Saturday, August 06, 2011

How to Jump Start the Economy and Get our Nation Back on Track

There is no doubt we are in deep trouble. There are some simple steps we could take today that would make a big difference quickly.

1. Remove all EPA constraints on all business for 5 years. Mining, Coal, Nuclear, anything goes...get things rolling. The lock-down on business from the EPA is a disaster. Turn them loose.

2. Remove all minimum wage constraints at once for 5 years. Those who can work, will, it's a phony floor.

3. Initiate drilling in the gulf and in Alaska anywhere they want to drill. Make it easy to permit into it. Safety is important, but can we be that safe?

4. Make flying easier. TSA has become oppressive.

5. Credit for small business must be made available. IF the government wants to place any money in the economy do it at the source of real jobs. Take money otherwise given for Unemployment and reroute it to small business. Unemployment stops at 6 months period.

6. Eliminate union influence. Instantly make the whole of the USA a right to work nation. IF people want to join an union they can...but at their peril.

7. Fire half of all government employees in every city, state and nation. And, anyone making 90,000 or more per year is fired automatically.

8. All government pensions and retirements that pay more than $100,000 per year automatically are terminiateed at that level. Congress included.

9. All health care from unions, government and any other plan is immediately moved to medicare or medicaid. Let them live like the rest of us.

10. Just close down every non essential office in every state, city, county and in the nation. Most regulatory come to mind immediatly. Health, Education, Commerce, Transportation.

11. The military must be consolidated into one force. The US Military. And at once must decide on how it can live on 1/3rd less than it's getting. Redundant command is eliminated at once.

12. A 5 year tariff on all imported goods of 30% imposed. China will suffer. So what. We have a country to save. Wal Mart will suffer. Oh well. If it's not yet manufactured here, give them two years to get up to speed. If China wants to sell to the USA, it must be made in the USA, Japan does it, so does Korea and Germany.

13. Workers in the USA must work. If they cannot find a job, then they will be required to do the work that is outsourced now. Garbage Collection. Street sweeping. Lawn mowing. Mundane is what must be the starting point for all labor.

14. The border between the USA and Mexico must be policed but transparent to the ethical and innocent. There is plenty of room in the US economy for the Mexican worker. Getting authorization to work should be easy but carry the responsibility to pay into the system they access. 20% of any employment of a guest worker must be collected to support them.

15. Remove all non essential licensing. Hair cutting for example. Painting. Every one. Let anyone who thinks they can do anything do it, without license. Of course keep Medical and Dental. BUT nearly everything else is rent seeking. IF any regulation is challenged it must be overturned in 60 days if not answered properly to a 3 judge panel. The idea is to sunset any regulation that seems to hold up business establishment.

16. No Bail Outs. If a company goes bankrupt, it opens the way for a new start. Let em go. All of em.

Our overlords Speak

China called on the United States to "cure its addiction to debts" and "learn to live within its means" in a searing commentary published Saturday by the official New China News Agency in response to Standard & Poor's historic downgrading of the U.S. government's credit rating a day earlier.

China, the largest foreign holder of U.S. federal debt, blamed "short-sighted political wrangling in Washington" for creating the current financial morass that now threatens to undermine the global economy.

"China, the largest creditor of the world's sole superpower, has every right now to demand the United States to address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China's dollar assets," the commentary said.

"If no substantial cuts were made to the U.S. gigantic military expenditure and bloated social welfare costs, the downgrade would prove to be only a prelude to more devastating credit rating cuts, which will further roil the global financial markets all along the way," it continued.

China demands U.S. 'live within its means'
6 Life Truths: 1) You can't stick your tongue out & look up at the same time, it's a physical impossibility. 2) All idiots after reading number 1 tried it. 3) And discover number 1 is a lie. 4) You are smiling now because you are an idiot. 5) You will soon copy & paste this to catch other idiots. 6) There is still a stupid smile on your face. I sincerely apologize about this, but I'm an idiot and I need company :)
Witnesses tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ and TODAY'S TMJ4 of a mob of, according to some descriptions, hundreds of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair.
The punishment for bad government should mean that the whole senate, house and president must resign at once! They should be incarcerated or deported. No pension. Start over from scratch. I could take every tenth name from the Bloomington IL phone book and restart the government. It would do better. We have been downgraded in our credit rating for the first time in history. This is going to cost us dearly. I am furious. THROW them ALL out. Start at 1600 Penn.
In the space of two years, you have done more damage to this economy — which means the future not only of this country but the rest of what you would disdain to call the civilized world — than any President in history. You are a poor man’s Jimmy Carter, a midget Herbert Hoover, a disaster for this c...
This was a horrid story. Killing people in cold blood because they were the "wrong" color. EVIL. Glad justice was done.
Officers are convicted on all federal counts of violating civil rights
The United States’ credit rating was cut for the first time when Standard and Poor’s lowered it from triple-A to AA+, citing the country’s looming deficit burden and weak policy-making process.
Several times the word "Unprecedented" was used in conjunction with Barack Obama's presidency. Now we have a genuine "Unprecedented" event. Never happened before. First time in HISTORY that the USA has become a lesser nation in the eyes of the world. AAA - AA+. Aren't we all proud that we elected these people? Out with the whole of them. I'm sick and tired of the whole lot starting with Obama.
Begin with a 5-lb potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can. Each day you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer. After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-lb potato bags. Then try 50-lb potato bags and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-lb potato bag in each hand.

After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each bag
Who's stupid idea was this Volt anyway...Oh Yeah, Now I remember....
A GM spokeswoman recently claimed that they are “virtually sold out.” Which is virtually true. Mark Modica called around his local Chevy dealers and found plenty of Volts waiting for an environmentally conscious driver to bring them home.Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about Cars, Chevy Vo...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Dear American Taxpayer
For only the second time in my adult life, I am not ashamed of my country. I want to thank the hard working American people for paying $242 thousand dollars for my vacation in Spain . My daughter Sasha, several long-time family friends, my personal staff and various guests had a wonderful time. Honestly, you just haven't lived until you have stayed in a $2,500.00 per night suite at a 5-Star luxury hotel. Thank you also for the use of Air Force 2 and the 70 Secret Service personnel who tagged along to be sure we were safe and cared for at all times.

Air Force 2 only used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of CO2. These are only rough estimates, but they are close. That's quite a carbon footprint as my good friend Al Gore would say, so we must ask the American citizens to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars instead of those Jeeps, and drive less too, so we can lessen our combined carbon footprint.

I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling to put food on the table and trying to make ends meet. I do appreciate your sacrifice and do hope you find work soon. I was really exhausted after Barack took our family on a luxury vacation in Maine a few weeks ago. I just had to get away for a few days!

Michelle Obama

P.S. Thank you as well for the $2 BILLION trip to India we recently went on. Love ya, mean it.

P.S.S. We also had a great, great time in Hawaii the $9000.00 per night rent, it was cozy.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Things George W Bush did to contribute to the Problems...Then Obama Trumped it

George W Bush did a lot of things right...and some horrible things wrong. I hope whoever beats Obama in 2012 will rectify the disaster that will have been the last 12 years. Some things he did:
# No Child Left Behind. Forget about abolishing the Department of Education. Bush made the federal government a much more intrusive and costly part of local schools.
# Project Safe Neighborhoods. A draconian law that further guts the 2nd Amendment, like 20,000 other unconstitutional gun laws before it.
# Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. This the largest expansion of the welfare state since LBJ and will cost the already bankrupt Medicare system trillions more.
# Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Possibly the most expensive and restrictive change to the securities laws since the '30s. A major reason why companies will either stay private or go public outside the U.S.
# Katrina. A total disaster of bureaucratic mismanagement, featuring martial law.
# Ownership Society. The immediate root of the current financial crisis lies in Bush's encouragement of easy credit to everybody and inflating the housing market.
# Nationalizations and Bailouts. In response to the crisis he created, he nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and passed by far the largest bailouts in U.S. history (until OBAMA!).
# Free-Speech Zones. Originally a device for keeping war protesters away when Bush appeared on camera, they're now used to herd in opponents.
# The Patriot Act. This 401-page bill, presented for passage only 45 days after 9/11 (how is it possible to write something of that size and complexity in only 45 days?) basically allows the government to do whatever it wishes with its subjects. Warrantless searches. All kinds of communications monitoring. Greatly expanded asset forfeiture provisions.
# The War on Terror. The scope of the War on Drugs (which Bush also expanded) is exceeded only by the war on nobody in particular but on a tactic. It's become a cause of mass hysteria and an excuse for the government doing anything.
# Dept. of Homeland Security. This is the largest and most dangerous of all agencies, now with its own gigantic campus in Washington, DC. It will never go away and centralizes the functions of a police state.
# The No-Fly List. His administration has placed the names of over a million people on this list, and it's still growing at about 20,000 a month. I promise it will be used for other purposes in the future…
# The TSA. Somehow the Bush cabal found 50,000 middle-aged people who were willing to go through their fellow citizens' dirty laundry and take themselves quite seriously. God forbid you're not polite to them…
# Farm Subsidies. Farm subsidies are the antithesis of the free market. Rather than trying to abolish or cut them back, Bush signed a record $190 billion farm bill.
# Legislative Free Ride. And he vetoed less of what Congress did than any other president in history.

Drawn with edit from:
Care is needed to examine the complex reality behind the fact that “median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households….” And without care, this information will be abused and misused by those in the race business as another excuse to claim racism and demand exactly what blacks, ...
Did you know at one time girls had to learn how to run a household? It was called Home Economics then. Now they are trained to provide tax money for the government machine. We have lost much.
The 2-income family gives a shocking amount of the extra money they scramble to earn to the government. I'm no tax expert, but my suspicion is that this happens because liberals like more taxes and conservatives like subsidizing the traditional family with a stay-at-home parent.
Midwestern tycoon Warren Buffett, presented his quick and easy solution to America’s debt problem today on CNBC:
“I could end the deficit in five minutes. You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than three percent of GDP all sitting members of congress are ineligible for reelection.”
This is what all the talking heads and the President sound like to me...and I'll wager much of the population hears when they talk about the arguments over the debt ceiling.
Even if the House and the Senate do come to a "compromise" that will avoid a default on or about August 2nd; the fact of the matter is the U.S. economy is still in dire straights. By coming to an agreement the political class will only forestall the likely collapse. Business as usual is no longer business as usual. Simply stated: we are in trouble.
As the so-called drop-dead default date of Aug. 2 approaches with members of both chambers of Congress going back and forth over just how to raise the federal government’s borrowing limit –

Stewart Varney interviewed and exposes why taxing the rich won't solve the problem

MORRIS: So, if we talk about the rich side of this, and if income is taxed at a higher level, does that solve all the problems?

VARNEY: No, not at all. Let's go crazy. Let's, for example, imagine that we tax at 100 percent every dollar anybody makes over $250,000 a year. In other words, you take it all off them. You make $250,000 and $1, that $1 comes right off you -- goes to the government. You'd still only bring in $900 billion a year. You've still got a deficit of $750 billion, even with 100 percent tax rate above $250K per year. Now, let's suppose you go utterly insane, and totally illegal, and you confiscate the wealth, not the income, the wealth --

DOOCY: The stuff in the bank.

VARNEY: The -- your real estate, your stocks, your bonds, your yacht, your corporate jet, your business, just take it all off the 400 richest people in America. You confiscate the lot. You still balance the budget for just one year. And the year after that, you're back to a trillion dollar deficit, and plus you've wrecked the economy and ruined the Constitution. That's another story.

The blatant deception being practiced by our government officials, some on both sides, is a cancer on our nation. This must be excised and not compromised with. You don't compromise with cancer. You don't go to the doctor and say, "Go ahead and operate, but leave a little cancer..I want to compromise with this evil".
It's time to end this sham. Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God's approval.
"First kill all the lawyers" Shakespeare
Cancer-stricken Ground Zero worker Edgar Galvis has finally received a compensation check -- for zero dollars.

People are happy "progress" is being made on the Debt Crisis. It's not progress. No real cuts, just smoke and mirrors. They will slap one another on the back and proclaim victory. Some compare this to Argentina in the 90s. It's not; IF the US Defaults (and it will) there is no one big enough to help. It will drag the world into deep economic woes. No one is pointing out the King's new Clothes don't exist.
Argentina went through an economic crisis beginning in the mid-1990s, with full recession between 1999 and 2002; though it is debatable whether this crisis has ended, the situation has been more stable, and improving, since 2003. (See Economy of Argentina for an overview.)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seldom have I heard the essence of liberalism captured and defined so well as I did here at the PowerLine blog by John Hinderaker:

Liberalism is a sort of parasite that feeds on the wealth that free enterprise creates. Liberalism exists for two reasons: 1) to stuff the pocketbooks of those who have learned to live at the taxpayers’ expense, and 2) to feed the moral vanity of those who can’t resist meddling in other peoples’ lives. When times are good, the economy can drag a fair amount of liberalism along behind it. But when times are hard, liberalism is a luxury we can’t afford.

Why It's Time to Speak about God Again

America is living under an illusion: the idea that we can expunge God (broadly understood) from our national and public belief system and still operate a moral and accountable government.

C.S. Lewis summed up the problem in The Abolition of Man. "We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful." John Adams asserted, "Our Constitution was made for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Our founding fathers laid down a system that demanded conscientious, self-restrained implementation -- a government dependent on the character of the people. Ben Franklin, perhaps the most deistic of the founding fathers, famously assured one curious bystander that the Constitutional Conventions had engendered "a Republic, if you can keep it." How many people today truly understand that America's health depends on the moral character of its citizens, of their personal "keeping" of our nation?
Articles: Why It's Time to Speak about God Again