Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can Sarah Palin save the USA??

I have been a Palin supporter for a long time. I know many people think she's not the real deal. BUT, more and more the drumbeat for her is being heard. She may be the one person that can save this country from the nutcases.

This guy agrees.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hate Sells: Why Liberal Magazines Are Suffering Under Obama

Vanity Fair magazine tracks the decline and fall of left wing hate magazines since George Bush is no longer President. Who buys or subscribes to a Hate Rag when there is nothing to hate.
Ideologically driven magazines tend to thrive on feelings of anger and disenfranchisement, and while liberals were hardly pleased with Obama’s first year in office, the disappointment can’t compare to the emotions that Darth Cheney and Cowboy Bush inspired.

Reading this article, the money line is the last one.
It may not be until 2013 and the inauguration of President Palin that left-wing publications attain their former heights.

I figure Mother Jones is secretly supporting the Election of Sarah.

OK, I'm in.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Discouraged with the GOP

We who have been disdained as Tea Party are now being excluded. The GOP, the party of universal failure, has made a decision to set us aside after using us well.

We all helped get Fresh RINO meat elected (Scott Brown). Newtie must be smiling.

They have divided us….The GOP is NOT our Friend.

The enemy of my enemy has to be my friend. So, if the GOP is in opposition to the Marxists in power, then I guess I have to be a friend. It’s just that being a friend of the GOP is such a lose lose situation for me. I have tried to be helpful.

YET, they crap on us. On me.

They used us and now think we are going to go lockstep into that dark night.

I’m not crazy about a third party, but since the GOP is as corrupt and spendthrift as the thieves who presently occupy the White House and the Congress, I guess maybe what the world sees as third party is really just a viable second party of a defacto one party system.

In Macon County in Southern IL the GOP establishment have made the decision to exclude any TEA Party candidates who legitimately won positions in the party.

Is there any state in the union more corrupt than IL? And is there any difference between a GOP that does this and the ACORN thugs that have taken over the Democrat party?

Monday, February 22, 2010

If you want to murder somebody in America, be sure to convert to Islam first

By Bryan Fischer
Political correctness is now so out of control in America that the one sure way to beat the death penalty for cold-blooded murder is to convert to Islam.

Faleh al-Maleki ran over his own daughter with the family car in Arizona last fall, in a brutal “honor killing.” His daughter had become “too Westernized,” and in the Religion of Peace this is a capital offense all over the world.

The public defender pressured the prosecutor’s office to abandon pursuit of the death penalty for this heinous crime just to make sure “that there is no appearance that a Christian is seeking to execute a Muslim for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs.”

The prosecutor’s office meekly complied.

Read the Whole Thing

Sunday, February 21, 2010

'The New GM (Government Motors) Proudly Introduces the 2010 Obama'

2010 Obama
This car runs on hot air and broken promises. It has three wheels that speed the vehicle through tight left turns. It comes complete with two TelePrompters programmed to help the occupants talk their way out of any violations. The transparent canopy reveals the plastic smiles still on the faces of all the "happy" owners.

Comes in S, M, L, XL and 2XL It won't get you to work, but hey, there aren't any jobs anyway!

People Believe the Government is about to Steal all the Money in your IRA and 401k like they did in Argentiana

I listened to Bob Brinker's Money Talk on radio yesterday. He was incensed at a plan some are talking about in the Administration and in the halls of congress to confiscate all the money in your IRA and 401K in order to finance the government.

That would take care of our deficit problems. There is a lot of money out there.

How would this happen? Probably as it did in Argentina. A crisis (never waste a crisis) would be declared. All the money would be confiscated in exchange for a monthly check from the government. So (they would say) you didn't lose anything. You are getting about what you would have received if you had invested for monthly income.

Of course that money is now gone and you can't buy a house, a farm, take a world cruise.

I have done a bit of research on this. It appears to be a real threat.

Hope and Change for Marxists.