Saturday, May 30, 2009

We are about to go into a very cold cycle, the battle against global warming is the wrong battle at the wrong time

Crushing cold temperatures and global famine'?
I have known for a long time that the whole global warming train was being driven by a Marxist control and command political group led by Al Gore. I am now being proven right. I hope NO ONE actually believes in Global Warming any more. Unfortunately a few do. Maybe I can save them from the delusion:

The Examiner's Science-Politics Editor:

On May 19, 2009, record low temperatures were recorded in 28 states, more than half the states in the United States of America. Many of these record low temperatures are the lowest in 100 years, and some the lowest in 115 years., a web portal tracking global temperatures reports, “If there had been record warmth in 28 states, your would have seen ‘we're-causing-global-warming’ headlines plastered across the front page of almostevery newspaper in the country, and TV hosts would have gleefully announced the dire news. . . . But had you even heard about this?”

NOAA’s full report on these locations and record low temperatures is set out at the end of this article.

In an April 2, 2009 article, retired U.S. Navy physicist and engineer James A. Marusek writes: “The sun has gone very quiet as it transitions to Solar Cycle 24…. We are now at a crossroad. Two paths lie before us. Both are marked with a signpost that reads “Danger”! Down one path lies monstrous solar storms. Down the other path lies several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine.” “A quiet sun will cause temperatures globally to take a nose-dive. We will experience temperatures that we have not seen in over 200 years, during the time of the early pioneers.

Pravda Blames American Churches for USA Descent into Marxism

From Pravda, the Russian News Service.... A sobering reality (Highlights Mine) the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the past century, especially the past twenty years. The initial testing grounds was conducted upon our Holy Russia and a bloody test it was. But we Russians would not just roll over and give up our freedoms and our souls, no matter how much money Wall Street poured into the fists of the Marxists.

Those lessons were taken and used to properly prepare the American populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls, to the whims of their elites and betters.

First, the population was dumbed down through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture, rather then the classics. Americans know more about their favorite TV dramas then the drama in DC that directly affects their lives. They care more for their “right” to choke down a McDonalds burger or a BurgerKing burger than for their constitutional rights. Then they turn around and lecture us about our rights and about our “democracy”. Pride blind the foolish.

Then their faith in God was destroyed, until their churches, all tens of thousands of different “branches and denominations” were for the most part little more then Sunday circuses and their televangelists and top protestant mega preachers were more then happy to sell out their souls and flocks to be on the “winning” side of one pseudo Marxist politician or another. Their flocks may complain, but when explained that they would be on the “winning” side, their flocks were ever so quick to reject Christ in hopes for earthly power. Even our Holy Orthodox churches are scandalously liberalized in America.

The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama. His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive. His spending and money printing has been a record setting, not just in America’s short history but in the world. If this keeps up for more then another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Wiemar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe.

Then came Barack Obama’s command that GM’s (General Motor) president step down from leadership of his company. That is correct, dear reader, in the land of “pure” free markets, the American president now has the power, the self given power, to fire CEOs and we can assume other employees of private companies, at will. Come hither, go dither, the centurion commands his minions.

So it should be no surprise, that the American president has followed this up with a “bold” move of declaring that he and another group of unelected, chosen stooges will now redesign the entire automotive industry and will even be the guarantee of automobile policies. I am sure that if given the chance, they would happily try and redesign it for the whole of the world, too. Prime Minister Putin, less then two months ago, warned Obama and UK’s Blair, not to follow the path to Marxism, it only leads to disaster. Apparently, even though we suffered 70 years of this Western sponsored horror show, we know nothing, as foolish, drunken Russians, so let our “wise” Anglo-Saxon fools find out the folly of their own pride.

Again, the American public has taken this with barely a whimper…but a “freeman” whimper.

So, should it be any surprise to discover that the Democratically controlled Congress of America is working on passing a new regulation that would give the American Treasury department the power to set “fair” maximum salaries, evaluate performance and control how private companies give out pay raises and bonuses? Senator Barney Franks, a social pervert basking in his homosexuality (of course, amongst the modern, enlightened American societal norm, as well as that of the general West, homosexuality is not only not a looked down upon life choice, but is often praised as a virtue) and his Marxist enlightenment, has led this effort. He stresses that this only affects companies that receive government monies, but it is retroactive and taken to a logical extreme, this would include any company or industry that has ever received a tax break or incentive.

The Russian owners of American companies and industries should look thoughtfully at this and the option of closing their facilities down and fleeing the land of the Red as fast as possible. In other words, divest while there is still value left.

The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.

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Where's my Nickle?

Once more the big giant heads are telling us what I told the world in February.

Oil going up, dollar going down, Market going to collapse.

Where's my nickel for being ahead of this curve.

I didn't sell it, so no nickle for Gene.

Friday, May 29, 2009

How Long before He's on the 20 dollar bill?

He's already on the Metro Card in DC. Tick Tick Tick.

Why is there Evil in the World?

"If you, O Lord, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand" (Psalm 130:3).

One of the most common questions every person wrestles with in life is this: "God, if You are loving, just, and all-powerful, why do You allow good people to suffer?" Many choose not to believe in God because they cannot adequately explain this question. Evangelist Billy Graham addressed this question in his book Answers to Life's Problems:

We do not know all the reasons why God permits evil. We need to remember, however, that he is not the cause of evil in this world and we should therefore not blame Him for it. Remember that God did not create evil, as some believe. God created the world perfect. Man chose to defy God and go his own way, and it is man's fault that evil entered the world. Even so, God has provided the ultimate triumph of good over evil in Jesus Christ, who on the cross, defeated Satan and those who follow him. Christ is coming back and when He does, all evil will be ended forever and righteousness and justice will prevail.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if God suddenly eliminated all the evil in this world? Not one person would be left, because we are all guilty of sin.

Whenever we suffer, we should remember that the Son of God went before us, drinking the cup of suffering and death to the dregs. Because Christ is fully man and fully God, we know that God understands our fears, sorrows and suffering. He identifies with us. Most important of all, the Father has given us the gift of His Son so that we don't have to die and suffer forever in eternity.

Because Jesus suffered and died for us, our suffering can be made like His -purposeful and meaningful. Evil, suffering and death came into the world when the first man and woman listened to Satan and committed the first sin. Evil was never part of the Garden of Eden. The moment Adam and Eve crossed the boundary of God's command, evil became the terrible reality of this world.

There are some questions that will remain unresolved until we are able to meet face to face with our Creator in Heaven.

A Nine Year Old Presidential Belief System

President Obama has the belief system of a nine year old child. He believes that:
  • Wind can replace coal
  • Global Warming is real
  • Nice talk will stop terrorists
  • Good Speech's impress North Korea
  • Mandating Cafe Standards means something in the real world
  • Looking good even when incompetent compensates for the incompetence
  • Being liked is more important than doing right
  • Government can run companies better than businessmen
  • Spending results in prosperity
  • Taxes balance budgets
  • He can overthrow the economic and political without resistance

This is a dangerous man who believes in myths and theories because he has no real world experience.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not optimistic this study is right - HA

According to a recent study,
the USA is the tenth MOST optimistic country in the world.

Sunny outlooks are most prevalent in Ireland, Brazil, Denmark, and New Zealand.

The United States ranks No. 10.

Optimism is lowest in Zimbabwe, Egypt, Haiti and Bulgaria.

Nearly 90 percent of people around the globe expect the next five years to be as good or better than life today, the study found. And 95 percent expect their life in five years to be as good or better than it was five years ago.

You don't know what you got till it's gone.........

I had lunch yesterday with a young man from the nursery. He invited his girlfriend to join us. These are kids around 18 yrs, just out of school. Nice kid. Nice Girl.

She was as sweet as anyone in the world. He didn't treat her as well as she deserved. Was brusque. Didn't pay her attention.

She put up with it.

She may end up the mother of his children. She may be the one. And he treated her like small change.

A crime. If someone comes along who treats her well.... well she'll be gone. And he'll wonder why.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everybody has a story - her's is good but not extraordinary

I grew up around extraordinary people with extraordinary stories.

War heroes, People who were destitute and rose above it, people who were disabled and made life work in spite of it all.

I appreciate Judge Sotomayor's life story. It's a good one. It's just not better than many I know personally. Many from my own family.

So, let's get over the hype, how about talking about her qualifications and viewpoints. What does it take to be a member of the supreme court. Does she have it. Is she a problem in jurisprudence. I'm not impressed with the story above her ability or lack of it.

Why do I have a sinking feeling that President Obama doesn't have a clue on North Korea?

North Korea seems to be thumbing his nose at the western world since it has nearly no leadership in place willing to deal with them.

They blow off nukes, fire up forbidden nuke plants and shoot multiple missiles in the air.

If we had someone in charge who had a clue and a spine we would be dealing with this. We don't.

This is sad.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David Brooks gets a nose full - even though he is not a conservative

I have very little time for David Brooks. He is way off the conservative homing beacon.

But, he has written a well crafted piece
in the NYT that describes accurately the atmosphere where Sith Lord Obama commands and controls in true Marxist theology the minutia of our economy.

Then the president leads the executives out onto the White House lawn for the announcement ceremony. Often, the president will still be carrying the riding crop and the pliers used in the private negotiation. He moves to the microphone while the executives take their pre-assigned places behind him, the jingle of their leg shackles blending with the dulcet tones of spring. I thought one hospital executive was so moved by the occasion that he had slipped into catatonic shock, except that he was blinking “Save Me! Save Me!” in Morse code to his shareholders.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Islam can only be stopped by the Love of Jesus

This website is disturbing, and it's not anything but true.

The islamists are at it big time, spreading the evil.

And liberals who will be the first to go when and if the Islamists take over are supporting them. They are amusing and amazing.

Some Faith for Healing is not as Good as others

The young 14 year old and his mother who have been on the road hiding from Chemotherapy because they believe in some form of alternative religion based on the Indian (with a feather not a dot) religion of Nemenhah.

There is a great deal of consternation about all this
. Should the boy be forced to take chemo? Should his desire to follow his religion be honored. Should the mom be charged for running away.

Now the boy is in custody and will be forced to take Chemo.

What is interesting is a month ago a young girl about the same age as this boy died after the parents and the girl relied on prayer for healing.

There was universal condemnation.

I have a feeling that Christian Scientists and Jehovah's Witness's days of objecting to treatment are about over.

I personally believe in divine healing but I also believe sometimes God even uses Doctors.

Somehow this all seems suspiciously like bias against Christians and tolerance for something far less. That's the way of the world isn't it?

Memorial Day 1959

I have memories.

It was in the year when my parents died. Ellendale had Memorial Day parades. Color Guards. I was just 14. We marched in the parade.

The military was made up of those who wore their uniforms that fit well a decade and a half before. World War Two was a fresh memory. So was Korea.

Those strong men who marched. Names I have forgotten but faces I have not. They were men who were not confused about what defense of our nation meant or it's important result.

The flags waved, the bugles blew, the men of Ellendale stood strong.

There was a confidence in seeing these mighty men. You had a sense that if anything bad came along the guns they carried could and would be placed in service once more and would repel any evil.

I know that was the impression of a child, a young impressionable man.

But it's still there. I suspect that Ellendale no longer has men of honor who make up the honor guard and march with guns in hand. There are few young boys who stand in admiration of those men. Most of those men are dead and gone now.

And we are weaker for it all.

Thank Almighty God for our vets.....every one.

On Memorial Day - A Salute to the Veteran


It is the
not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is
not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is
not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is
not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is
not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is
not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So much for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Religion

Now it begins. The anti-christ spirit that was released last fall in now in full expression. Persecution and Imprisonment is about to follow. This will separate the true sheep from the goats. It's gonna get rough out there.

A campus evangelism group is stunned today, as a ministry event at a community college in Ohio resulted in four members being arrested, one on a felony assault charge that the ministry's leader claims is fabricated.

"I've done ministries like this at more than 200 universities," said Jason Storms, director of Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism, a ministry of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wis. "We train people to do evangelism, and I have never seen an incident like this."

Storms and a team of students earlier this week traveled to Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, with signs, literature and a message of faith.

When they arrived, however, a student complaint led campus police to confront the evangelism team and demand that their signs and literature be put away in accordance with college policy. When two of the evangelists refused the order, however, insisting their materials were protected by the freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment, the officers arrested them on charges of disorderly conduct.

"There are many times when police hassle us and intimidate or bully us on campus, and usually we stand them down and are successful in defending our rights to freedom of speech," Storms told WND. "I can count on one hand the number of times we've had an arrest situation."

Later in the afternoon, however, two more arrests followed, one on a now-disputed felony charge of striking a police officer.

Storms himself was detained by police, when after speaking freely with students on campus for a couple of hours, he approached Officer Michael Beane to inquire about the charges filed against the other two evangelists. Storms and Beane then got into an argument, resulting in the officer claiming he was being harassed and Storms being detained in a holding cell.

The situation escalated, however, when Officer Beane demanded that a member of the evangelism team surrender a cell phone that had been taping the incident.

Faithful Soldier student Katie Carroll refused to give up her phone and hid behind fellow evangelist team member Daniel Pollion. What happened next is highly disputed. Natasha Baker, director of public relations for the campus police force, told WND Pollion struck Beane in the face.

"We have witness testimonies, students who did see the officer being punched by one of the demonstrators and at that point [Pollion] was arrested," Baker said. "We have not had anyone file a police report stating otherwise."

The members of Faithful Soldier, however, tell a different story.

Pollion, who was released from jail today upon posting $2,000 bond, told the Dayton Daily News, "It can't be construed as assault or even attempted assault. They were on the offensive, not us."

Storms told WND his organization has witnesses of their own that say Pollion merely asked the officer to "chill out" when he was placed in a headlock and wrestled to the ground. Storms said Beane radioed in a phantom "fight" and phony charge that he had been assaulted.

"Three of our people were standing there watching the entire thing as well as Sinclair College students," Storms said. "We have numerous direct, eyewitness testimonies. There was no punch, no assault, nothing like that. It was just a crazy cowboy officer acting belligerently and making his third arrest of the day of a group of Christians peacefully trying to witness."

Baker told the Daily News, "It is a very serious matter and we don't have things like this happen often and it deserves our attention."

She also explained to WND that evangelists from Faithful Soldier had been on campus last year and were told then that while they have the freedom to talk to students, campus policy requires pre-approval of organizations bringing signs or literature.

"Because we do have the campus access policy and they did understand what that policy was before they came on campus," Baker said, "the officers had asked them to please remove their signs and stop handing out literature unless asked for by students."

Storms told WND the policy is unconstitutional and the evangelists were right to resist demands to put their tracts and signs away. He also believes that the enforcement of First Amendment issues is driven by an anti-Christian atmosphere on college campuses.

"When we first got out there, a young man complained and told us it was not right that we were out there," Storms said. "There are war protests that take place here where they scream about the war. There was an Obama rally here not too long ago. There are gay pride rallies that take place on this campus. Nobody gets offended by those things. The issue is not with our method; the issue is with our message."

Storms continued, "I would like to see the campus' freedom of speech policies changed, because it obviously has policies that aren't constitutional. I think they need to invest in a little more training for their officers in how to deal with First Amendment situations."

According to a statement from the college, external investigators will review the incident and report to school's president.

All four arrested evangelists, including Katie Carroll – who was arrested for obstruction for refusing to surrender the video – have been released on bond.

Completed in the Faith - Yet under construction

Peggy cleaned the garage yesterday. While doing so she came across a term paper from my first year in college. I got a B+. I would have been 18 years old.

It was on my belief in God as expressed in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the church I grew up in. It was a doctrinal review. Reading this was like going back in the wayback machine. It was interesting to see what I thought was important in the Faith.

On one level, it's pretty good work. I'm guessing many people who attend the Lutheran Church today could not articulate what that 18 year old boy did back then.

However, as I read it, I see in it some Hubris, some dependence on Heritage and some incomplete development in the Faith.

I can honestly say there is not a core theology I reject that was espoused in that paper. All of them are fully in place. There is one difference however, I have become immersed in the Spirit of God. I am in HIM, and He is in me. We are intimate and known of each other.

I am more convinced of the Healing power of God than any other. I am more convinced of the word of Prophecy than I was and I am an example of being completed in the faith - under construction, from Glory to Glory, from Faith to Faith, by the Power and Grace of the Holy Ghost.

Now, if I could convince a whole lot of good Lutherans that there is SO much more, SO much they are missing, SO much that that if they just came in they would never be the same. They would be completed in the Lutheran Faith of their fathers....Yet under construction.

The power to Judge the Truth -- from Reinhard Bonnke

Jesus knew what was in the Samaritan Woman who tried to debate religion with Him (John 4) and went straight for her soul. Faith is not a talking point but a life-issue. The man who treats it as problematic proves nothing; he merely reveals his character. The world invents conundrums to gag Christians. They treat us like dartboards on which to score points. However, this woman had to deal with Jesus himself, not religion. Jesus is still the question, and he says, “Give me your heart, not your opinions.” He still confronts us today with a fact beyond debate. He is the truth; he cannot be a controversy. We cannot judge truth; it judges us.