Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Question for Black America... are you better off?

Long ago a question was asked by Ronald Reagan of Voters about Jimmy Carter, "Are You better off now than you were four years ago?"  Now that question can be expanded to, "are You better off now than you were 8 years ago?  Face it.  Black Americans need to ask themselves this all important historical question. 

I think if one were brutally honest, the answer would be NO. 

Unemployment among black America is worse than it was the previous 8 years before Obama.

Racial Tensions have cause good friendships to get worse under Obama.  He takes sides and acts as a divider. Loyalty means Black people stay loyal... but you know it's worse.  Harmony among races was highest during Bush's first term.

The future for young people to get jobs and get out of the ghetto is worse since Obama opened the floodgates of illegals particularly from central American.  Young Black boys can forget about getting that job Juan has taken.

Education in the black community is worse than ever.  Obama's fight against school choice has made the uneducation of the black child a policy that promotes continued poverty.

Abortion is now the method of post coitus birth control.  It may be a pill but Black Genocide is full on.

Single Family households are now more plentiful than ever in the black community under Obama.  Most births in the black community are to women without a husband.

Since ferocious restrictive regulations on lending, the potential for a black family to buy a home is cut in half.

Dodd Frank a banking regulation under Obama has made it nearly impossible for black Americans to borrow money to start a business or expand one.

Obamacare's 30 hour limit on employment has meant that working people in the black community need to hold 2 or three jobs to make ends meet.  AND there is no overtime at 30 hours.

Wages have been held to almost no increase since Obama can't seem to get anything going in the economy.  In fact we now have the worst economic performance under Obama since the Great Depression.

Our safety as a nation but in particular in Black American neighborhoods is at a low not seen for decades.  Murder Chicago are words that appear in headlines too often.  And rather than address the issue and pursue meaningful change Obama has been a partner in condemning and trying for prosecution of police who had to make some hard choices.  A few bad apples for sure, but Obama has essentially ended effective policing in many neighborhoods that as a result are less safe.

These are a few off the top of my head.  Lots of promises but little net result.  Black American is worse off under Obama and with Hillary Clinton will be worse off still. 

Sure there are some bones thrown to pretend something is happening.  Free phones. More Snap Cards.  Other keep folks unemployed in need and dependent on the government actions but nothing that will help folks get out of the ghetto. 

They can't afford for you to emerge and become independent of them, you might stop voting for them and they HAVE to keep you on the plantation so they can keep getting elected.

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