Thursday, April 30, 2015


Truths that MUST be faced before the Community can recover (as in Baltimore)

Here are 22 things that if accepted and implemented would get us on the path to recovery. I don't expect many to occur. The cultural decline that brought us to this point won't allow for it.. but in case truth might just be your portion.. here are some: 
  1. Middle Class Flight, when it got rough anyone who could leave, DID.  Leaving only the least able there to survive.  We NEED gentrification and the middle class to return.  I would if I could be safe.
  2. Violent Crimes are proportionally committed by members of the community over any others
  3. 60% of births are to children with only one parent.  Marriage is a rarity.  Homes are fragmented.
  4. Prison inmates of all colors largest similarity is growing up in a home with no father
  5. A secular godless public education system that exalts perversion in relativism and morality.  Public education is the enemy of the culture, children and the community.
  6. Churches that seem to have little net effect for good up and down the streets of every block
  7. Skill levels that could have helped many out of poverty, as were once taught in vocational education, are absent in the community schools. No one learns to cook, sew, build, cut, run a level, weld, repair cars, paint, drywall, glaze, carpentry and a hundred other things that would help them get jobs.  So they have nothing to offer.  Unions keep those who might try out of the guild, and give the jobs to rent seekers who look nothing like the community.
  8. Government has made a culture of support and replecation of non productive activity (does anyone have any room left on their snap card?)  I heard that from a good christian girl.
  9. Illegal alien laborers being brought in has made finding any job at any wage nearly impossible. It is still going on and accelerating.   Zoning and regulation keeps those who might find work from doing so because those jobs must go to prevailing wage union jobs...which no community member ever gets.  Unions, zoning and regulation are killing community jobs and development.
  10. Alcohol and drugs are the downfall of many men who might have had a chance but for addictions.  This must come under control.  How about changing the rules to be like rural Minnesota.  No Alcohol in the community should be sold on Sundays, till 8PM otherwise. Nothing before noon ever.  It works.
  11. Bars and nightclubs close at 1AM no exception.  The man who was killed at 4AM in a club on the west side that left a family of children made me wonder more about HIM than the club.  This is a cultural problem.  Who is out at 4AM?
  12. Curfews for anyone under 18 after 12 pm or you are under arrest. It's how it is where I live, St. Charles IL (my son was stopped for this). No one should be on the streets at 2 in the morning under the age of 18 years old.
  13. Prisons are full of non violent offenders from the community who if given a second chance MIGHT help the situation.  Let them go. We can do better than warehousing our men.
  14. The justice system isn't just in many cases.  It can do better.  Rapid and efficient process.  No waiting in overcrowded jails to get someone to process paper.
  15. Police have an impossible task in the current climate. They are tasked to keep order in a disorderly culture, without offending people, and yet keep the bad guys down.  This is impossible.  Crime control must start at home.  The cops will go on strike if this keeps up and the community will be left undefended.
  16. Government efforts to "HELP" almost never do, they cost a lot of money and create division.
  17. Public education hobbles anyone who might want to move up.  It has become the enemy of advancement.  An illiterate high school graduate is legendary in the community.  Get rid of this albatross and voucher every child for Ten Thousand Dollars to spend as they see fit and watch the marketplace respond. Churches everywhere will fight to get students. IF the Schools do not offer what is needed, Parents can pull them, the money follows and put them where results are found.
  18. Dividers of all stripes have convinced members of the community that if they just joined this or that cause they would be better all the time getting them to support with money and votes things contrary to their best interests.  People put hope in hopeless things.  They allow the parasites to persist.  It's time to start anew.
  19. The minimum wage for those who drop out of High School, or were "educated" in public schools, is destroying any chance of personal development.  There should be no minimum before 21 to give jobs to those who could be able to develop skills as an apprentice. Minimum wage today only serves to keep the weaker candidates out of the work force.. so they end up on the streets.
  20. Money held out to be the answer to everything never is.  Most "Support" is wasted on bureaucrats.  Only 30% of government help for the poor ever reaches the pockets of the needy.  Private institutions like the salvation army and others are far more efficient.  They won't waste money like government does.
  21. Cultural mainline entertainment must be less violent, crude, evil and nonsense.  That includes music, film and TV.  This is a national problem that only amplifies the problem. When I heard a friend of mine say "you can learn a lot of good things from the Housewives of Atlanta".. I knew we were in big trouble in the culture. Listen to the language of the street.  It is even in the church.  We have to clean up our mouths. Then there's Kanye...
  22. Stop blaming others for the problems.  If you consider this you will find that much of the resolution of these things must come from within.  More important start seeking truth.. there are too many lies told, fantasies, myths and crazy theories. Truth is the building block on which community must be built.
Will we build up or tear down?


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The notorious instigator-in-chief, Rev. Al Sharpton, is headed to Baltimore.

Hurry on down there Al! There is money and ignorant statements to be made! Just what they need...What else will make this bad situation worse?

Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

#‎LiberalLogic‬: A few bad protesters doesn't mean they are all bad. When one cop in ‪#‎Ferguson‬ shot Mr. Brown it meant the dept was all bad.

It bears repeating: the "protesters" in Baltimore aren't fighting injustice -- they are the injustice. They are violence and destruction.

FREDDY GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Guy They’re Destroying Baltimore Over | Top Right News

FREDDY GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Guy They’re Destroying Baltimore Over | Top Right News

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Rant on Racism

The entire default to racism protocol has become so tedious. I just stop reading as soon as I see someone picking at that scab.

I really over hearing about White Privilege.  "White privilege" is how liberals call whites the N word.  So what is WP? WP = having a mother and father, being brought up to go to church regularly, having good manners, respecting authority, obeying rules, having parent's tell you to be honest, productive and grow up to be self-sufficent, not a burden to others, AND to love your neighbor as you would want them to love you.  WP is enjoyed to varying degrees by people of all skin tones and economic circumstances, but not all cultures.

It's the culture not the color of your skin that matters.  I know too many good solid citizen Black, Asian and Hispanic people to believe that race ever really the issue. 


I don't want to keep getting older, but if I had one I would make today January 21 2017.   The day this guy is no longer President.. but it that day meant that we have Hillary.. then I want it to be 1982

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A story to live by.. all is well, everything is OK

Sometimes confessing our troubles to others is not God's best.  It requires holding our peace until the right time. That means not to everyone..

2 Kings 4 Has a Story about Elisha and the Shunemite Woman.. 

15 “Call her back again,” Elisha told him. When the woman returned, Elisha said to her as she stood in the doorway, 16 “Next year at this time you will be holding a son in your arms!”
“No, my lord!” she cried. “O man of God, don’t deceive me and get my hopes up like that.”
17 But sure enough, the woman soon became pregnant. And at that time the following year she had a son, just as Elisha had said.
18 One day when her child was older, he went out to help his father, who was working with the harvesters. 19 Suddenly he cried out, “My head hurts! My head hurts!”
His father said to one of the servants, “Carry him home to his mother.”
20 So the servant took him home, and his mother held him on her lap. But around noontime he died. 21 She carried him up and laid him on the bed of the man of God, then shut the door and left him there. 22 She sent a message to her husband: “Send one of the servants and a donkey so that I can hurry to the man of God and come right back.”
23 “Why go today?” he asked. “It is neither a new moon festival nor a Sabbath.”
But she said, “It will be all right.”
24 So she saddled the donkey and said to the servant, “Hurry! Don’t slow down unless I tell you to.”
25 As she approached the man of God at Mount Carmel, Elisha saw her in the distance. He said to Gehazi, “Look, the woman from Shunem is coming. 26 Run out to meet her and ask her, ‘Is everything all right with you, your husband, and your child?’”
“Yes,” the woman told Gehazi, “everything is fine.”
27 But when she came to the man of God at the mountain, she fell to the ground before him and caught hold of his feet. Gehazi began to push her away, but the man of God said, “Leave her alone. She is deeply troubled, but the Lord has not told me what it is.”
28 Then she said, “Did I ask you for a son, my lord? And didn’t I say, ‘Don’t deceive me and get my hopes up’?”
29 Then Elisha said to Gehazi, “Get ready to travel[a]; take my staff and go! Don’t talk to anyone along the way. Go quickly and lay the staff on the child’s face.”
30 But the boy’s mother said, “As surely as the Lord lives and you yourself live, I won’t go home unless you go with me.” So Elisha returned with her.
31 Gehazi hurried on ahead and laid the staff on the child’s face, but nothing happened. There was no sign of life. He returned to meet Elisha and told him, “The child is still dead.”
32 When Elisha arrived, the child was indeed dead, lying there on the prophet’s bed. 33 He went in alone and shut the door behind him and prayed to the Lord. 34 Then he lay down on the child’s body, placing his mouth on the child’s mouth, his eyes on the child’s eyes, and his hands on the child’s hands. And as he stretched out on him, the child’s body began to grow warm again! 35 Elisha got up, walked back and forth across the room once, and then stretched himself out again on the child. This time the boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes!
36 Then Elisha summoned Gehazi. “Call the child’s mother!” he said. And when she came in, Elisha said, “Here, take your son!” 37 She fell at his feet and bowed before him, overwhelmed with gratitude. Then she took her son in her arms and carried him downstairs.
What would have happened if she had spilled her guts to her husband, or Gehazi.. would the child have been healed?

Sometimes it's best to go to the heart and keep our mouth shut.