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Carpet of Leaves

With Trump we MIGHT survive

I'll eat what I want.. they don't know

Lead On Asian American

How to win a Debate


The Billionaires Who Run The Democratic Party

"Among the curiosities spewed from John Podesta's email by WikiLeaks is an intriguing memo to a group of billionaires that outlines the real goals of the Democratic Party's progressive wing. Turns out they don't want to rig an election, they want to rig the whole system — demographics, politics, the media, everything....
The 2007 Podesta memo, "Strategic Outlook For The 2008 Elections," was sent to progressive billionaire heavy-hitters George and Jonathan Soros, Peter and Jonathan Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, Steve Bing, John Sperling and Soros fund executive and political go-between Michael Vachon.
But it's about much more than just 2008. As the Daily Caller's Peter Hasson notes, the memo "lays out the longterm progressive strategy to dominate American politics by creating an 'echo chamber' to control public discourse and changing American demographics to make them more 'advantageous.' "...
Read the memo. Theirs is a vision of a balkanized America of competing interests, which can only be managed by an all-controlling central government that distributes the benefits of citizenship....
For instance, Podesta, a former top advisor to Barack Obama, in 2008 recommended billionaire hedge-fund manager and climate-change extremist Tom Steyer to be Obama's first energy secretary, according to the hacked emails....
So powerful is Steyer — who has donated at least $34 million to Democrat-linked leftist and green causes since the 2014 political season — that the Democratic National Committee's extreme official position on climate change, which would virtually shut down American industry, was dictated virtually word-for-word by a Steyer funded "fact sheet."...
This is the real world of progressive politics: Billionaires, big shots, insiders, Washington elites, big unions, all colluding to fracture our democracy into pieces and set one group of Americans against another, for maximum political benefit and power."
HT: J. Richard Pearcey at The Pearcey Report


I'm looking forward to the day when African Americans have independence, freedom from slavery / Plantation Mentality and the ability to stand the pressure of herd mentality when it gets hard. I just saw a statistic that said Donald Trump has ZERO % support among black people in Wisconsin. See photo below to understand this.
This is not so among Asians, Hispanics, Immigrants from the Mid East, People from India or those recently from the Caribbean or Africa. Nor of White People. They are of diverse thought. They are able to think for themselves. They make decisions based on real information, not lies.
I was friends 50 years ago with African Americans who had great kids born while we were there. I said then that they would be the last of those who had to have to put up with the foolishness of racism, prejudice and division. WOW was I wrong. Everything that we worked for then and that peaked about ten years ago has now been destroyed by the most divisive President in a lifetime.
I have hope however. I know many 20 something young African Americans who now see the error of their fathers and grandfathers. They now are questioning the herd mentality. They are less likely to be driven by the plantation pressure. Some will but I am hoping that thinking for yourself will become a new reality.
Time for a new emancipation declaration. The Democrats have driven them over the cliff one too many times. I keep asking and I hope some younger African Origin Americans will start answering for themselves:…/a-question-for-black-…

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Getting the Facts Straight

Rustlers were Hanged in the early days

It's all a BIG LIE

If you act like a dog.. well

You can too

Alinsky Lives

Remember when a soldier coming back from war was anxious to see his or her sweetheart... now something is different


Getting Jews Killed wasn't Enough

Hail Satan

Five are alive

Pile Up of Protest

Sucker Punch

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A Question for Black America... are you better off?

Long ago a question was asked by Ronald Reagan of Voters about Jimmy Carter, "Are You better off now than you were four years ago?"  Now that question can be expanded to, "are You better off now than you were 8 years ago?  Face it.  Black Americans need to ask themselves this all important historical question. 

I think if one were brutally honest, the answer would be NO. 

Unemployment among black America is worse than it was the previous 8 years before Obama.

Racial Tensions have cause good friendships to get worse under Obama.  He takes sides and acts as a divider. Loyalty means Black people stay loyal... but you know it's worse.  Harmony among races was highest during Bush's first term.

The future for young people to get jobs and get out of the ghetto is worse since Obama opened the floodgates of illegals particularly from central American.  Young Black boys can forget about getting that job Juan has taken.

Education in the black community is worse than ever.  Obama's fight against school choice has made the uneducation of the black child a policy that promotes continued poverty.

Abortion is now the method of post coitus birth control.  It may be a pill but Black Genocide is full on.

Single Family households are now more plentiful than ever in the black community under Obama.  Most births in the black community are to women without a husband.

Since ferocious restrictive regulations on lending, the potential for a black family to buy a home is cut in half.

Dodd Frank a banking regulation under Obama has made it nearly impossible for black Americans to borrow money to start a business or expand one.

Obamacare's 30 hour limit on employment has meant that working people in the black community need to hold 2 or three jobs to make ends meet.  AND there is no overtime at 30 hours.

Wages have been held to almost no increase since Obama can't seem to get anything going in the economy.  In fact we now have the worst economic performance under Obama since the Great Depression.

Our safety as a nation but in particular in Black American neighborhoods is at a low not seen for decades.  Murder Chicago are words that appear in headlines too often.  And rather than address the issue and pursue meaningful change Obama has been a partner in condemning and trying for prosecution of police who had to make some hard choices.  A few bad apples for sure, but Obama has essentially ended effective policing in many neighborhoods that as a result are less safe.

These are a few off the top of my head.  Lots of promises but little net result.  Black American is worse off under Obama and with Hillary Clinton will be worse off still. 

Sure there are some bones thrown to pretend something is happening.  Free phones. More Snap Cards.  Other keep folks unemployed in need and dependent on the government actions but nothing that will help folks get out of the ghetto. 

They can't afford for you to emerge and become independent of them, you might stop voting for them and they HAVE to keep you on the plantation so they can keep getting elected.

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 I lifted this directly from an Email send by Dr Mattera.  I apologise in advance, but this election is too important to leave to hoping you might click thru. Here's the Link.

 Joeseph Mattera speaks:
As most Americans already know, both the Democratic and Republican nominees for president have a low approval rating even within their own parties. Concerns abound with both candidates, even though both of them are far apart ideologically. I must be insane releasing an article like this since both pro Trump and pro Clinton friends may be upset by its contents; however, I have never been motivated by the accolades of people.

The following are five of my primary concerns regarding both candidates post election:

My top five concerns with a Hillary Clinton presidency

1-Her Supreme Court Justice selections

Clinton made it clear during the last debate that she will choose Supreme Court Justices who will uphold Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in 1973. She made no mention of choosing Judges who will uphold the U.S. Constitution because she views the court as legislators who make laws. With the death of Antoine Scalia, the present court is virtually tied ideologically between constitutional literalists and liberals. If Clinton gets elected, she has the potential to choose up to three or more Justices, which will tilt the court to the left for generations to come. This is my number one concern with a Clinton presidency.  To quote Nathaniel Bruno of the ADF

“To zero in on just one of the decisions identified above, Justice Ginsburg declared in her dissent in the Gonzales v. Carhart case (in which the Court upheld the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, based on a respect for the government’s interest in protecting preborn life): “Today’s decision is alarming.” It is ironic and lamentable that Justice Ginsburg found the majority opinion alarming but was apparently not alarmed by the brutal practice of substantially delivering a fully formed, fully alive baby before crushing his or her skull. If Justice Ginsburg had her way, that barbaric procedure would be permitted throughout the United States.”

2-Her view on the freedom of religion

Clinton is known to be against freedom of religion, which can eventually result in 501C3 revocation for religious organizations that do not comply with her societal views.

Mrs. Clinton stated, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed”. For those who do not believe liberals would abrogate religious freedom, I want to make you aware that as of October 1st, all public organizations (including churches) have to comply with transgender bathroom laws in the state of Massachusetts. (Of course, I believe there is a humane and sensitive way to deal with this issue from the pulpit and in churches, but the point here is that the government is forcing its views upon religious entities). If Clinton becomes president, these laws will likely spread to every state, which will crush the first amendment and freedom of religion.

3-Her view on Abortion

It has been documented that Hillary Clinton has radical pro-abortion views, even until the third trimester. Hence, she is the only presidential candidate ever officially endorsed by Planned Parenthood. This is the same Planned Parenthood that harvests aborted baby parts for money .

Some people say that P.P. does other things besides abortions like providing mammograms and other family health services. My response, would you hypothetically support a racist organization like the KKK if they opened up a hospital? Of course not, then why support a legalized child killing organization like P.P. if they do a few good things?  Furthermore, it is well known that P.P. founder Margaret Sanger was an avowed white supremacist who wanted to use abortion to exterminate blacks. Instead of receiving their endorsement, Clinton should work to defund them. Unfortunately she chose the former.

 4-Her constant scandals

The fact that there is always a scandalous cloud always hanging wherever Clinton goes is an understatement.  Whether it is the thirty thousand plus emails she deleted before the FBI investigation, to the Benghazi cover-up, to the whitewater scandal, to her involvement in causing unrest in Trump rallies and on and on and on, it’s almost legion and too numerous for one article. Furthermore, as I write this article, everyday there are more “Project VERITAS” videos and wikileaks released daily that continually connect Clinton to other scandals not mentioned already. Can you imagine four more years of her scandals being front and center of the news every day?

 5-Her foreign policy disasters

Notable black economist Thomas Sowell lays out a litany of foreign policy disasters that took place while Clinton was Secretary of State that he says disqualify her from the presidency.

Whether it is participating in decisions that resulted in the formation of ISIS, the emboldening of Russia and China, the outrageous Iran nuclear arms deal, Benghazi, and mor, her foreign policy record is so dismal it would be a scary thing to see what would happen the next four years if she were president. Clinton may think Trump is reckless, but the director of the FBI James Coney is on record saying her actions regarding national security were “careless” .

My 5 top concerns with a Trump Presidency

I describe myself as being “anti-Clinton” (for the reasons above) not “pro Trump”. Also, I have never endorsed any candidate in public. That being said, when it comes purely to policy, most social conservatives would say Trump has the advantage. Although he may have an advantage, many have serious concerns regarding several of his personal issues: the way he allegedly acts and speaks about women, some of his initial comments regarding immigrants, and his boorish behavior in debates, on social media and while campaigning. However, historically many look at the big picture when it comes to a leader’s personal moral flaws. For example, what would have happened if the Black church abandoned the Civil Rights movement because of allegations against Dr. King? Also, many people still have a high regard for JFK and Bill Clinton in spite of allegations regarding their numerous affairs?

My five top concerns with a Trump presidency

 1-Can Trump work with a divided congress

Trump seems to lack patience when dealing with those with opposing views. While in debates, and on twitter, he personally attacked, insulted and demeaned his opponents. How would that play out with congress? Would he attempt to steamroll through policy decisions when Congress moved too slow or opposed him, or perhaps he will surprise everyone and work well with both parties? That remains to be seen.

2-Will the republican establishment attempt to undermine his first term

While many Americans like the fact that Trump is not part of the establishment, the fact is, he still has to depend upon the already established infrastructure of his party to get things done as president. If elected, he may be the first president in recent memory that will have major opposition from both parties. That is to say, it is very possible that the Republican establishment will work hard to undermine Trump’s first term in office so that another Republican will never attempt to buck their party again.

 3-His ability to work with world leaders
Some may say that alpha leaders like Russian President Putin will respect another Alpha leader like Trump, which can lead to a better relationship between our countries.  However, others may say that Trump’s leadership style may alienate friend and foe alike.  Of course, we probably need a hard line stance with certain nations to keep them in check (Iran and North Korea.) Consequently, Trump’s leadership style may be a plus or minus in world affairs, this also remains to be seen but is a concern for many.

 4-His relationship with communities of color

In the opinion of many, Democrats like Hillary Clinton have not done enough to further the quality of life for our black and brown communities. That being said, whether fair or not, Trump has been branded negatively and even racist by the mainstream media and by some activists. If Trump gets elected it may also result in protests and civil unrest in many cities across America. Although, there is evidence not all protests are totally grassroots but are funded and or exacerbated by George Soros backed organizations. The question is, can Trump overcome this stigma and work closely and effectively with communities of color, especially Hispanics? This remains to be seen and is a concern of mine.

 5-His evolving view on immigration reform
In this area, I part company with many conservatives. I never agreed with the initial Trump plan to deport all undocumented immigrants. As a pastor in a Hispanic community, I have seen many undocumented immigrants successfully assimilate into the church and community, build families, work hard and have economic success. I am in favor of a path to citizenship for these people. Because as a nation we have allowed illegal immigration to go on for decades, it is almost de-facto legal. At the same time, those who have proven they are a danger to society and committed felonies should be deported. Moving forward, I am for clamping down on illegal immigration because a nation without borders is no longer a nation. I am also in favor of either stopping or having a foolproof vetting system in place that forbids radicalized Muslims from entering our country, especially from nations that foment terrorism.

Regarding immigration, Mr. Trump’s views seem to be changing as he went from a hardline approach to a more refined approach recently. I am concerned about where he will eventually land if elected as President

In conclusion, I am not endorsing either candidate, nor am I saying we should not vote. Liberals who don’t vote, help Trump; conservatives who don’t vote, help Clinton.  Many social conservatives I know say that Trump is not perfect but has the edge over Clinton because of the Supreme Court, Freedom of religion, abortion, the numerous scandals and more. A few social conservatives are also “never Trumpers” who do not believe he is a true conservative.

The unfortunate fact is, whoever gets elected, half the nation will be divided and our unity as a country will be greatly challenged. Truly, politics and a politician cannot restore our nation to greatness. The bible says that only righteousness can exalt a nation (Proverbs 14:34).

On November 9th, irrespective of who gets elected, may righteousness again be restored in our families, churches and in the halls of power.

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HERE is a solid fact checking source for what is really happening in the Dakota Pipeline story.


1.CLAIM: The pipeline encroaches on indigenous lands.

TRUTH: The Dakota Access
Pipeline traverses a path on private property and does not cross into
the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation.


2. CLAIM: The pipeline exposes the Tribe’s water supply to contamination.

TRUTH: Pipelines are – by far – the safest way to transport energy liquids and gases. Already, 8 pipelines cross the Missouri River carrying hundreds of thousands of barrels of energy products every day.

3. CLAIM: The tribal community was not part of the discussion.

TRUTH:  389 meetings took place between the U.S. Army Corps and 55 tribes
about the Dakota Access project. In addition the Standing Rock Sioux
Tribe met individually with the U.S. Army Corps nearly a dozen times to
discuss archaeological and other surveys conducted to finalize the
Dakota Access route.

 4. CLAIM: The pipeline is disrupting areas of cultural significance.

TRUTH: Safeguarding and
ensuring the longevity of culturally significant artifacts and sites is
of interest to all Americans.   That’s why the Dakota Access Pipeline
traverses a path on private property.  And the Dakota Access Pipeline
was routed to parallel existing infrastructure, such as the Northern Border Pipeline and high voltage transmission power lines.

 5. CLAIM: On site protests have been peaceful.

TRUTH: Unfortunately, the
emotionally charged atmosphere has led to several outbreaks of violence
which has endangered the safety of the workers and the protesters
themselves.  Protesters have rushed police lines, threatened and assaulted private security officers, and thrown rocks and bottles at workers.

6. CLAIM: A young girl from the Tribe was mauled by a security dog.

TRUTH: This is a doctored photo.  The original is from a June 2012 article from the New York Daily News.


Checking the facts once again - Standing Rock Fact Checker

The TRUTH about the Pipeline Protests in North Dakota. It's not what they have been talling you.

I have never seen such universal deception about something so easy to understand as there is over the Dakota Pipeline and the protests.  The news (not the msm) on the ground is pretty good.  Here are several stories.  IF you want remain in the dark, I can't help you.  If you want to know the truth, here's your doorway.  

Another report from on the ground regarding the North Dakota pipeline protest who are you going to believe the New York Times the LA Times Chicago Tribune democracy now or any other phony News organizations out there or people that really are there seeing what's happening for real for real
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vowed to fight on against the Dakota Access pipeline Friday and said authorities had needlessly escalated tensions by forcibly removing protesters from areas that water|By Renée Jean
A little more on the pipeline protest in North Dakota. Here's a key point. It's on private land, the pipeline. It smells much like a George Soros sponsored operation
CANNON BALL, N.D. (AP) — Protesters trying to block the Dakota Access oil pipeline were staying near their encampment Saturday following two days of confrontations that resulted in more than a hundred arrests and a barricade of burned-out vehicles blocking a North Dakota highway.
there is so much hyperbole false information disinformation and propaganda design to draw in the most gullible. don't be among them it's not what you are hearing in the mainstream media
MORTON COUNTY — A no-surrender line became a line of retreat as a militarized police force overwhelmed hundreds of Dakota Access pipeline protesters and pushed them from a front line|By Lauren Donovan
I lived there. I have friends who still live there and relatives. I know this area well. This whole thing is a left wing farce and I'm glad the police finally took action. This has the same kind of agitators that the Ferguson or Baltimore riots did.
A woman who pulled out a .38-caliber pistol fired three times at officers, narrowly missing a sheriff's deputy. Officers did not return fire