Saturday, May 10, 2014

Acts like she really cares, but believes in killing little girls before they even get a chance in life.

Hypocrite all the way. STOP KILLING BABIES WITH ABORTION then we might believe you.
Where is Mrs. Obama's hashtag for the Marine held captive in Mexico? Where is Mrs. Obama's hashtag for Pastor Saeed Abedini?

Dr. Dre and Putin

  I don’t think that Vladimir Putin’s support of traditional values
makes him a good guy. Freedom comes first. I also support traditional
values but I don’t want the government to shove them down my throat. Banning obscenity
from entertainment media, Putin’s latest ukase,  would keep
Shakespeare, Goethe and Dante out of circulation in their original form,
not to mention Rabelais or Villon.

What we do with our freedom is another thing. Apple has just bought
Dr. Dre’s earphone company for $3.2 billion, making the rapper one of
the country’s wealthiest men. One presumes that the selling point of his
earphones is not their superior technical characteristics but their
association with Dre’s rapping, which is too disgusting to illustrate on
this site; readers may satisfy their prurient curiosity here.
 Dre raps about drug use, rape, pimping and violence: he is a repulsive
degenerate whom a healthy society would excrete and forget. Dre’s $3.2
billion score gauges the popularity of evocations of rape and murder.

There is no guarantee that freedom will prevail over dictatorship. I reviewed some of the history here.

Spengler » Dr. Dre and Putin

Obama: “Every day when I wake up, and I think about young girls in Nigeria”

When we wake up every day we think of what a two-faced buffoon we
have in the White House. In reality, the first thing he clearly thinks
of every day is shaking down his idiot supporters.

Roughly 250 supporters attended the event, where tickets
ranged between $1,000 and $32,400, according to an invitation obtained
by the Sunlight Foundation. According to CBS News’s Mark Knoller, it was
the president’s 19th fundraiser of 2014 and his 57th benefitting
Democratic candidates this cycle.

Obama: “Every day when I wake up, and I think about young girls in Nigeria” | Jammie Wearing Fools

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Vampires alive

Is anyone creeped out by this as I am? I think down the road.. the slope that is slippery. Parents selling their children blood for money. Babies being kept alive simply for the blood till they die. The worst thought is that by cloning (which is not far away) you could have a baby born that is identical to you genetically and you could harvest the blood from the child and extend your life for years without any fear of rejection. It is identical to your blood.

I can see a book and a movie already being written. Not everything we call progress is.

When denominations and networks get in the way of What God wants to do - Fragments result

Once a long time ago a small church that I had been part of planting agreed to merge with another small church plant. There was agreement among the local leaders. The only factor was the group (network) that had funded the plant of the church merging with the other was not involved or active in the negotiation. There was a lack of urgency about what could be done. Everybody was really busy. The problem that became the deal-breaker was over money, tithing into the organization. It should have demanded that those in charge who had invested the money get involved at once once accord was found. It was their money after all invested. Stalemate resulted. The church merger never happened. Eventually the church closed down.. the one in which the network had invested nearly $150,000 dollars to plant.

I drove by the other church's building last night. The one many of the Members of the Network's church migrated to. Remember there was nearly a merger anyway. It seemed reasonable to do. I did not migrate. This last weekend the other church had 4 services. The building only seats about 200. All this lost opportunity and a chance to make a home base out of which the network could have established a real foothold in the area. Now sadly nothing... All over money and inattention by network leadership.

I mention that because in spending a couple hours in Englewood yesterday I was struck with the large number of storefront churches. None of them of great effect based on what we hear and see. What would happen if in fact churches of 200 were formed from these fragments. They would have real impact and influence in the community and the resources to get the job done. Yet there is always the argument over money. Many of these church leaders get their primary income from the giving of the fragment. Forfeiting that will be very hard. And who is going to lead these churches? I have lived this again and again. It's what should be done..but people, denominations and networks get in the way of What God wants to do.

We will never have influence in the marketplace of ideas being fragmented. This is true even in commerce. Does this sound familiar?

I guess I used to think there was a constitution and a division of power... Guess not.

Since when did Obama start mimicking Charlie Chaplain in the Little Dictator?

Let em smoke dope

When the 8 evil demons were released on the USA in November of 2012, one of them was Pharmacopeia. Legal Dope. This is a fast moving train and will go nationwide before Obama is done in his administration. I know people in IL who are chomping at the bit to begin production of dope right here. The laws on how and where are already on the books and there is a huge amount of money behind this. In France when the culture collapsed, Marie Antoinette said, "let them eat cake". Today the mantra from our Napoleon is, "Let them smoke dope.. they'll be miserable poor but happy".

Should we punish criminals or gun-owning citizens?


Sorry for the crudity.. but this is a dangerous meme in our culture. YOLO. It is the opposite of self control, impulse control, making sound decisions. This is flesh control. Do it now. Just do it. And Go for it... are types of this. All are damaging. All are the stuff of a destructive culture. Of the three distinctives that set people on a course of success in life, self control is at the center. I know people that are called of God and Anointed but who's flesh leads them around like a little puppy and cries.. YOLO

Not Good

This isn't Obama's fault... he hasn't made it better however. This is troubling... people no longer go into business for themselves... that's not good

You knew this