Saturday, June 18, 2005

String em up, They Said!

Last fall a heinous crime was committed. A young father admitted to police that he had raped and murdered his 3 year old daughter and threw her body in the river. Local Chicago talk radio was ablaze with lynch mob mentality.

He doesn't deserve to live. String em up.

Strangely, his wife, mother, mother in law, and friends stood by this vile killer.

Now 8 months out (all this time he sat in jail) the truth is out. A power hungry district attorney railroaded and tortured a confession out of this poor guy. They have him on video tape. Chicago is famous for picking up random black kids off the street and torturing them into confession. This time it's a young white father with a white pretty wife and a pretty cute kid. Using the Julie rule of attention attractiveness (read below) I don't think we have heard the last of this.

All the talk about Gitmo and torture. Gitmo has nothing over Chicagoland.

There are some cops who need to go to jail now. Let them suffer patriot act justice in America. Guilty until proven innocent. Maybe we should drown witches and if they survive they are innocent. Yea, that's the ticket.

Friday, June 17, 2005

There's hope for me

I just saw this, I wear a 7 3/4 mens hat size. They barely fit. I need all the holes in an adjustable baseball cap. I've been accused of having a big head. I've been called a fat head. AHHHH - compensation for all the ridicule.

Taking the Plunge

I don't have enough else to do. I'm not busy enough. I don't have enough people tugging on my time.

That's a joke (not funny).

But, I'm like Noah and have begun to build an ark. 10 years ago we were ready to move back to ND. We sold our house. Moving van coming in 3 days. Then I got a word in the night from God. (I know this will frustrate you who don't share what I know to be true. I don't love you less. I wish you did) Instant in obedience, we sold, put all our household goods in storage and lived with friends for months until we were able to move into the house we now have. All this in response to a word and a vision. This was a clear vision of what his purpose was where we were living right then. St Charles IL.

Right now, if I want to be part of a blow out the walls Pentecostal Church with a full flow of the gifts of the Spirit I have to drive 45-60 miles in any direction. There are some small struggling works in the area but each of them (average of 20-60 people) are stuck. It's very hard to break out and move up. They aren't making the impact God intends for this region. I have tried to be part of start up works and recognize that most are simply ego hobbies of men or women without a vision. I have no intention of being a Pastor, I have every intent of allowing God to select and put in place the Man of God he has already called before the foundation of the earth for this good work.

I have well meaning Godly friends who believe that God is done with the organized Church. They maintain House Churches are the answer. I'm not convinced. It doesn't line up with the vision. Most important, when I was given this open vision of what this would look like it was large venue. I have been in meetings and services like this. They are precious and wonderful beyond belief. The experience prepares us to experience heaven this side of the veil and creates a hunger for the pure presence of God. If house church can do this I'm ready to listen.

It's time for St Charles, Geneva, Batavia and surrounds to manifest the full counsel of God in spirit and truth with worshippers like King David. Why not here, why not us, why not now.

So, with the hope of support of like minded believers and leaders and with the effective efforts of people of vision I am taking this step. I have been here before. I have seen it work; but more often than I would like, I have seen it fail. If the model for this effort works, it will be one that spirit filled believers across America can use. This is worth doing. The stakes are high.

I'll keep you posted. If you don't understand it's OK. So on to Ark Building. Now where did I put those nails and that gopher wood?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Harry Stuff

I like Le Show. I like the Simpsons. Both have Harry Shearer as creative influence. Harry is a liberal. But he has always been as hard on Clinton and Dan Rather as he is on Bush. So, he's an equal opportunity liberal.

He comments in Huffington Land about what a "REAL" journalist is. I couldn't agree more. I have blogged several times in the past about these "more literate and knowledgeable than thou" jerks. I put up with them in School, I've put up with them my whole life. Guess what, they are all begging you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. They are for the most part frauds. Certainly not all. But I confess the preponderance. Julies comment about pretty people getting press when they are lost or run away (Aruba and Runaway Bride) holds for journalists. What about obese ugly newscasters. Any market? I think not.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How to stop and reverse global warming in one fell swoop

Why does solving Global Warming seem so hard? People are the problem. Too many of us populate the globe. Like Smith says in "The Matrix", we're a virus. And if you read the USA article you know of course that President Bush is the problem.

So, Since we have all the weapons, we have all the power, lets obliterate 3/4 of the surplus population. Pick your poision. Disease, H-Bombs, doesn't matter.

Once all those producers of greenhouse gases are gone and consumers of fossil fuels are terminated we won't have this problem any more. Allow the abandoned areas like china and India to revert back to green.

In 75 years things should get better and people won't have to move to stay cool.

If you have read this far I hope you understand, this is satire. The truth is, the die is cast. The population isn't going to change. Oil is going to be burned. Global warming or whatever is going on is happening. Any effort from this time forward short of a global catastrophe which accomplishes the net result of the above satire is equivalent to each of us trying to empty the ocean a thimble at a time. Even if we all did that full time from now on it won't have any affect.

Should we conserve? Sure. Should we try? OK. But know this. NOTHING short of reducing the worlds consumption and output of methane and other greenhouse gasses by over half in a single blow will have any effect.

Replanting all the stripped forests would help. The USA has only 15% of the forested land it had 200 years ago. And, the rain forests of South America have been flattened to produce that essential commodity SOYBEANS. Much of it by American farmers.

Want to know what's really going to happen? Run the graph on out. Think expodentially.
  • Some areas of the world are going to become uninhabitable.
  • Energy is going to become expensive then cheap.
  • See Las Vegas to understand St. Louis' future climate.

So, my great great great Grandchildren will live north of the 50th parallel on the globe (Canada, Russia, Siberia, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Greenland). Population will migrate north until temperate is found. And since there is little land mass south of the 50th paralell in the southern hemisphere, other than way south. Chile, Tierra Del Fuego and the Faulklands will experience a land boom.

The equatorial areas will be called New Anti-Antartica. Instead of being massive areas of uninhabitable territory because of cold, the center of the globe will be massive areas of uninhabitable territory because of heat and drought.

And the new open areas of Antartica will become summer homes for the rich who live in winter areas in the north. And Summer sailing regattas on the new Arctic sea will become ESPN's new sports coverage.

I won't live to see all this, and I'm probably wrong. But expodential thinking is so darn much fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Bandwagon is Leaving Town

Today’s Chicago Tribune started a Blogger Corner. Guess Who’s the Star? Adrianna Huffington. She has now risen from gadfly to analyst. Liberals are better at cooperating than we conservatives are. They are communal minded. Can’t we all just get along. They’re wrong of course, but…..

We conservatives are independent, self sufficient, and of our own mind. We love our own turf, out own territory, and don’t tread on me. That’s why we are conservative.

But, we will never be published in the blogger corner of a major metropolitan newspaper as conservatives until we decide to cooperate. Someone will have to lead the way. It’s not me. The Huffington model is valid and we should follow suit.

So, who? I don’t know. But, we have been warned. Time to get off our conservative duffs. Time to (choke) cooperate.

Monday, June 13, 2005


I was watering the plants at our doorway. I looked down and there was a baby chipmunk. We have lots of chipmunks. When they become very surplus I reduce numbers. But I don't kill baby anythings. I'm terminally almost Albert Schweitzer like in my reverence for life.

I had just found it's mother that morning. Dead of something. The little guy was lost and squeaking for it's mom. So I brought it in, fed it ground up cornflakes and milk and almonds. He ate heartily.

This morning I took him back where he was found. I hope he makes it. I think he will. If he can eat OK and find a little water he'll be fine.

Of course no good deed goes unpunished. So in the fall when we are being overrun by Chipmunks I'll regret this. For instance:

Last fall we accidentally left our patio sliding glass door open, the chippies moved into the house. They were in the living room trying to figure out the TV remote when we came home. Their little tails went up in the air and they scurried back out. Ever since then when something is missing or broken we are now convinced the chippies did it.