday, September 07, 2014

I no longer argue with liberals.

They are the same people who have placed us in the mess we are in because of their ignorance and voting patterns that supported their confederacy of fools. We are at war and they talk about avoiding war. Their timidity and cowardice has placed us in the cross-hairs of the cockroaches of this earth, Islamic Radicals. ISIS and a dozen other names

You don't negotiate with cockroaches, you kill them, eradicate them, exterminate them. Yes these people have souls, some will come to Jesus.. but first fear must be their portion. Most of us came to Jesus when we are in a place of pain and fear. It's not intellectual. It's positional. Slicing the heads from innocent men women and children doesn't put fear in a cockroach... seeing your fellows dropping dead because a better military is coming against you or being blown to micro-bits will bring you to recognition of your mortality (fear). 

We must not allow an incompetent administration nor blind insipid liberal mentality (see MSNBC) to slide us further into the perdition than we already are. WE ARE AT WAR.. even if you don't recognize it.

Really Stupid People

Double Minded

She was raised Lutheran. Her agenda sounds familiar: "Blackmore said the temple’s plans for Michigan include offering same-sex wedding ceremonies and advocating for women’s rights — in particular, opposing on religious grounds the informed consent laws requiring that women receiving abortions be given certain information. She also is working on plans to volunteer at local animal shelters and provide other needed community service in Detroit."
Sounds a lot like the Liberal Agenda. I know no Christian I know would ever vote for a party or a president who supported same sex marriage and abortion. That would be supporting an agenda that parallels Satanism.. and that would be double minded. Schizophrenic. Unstable.
The Satanic Temple today launches a Detroit chapter – its first chapter outside New York. But leaders say they don't worship Satan. They don't practice cannibalism, or sacrifice people or animals.

Good News

I should than President Obama. The RICH are getting Richer. Much richer. The poor.. bah. Who cares. Forget them. They can't play golf. And they are such suckers. All the cries for a higher minimum wage are simply vote solicitations from the confederacy of fools. Those calls are Clouds without rain. BUT dependably the ethnic poor will vote for the kinds of democrat policies that continue to widen the wealth gap. I no longer think it's possible for the poor to wake up. They will simply wither away. Someday we might actually once again have leadership that has a clue about economics and how to run a country, state and city. Till then, where DID I put that jar of Caviar Jeeves?
The Fed's Consumer Finance Survey shows that a rising tide is not lifting all boats.


Many of the Westerners flocking to the Islamic State are middle-class misfits for whom jihad is a radical pose. the Islamic State — and groups like it — a modern Foreign Legion for losers. When discussing people who openly boast of rape, murder, and torture, “loser” is hardly too harsh. But invective is not my intent when I call them losers. These men — and a few women, too — are losers in a more significant sense. They are losers at Western civilization.
On the Internet, you’re never really alone. Name any fad, any cause, any hobby or passion — Shaker furniture? Dungeons and Dragons, Bolivian tree frogs? — and you’re only a few clicks away from someone who shares your obsession. That’s great. It’s also horrible. Because while there’s no harm in tree…

Eliminate the minimum wage.

 Do it for the Children and the Poor. Every time it's raised it makes the poor poorer and the young unable to enter the workforce. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN... Eliminate the minimum wage. I'm not kidding, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands have no minimum wage adn the people do very well because they can enter and learn in the workforce as a youth. Something our draconian minimum wage law prohibits. Watch this education on what is happening.

Very Sad... but

This kind of story makes you weep for a town that was once alive and vital like Gary Indiana. It's a mini Detroit. A mini Southside of Chicago. The blame is easy to place on the Steel Plants closing. But what didn't replace them? Why? Who failed to see what was happening? What kinds of policies resulted in this decline? I can name a few. I'll be you can too. IF I could make policy, I would put a pin in the center of the most blighted area of Gary, draw a circle of several miles around it and declare that a tax free zone. No income, sales or fee based taxes. Only property taxes. I would create a regulation free zone. Except for police and courts, no city government at all. All lawsuits settled by loser pays and arbitration is nearly always the case. I would create a no minimum wage zone. A government economic intervention free zone where no unemployment, Snap Card Redemption, AFDC or Income Tax Credit would be allowed. In other words, an economic free for all with no safety net. AND to work there you would have to live there. What do you think would happen? In 5 years Gary would become the most desirable place to live, work and set up a business. Money would flow. It would become an economic engine. This of course cannot happen because it would demonstrate the lie that Socialism really is. It would demonstrate the power of the free capitalism. That would be a catastrophe for the left. It would be a lot like the days back in 1955 that you read about in this article. Anyone want to go back? I do.
GARY | People used to dress up in heels or starched button-down shirts before heading to downtown Gary in 1955, when Albert Cohen opened his furniture store, Union United Corp.|By Lee Enterprises

Actually not all bad news

The chart above helps explain the current state of the US economy: 1. Measured by the output of real goods and services, the US economy has made a full and robust recovery from the Great Recession,...

I need to get me some...LOL

What's the problem?

While I may not watch him much, I AGREE with this writer. Joel Osteen is easy to shoot at because he's "Out There". IF you aren't being shot at, it's because you don't show up on the radar and that's why you probably don't matter as much as Joel Osteen does. IF the demons say, Paul I know and Jesus I know, I'm guessing they know Joel, but who in HELL ARE YOU? Just shut up about him... PLEASE
A couple of years ago Joel Osteen was preparing to have a “Night of Hope” at Dodger Stadium. Since the Dodgers are in our home city, Los Angeles, I wanted to support the effort. I mentioned to our congregation about the upcoming crusade and helping out so we could be a part of reaching thousands...|By

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