Saturday, June 10, 2006

Culture War Report

I saw this in a scroll line on headline news.

Passion of the Christ ignited the Culture Wars.

Right. So this article which is the basis of that comment says that Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is the most controversial movie ever made.

More Controversial than:
Clockwork Orange (Rape and Murder by the minute while singing in the rain)
Deep Throat (Linda Lovelace swallows)
Basic Instinct etc etc etc.

The magazine says Mel Gibson's film about Jesus sparked what it calls "a culture-war firestorm," the likes of which Hollywood had never seen.

Well as the old song goes, we didn’t start the fire. The culture wars ignited when they (the pagan left) decided to take on the Son of God. Always a bad match. I’ll put my money on S-O-G any day.

In any case I loved the Passion Movie. I know it’s not for everyone. My two sons have not seen it. I haven’t harassed them. I thought it was well done. They will see it if and when they choose to.

Making some equivalency with Deep Throat is lost on me anyhow.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The CD Playing in my Head

I have lots of CDs like you do. 95% get very little play. Fully 10% are still wrapped for all eternity in plastic. This is mostly due to the fact that no one can get them out of the plastic. HA!

I won't give you a rundown of all the CDs I enjoy. The list includes Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Brudder IZ, Some Opera excerpts, Tom Waits, Hillsong, and a recent hauntingly wonderful CD that I may have now played a hundred times. It's haunting because it plays in my head all day long. Over and Over. You've had that happen. You hear a song and it sticks and you can't get it out of your head.

Now, I know I have a few people who read this who are not radically Christian. This CD probably would puzzle you. It's prophetic pronouncements set to music with interspersed convictions, confessions and affirmations from both sides (you and God). Radical stuff. Wonderful and haunting. Strengthening and reinforcing. Passionate and intimate. Scary.

But, if you are a seeking to go deeper, if you are interested in enriching your relationship with Jesus this might be for you. Only a few will take me up on this. But, that might be enough.

The name is Misty Edwards. She is part of the team at the House of Prayer in Kansas City MO. Mike Bickle and all. I was there the night they opened the House of Prayer. I have been involved with the House of Prayer in Chicagoland since. I don't know Misty. I may have met her. She's no relative. She's just Misty. It's not about her.

This is good stuff. If you remain the same after listening to this 5 times I would be shocked. You would be stuck in your religion and in your relationship with Jesus. Sorry for being blunt, but this is a relationship building thing and not a religion reinforcement.

Here's a place selling the CD and apparently you can get excerpts.

Here is Misty Edwards' website.

Try listening a bit online. Better yet, shell out the ten bucks. If you really are serious I'll send you one free. I care about your growth in God. This is breakthrough.

I Should Care - or not

Mean Gene is not a big sports fan. I like to watch poker on TV. I will watch the world series every year. And I have actually sat thru a whole superbowl. I never watch basketball except final 4 stuff. So when it comes to guy talk re sports I'm a lost cause. I haven't had anyone doubt my gender however. It seems to survive all questionings despite my total apathy for all things sports spectatorshipwise. Sitting on my butt end for several hours watching others engaged in self actualizing activity is far less satisfying than actually being engaged in self actualizing activity myself. I'm out of the mainstream on this but I shouldn't be.

So, I understand there is some big soccer match this next few weeks. They call it football. I have watched up to 8 minutes of this banality and fell asleep. I would name it running around ball. That's all I see.

I'm not being very international I know. I should be more willing to learn. Bulloney. Come learn poker boys, then well talk.

I do enjoy watching some of the Tennis on TV. Peggy loves it so I go along. Sort of role reversal there. We went to some famous championship something when we were living in Europe. Saw Bjorn Borg. Clapped in unison with the other Germans (they love to do this). And all in all had a decent time. The spectacle of the crowd was the payoff.

I admire people who are avid sports fans. My friend Ken has everything about he KC Royals memorized. Says he learned advanced math by doing some kind of sports statistic calculations in his head. And he proved it. I admire it but couldn't care enough to actually watch most games on TV or even in the park except for the fine food and drink offered there.

So if I Tune in to Soccer (Football) at all it will only be to hear that announcer hold his breath and for a solid minute yell............


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cutting a Head off the Beast

There is a mythological story that if you cut the head off a monster 7 more emerges. With Abu Musab al-Zarqawi dead this image is being referenced. I spotted the monsters rising up this morning.

I was listening to Washington Journal early. The liberal moonbats were in full force. I think the 7 more rising up from the cutting of this head are all in the USA. I have never heard such fierce angry babbling. It’s like this was their brother or something.

So get ready. This was the worst news Bush haters could ever have heard.

As for me, the murderer of Americans by beheading (Nick Berg) is dead. So are a bunch of his pals. I listened to the Prime Minister of Iraq announce it. His people were elated. The cheering was intense and heartfelt.

I know CNN is running Nick Berg’s dad who is critical of the administration. What’s new. He lost a son. It’s all emotional.

This is good news pure and simple. I can’t wait to see how Turncoat Murtha spins this one.

This is a good day. Sure, it’s not over but symbolism means something in Iraq, this is that.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Dixie WHO??

So, it turns out the turncoat Dixie Chicks concerts aren't selling. Big Shock.

I'm not a big fan of C/W music. Probably wouldn't go to a concert for free. But, if you spit in the face of My President, My Country and My Jesus you shouldn't really expect me to fork out $40 to come see you. I'm probably more like the typical C/W fan than most. They are staying away in droves too.

So, Dixie Chicks, maybe they'll come to your concerts in France. They hate everything about the good old USA like you do. But then they're French so maybe they wouldn't show up at your concerts either.

BuBye. See ya.

And that's not whistlin Dixie.


666 was a good omen for conservatives (Mostly). The contested race in California for Duke Cunningham’s seat was won by the Republican after the Democrats pulled out all the stops to win this race.
Still, the biggest race was the one to replace Cunningham, who was sentenced to eight years in prison for taking bribes on a scale unparalleled in the history of Congress.

National Democrats spent nearly $2 million on the race; the GOP spent $4.5 million. President Bush and first lady Laura Bush recorded telephone messages for Bilbray, while the Democrats' last two presidential candidates -- John Kerry and Al Gore -- urged supporters to back Busby.

Bilbray, made immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, proposing a fence ''from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico'' and restrictions to keep illegal immigrants from collecting Social Security and other benefits.

Busby focused her campaign on public dissatisfaction with the Bush administration and the GOP-led Congress, and assailed Bilbray for working as a lobbyist in Washington. She consistently referred to him as ''the lobbyist Bilbray.''

Now, in fairness the makeup of this district is substantially republican (56%) and the Democrat only lost by a percentile or so. This should have been a lay-up with a corrupt congressman and how horrid Bush is and all.

Conrad Burns from Montana who was painted with the Abrahamoff Brush of corruption won handily against 3 opponents.

So, Let’s see, corruption will change the house, nope, Bush Evil will change the house, Guess not. Gore and Kerry endorsements will change the house, Don’t look like it. All around a good omen.

We must not let the liberals take control of the house again. That’s where money is spent. It’s bad enough now.

Besides the Congressman for my congressional district in Illinois, Denny Hastert needs the job.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Minnesota Report

Spent the last weekend with my brother and his graduating family and his wife and a hundred of his closest friends.
They live in Buffalo MN.  NW of MPLS.  It was nice to meet so many.  But I'm just a tad agoraphobic.  Too many is too many.
So, I hid out.  And I felt el crapola.  So I spent a fair amount of time in the hammock. 
The family of Redlins etc came from Dakota.  They communed with each other.  Except Earl.  Ever the politician and people person at nearly 90 years old he shook and got shook with lots of people.  Great man he.
Heard more than I wanted to know about all the catastrophes going on in the family. 
Son and Daughter in law came down.  Nice to see them.  I did my best to irritate them to no end.  I succeeded I'm sure.  I'm such a bore.
I wish I were less passionate and more passive.  But, alas, nope.  I have opinions on all things.  And, given just a quarter of a chance will share them. 
End of June we are off to the north country of Dakota.  Same relatives different day.  (Drawn from a saying with different words same meaning).
I hope to see many good people.  I only know this, I'm glad we are where we are doing what we are doing.  It's a payoff in life I didn't expect.
We are working in areas of excitement I didn't think possible.
I don't know what is up the road round the bend but I can't wait to get there.
Life is good in Illinois and Dakota is a great place to visit but.............
Well, I don't live there anymore.


I plan to have a wonderful day today. I will be blessed beyond all I can ask or think.

I always look forward to omen-ness days. Every Friday the 13th I find black cats to make friends with and set up ladders to walk under. I step on cracks and refuse to throw any salt over my back.

So, when the sillyness on TV news last night about today's date came up I decided to just enjoy the day.

It irritates the Devil so much and that makes me very happy. Fear's all he has.